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Wikipedia:63 Nephritis is inflammation of the kidneys and may involve the glomeruli, tubules, or interstitial tissue... more...

MalaCards: Nephritis is related to uveitis and lupus erythematosus. An important gene associated with Nephritis is TINAG (tubulointerstitial nephritis antigen), and among its related pathways are Leishmaniasis and Classical antibody-mediated complement activation. The drug magnesium sulfate and the compounds calcium and cholesterol have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include kidney, and related mouse phenotypes are homeostasis/metabolism and immune system.

Aliases & Classifications for Nephritis

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Aliases & Descriptions:

nephritis 10 44 60

Related Diseases for Nephritis

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Diseases related to Nephritis via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1uveitis31.1CXCR3, LTA, CCL2
2lupus erythematosus31.0IL18, CD79A, CD40LG, APOH
3systemic lupus erythematosus31.0FCGR2A
5glomerulonephritis30.9COL4A5, CCL2, RBP4, CD40LG, CD79A, LRP2
6proteinuria30.8COL4A5, CCL2, APOH, RBP4, CD40LG, CD79A
7alport syndrome30.6COL4A5, CD79A
8vasculitis30.6CCL2, APOH, CD40LG, CD79A
9hepatitis30.6LTA, CD40LG, IL18
10nephrotic syndrome30.5CD79A, RBP4
11sarcoidosis30.5CCL2, LTA, CXCR3, IL18
12membranous glomerulonephritis30.5TINAG, CCL2, CD79A, LRP2
14tuberculosis30.4IL18, CXCR3, CD79A
15arthritis30.4FCGR3A, FCGR2A, IL18, CXCR3, LTA, CCL2
16lupus nephritis30.3CCL2, FCGR3A, FCGR2A, APOH, GATA3, RBP4
17proliferative glomerulonephritis30.3CCL2, CD79A, CXCR3
18hypertension30.3CD79A, CCL2
19rheumatoid arthritis30.1CCL2, APOH, GATA3, LTA, CD40LG, CD79A
20eosinophilia30.1IL18, CD79A, GATA3
21primary biliary cirrhosis30.1LTA, CD40LG, CD79A
22leukemia30.1RBP4, LTA, CD40LG, CD79A, CXCR3
23connective tissue disease30.1CCL2, APOH, CD40LG, CD79A
24dermatitis30.1IL18, CXCR3, CD79A
25iga glomerulonephritis30.1CCL2, CD40LG, CD79A
26inflammatory bowel disease30.1CD79A
27hepatitis c30.1IL18, CXCR3, CD40LG
28thrombocytopenia30.0APOH, CD40LG, CD79A, FCGR2A, FCGR3A
29antiphospholipid syndrome30.0CD79A, CD40LG, APOH
31autoimmune hemolytic anemia30.0CD40LG, CD79A
32lipoid nephrosis30.0CD79A, CCL2
33diabetes mellitus29.8CD79A, CD40LG, RBP4, CCL2
34myeloma29.8CD79A, CD40LG, LTA
35pneumonia29.8CD79A, RBP4, CCL2
36cryoglobulinemia29.8CD79A, CD40LG, APOH
37ulcerative colitis29.8LTA, CD79A, CXCR3, IL18
38focal segmental glomerulosclerosis29.8CD79A, CCL2, COL4A5
39influenza29.8CXCR3, CD79A, LTA
40ankylosing spondylitis29.8CD79A
41vascular disease29.8APOH
42hepatitis b29.8CD79A
45infectious mononucleosis29.8CD40LG, CD79A
46herpes simplex29.8CD79A
48atherosclerosis29.6CCL2, APOH, RBP4, CD40LG, CXCR3, IL18
49behcet's disease29.6APOH, LTA, IL18, LRP2
50meningitis29.6FCGR2A, CD79A

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Diseases related to nephritis

Clinical Features for Nephritis

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Nephritis

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Genetic Tests for Nephritis

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Anatomical Context for Nephritis

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Animal Models for Nephritis or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Nephritis:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:000537611.7FCGR3A, COL4A5, CCL2, APOH, GATA3, RBP4
2MP:000538711.4LTA, GATA3, CCL2, COL4A5, CD40LG, CD79A
3MP:000538511.1COL4A5, CCL2, GATA3, RBP4, LTA, CD40LG
4MP:000536710.7LRP2, COL4A5
5MP:000539010.5CD40LG, LTA, GATA3

Publications for Nephritis

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Genetic Variations for Nephritis

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Expression for genes affiliated with Nephritis

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Nephritis

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Nephritis

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Compounds for genes affiliated with Nephritis

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Compounds related to Nephritis according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1calcium44 49 11 2414.9RBP4, IL18, LTA, LRP2, GATA3, APOH
2cholesterol44 28 11 2414.8FCGR2A, IL18, CXCR3, LTA, RBP4, APOH
3arginine4411.8CCL2, CD40LG, CD79A, CXCR3, IL18, FCGR2A
4steroid4411.7CXCR3, LRP2, IL18, APOH, GATA3, RBP4
5dexamethasone44 49 28 1114.7CCL2, GATA3, RBP4, CD79A, LTA, CD40LG
6creatinine4411.6APOH, CCL2, RBP4, CD40LG, IL18, CXCR3
7serine4411.6CXCR3, COL4A5, CCL2, RBP4, LTA, IL18
8lipid4411.5APOH, FCGR2A, LRP2, GATA3, CCL2, LTA
9etanercept44 49 1113.5LTA, IL18, CXCR3, FCGR3A, FCGR2A, APOH
10ivig4411.5LTA, FCGR3A, APOH, FCGR2A, CD40LG, CD79A
11allergens4411.5GATA3, CD40LG, CD79A, CXCR3, LRP2, IL18
12folate4411.5LRP2, IL18, CD79A, CD40LG, RBP4, APOH
13vegf4411.5APOH, CCL2, LTA, CD79A, IL18, CXCR3
14histamine44 28 2413.5CXCR3, CD79A, CD40LG, CCL2, IL18, FCGR2A
15lactate4411.4CD79A, APOH, IL18, RBP4, LTA, CD40LG
16vitamin b124411.4CD40LG, CCL2, CD79A, LRP2, APOH
17rituximab44 49 1113.4APOH, FCGR3A, FCGR2A, CD79A, CD40LG
18prednisolone44 28 1113.4IL18, FCGR2A, LTA, CD79A, APOH
19thyroxine44 2412.4CD79A, RBP4, CD40LG, LTA, LRP2
20mannose4411.3FCGR3A, FCGR2A, CD79A, APOH, LTA
21heparin44 28 11 2414.3CXCR3, FCGR2A, CD79A, CD40LG, APOH, LRP2
22fmlp4411.3CXCR3, CCL2, FCGR3A, LTA, FCGR2A
23lipoteichoic acid4411.3IL18, LTA, APOH, CCL2
24il 104411.3IL18, CXCR3, LTA, CCL2
25infliximab44 49 1113.3LTA, APOH, CXCR3, IL18
26progesterone44 59 28 11 2415.2APOH, LTA, RBP4, IL18, CXCR3, GATA3
27neopterin4411.2IL18, CD79A, CD40LG, LTA
28retinoic acid44 2412.2LRP2, IL18, CD79A, CD40LG, GATA3, LTA
29polysaccharide4411.2CD79A, CD40LG, IL18, CCL2, FCGR2A
30fibrinogen4411.2APOH, IL18, CD79A, CD40LG, CCL2
31oxygen44 2412.2RBP4, FCGR3A, CCL2
32daclizumab44 1112.1FCGR3A, CD40LG, FCGR2A
33tuberculin4411.1CD40LG, CD79A, IL18
34endotoxin4411.1APOH, CXCR3
35natalizumab44 1112.1FCGR3A, IL18, FCGR2A
36alemtuzumab44 1112.1CD40LG, FCGR2A, FCGR3A
37rantes4411.1CXCR3, CD40LG, LTA
38gluten4411.1IL18, CD79A
39adalimumab44 49 1113.1CD79A, FCGR3A, FCGR2A
40estrogen4411.1CD79A, APOH
41cysteine4411.0COL4A5, CD40LG, TINAG, RBP4, TINAGL1, IL18
42valine4411.0RBP4, COL4A5
43il-124411.0IL18, CD40LG, CCL2
44abciximab44 1112.0FCGR3A, FCGR2A, CD40LG
45sulfolipid i4410.9CD79A, CD40LG
46groalpha4410.9IL18, CXCR3, CCL2
47okt34410.9CD79A, LTA, CD40LG
48sulfasalazine44 28 49 1113.8CD40LG, CD79A, CCL2
49sandoglobulin4410.7CD79A, CD40LG
50tgf beta14410.6GATA3, CCL2, LTA, IL18

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Nephritis

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Cellular components related to Nephritis according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1external side of plasma membraneGO:00989710.9FCGR3A, CXCR3, CD79A, CD40LG
2extracellular spaceGO:00561510.8IL18, TINAGL1, CCL2, APOH, RBP4, LTA

Biological processes related to Nephritis according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1humoral immune responseGO:00695910.9LTA, GATA3, CCL2
2inflammatory responseGO:00695410.9IL18, CXCR3, CD40LG, CCL2
3cellular response to tumor necrosis factorGO:07135610.8IL18, GATA3, CCL2
4uterus developmentGO:06006510.7RBP4, GATA3
5response to ethanolGO:04547110.7CCL2, GATA3, RBP4
6B cell proliferationGO:04210010.4CD79A, CD40LG

Molecular functions related to Nephritis according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1polysaccharide bindingGO:03024710.7TINAGL1, TINAG
2IgG bindingGO:01986410.4FCGR3A, FCGR2A

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