Pure Red-Cell Aplasia (PRCA) malady

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Wikipedia:64 Pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) or erythroblastopenia refers to a type of anemia affecting the precursors... more...

MalaCards: Pure Red-Cell Aplasia, also known as pure red cell aplasia, is related to hepatitis a and hepatitis c. An important gene associated with Pure Red-Cell Aplasia is EPO (erythropoietin), and among its related pathways are Hematopoietic cell lineage and Translation initiation complex formation. The drug cyclophosphamide and the compounds norepinephrine and ethanolamine oleate have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include bone marrow, and related mouse phenotype hematopoietic system.

Aliases & Classifications for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Aliases & Descriptions:

pure red-cell aplasia 8 10 61
pure red cell aplasia 8 43
primary red cell aplasia 8
red-cell aplasia pure 45
red cell hypoplasia 8
prca 43

External Ids:

Disease Ontology8 DOID:1340
NCIt40 C34974
MeSH35 D012010

Related Diseases for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Diseases related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards/GeneDecks gene sharing:

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idRelated DiseaseScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1hepatitis a31.3F2
2hepatitis c31.3CD40LG, F2, HP
3systemic lupus erythematosus31.3OXA1L, CD40LG, IL2RA, F2
4autoimmune hemolytic anemia31.1CD40LG, HP
5aplastic anemia30.9IL3, EPO, GZMB, RPS19
6thrombocytopenia30.9PIK3C2A, F2, CD40LG, EPO, HP, IL3
7hepatitis e30.8CD40LG
8arthritis30.8RPS19, HP, GZMB
9graft versus host disease30.8GZMB, IL3, IL2RA
10viral hepatitis30.7F2
11diamond-blackfan anemia30.7RPS19, EPO, IL3
12antiphospholipid syndrome30.6CD40LG, F2
13celiac disease30.3GZMB
16diamond-blackfan anemia 130.3RPL36, RPL35, RPL39, IL3, EPO, RPL35A
18t-cell leukemia10.9
19large granular lymphocyte leukemia10.8
20acquired pure red cell aplasia10.7
21leukemia, t-cell, chronic10.7
22hematopoietic stem cell transplantation10.7
23good syndrome10.7
24t-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia10.7
25adult-onset still's disease10.5
26acute leukemia10.5
27leukemia, b-cell, chronic10.5
28chronic graft versus host disease10.5
29transient erythroblastopenia of childhood10.5
30thymic hyperplasia10.5
31hepatitis c virus10.5
32lymphoma, diffuse large cell10.5
33evans' syndrome10.4
34acquired thrombocytopenia10.4
36acute t cell leukemia10.4
37autoimmune hepatitis10.4
38hepatitis d10.4
39diffuse large b-cell lymphoma10.4
40n syndrome10.4
42type c thymoma10.4
43char syndrome10.4
44thrombocytopenia, acquired amegakaryocytic10.4
45myelodysplastic syndromes10.4
46cytomegalovirus infection10.4
47amyloidosis, renal10.4
48thymoma type a10.4
49b-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia10.4
50multicentric castleman disease10.4

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Diseases related to pure red-cell aplasia

Clinical Features for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

Drugs & Therapeutics for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Genetic Tests for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

Anatomical Context for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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MalaCards organs/tissues related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia:

Bone marrow

Animal Models for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia or affiliated genes

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MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia:

idDescriptionMGI Source AccessionScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1MP:00053979.3F2, IL3, IL2RA, HP, EPO, CD40LG

Publications for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Articles related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia:

Prevention of pure red cell aplasia after major or bidirectional ABO blood group incompatible hematopoietic stem cell transplantation by pretransplant reduction of host anti-donor isoagglutinins. (19144657)
Pre-transplant reduction of isohaemagglutinin titres by donor group plasma infusion does not reduce the incidence of pure red cell aplasia in major ABO-mismatched transplants. (15908965)
Reduced intensity conditioning bone marrow transplantation for pure red cell aplasia: successful outcome but difficult post transplant course. (15895117)
Pure red cell aplasia after allogeneic stem cell transplantation with reduced conditioning. (11081395)

Genetic Variations for Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

Expression for genes affiliated with Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Expression patterns in normal tissues for genes affiliated with Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Pathways for genes affiliated with Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Pathways related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idSuper pathways (with members indented)ScoreTop Affiliating Genes
110.1IL2RA, EPO, IL3
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10.1RPS19, RPS17, RPS21
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10.1CD40LG, IL3, IL2RA
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9.1RPS19, RPL39, RPS21, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36
69.1RPS17, RPS19, RPS21, RPL39, RPL35, RPL36A
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9.1RPL39, RPS21, RPL35, RPL36A, RPL35A, RPL36
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9.1RPL36, RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL35A, RPL35
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9.0RPS19, RPS21, RPL35, RPL36A, RPL35A, RPL27

Compounds for genes affiliated with Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

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Compounds related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

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idCompoundScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1norepinephrine45 11 2412.6CHGA, SYP
2ethanolamine oleate45 1111.5F2, HP
3glutamate4510.5PIK3C2A, CD40LG
4dexamethasone45 50 29 1113.5GZMB, CD40LG, IL3
5tuberculin4510.5HP, CD40LG, IL2RA
6aspartate4510.4CD40LG, PIK3C2A, F2
7ranitidine45 29 11 2413.4IL2RA, CD40LG, CHGA
8anaphylatoxin4510.4RPS19, IL3, HP
9mycophenolate mofetil45 50 1112.4IL3, CD40LG, EPO, IL2RA
10ribavirin45 50 1112.4HP, IL3, EPO, CD40LG
11carboplatin45 50 1112.4HP, EPO, CHGA, IL3
12theophylline45 29 11 2413.4CHGA, EPO, IL2RA, CD40LG
13eprex4510.3OXA1L, EPO
14glutaraldehyde4510.3CD40LG, OXA1L, SYP
15gp 1304510.3HP, IL3, EPO, IL2RA
16malondialdehyde4510.3IL2RA, EPO, PIK3C2A, HP
17sulfasalazine45 29 50 1113.3IL2RA, HP, CD40LG
18polyethylene glycol4510.3OXA1L, F2, CD40LG, HP
19neopterin4510.3IL3, IL2RA, HP, CD40LG, GZMB
20gold4510.2CHGA, GZMB, PIK3C2A, SYP
21smcc4510.2CHGA, SYP
22acetylcholine45 50 29 11 2414.2IL2RA, CD40LG, IL3, SYP, CHGA
23ionomycin4510.2CD40LG, IL3, SYP, CHGA, IL2RA
24etoposide45 50 60 1113.2GZMB, SYP, CHGA, IL2RA, IL3
25ivig4510.2GZMB, IL3, IL2RA, CD40LG, PIK3C2A
26heparin45 29 11 2413.2CD40LG, IL2RA, HP, GZMB, PIK3C2A
27vitamin d4510.2CHGA, HP, EPO, IL2RA, IL3
28hirudin4510.2F2, PIK3C2A, CD40LG
29citrate4510.2PIK3C2A, CHGA, F2, HP
30hyaluronic acid45 2411.2GZMB, HP, CD40LG, F2
31rapamycin4510.2CD40LG, IL2RA, IL3, EPO, GZMB
32formaldehyde45 2411.1CD40LG, CHGA, SYP, IL2RA
33aspirin45 50 29 2413.1F2, HP, CD40LG, OXA1L, IL2RA
34histamine45 29 2412.1IL2RA, SYP, CHGA, CD40LG, IL3
35thyroxine45 2411.1HP, PIK3C2A, CD40LG, OXA1L
36ascorbic acid45 2411.1PIK3C2A, CD40LG, EPO, HP, IL2RA, IL3
37epinephrine45 11 2412.0IL2RA, F2, HP, CHGA, PIK3C2A, CD40LG
38fibrinogen4510.0F2, HP, OXA1L, PIK3C2A, CD40LG, CHGA
39folate4510.0CD40LG, EPO, IL2RA, HP
40paraffin459.9IL2RA, GZMB, CHGA, CD40LG, SYP
41vegf459.9HP, CHGA, EPO, CD40LG, GZMB, SYP
42cisplatin45 50 60 1112.9GZMB, SYP, CHGA, EPO, IL2RA, IL3
43lactate459.8CHGA, CD40LG, EPO, F2, PIK3C2A, IL3
44cyclosporin a45 29 6011.8IL3, GZMB, IL2RA, HP, EPO, F2
45testosterone45 60 11 2412.8IL3, PIK3C2A, HP, CD40LG, CHGA, SYP
46steroid459.8GZMB, PIK3C2A, SYP, CHGA, HP, IL2RA
47acth459.8PIK3C2A, CHGA, HP, SYP
48cysteine459.8CD40LG, IL3, OXA1L, SYP, CHGA, HP
49calcitriol45 60 11 2412.7F2, IL3, EPO, IL2RA
50creatinine459.5PIK3C2A, SYP, CD40LG, EPO, HP, IL2RA

GO Terms for genes affiliated with Pure Red-Cell Aplasia

16Gene Ontology
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Cellular components related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1cytosolic small ribosomal subunitGO:02262710.1RPS21, RPS17, RPS19
2ribosomeGO:0058409.6RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36A
3cytosolic large ribosomal subunitGO:0226259.5RPL39, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPL36A, RPL35
4cytosolGO:0058298.7RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPL36A

Biological processes related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

(show all 17)
idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1rRNA processingGO:00636410.1RPL35A, RPS19, RPS17
2ribosomal small subunit biogenesisGO:04227410.1RPS17, RPS21, RPS19
3negative regulation of oxidoreductase activityGO:05135410.1HP, OXA1L
4ribosomal small subunit assemblyGO:00002810.0RPS19, RPS17
5viral life cycleGO:0190589.4RPL39, RPS21, RPL35, RPL36A, RPL35A, RPL36
6translational terminationGO:0064159.4RPL35A, RPL36A, RPL35, RPS21, RPL39, RPL36
7translational elongationGO:0064149.4RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPL36A
8SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membraneGO:0066149.4RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPL36A
9translational initiationGO:0064139.4RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPL36A
10viral transcriptionGO:0190839.4RPL35A, RPL36, RPL27, RPS19, RPL36A, RPL35
11nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, nonsense-mediated decayGO:0001849.4RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPL36A
12mRNA metabolic processGO:0160719.4RPS21, RPL35, RPL36A, RPL35A, RPL36, RPL27
13translationGO:0064129.3RPL35, RPL35A, RPS19, RPL36, RPL27, RPL36A
14RNA metabolic processGO:0160709.3RPS19, RPS17, RPL27, RPL36, RPL35A, RPS21
15viral processGO:0160329.3RPL35A, RPS17, RPS19, RPL36A, RPL35, RPS21
16gene expressionGO:0104679.2RPL27, RPS19, RPL35A, RPL36A, RPS17, RPL35
17cellular protein metabolic processGO:0442679.1RPL36, RPL36A, F2, RPL39, RPS21, RPS17

Molecular functions related to Pure Red-Cell Aplasia according to GeneCards/GeneDecks:

idNameGO IDScoreTop Affiliating Genes
1structural constituent of ribosomeGO:0037359.1RPL39, RPS21, RPL35, RPL36A, RPL35A, RPL36

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