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MalaCards is an integrated database of human maladies and their annotations, modeled on the architecture and richness of the popular GeneCards database of human genes.  more...

The MalaCards disease and disorders database is organized into "disease cards", each integrating prioritized information, and listing numerous known aliases for each disease, along with a variety of annotations, as well as inter-disease connections, empowered by the GeneCards relational database, searches, and GeneDecks/GeneAnalytics set-analyses. Annotations include: symptoms, drugs, articles, genes, clinical trials, related diseases/disorders and more. An automatic computational information retrieval engine populates the disease cards, using remote data, as well as information gleaned using the GeneCards platform to compile the disease database. The MalaCards disease database integrates both specialized and general disease lists, including rare diseases, genetic diseases, complex disorders and more.

MalaCards disease sections are populated by:
1) Directly interrogating disease resources, to establish integrated disease names, synonyms, summaries, drugs/therapeutics/treatments, clinical features, genetic tests, and anatomical context;
2) Searching GeneCards for related publications, and for associated genes;
3) Analyzing disease-associated gene-sets in GeneDecks/GeneAnalytics to yield affiliated pathways, phenotypes, compounds, and GO terms;
4) Searching within MalaCards itself, e.g. for additional related diseases/disorders.   less...

19,811 disease entries, consolidated from 64 sources

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Lung Cancer Susceptibility (MIFTS: 35)
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