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MedlinePlus:33 The uterus, or womb, is an important female reproductive organ. it is the place where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. if you have an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg grows in an abnormal place, outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes. the result is usually a miscarriage. ectopic pregnancy can be a medical emergency if it ruptures. signs of ectopic pregnancy include abdominal pain shoulder pain vaginal bleeding feeling dizzy or faint get medical care right away if you have these signs. doctors use drugs or surgery to remove the ectopic tissue so it doesn't damage your organs. many women who have had ectopic pregnancies go on to have healthy pregnancies later. dept. of health and human services office on women's health

MalaCards: Ectopic Pregnancy, also known as pregnancy ectopic, is related to choriocarcinoma and infertility. An important gene associated with Ectopic Pregnancy is CGB (chorionic gonadotropin, beta polypeptide), and among its related pathways are Glycoprotein hormones and Selected targets of Oct-3/4. The drug mifepristone and the compounds 11-ketotestosterone and mit1 have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include ovary, uterus and cervix, and related mouse phenotypes are endocrine/exocrine gland and reproductive system.

Wikipedia:63 An ectopic pregnancy, or eccysis, is a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo implants outside... more...

Aliases & Classifications for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Aliases & Descriptions:

ectopic pregnancy 42 33 60
pregnancy ectopic 44

External Ids:

ICD1025 O00

Related Diseases for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Diseases related to Ectopic Pregnancy via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1choriocarcinoma30.6CGB5, CGB7, LIF, CGB, CGA
2infertility30.6CGA, CGB, TRO, LIF, HOXA10, PAEP
3ovarian cyst30.5PAEP, CGB5, CGA
4endometriosis30.4LIF, PAEP, HOXA10, CGA
5leukemia30.3HOXA10, HOXA11, SCGB1A1, PAEP, LIF, CGB
6placental site trophoblastic tumor30.1CGA, CGB, CGB5
7sarcoma30.1CGB, CGB5
9polycystic ovary syndrome29.9CGA, CGB5, PROK1
10ovarian cancer29.9CGB5, CGB, LIF, PAEP
11gestational trophoblastic neoplasm29.9CGB5, PAEP, CGA, CGB, CGB7
12hyperprolactinemia29.9CGB, CGB5, CGA
13hypogonadism29.9CGB5, PROKR2, CGA
14adenoma29.9CGA, PAEP, CGB7, CGB, INHBA, LIF
15adenocarcinoma29.9PAEP, INHBA, LIF, CGB, CGB5, CRISP3
18pelvic inflammatory disease10.4
19ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome10.3
20gestational choriocarcinoma10.3
22cystic teratoma10.2
23tuberculous salpingitis10.2
24fallopian tube endometriosis10.2
25endometriosis of ovary10.2
26corpus luteum cyst10.1
28cervix endometriosis10.1
29ovarian endometriosis10.1
30salpingitis isthmica nodosa10.1
32fallopian tube teratoma10.1
33adenomatoid tumor10.1
34mature teratoma10.1
35ovary sarcoma10.1
41melanoma10.0CGB, CHKB
42leydig cell tumor10.0CGA, CGB5
43germinoma10.0CGB5, CGB, CGA
44multiple myeloma10.0DKK1
46gestational trophoblastic tumor10.0CGB5, CGB, CGA
47dysgerminoma10.0CGA, CGB5
48hyperthyroidism10.0CGB, CGB5, CGA
49gynecomastia10.0CGB5, CGA
50seminoma10.0CGB, CGB5, CGB7, CGA

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Diseases related to ectopic pregnancy

Clinical Features for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Approved drugs:

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Drug clinical trials:

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Genetic Tests for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Anatomical Context for Ectopic Pregnancy

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MalaCards organs/tissues related to Ectopic Pregnancy:

Ovary, Uterus, Cervix

Animal Models for Ectopic Pregnancy or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Ectopic Pregnancy:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:00053799.9SCGB1A1, PROKR2, LIF, HOXA11, HOXA10, INHBB
2MP:00053899.7SFRP4, INHBA, INHBB, HOXA10, HOXA11, LIF
3MP:00107689.7INHBB, HOXA11, DKK1, TRO, LIF, PROKR2
4MP:00053769.4SFRP4, SCGB1A1, CGA, PROKR1, PROKR2, LIF

Publications for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Genetic Variations for Ectopic Pregnancy

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Expression for genes affiliated with Ectopic Pregnancy

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Ectopic Pregnancy

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Ectopic Pregnancy

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Pathways related to Ectopic Pregnancy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idSuper pathways (with members indented)ScoreTop Affiliating Genes
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10.4CGB, CGA

Compounds for genes affiliated with Ectopic Pregnancy

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Compounds related to Ectopic Pregnancy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
111-ketotestosterone4410.7CGB5, CGA
2mit12810.7PROKR2, PROKR1
4prokineticin-2β2810.7PROKR1, PROKR2
5prokineticin-12810.7PROKR1, PROKR2
6prokineticin-22810.7PROKR2, PROKR1
7estrogen4410.7HOXA10, PAEP, CHKB
8onapristone44 2811.7CGA, LIF, PAEP
9oestradiol valerate4410.7CGA, PAEP
10buserelin44 28 1112.7PAEP, CGA, CGB5
11oestriol4410.7CGB, CGB7, CGB5, CGA
12organon4410.7CGA, CGB5
13ctp4410.7CGB7, CGB, CGA, CGB5
14ifosfamide44 1111.6CGA, CGB5, CGB
15clomiphene citrate4410.6PAEP, CGA, CGB, CGB5
16diethylstilbestrol44 28 1112.6CGA, CGB5, HOXA10
17bleomycin44 1111.6CGA, CGB5, CGB7, CGB
18percoll4410.6CGB5, CRISP3, CGA
19cycloheximide4410.6CGB5, HOXA10
20androstenedione44 2411.6CGB, CGB5, CGA, PAEP
21trilostane44 1111.6CGB5, CGA
22prostaglandin f2alpha4410.6LIF, CGA, CGB5
23thyroxine44 2411.6CHKB, CGA, CGB7, CGB
24progestin4410.6PAEP, CGA, LIF, CGB5
25phenylephrine44 28 11 2413.6LIF, CGA, CGB5
26methotrexate44 49 1112.6CGB, CHKB, CGA, CGB5, CGB7
27mifepristone44 59 28 1113.6CGB5, LIF, CGA, PAEP, CGB
28etoposide44 49 59 1113.6CGB, CGB7, CGB5
29estradiol benzoate4410.5CGA, CGB5
30prostaglandin4410.5LIF, HOXA10, PAEP, CGB5, CGA
31gnrh4410.5CGB7, CGA, INHBB, CGB, CGB5
32dbc-amp4410.5CGB5, LIF, CGA
3317-hydroxypregnenolone4410.5CGA, CGB5
34lactate4410.5CGB7, CGA, CHKB, LIF, CGB, CGB5
35creatinine4410.5CGA, SCGB1A1, CGB5, CHKB, CGB, LIF
36cisplatin44 49 59 1113.5LIF, CGB, CGB7, CGA, CGB5
37leuprolide44 59 28 1113.5CGA, CGB5
38ribonucleic acid4410.5PAEP, LIF, CGA, CGB5
39ascorbic acid44 2411.4LIF, CGA, CGB5, CHKB
40tamoxifen44 49 28 1113.4CGA, CGB5, CHKB, PAEP
41estradiol44 11 2412.4HOXA10, CHKB, CGB, PAEP, LIF, CGB7
42vegf4410.4PROK1, PROKR1, CGB5, PAEP, CGB, LIF
43steroid4410.4CHKB, PROK1, HOXA10, PAEP, CGB5, LIF
44cetrorelix44 28 1112.3CGB5, CGA
45testosterone44 59 11 2413.3CGA, CGB5, CGB7, CGB, LIF, CHKB
46polysaccharide4410.2LIF, CHKB, PAEP, CGB5
47norepinephrine44 11 2412.2CGA, CGB5, CHKB, LIF
48latex4410.2SCGB1A1, LIF, CHKB
49dihydroprogesterone4410.0CGB5, CGA
50progesterone44 59 28 11 2414.0DKK1, HOXA10, CGB7, CGB, PROK1, CGA

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Ectopic Pregnancy

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Cellular components related to Ectopic Pregnancy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1extracellular regionGO:00557610.0PAEP, INHBA, INHBB, PROK1, CGB, CGA

Biological processes related to Ectopic Pregnancy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

(show all 9)
idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1positive regulation of ovulationGO:06027910.5INHBB, INHBA
2embryo implantationGO:00756610.5TRO, LIF, SCGB1A1
3positive regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone secretionGO:04688110.4INHBA, INHBB
4embryonic limb morphogenesisGO:03032610.4DKK1, HOXA11, HOXA10
5negative regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone secretionGO:04688210.4INHBB, INHBA
6peptide hormone processingGO:01648610.4CGB, CGA
7defense responseGO:00695210.2INHBA, INHBB, CRISP3
8activin receptor signaling pathwayGO:03292410.2INHBA, INHBB
9decidualizationGO:04669710.0SFRP4, LIF

Molecular functions related to Ectopic Pregnancy according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1neuropeptide Y receptor activityGO:00498310.3PROKR1, PROKR2
2growth factor activityGO:00808310.0PROK1, LIF, DKK1, INHBB, INHBA
3hormone activityGO:0051799.9CGA, CGB, INHBB, INHBA

Products for genes affiliated with Ectopic Pregnancy

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Sources for Ectopic Pregnancy

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