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MedlinePlus:33 If you've ever groaned, "oh, my aching back!", you are not alone. back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives. back pain can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain. acute back pain comes on suddenly and usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks. back pain is called chronic if it lasts for more than three months. most back pain goes away on its own, though it may take awhile. taking over-the-counter pain relievers and resting can help. however, staying in bed for more than 1 or 2 days can make it worse. if your back pain is severe or doesn't improve after three days, you should call your health care provider. you should also get medical attention if you have back pain following an injury. treatment for back pain depends on what kind of pain you have, and what is causing it. it may include hot or cold packs, exercise, medicines, injections, complementary and alternative treatments, and sometimes surgery. nih: national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases

MalaCards: Back Pain is related to spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. An important gene associated with Back Pain is FABP4 (fatty acid binding protein 4, adipocyte), and among its related pathways are Folate biosynthesis and Protein digestion and absorption. The compounds estrogen and procollagen have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include bone and skin.

NINDS:43 Acute or short-term low back pain generally lasts from a few days to a few weeks. Most acute back pain is the result of trauma to the lower back or a disorder such as arthritis. Pain from trauma may be caused by a sports injury, work around the house or in the garden, or a sudden jolt such as a car accident or other stress on spinal bones and tissues. Symptoms may range from muscle ache to shooting or stabbing pain, limited flexibility and range of motion, or an inability to stand straight. Chronic back pain is pain that persists for more than 3 months. It is often progressive and the cause can be difficult to determine.

Wikipedia:63 Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or... more...

Aliases & Classifications for Back Pain

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Aliases & Descriptions:

back pain 43 33

Related Diseases for Back Pain

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Diseases related to Back Pain via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1spinal stenosis30.8CALCA
2degenerative disc disease30.7COL9A3
3osteoporosis30.4CALCA, MMP3, SPARC, ALPP
4osteoarthritis30.4COL11A2, COL9A2, COL9A3, CALCA, CILP, CD68
5arthritis30.3ALPP, TTF2, MMP3, CALCA
6lumbar disc disease30.1CILP, COL9A3, COL9A2
8rheumatoid arthritis30.1COL9A2, CRH, CD68, MMP3, SPARC, ASPN
9obesity30.1COMT, FAAH, FABP4, CRH, MC1R, MMP3
10hypertension29.9CRH, CALCA
11asthma29.9TTF2, MMP3
12ovarian cancer29.9COMT, THBS2, SPARC
13diabetes mellitus29.9CALCA, FABP4, MMP3, ALPP
14pheochromocytoma29.9COMT, GCH1, CALCA, CRH
15prostate cancer29.9COMT, FABP4, MC1R, TTF2, SPARC, ALPP
16breast cancer29.9COMT, CALCA, FAAH, CYP2C9, MC1R, MMP3
23ankylosing spondylitis10.3
24pain disorder10.3
25cauda equina syndrome10.2
26acute leukemia10.2
28diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis10.2
29nephropathia epidemica10.2
33aortic aneurysm10.2
34compartment syndrome10.2
40osteoporotic fracture10.1
42cellular schwannoma10.1
43korean hemorrhagic fever10.1
44epidural abscess10.1
45crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever10.1
46acute myeloid leukemia10.1
48myxopapillary ependymoma10.1
49lassa fever10.1
50abdominal aortic aneurysm10.1

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Diseases related to back pain

Clinical Features for Back Pain

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Back Pain

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Approved drugs:

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Highlights from CenterWatch's Drugs in Clinical Trials Database for Back Pain:

1ISTO TechnologiesNuQuJuvenile cartilage cellsII
2MesoblastMesenchymal Precursor CellsAdult stem cell technology derived from adult Mesenchymal Precursor CellsII

Genetic Tests for Back Pain

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Anatomical Context for Back Pain

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MalaCards organs/tissues related to Back Pain:

Bone, Skin

Animal Models for Back Pain or affiliated genes

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Publications for Back Pain

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Genetic Variations for Back Pain

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Expression for genes affiliated with Back Pain

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Back Pain

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Back Pain

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Compounds for genes affiliated with Back Pain

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Compounds related to Back Pain according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
3alphaxalone4410.6ALPP, CRH
4tolcapone44 1111.6COMT, CYP2C9
5meclofenamate4410.6CALCA, CRH
6ipriflavone4410.6CALCA, ALPP
7ether4410.6FAAH, CALCA, CRH
8micafungin44 1111.6COMT, CYP2C9
9etidronic acid44 49 1112.6ALPP, CALCA
10acth4410.5MC1R, THBS2, CRH
11deoxypyridinoline4410.5MMP3, ALPP, CALCA
12alendronate44 49 1112.5ALPP, MMP3, CALCA
13dopamine44 28 11 2413.4GCH1, COMT, CRH
14glibenclamide44 28 49 5913.4CALCA, CRH, CYP2C9
15dihydroneopterin triphosphate44 2411.4ALPP, GCH1
16etidronate4410.4CALCA, ALPP
17diclofenac44 28 49 1113.4TTF2, CYP2C9, MMP3
1824,25-dihydroxyvitamin d34410.4CALCA, ALPP
195-hydroxytryptamine4410.4COMT, CYP2C9, CRH, CALCA
20pyridinoline4410.4ALPP, CALCA, MMP3, SPARC
21hydroxyproline44 11 2412.4SPARC, ALPP, CALCA
22carbamazepine44 49 1112.4CRH, CYP2C9, ALPP
23ibuprofen44 28 49 11 2414.4FAAH, CYP2C9, MMP3
24serine4410.4ALPP, MMP3, MC1R, TTF2
25cocaine44 1111.4CYP2C9, CRH, ALPP, COMT
26folate4410.4COMT, GCH1, MC1R, ALPP
27nicotine44 49 28 1113.4TTF2, CYP2C9, CRH, COMT
28indomethacin44 59 28 1113.3CALCA, FAAH, CRH, CYP2C9, MMP3
29epinephrine44 11 2412.3COMT, CRH, GCH1, CALCA, CYP2C9
30heparin44 28 11 2413.3TTF2, SPARC, MMP3
31propranolol44 28 49 11 2414.3COMT, CALCA, CRH
32norepinephrine44 11 2412.3GCH1, CALCA, ALPP, CRH, COMT
33alizarin4410.2SPARC, ALPP
34calcium carbonate4410.2ALPP, CALCA
35creatinine4410.2CALCA, FABP4, MMP3, TTF2, ALPP, CRH
36acetaminophen44 2 49 11 2414.2CYP2C9, MMP3, FAAH
37ascorbic acid44 2411.2MMP3, SPARC, GCH1, COMT, ALPP
38chloramphenicol44 2 1112.2CRH, ALPP, CYP2C9, MMP3
39progesterone44 59 28 11 2414.2CRH, CYP2C9, FAAH, SPARC, MMP3, TTF2
40cyclosporin a44 28 5912.1MMP3, CYP2C9, CALCA, TTF2, SPARC, ALPP
41cysteine4410.1COMT, THBS2, TTF2, MMP3, CRH, SPARC
42testosterone44 59 11 2413.1ALPP, CRH, CYP2C9, CALCA, COMT, SPARC
43vegf4410.1CALCA, ALPP, SPARC, THBS2, MMP3, TTF2
44vitamin d4410.1SPARC, CALCA, ALPP, CRH, MC1R, MMP3
45alanine4410.1MC1R, ALPP, MMP3, TTF2, CRH, FAAH
46dexamethasone44 49 28 1113.1CYP2C9, MMP3, TTF2, CRH, ALPP, SPARC
47androstenedione44 2411.0CRH, CYP2C9, COMT
48sb 20358044 5910.9SPARC, CRH, ALPP, MMP3
49calcium44 49 11 2412.6TTF2, ALPP, GCH1, CALCA, CILP, CYP2C9
50retinoic acid44 2410.4SPARC, MMP3, ALPP, FABP4, COMT, CYP2C9

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Back Pain

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Cellular components related to Back Pain according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1collagen type IXGO:00559410.2COL9A3, COL9A2
2proteinaceous extracellular matrixGO:00557810.0ASPN, SPARC, MMP3, CILP
3extracellular regionGO:0055769.3COL11A2, COL9A2, COL9A3, CALCA, CRH, MMP3

Biological processes related to Back Pain according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1response to painGO:04826510.2CRH, CALCA, GCH1, COMT
2negative regulation of blood pressureGO:04577610.1GCH1, CALCA, CRH
3collagen catabolic processGO:03057410.1COL11A2, COL9A2, COL9A3, MMP3
4extracellular matrix disassemblyGO:02261710.1MMP3, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2
5response to lipopolysaccharideGO:03249610.1SPARC, GCH1, COMT
6positive regulation of cAMP biosynthetic processGO:0308199.9CALCA, CRH, MC1R
7extracellular matrix organizationGO:0301989.8SPARC, MMP3, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2

Molecular functions related to Back Pain according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1extracellular matrix structural constituent conferring tensile strengthGO:03002010.1COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2
2alkaline phosphatase activityGO:0040359.9ALPP, CILP
3calcium ion bindingGO:0055099.9MMP3, THBS2, SPARC, ASPN, GCH1

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