Glucagonoma malady

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Wikipedia:63 A glucagonoma is a rare tumor of the alpha cells of the pancreas that results in up to a 1000-fold... more...

MalaCards: Glucagonoma, also known as weight loss, necrolytic migratory erythema , diabetes, stomatitis, and diarrhea, is related to pancreatitis and insulinoma. An important gene associated with Glucagonoma is MADD (MAP-kinase activating death domain), and among its related pathways are Synthesis, Secretion, and Inactivation of Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) and Prostacyclin signalling through prostacyclin receptor. The compounds estrogen and secretoneurin have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include pancreas, and related mouse phenotypes are digestive/alimentary and reproductive system.

Aliases & Classifications for Glucagonoma

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Global: Cancer diseases
Anatomical: Gastrointestinal diseases, Endocrine diseases

Aliases & Descriptions:

glucagonoma 42 44 48 60
weight loss, necrolytic migratory erythema , diabetes, stomatitis, and diarrhea 42
glucagonoma syndrome 42

External Ids:

ICD10 via Orphanet26 E16.8
MESH via Orphanet35 D005935
SNOMED-CT via Orphanet57 128855009, 16424000, 302823005
UMLS via Orphanet61 C0017689

Related Diseases for Glucagonoma

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Diseases related to Glucagonoma via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1pancreatitis31.0GCG, CCK, SCT, SST
2insulinoma30.5SSTR5, SSTR2, SST, PCSK2, PCSK1, CHGA
3gastrinoma30.1ENO2, VIP, GCG, SCT, GAST, MEN1
5islet cell tumor30.0SST, GAST
6pancreas disease30.0GAST, SCT, CCK
7hyperparathyroidism30.0SCT, GAST, MEN1, CHGA
8primary hyperparathyroidism30.0CHGA, MEN1, GAST, SCT
9vipoma30.0MEN1, GHRH, GH1, CHGA, SST, GAST
10diabetes mellitus30.0GCG, CCK, PDX1, SCT, GHRL, GH1
11adenoma30.0SSTR5, SSTR2, SST, PCSK2, PCSK1, ENO2
12adrenal adenoma29.8MEN1
14acinar cell carcinoma29.8GAST, CHGA
15peptic ulcer29.8SST, GAST, SCT, CCK
16hypercalcemia29.8CHGA, MEN1, GAST, SCT
17morbid obesity29.8GCG, CCK, GHRL
18somatostatinoma29.8VIP, GAST, GHRH, CHGA, SSTR2, SST
19neuroendocrine tumor29.8VIP, GCG, GHRH, CHGA, SSTR2, SST
20prolactinoma29.8MEN1, GH1, CHGA, CHGB, SSTR5, SSTR2
21short bowel syndrome29.8GCG, CCK, GAST, GH1, SST
22anorexia nervosa29.8GCG, CCK, GHRL, GHRH, GH1
23hypoglycemia29.8GHRL, GHRH, GH1, CHGA, SST, GAST
24obesity29.8GH1, PCSK2, PCSK1, GHRH, GHRL, GCG
25pheochromocytoma29.8VIP, SCG5, SCT, MEN1, CHGA, CHGB
26pituitary adenoma29.8VIP, SCG5, MEN1, GHRL, GHRH, GH1
29diabetic ketoacidosis10.0
30liver disease10.0
31intestinal disease10.0SST
33duodenal neoplasm10.0SST
34von hippel-lindau disease10.0MEN1
37hirschsprung's disease10.0VIP
39addison's disease10.0PCSK1
40irritable bowel syndrome10.0CCK
41eating disorder10.0GHRL
42carney complex10.0MEN1
43cerebral primitive neuroectodermal tumor10.0ENO2
45subependymal giant cell astrocytoma10.0ENO2
48thyroid cancer10.0SST, CHGA
49postcholecystectomy syndrome10.0GAST
50fibrous dysplasia10.0GH1

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Diseases related to glucagonoma

Clinical Features for Glucagonoma

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Glucagonoma

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Approved drugs:

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Genetic Tests for Glucagonoma

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Anatomical Context for Glucagonoma

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MalaCards organs/tissues related to Glucagonoma:


Animal Models for Glucagonoma or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Glucagonoma:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:00053819.2PDX1, GAST, MEN1, GHRL, SSTR2, PCSK1
2MP:00053898.5VIP, SCG5, MEN1, GHRH, GH1, PCSK2
3MP:00053788.3PDX1, SCG5, MEN1, GHRH, GH1, CHGA
4MP:00053868.2GHRL, SCT, SCG5, VIP, SSTR2, SST
5MP:00036318.2CCK, SCG5, SCT, MEN1, GHRH, GH1
6MP:00053798.1PCSK1, GCG, CCK, PDX1, SCG5, GAST
7MP:00053766.7MEN1, GAST, SCT, SCG5, PDX1, CCK

Publications for Glucagonoma

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Genetic Variations for Glucagonoma

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Expression for genes affiliated with Glucagonoma

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Glucagonoma

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Glucagonoma

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Compounds for genes affiliated with Glucagonoma

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Compounds related to Glucagonoma according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1estrogen4410.3GCG, PCSK1
2secretoneurin449.9CHGB, CHGA, SCT, VIP
3111in-pentetreotide449.8SST, SSTR2, SSTR5, CHGA
4vapreotide28 44 1111.8SSTR5, SSTR2, CCK, SST
5minigastrin449.8VIP, SST, CCK, GAST
6lanreotide44 2810.8GHRH, GH1, CHGA, SSTR5, SST, SSTR2
7peptidylglycine449.7GAST, CHGA, CHGB, PCSK1, PCSK2
8norepinephrine44 11 2411.6CHGB, CHGA, GHRH, GAST, VIP, CCK
9acipimox44 2810.6GHRH, SST, GH1, GHRL, GCG
105-hydroxyindoleacetic acid44 2410.5SST, GAST, CHGA, ENO2, VIP
11loxiglumide449.5SST, GAST, CCK, SCT
12i-app449.5PDX1, GCG, PCSK1, PCSK2, GAST
13dtpa449.5GCG, SSTR2, GAST, SST, CCK
14naloxone44 49 28 1112.5GH1, VIP, CCK, GHRL, GHRH, SST
15omeprazole44 28 49 11 2413.4CHGA, SCT, SST, CCK, GAST
16proglucagon449.4CHGA, PCSK2, PCSK1, PDX1, GCG, SCG5
17propranolol44 28 49 11 2413.4GH1, VIP, SCT, GAST, SST, CHGA
18forskolin44 49 1111.3SSTR2, GHRH, SCT, PDX1, CCK, GCG
19thyroxine44 2410.2GH1, GHRH, SST, GAST, VIP, SCT
20atropine44 28 1111.2GHRH, GH1, GHRL, CCK, SCT, GAST
21amide449.2GHRH, CHGA, CCK, SCG5, GAST, GHRL
22pirenzepine44 28 1111.2GCG, CCK, GAST, GHRL, GHRH, GH1
23isoproterenol44 1110.0GCG, SST, CHGA, VIP, SCT, GAST
24carbachol44 28 1111.0VIP, GCG, SCT, GAST, GHRL, CHGA
25nifedipine44 49 28 1112.0VIP, GAST, GHRL, GHRH, CHGA, SST
26epinephrine44 11 2410.9GHRL, VIP, GCG, SCT, CHGA, GH1
27ribonucleic acid448.9GH1, SSTR5, GHRH, SSTR2, GHRL, CHGA
285-hydroxytryptamine448.9CCK, GAST, GHRL, CHGA, SST, ENO2
29gnrh448.8VIP, GCG, GAST, GHRL, GHRH, GH1
30gaba448.7GHRL, SCT, CCK, CHGA, SST, ENO2
31ibmx44 28 5910.7PCSK1, PCSK2, GH1, SCT, GCG, CCK
32dexamethasone44 49 28 1111.7VIP, ENO2, CCK, SCG5, GHRL, GHRH
33oxyntomodulin44 599.6GAST, GHRL, CHGA, SST, PCSK2, PCSK1
34histamine44 28 2410.6VIP, SCG5, SST, GCG, CCK, SCT
35guanine44 11 2410.5GCG, VIP, CHGA, SCT, SSTR2, GH1
36acetylcholine44 49 28 11 2412.5ENO2, GAST, SCT, GCG, VIP, CCK
37thymidine44 249.4GHRL, VIP, PDX1, SCG5, SCT, GAST
38c-peptide448.4PCSK1, PCSK2, SST, GCG, CCK, PDX1
39glucose448.3PCSK1, PCSK2, SSTR2, GHRH, GHRL, GAST
40testosterone44 59 11 2411.3GHRL, SCT, GAST, SCG5, GHRH, GH1
41dopamine44 28 11 2411.3CHGA, GHRH, GHRL, GAST, SCT, CCK
42vegf448.2GCG, GH1, PDX1, GAST, MEN1, GHRL
43glutamate448.2GHRL, CHGA, CCK, SCG5, SCT, GCG
44arginine448.1PCSK1, GHRL, VIP, GCG, CCK, SCG5
45octreotide44 59 28 1111.0VIP, GCG, CCK, SCT, GAST, GHRL
46adenylate447.9GHRL, GHRH, GH1, CHGA, SSTR2, SST
47tyrosine447.7MEN1, GHRL, CHGA, GAST, SCT, CHGB
48serine447.7PCSK1, SCG5, SCT, VIP, GCG, GAST
49acth447.6VIP, CCK, SCG5, SCT, GAST, GHRL
50calcium44 49 11 2410.6GHRH, GAST, VIP, CCK, PDX1, ENO2

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Glucagonoma

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Cellular components related to Glucagonoma according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1secretory granuleGO:0301419.9CHGB, CHGA, SCG5
2secretory granule lumenGO:0347749.4GCG, GHRL, PCSK2, PCSK1
3perikaryonGO:0432049.4CCK, PCSK2, ENO2
4extracellular spaceGO:0056158.5GCG, CCK, GHRL, GHRH, GH1, SST
5extracellular regionGO:0055767.8SST, VIP, GCG, CCK, SCG5, SCT

Biological processes related to Glucagonoma according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1positive regulation of growth hormone secretionGO:06012410.2GHRL, GHRH
2growth hormone secretionGO:03025210.1GHRL, GHRH
3positive regulation of multicellular organism growthGO:04001810.0GHRL, GHRH, GH1
4glucose metabolic processGO:0060069.7ENO2, GHRL, PDX1
5negative regulation of cell proliferationGO:0082859.7SST, SSTR2, SSTR5, MEN1, PDX1
6cell-cell signalingGO:0072679.7PCSK1, SST, SSTR2, GHRH
7positive regulation of insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling pathwayGO:0435689.7GH1, GHRH
8regulation of insulin secretionGO:0507969.7GCG, SSTR5, PCSK1
9G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathwayGO:0071869.3SST, SSTR5, GHRL, GAST, GCG, VIP

Molecular functions related to Glucagonoma according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1somatostatin receptor activityGO:00499410.1SSTR2, SSTR5
2growth hormone-releasing hormone activityGO:0166089.8GHRH, GHRL
3hormone activityGO:0051798.5SST, VIP, GCG, CCK, SCT, GAST

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Sources for Glucagonoma

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