Atopy (ATOPY) malady

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Wikipedia:63 Atopy (pron. {ay-top-pee}); Greek ἀτοπία - placelessness, out of place, special, unusual,... more...

MalaCards: Atopy is related to asthma and dermatitis. An important gene associated with Atopy is HAVCR1 (hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1), and among its related pathways are Allograft rejection and Immune response Fc epsilon RI pathway. The compounds histamine and tyrosine have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Related mouse phenotypes are immune system and homeostasis/metabolism.

Description from OMIM:46 147050

Aliases & Classifications for Atopy

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Aliases & Descriptions:

atopy 46 44 60

Related Diseases for Atopy

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Diseases related to Atopy via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1asthma31.5CYSLTR1, RNASE3
2dermatitis30.9IL13, IL5, IL4, CMA1, MS4A2, TSLP
3rhinitis30.8SCGB1A1, EPX, CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL13, IL5
4atopic dermatitis30.8TSLP, SPINK5, IL4, RNASE3, IL13
5allergic rhinitis30.5EPX, RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4R, IL4
6food allergy30.5EPX, RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4
7obesity30.5PLA2G7, CYSLTR2
8allergic asthma30.4IL5, IL9, IL4R, IL4, CMA1, PLA2G7
9cystic fibrosis30.3IL9, RNASE3, SCGB1A1
10otitis media30.2RNASE3, CD14
11allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis30.2IL5, IL4
12keratoconjunctivitis30.1IL5, IL13, RNASE3
13urticaria30.1RNASE3, LTC4S
14diabetes mellitus30.1SELP, PLA2G7, CD14
15tuberculosis30.1IL4, IL4R, EPX
16eosinophilia29.9CD14, EPX, CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL13, IL5
17rheumatoid arthritis29.9HAVCR1, CD14, RNASE3, IL13, IL4R, IL4
18sarcoidosis29.9SCGB1A1, CD14, IL13, IL9, SELP
19bronchiolitis29.9RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4R
20skin disease29.9RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4, SPINK5
21nephrotic syndrome29.9CD14, IL13, IL4R, PLA2G7
22myocardial infarction29.9CD14, CYSLTR2, PLA2G7, SELP
23arthritis29.9IL4, IL13
24bronchitis29.9IL9, IL5, RNASE3
26chronic rhinitis29.9RNASE3
27leukemia29.7SCGB1A1, LTC4S, CD14, EPX, RNASE3, IL9
28multiple sclerosis29.7SCGB1A1, IL13, IL5, IL9, IL4R, IL4
29churg-strauss syndrome29.7CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL5
30pulmonary fibrosis29.7CMA1, IL13, CYSLTR1
31tetanus29.7IL4, IL9, IL5, IL13
32intrinsic asthma29.7RNASE3, IL5, IL4
33egg allergy29.7IL5, IL4
34esophagitis29.7IL13, IL5
35allergic contact dermatitis29.7IL5, IL4R
37alopecia areata10.2
40contact dermatitis10.1
42cork-handlers' disease10.0SCGB1A1, LTC4S, CD14, RNASE3, IL13, IL5
43psoriasis10.0RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4R, IL4, CMA1
44ulcerative colitis10.0CD14, EPX, RNASE3, IL13, IL4, PLA2G7
45respiratory failure10.0SCGB1A1, EPX, CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL13, CMA1
46pulmonary eosinophilia10.0EPX, RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4
47gamma chain deficiency10.0IL13, IL9, IL4R, IL4, TSLP
48vernal keratoconjunctivitis10.0RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL4, CMA1
49inflammatory bowel disease10.0CD14, EPX, IL13, IL4, PLA2G7, SELP
50pneumonia10.0SCGB1A1, EPX, IL13, IL5, PLA2G7

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Clinical Features for Atopy

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Atopy

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Genetic Tests for Atopy

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Anatomical Context for Atopy

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Animal Models for Atopy or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Atopy:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:000538711.6TSLP, HAVCR1, SCGB1A1, LTC4S, CD14, EPX
2MP:000537611.1CD14, TSLP, SPINK5, SELP, IL4, IL4R
3MP:000539711.0IL13, HAVCR1, IL4R, IL4, SELP, SPINK5
5MP:001077110.7LTC4S, IL13, IL4R, IL4, CYSLTR2, SPINK5

Publications for Atopy

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Genetic Variations for Atopy

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Expression for genes affiliated with Atopy

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Atopy

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Atopy

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Pathways related to Atopy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idSuper pathways (with members indented)ScoreTop Affiliating Genes
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10.9IL4R, IL4, IL9, IL5, IL13, RNASE3
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10.8IL5, IL13, IL4R, IL4, PLA2G7, MS4A2
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10.8IL5, IL13, IL9, IL4, PLA2G7, IL4R
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10.8TSLP, IL4R, IL5, CD14, IL13, IL9
510.8IL5, TSLP, IL13, IL9, IL4R, IL4
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10.8IL13, IL4, IL4R, IL9, IL5
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10.8IL5, IL13, IL9, IL4R, IL4
810.8IL9, IL13, IL5, IL4R, IL4
910.7IL5, IL4, SELP, IL4R
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10.7IL13, IL4, IL5, IL4R
1110.7IL4R, CD14, IL5, IL4
1210.7IL13, IL4, IL9, IL5
1310.7IL4, IL9, IL5, IL13
1410.7IL4R, IL5, IL4
1510.7IL5, IL13, IL4
1610.6IL4, IL4R
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Compounds for genes affiliated with Atopy

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Compounds related to Atopy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1histamine44 28 2413.7IL4, CMA1, SELP, CYSLTR1, IL4R, IL9
2tyrosine4411.7LTC4S, IL5, HAVCR1, IL4, IL13, RNASE3
3allergens4411.6IL5, CD14, EPX, RNASE3, TSLP, MS4A2
4dexamethasone44 49 28 1114.6PLA2G7, SELP, IL4, RNASE3, IL4R, IL5
5leukotriene b444 59 2413.5CYSLTR2, LTC4S, PLA2G7, IL5, IL13, RNASE3
6arachidonic acid44 28 11 2414.4SELP, PLA2G7, IL4R, CYSLTR1, CYSLTR2, EPX
7aspirin44 49 28 2414.4LTC4S, CYSLTR2, SELP, RNASE3, IL13, IL4
8montelukast44 49 28 1114.3LTC4S, CYSLTR2, CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL13, IL5
9pgd24411.3LTC4S, CYSLTR2, RNASE3, IL13, IL5, CYSLTR1
10lipid4411.3RNASE3, PLA2G7, EPX, CD14, CYSLTR2, LTC4S
11fmlp4411.3IL5, SELP, CD14, EPX, CYSLTR2, IL13
12nitric oxide44 11 2413.3CYSLTR2, RNASE3, IL13, IL9, SCGB1A1, PLA2G7
13heparin44 28 11 2414.3CMA1, IL13, CYSLTR2, CD14, SELP, EPX
14lte44411.3CYSLTR2, EPX, CYSLTR1, LTC4S, RNASE3, IL5
15ltd44411.3CYSLTR2, CYSLTR1, LTC4S, IL13, RNASE3, IL5
16budesonide44 49 1113.3IL4, RNASE3, SELP, EPX, IL13, IL5
17ltc44411.3LTC4S, CYSLTR1, IL13, RNASE3, IL5, EPX
18cyclosporin a44 28 5913.3SELP, IL4R, IL5, IL13, IL4, CD14
19methacholine44 1112.2CD14, RNASE3, IL13, IL5, IL9, IL4
20tarc4411.2IL9, IL13, IL4R, IL4, TSLP, IL5
21theophylline44 28 11 2414.2SELP, IL5, IL13, RNASE3, CYSLTR1, EPX
22pge24411.2PLA2G7, CYSLTR2, EPX, CYSLTR1, LTC4S
23p0024411.2RNASE3, EPX, PLA2G7, SCGB1A1, LTC4S, CD14
24rantes4411.2IL4, CD14, IL4R, IL9, RNASE3
25pranlukast44 28 1113.2CYSLTR1, CYSLTR2, RNASE3, IL5, IL4
26salmeterol44 49 28 1114.2IL4, IL5, IL13, RNASE3, EPX
27salbutamol44 49 28 11 2415.2CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL13, EPX, IL5
28omalizumab44 1112.1MS4A2, IL4, IL5, IL13
29prednisolone44 28 1113.1IL13, EPX, RNASE3, IL5, CD14
30mk 57144 5912.1IL4, IL5, CYSLTR1, CYSLTR2
31praziquantel44 1112.1IL4, IL5, IL13, RNASE3
32fluticasone propionate44 49 59 1114.1IL4, IL5, IL13, RNASE3
33rolipram44 59 2813.0IL13, IL4, EPX, IL5
34txb24411.0SELP, RNASE3, PLA2G7, CD14
35unicap4411.0RNASE3, IL5, CD14
36methylcellulose4411.0CD14, IL4, IL9, IL5
37il 104411.0IL4R, IL4, IL13, IL5
38ionomycin4411.0IL5, IL4, IL4R, IL9, IL13
39cysteine4411.0CMA1, LTC4S, CD14, EPX, IL13, IL5
40beclomethasone dipropionate4411.0CYSLTR1, RNASE3, IL5
41sodium cromoglycate4410.9IL5, RNASE3, EPX
42gm-csf44 2811.9CD14
43c-d4t4410.9IL5, IL4, IL9
44endotoxin4410.9RNASE3, PLA2G7, SCGB1A1
45formoterol44 28 1112.8IL4, IL13, RNASE3
46pentoxifylline44 1111.8CD14, IL13, IL4, SELP
475-oxoete4410.8CYSLTR1, CYSLTR2, IL5
48nedocromil sodium4410.7RNASE3, IL4, IL5
49cetirizine44 28 11 2413.6EPX, RNASE3, IL5
50zafirlukast44 28 1112.4CYSLTR2, RNASE3, CYSLTR1

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Atopy

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Cellular components related to Atopy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1extracellular spaceGO:00561510.9IL4R, IL5, IL4, SELP, TSLP, IL13
2extracellular regionGO:00557610.9CD14, RNASE3, IL13, IL5, CMA1, PLA2G7
3external side of plasma membraneGO:00989710.4SELP, MS4A2, IL4, IL13

Biological processes related to Atopy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

(show all 9)
idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1inflammatory responseGO:00695411.1SELP, CD14, CYSLTR1, IL13, IL5, IL9
2immune responseGO:00695511.0CYSLTR2, IL13, IL5, IL9, IL4R, IL4
3positive regulation of B cell proliferationGO:03089010.8IL13, IL5, IL4
4regulation of proton transportGO:01015510.7IL13, IL4
5response to lipopolysaccharideGO:03249610.7SCGB1A1, IL13, SELP
6negative regulation of interleukin-5 productionGO:03271410.7EPX, SCGB1A1
7positive regulation of macrophage activationGO:04303210.6IL13, IL4R
8positive regulation of angiogenesisGO:04576610.6CYSLTR1, CMA1, CYSLTR2
9defense response to protozoanGO:04283210.3IL4R, IL4

Molecular functions related to Atopy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1cytokine activityGO:00512510.7TSLP, IL4, IL9, IL5, IL13
2lipopolysaccharide bindingGO:00153010.6SELP, CD14
3leukotriene receptor activityGO:00497410.3CYSLTR1, CYSLTR2

Products for genes affiliated with Atopy

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