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Wikipedia:63 A brain injury is any injury occurring in the brain of a living organism. Brain injuries can be... more...

MalaCards: Brain Injury is related to brain edema and hypertension. An important gene associated with Brain Injury is EPO (erythropoietin), and among its related pathways are Neuroscience and SLC-mediated transmembrane transport. The compounds cysteine and vegf have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include brain and bone, and related mouse phenotypes are cellular and behavior/neurological.

NINDS:43 Traumatic brain injury (TBI), a form of

Aliases & Classifications for Brain Injury

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Anatomical: Neuronal diseases

Aliases & Descriptions:

brain injury 43 30

Related Diseases for Brain Injury

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Diseases related to Brain Injury via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1brain edema31.2MIP, MMP9
2hypertension30.9ACE, MMP9, APOE
3ischemia30.9PARP1, NOS1, SLC1A3, MIP, SLC1A2, SLC1A1
4alzheimer's disease30.6S100B, NOS1, SLC1A3, SLC1A2, APOE, APP
6schizophrenia30.4NOS1, SLC1A3, S100B, SLC1A1, SLC1A2
7dementia30.3APP, NOS1, SLC1A3, APOE, SLC1A2
8stroke, ischemic30.3S100B, MMP9, APOE, PARP1, ACE
10pneumonia30.2NOS1, MIP
11neonatal hypoxic and ischemic brain injury30.2SLC1A3, ENO2
12parkinson's disease30.0APOE, PARP1, APP, NOS1
14multiple sclerosis29.8IL1RN, APOE, MMP9
15cerebrovascular disease29.8APP, ACE, APOE
16vascular disease29.8ACE, MMP9, PARP1, APOE
17epilepsy syndrome29.8SLC1A2, MIP, SLC1A1, NOS1
18cerebral amyloid angiopathy29.8APP, APOE
19amyloidosis29.8APOE, APP
20retinoblastoma29.8ENO2, PARP1
23huntington's disease29.8SLC1A2
24sickle cell disease29.8EPO
25cerebral hypoxia29.8NOS1
29brain disease10.6
30intracranial hypertension10.6
31post-traumatic stress disorder10.5
32traumatic brain injury10.4
33cerebral artery occlusion10.4
34diabetes insipidus10.4
36psychotic disorder10.3
37acute stress disorder10.3
38status epilepticus10.2
39transient cerebral ischemia10.2
40alcohol abuse10.2
42neuroleptic malignant syndrome10.2
43brain cancer10.2
44learning disability10.2
45moderate and severe traumatic brain injury10.2
46periventricular leukomalacia10.1

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Brain Injury:

Diseases related to brain injury

Clinical Features for Brain Injury

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Brain Injury

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Approved drugs:

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Drug clinical trials:

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Cell-based therapeutics:

LifeMap Discovery
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Read about Brain Injury cell therapies at LifeMap Discovery.
Stem-cell-based therapeutic approaches for Brain Injury:
Hematopoietic stem cells for treatment of ischemic brain injury
Embryonic/Adult Cultured Cells Related to Brain Injury:
Bone marrow-derived hematopoietic stem cells (family)

Genetic Tests for Brain Injury

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Anatomical Context for Brain Injury

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MalaCards organs/tissues related to Brain Injury:

Brain, Bone

Animal Models for Brain Injury or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Brain Injury:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:000538411.8ENO2, APP, APOE, EPO, CYSLTR1, IL1RN
2MP:000538611.7SLC1A7, MMP9, APOE, APP, S100B, SLC1A2
3MP:000363111.5MMP9, ENO2, PARP1, NOS1, SLC1A3, SLC1A2
4MP:000537611.3SLC1A3, SLC24A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A7, IL1RN, APOE
5MP:000536711.0ACE, APOE, PARP1, SLC1A1, NOS1, MMP9
6MP:000539111.0NOS1, SLC1A3, SLC24A2, APOE, SLC1A1, MMP9
7MP:001077110.8EPO, APP, PARP1, MMP9, IL1RN, APOE

Publications for Brain Injury

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Genetic Variations for Brain Injury

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Expression for genes affiliated with Brain Injury

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Brain Injury

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Brain Injury

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Compounds for genes affiliated with Brain Injury

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Compounds related to Brain Injury according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1cysteine4412.0S100B, IL1RN, APP, PARP1, SLC24A2, NOS1
2vegf4411.8MMP9, ENO2, PARP1, NOS1, IL1RN, EPO
3alanine4411.8S100B, APP, APOE, NOS1, MMP9, SLC1A3
4calcium44 49 11 2414.7CYSLTR1, ACE, S100B, ENO2, SLC24A2, SLC1A1
5sodium44 2412.7ENO2, MIP, SLC1A1, SLC1A7, SLC1A2, SLC24A2
6dexamethasone44 49 28 1114.7CYSLTR1, ENO2, PARP1, IL1RN, MMP9, NOS1
7gaba4411.6SLC1A3, NOS1, ENO2, MMP9, SLC1A1, SLC1A2
8glutamine4411.6S100B, SLC1A3, ENO2, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, APOE
9adenylate4411.6SLC1A3, S100B, IL1RN, MMP9, ENO2, SLC1A2
10lipid4411.6MIP, S100B, ENO2, ACE, SLC1A2, APP
11glutamate4411.6APP, MIP, SLC1A7, SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A6
12testosterone44 59 11 2414.5ENO2, NOS1, MMP9, IL1RN, EPO, APOE
13aspartate4411.5APOE, SLC1A6, ENO2, APP, SLC1A1, SLC1A2
14nmda44 2812.5APOE, APP, SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A3, NOS1
15creatinine4411.5IL1RN, EPO, APOE, APP, NOS1, ACE
16nitric oxide44 11 2413.5SLC1A2, IL1RN, NOS1, MIP, S100B, ACE
17chloride4411.5MIP, ENO2, SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A2
18lactate4411.4IL1RN, SLC1A2, MIP, S100B, EPO, MMP9
19formaldehyde44 2412.4IL1RN, NOS1, MMP9, ENO2, APP, S100B
20retinoic acid44 2412.4IL1RN, S100B, PARP1, NOS1, SLC1A1, MMP9
21[3h]etb-tboa2811.4SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7, SLC1A6, SLC1A3
22[3h]l-aspartic acid2811.4SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7, SLC1A3
23tfb-tboa5911.4SLC1A2, SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A7
24[3h]d-aspartic acid2811.4SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7
25methotrexate44 49 1113.4EPO, ENO2, NOS1, MMP9, IL1RN, APP
26dihydrokainic acid5911.4SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7, SLC1A3, SLC1A6
27way 2136135911.4SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7
28l-trans-2,4-pdc5911.4SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7
29dl-tboa59 2812.4SLC1A6, SLC1A3, SLC1A1, SLC1A7, SLC1A2
30h2o24411.4APP, PARP1, NOS1, SLC1A2, IL1RN, MIP
31l-glutamic acid28 11 2413.3SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A3, SLC1A7, SLC1A6
32lactacystin4411.3APP, APOE, NOS1, PARP1, MMP9
33oxygen44 2412.3PARP1, SLC1A2, EPO, MIP, S100B, NOS1
34dopamine44 28 11 2414.2ENO2, SLC1A2, MMP9, APP, NOS1
35kainate44 2812.2APOE, SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A3
36norepinephrine44 11 2413.2APP, S100B, SLC1A2
37folate4411.1APP, APOE, EPO, MMP9, NOS1
383-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide4411.1S100B, APP, MMP9, PARP1
39dihydrokainate44 2812.1SLC1A2, SLC1A3, SLC1A1
40acetylcholine44 49 28 11 2415.1NOS1, ACE, ENO2, APP
41iron44 2412.1EPO, APP, ENO2, SLC1A2, S100B
42cyclosporin a44 28 5913.1S100B, APP, NOS1
43serine4411.1SLC1A2, MMP9, IL1RN, S100B, APP, SLC1A3
44aspirin44 49 28 2414.1APOE, CYSLTR1, IL1RN, ACE, APP
45edss4411.1S100B, APOE, ENO2
46dbc-amp4410.9SLC1A2, ENO2, SLC1A3, S100B
47ascorbic acid44 2411.9NOS1, IL1RN, S100B, EPO, APOE
48threo-beta-hydroxyaspartate4410.7SLC1A1, SLC1A3
49indomethacin44 59 28 1113.5NOS1
50threo-3-methylglutamate2810.4SLC1A2, SLC1A6

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Brain Injury

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Cellular components related to Brain Injury according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1plasma membraneGO:00588611.3ENO2, APP, APOE, MIP, CYSLTR1, IL1RN
2extracellular spaceGO:00561511.0APOE, EPO, IL1RN, MMP9, ACE, S100B

Biological processes related to Brain Injury according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1ion transportGO:00681111.2SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC24A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7
2transmembrane transportGO:05508511.2MIP, SLC1A7, SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC24A2, SLC1A6
3D-aspartate importGO:07077910.9SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A3
4L-glutamate importGO:05193810.9SLC1A3, SLC1A1, SLC1A2
5negative regulation of calcium ion transport into cytosolGO:01052310.7NOS1, EPO
6regulation of neuronal synaptic plasticityGO:04816810.7APOE, S100B
7memoryGO:00761310.6S100B, IL1RN, SLC24A2
8L-glutamate transportGO:01581310.4SLC1A6, SLC1A7

Molecular functions related to Brain Injury according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1sodium:dicarboxylate symporter activityGO:01715311.0SLC1A3, SLC1A6, SLC1A1, SLC1A2, SLC1A7
2L-glutamate transmembrane transporter activityGO:00531311.0SLC1A7, SLC1A2, SLC1A1, SLC1A6, SLC1A3
3identical protein bindingGO:04280210.8S100B, APP, APOE, MMP9, PARP1
4glutamate:sodium symporter activityGO:01550110.7SLC1A2, SLC1A1
5glutamate bindingGO:01659510.7SLC1A3, SLC1A1
6tau protein bindingGO:04815610.4APOE, S100B

Products for genes affiliated with Brain Injury

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Sources for Brain Injury

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