Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) malady

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Wikipedia:63 Coronary artery disease (CAD) also known as atherosclerotic heart disease,coronary heart disease, or... more...

MalaCards: Coronary Heart Disease, also known as coronary arteriosclerosis, is related to arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. An important gene associated with Coronary Heart Disease is CHDS1 (Coronary heart disease, susceptibility to, 1), and among its related pathways are Metabolism and Statin Pathway, Pharmacodynamics. The compounds cholesterol and lipid have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include heart, and related mouse phenotypes are homeostasis/metabolism and cardiovascular system.

Aliases & Classifications for Coronary Heart Disease

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Aliases & Descriptions:

coronary heart disease 46 10 44
coronary arteriosclerosis 60
chd 38

Related Diseases for Coronary Heart Disease

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Diseases in the Coronary Heart Disease family:

Coronary Heart Disease 2 Coronary Heart Disease 5
Coronary Heart Disease 7 Coronary Heart Disease 9
Coronary Heart Disease 8 Coronary Heart Disease 6
Coronary Heart Disease 4 Coronary Heart Disease 3

Diseases related to Coronary Heart Disease via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1arteriosclerosis31.7PON1, APOB, APOA1, COG2
2atherosclerosis31.4APOA5, APOC1, APOE, APOA1, COG2, APOC3
3diabetes mellitus31.3APOC3, APOA5, APOE, APOA1, COG2, APOA4
4hypertension31.3APOB, APOE, APOA1, COG2
5myocardial infarction31.2COG2, APOA1, APOE, CETP, F7, PON1
6coronary artery disease31.2CETP, THBD, F7, PON1, PON2, APOB
7type 2 diabetes mellitus31.1PON1, PON2, APOB, APOA4, APOC3, APOE
8obesity31.1COG2, APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOA5, APOC3
9vascular disease31.0APOA1, APOE, APOA4, APOB, PON1, F7
10ischemic heart disease31.0COG2, APOA1, APOB, PON1, F7, CETP
11stroke, ischemic31.0COG2, APOA1, APOE, APOB, F7
12familial hypercholesterolemia30.9APOB, CETP
14cerebrovascular disease30.7PON1, APOB, APOE, APOA1, COG2, CETP
15acute myocardial infarction30.7APOA1, APOB, PON1, F7, THBD
16essential hypertension30.7APOA1, APOB, PON1, THBD, CETP
17familial hyperlipidemia30.5APOE, APOA1, COG2, APOA5, APOC3, CETP
18hyperhomocysteinemia30.5APOE, PON1, THBD
19tangier disease30.4APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOB, CETP
20coronary stenosis30.4APOA1, APOB, PON1, CETP
21familial combined hyperlipidemia30.4APOA1, APOE, APOB
22peripheral vascular disease30.4CETP, APOB, APOA1
23carotid artery disease30.4APOB, PON1
24hepatitis c30.4PON1
25fatty liver disease30.4NPC1L1
26lupus erythematosus30.4THBD
27hyperglycemia30.3COG2, APOA4, APOB, PON1, F7, CETP
28metabolic syndrome x30.3APOA1, APOB, F7, CETP
29polycystic ovary syndrome30.3PON1, APOA1
30glucose intolerance30.3COG2, APOB
31diabetic retinopathy30.3PON1
32alcohol abuse30.3COG2
33congenital heart defect30.2COG2, APOA1, APOB, PON1, CETP
34hypertriglyceridemia30.0COG2, CETP, PON1, APOB, APOA4, APOC3
35hyperlipidemia type 330.0COG2, APOA1, APOE, APOA5, APOB, CETP
36proteinuria30.0COG2, APOA1, APOC3, APOA4, APOB, CETP
37diabetic nephropathy30.0THBD, PON1, PON2, APOB, APOE, APOA1
38familial hypertriglyceridemia30.0APOA1, APOE, APOA5, APOC3, APOB
39hyperinsulinism30.0APOA1, APOB, F7, CETP
40uremia30.0APOC3, PON1
41thrombophilia30.0THBD, F7
42xanthomatosis30.0APOB, APOE
43arcus senilis30.0APOA1, APOB
44cerebral atherosclerosis30.0APOA1
46coronary arteriosclerosis11.2
47hypertensive heart disease10.9
48periodontal disease10.6
50angina pectoris10.5

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Coronary Heart Disease:

Diseases related to coronary heart disease

Clinical Features for Coronary Heart Disease

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Coronary Heart Disease

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Approved drugs:

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Genetic Tests for Coronary Heart Disease

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Anatomical Context for Coronary Heart Disease

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MalaCards organs/tissues related to Coronary Heart Disease:


Animal Models for Coronary Heart Disease or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Coronary Heart Disease:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:000537612.0THBD, APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOA5, APOC3
2MP:000538511.4APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOA4, APOB, PON2
3MP:000537011.3APOE, APOC1, APOB, NPC1L1, THBD, APOA1

Publications for Coronary Heart Disease

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Genetic Variations for Coronary Heart Disease

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Expression for genes affiliated with Coronary Heart Disease

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Coronary Heart Disease

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Coronary Heart Disease

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Compounds for genes affiliated with Coronary Heart Disease

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Compounds related to Coronary Heart Disease according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1cholesterol44 28 11 2415.8THBD, CETP, APOA1, PON1, F7, COG2
2lipid4412.8NPC1L1, APOA1, CETP, APOE, APOA5, THBD
3phospholipid4412.4PON2, APOB, APOA4, APOC3, APOC1, APOE
4glucose4412.3APOC3, APOA4, APOB, PON2, PON1, F7
5creatinine4412.1F7, PON1, APOB, APOA4, APOC3, APOE
6heparin44 28 11 2415.0COG2, APOB, CETP, THBD, PON1, APOA4
7cholesterol ester4412.0CETP, APOB, APOA4, PON1, APOC3, APOE
8triacylglycerol4412.0APOB, CETP, APOA4, APOE, COG2, APOA1
9pravastatin44 49 28 11 2416.0COG2, APOA1, APOE, APOB, APOC3, THBD
10lovastatin44 49 59 28 1116.0COG2, PON1, NPC1L1, APOA1, APOE, APOC3
11homocysteine44 2413.0APOB, THBD, CETP, PON1, COG2, APOC3
12atorvastatin44 49 28 11 2416.0CETP, COG2, THBD, PON1, APOB, APOC3
13phosphatidylcholine4412.0APOC1, APOE, APOB, PON1, APOA4, CETP
14estrogen4411.9APOA1, APOE, APOC1, CETP, APOC3, THBD
15fibrinogen4411.9THBD, COG2, PON1, APOA4, APOC3, APOA1
16fatty acid4411.9APOB, THBD, COG2, APOA4, CETP, APOC1
17gemfibrozil44 28 1113.9PON1, CETP, COG2, APOB, APOA1, APOC3
18fenofibrate44 49 1113.8COG2, APOA1, PON1, APOC3, CETP, APOB
19fluvastatin44 49 28 1114.8CETP, APOA1, APOE, APOB, PON1, THBD
20simvastatin44 49 59 28 11 2416.8APOA1, APOB, COG2, CETP, PON1, THBD
21thyroxine44 2412.8APOE, COG2, APOA1, APOB, PON1, THBD
22vitamin a44 11 2413.8CETP, PON1, APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOA4
23aspirin44 49 28 2414.8APOA1, COG2, APOE, APOB, PON1, THBD
24alanine4411.7APOA1, APOE, THBD, PON1, COG2, APOC1
25intralipid4411.7APOA1, APOC3, APOA4, APOB, CETP, APOE
26bezafibrate44 28 1113.7COG2, CETP, APOB, APOC3, APOA1, APOE
27sterol4411.6APOE, CETP, APOA1, COG2, NPC1L1, APOB
28cholestyramine4411.6COG2, APOB, APOC3, APOE, CETP
29retinyl palmitate44 2412.5APOE, APOB, COG2, APOA1, APOA4
30dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine4411.5APOC1, APOA4, APOE, APOA5, APOA1
31ezetimibe44 1112.5COG2, CETP, APOA1, APOB, NPC1L1
32rosuvastatin44 49 28 1114.5APOA1, APOC3, CETP, COG2, APOB
33mspi4411.5APOC3, APOA4, APOA1, APOB, CETP
34betacarotene4411.4APOE, APOB, PON1, CETP, THBD
35testosterone44 59 11 2414.4CETP, PON1, APOA1, APOB, APOC3, APOE
36vitamin-e4411.4COG2, PON1, THBD, APOC3, F7
37sele4411.3CETP, PON1, APOC3, APOE
387-ketocholesterol44 2412.3PON1, APOB, APOE, APOA1
39probucol44 1112.3APOB, APOA1, APOE, CETP
40xbai4411.3APOC3, APOE, APOA4
41niacin44 1112.2COG2, APOA1, CETP, APOB
42colestipol4411.1APOA1, COG2, APOB
43ritonavir44 49 1113.1APOE, APOA4, APOC1, APOC3
44rosiglitazone44 49 28 11 2415.1APOC1, COG2
45campesterol44 2412.0APOB, APOA1, APOE
46vitamin b124411.0APOA1, APOE, APOB, PON1
47palmitate4411.0COG2, CETP
48fenofibric acid44 2811.9APOC3, APOA1, APOB
49kininogen4410.9THBD, APOA1, F7, APOB
50lathosterol44 2411.6APOE, CETP, APOB

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Coronary Heart Disease

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Cellular components related to Coronary Heart Disease according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

(show all 11)
idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1extracellular regionGO:00557611.9APOA1, APOE, APOA5, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
2extracellular spaceGO:00561511.9APOA1, APOE, APOA5, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
3very-low-density lipoprotein particleGO:03436111.6APOB, APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOA5, APOC3
4high-density lipoprotein particleGO:03436411.6APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOA5, APOA4, PON1
5chylomicronGO:04262711.5APOE, APOC1, APOA5, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
6early endosomeGO:00576911.1APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
7intermediate-density lipoprotein particleGO:03436311.0APOE, APOC3, APOB
8endoplasmic reticulum lumenGO:00578811.0F7, APOB, APOA4, APOA1
9spherical high-density lipoprotein particleGO:03436610.9APOA1, APOC3, PON1
10low-density lipoprotein particleGO:03436210.8APOB, APOA5, APOE
11endocytic vesicle lumenGO:07168210.6APOA1, APOE, APOB

Biological processes related to Coronary Heart Disease according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1lipoprotein metabolic processGO:04215712.1CETP, NPC1L1, APOB, APOA4, APOC3, APOA5
2cholesterol metabolic processGO:00820312.0APOC1, APOE, APOA1, APOC3, APOA4, CETP
3cholesterol homeostasisGO:04263212.0CETP, NPC1L1, APOB, APOA4, APOC3, APOA5
4small molecule metabolic processGO:04428111.9APOA1, APOE, APOA5, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
5high-density lipoprotein particle remodelingGO:03437511.7APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOC3, APOA4, CETP
6cholesterol effluxGO:03334411.7APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
7phospholipid effluxGO:03370011.6APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOC3, APOA4
8reverse cholesterol transportGO:04369111.6APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOA4, CETP
9triglyceride metabolic processGO:00664111.6APOE, APOC1, APOA5, APOC3, CETP
10retinoid metabolic processGO:00152311.6APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
11phototransduction, visible lightGO:00760311.6APOA1, APOE, APOC3, APOA4, APOB
12positive regulation of cholesterol esterificationGO:01087311.4APOA4, APOC1, APOE, APOA1
13cholesterol transportGO:03030111.4CETP, NPC1L1, APOB, APOA1
14triglyceride homeostasisGO:07032811.4APOA1, APOA5, APOC3, CETP
15regulation of Cdc42 protein signal transductionGO:03248911.3APOC3, APOE, APOA1
16lipoprotein biosynthetic processGO:04215811.3APOB, APOE, APOA1
17chylomicron remnant clearanceGO:03438211.3APOE, APOC1, APOC3
18very-low-density lipoprotein particle remodelingGO:03437211.3CETP, APOA4, APOE
19phosphatidylcholine metabolic processGO:04647011.3APOA4, PON1, CETP
20very-low-density lipoprotein particle assemblyGO:03437911.3APOC1, APOC3, APOB
21low-density lipoprotein particle remodelingGO:03437411.3APOE, APOB, CETP
22triglyceride catabolic processGO:01943311.3APOB, APOC3, APOA5
23organ regenerationGO:03110011.2F7, APOA5, APOA1
24receptor-mediated endocytosisGO:00689811.2APOE, APOB, CETP
25lipid transportGO:00686911.1APOA5, APOA4, CETP
26very-low-density lipoprotein particle clearanceGO:03444711.1APOE, APOC1
27negative regulation of plasma lipoprotein particle oxidationGO:03444511.1APOA4, PON1
28negative regulation of very-low-density lipoprotein particle remodelingGO:01090311.1APOA1, APOC3
29regulation of cholesterol transportGO:03237411.1APOC1, APOA4
30lipoprotein catabolic processGO:04215911.1APOB, APOE
31negative regulation of lipid metabolic processGO:04583311.1APOC3, APOC1
32regulation of intestinal cholesterol absorptionGO:03030011.1APOA1, APOA4
33negative regulation of very-low-density lipoprotein particle clearanceGO:01091611.1APOC3, APOC1
34aromatic compound catabolic processGO:01943911.1PON1, PON2
35negative regulation of lipoprotein lipase activityGO:05100511.1APOC1, APOC3
36high-density lipoprotein particle assemblyGO:03438011.1APOA1, APOE
37peripheral nervous system axon regenerationGO:01401211.0APOA1, APOE
38triglyceride mobilizationGO:00664211.0APOC3, APOB
39negative regulation of receptor-mediated endocytosisGO:04826111.0APOC1, APOC3
40high-density lipoprotein particle clearanceGO:03438411.0APOA1, APOE
41positive regulation of triglyceride catabolic processGO:01089811.0APOA5, APOA4
42positive regulation of fatty acid biosynthetic processGO:04572310.9APOA4, APOA5
43phospholipid homeostasisGO:05509110.9APOA1, CETP
44positive regulation of lipoprotein lipase activityGO:05100610.9APOA5, APOA4
45negative regulation of fatty acid biosynthetic processGO:04571710.9APOC1, APOC3
46negative regulation of platelet activationGO:01054410.8APOE, THBD
47positive regulation of cholesterol effluxGO:01087510.7PON1, APOE
48negative regulation of lipid catabolic processGO:05099510.7APOC3, APOC1
49negative regulation of blood coagulationGO:03019510.6APOE, THBD
50lipoprotein transportGO:04295310.4APOB, APOC3

Molecular functions related to Coronary Heart Disease according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

(show all 13)
idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1phospholipid bindingGO:00554311.5APOA1, APOE, APOA5, APOC3, APOB, PON1
2cholesterol transporter activityGO:01712711.4CETP, APOB, APOA4, APOE, APOA1
3phosphatidylcholine-sterol O-acyltransferase activator activityGO:06022811.3APOA1, APOE, APOC1, APOA4
4phosphatidylcholine bindingGO:03121011.2APOC1, APOA5, APOA4, CETP
5lipid bindingGO:00828911.1APOE, APOA5, APOA4, CETP
6lipase inhibitor activityGO:05510211.1APOC3, APOC1, APOA1
7low-density lipoprotein particle receptor bindingGO:05075011.1APOE, APOA5, APOB
8lipid transporter activityGO:00531911.0CETP, APOA4, APOE
9cholesterol bindingGO:01548510.9CETP, APOC3, APOA1
10high-density lipoprotein particle receptor bindingGO:07065310.7APOA1, APOC3
11antioxidant activityGO:01620910.7APOA4, APOE
12arylesterase activityGO:00406410.6PON1, PON2
13phospholipid transporter activityGO:00554810.4CETP, APOA1

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Sources for Coronary Heart Disease

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