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In our pipeline: • Unified variation list • Improved related diseases • Expanded disease gene expression

Collaborations: LifeMap Discovery®, C. Paul Morrey

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What's New in MalaCards?

Version 4.5

11 September 2017 update

  1. Expanded viewing area on the card by elimination of Sources column, following the style used in GeneCards. Sources within sections are attributed via deep links and superscripts. New Sources button on the menu bar for links to sources' home pages in the Sources section.
  2. More comprehensive data from ClinVar
  3. Bug fixes

10 July 2017

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,552 entries, 13,569 with associated genes, consolidated from 71 sources
  2. New gene-disease supporting Pubmed IDs from ClinVar
  3. Bug fixes

Version 4.4

7 May 2017 update 4.4.2

  1. New GenomeRNAi Phenotypes
  2. Expanded Symptoms section to include human and mouse phenotypes (moved from Animal Models section), and renamed the expanded section to Symptoms and Phenotypes
  3. Bug fixes

7 March 2017

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,247 entries, 13,184 with associated genes, consolidated from 71 sources
  2. Version number is now synchronized with GeneCards version 4.4
  3. New penetrance data from GeneReviews
  4. Unified HPO and ORPHANET symptoms
  5. New aliases from DISEASES, matched by DOID
  6. Improved OMIM genes matching algorithm to search GeneCards aliases when no match is found within GeneCards main symbols
  7. New autocomplete functionality added to searches
  8. Securtiy added to Feedback form to prevent robots spamming
  9. New GeneHancer enhancer-gene-disease associations added in Genes section
  10. Improved Disease Ontology disease name/alias unification
  11. Added icons for New, Improved and Download features
  12. Improved links to GeneCards featuring highlighted disease names
  13. Bug fixes

Version 1.12

7 November 2016

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,289 entries, 13,006 with associated genes, consolidated from 69 sources
  2. New source: CNVD - CNV variations in diseases
  3. New variation code from COSMIC
  4. Use Orphanet HPO codes for symptoms
  5. New "Pathognomonic sign" tagging of diagnostic symptoms from Orphanet
  6. Improved disease categorization
  7. Bug fixes

Version 1.11

11 August 2016 update 1.11.740

  1. New Phenotypic Disease Network (PDN) co-morbidity data via UMLS mapping in Related Diseases section
  2. Improved Related Diseases by limiting the searched MalaCards sections
  3. New UMLS inferred symptoms in Symptoms section
  4. New sorting of COSMIC variations in Variations section
  5. Bug fixes

5 July 2016

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,999 entries, 13,618 with associated genes, consolidated from 68 sources
  2. New manually curated FDA approved drugs for respiratory diseases
  3. New HPO mode of inheritance and mortality data in Characteristics sub-section in Aliases & Classifications section
  4. New KEGG pathway IDs from Disease Ontology in Pathways section
  5. New External IDs for ICD9CM through Disease Ontology
  6. New flag for COSMIC cancer census genes in Genes section
  7. Bug fixes

Version 1.10

9 March 2015

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,915 entries, 13,626 with associated genes, consolidated from 68 sources
  2. Complete synchronization with all GeneCards suite members - MalaCards now directly mines all GeneCards disorders sources, including DISEASES and Novoseek
  3. Synchronized with GeneCards Version 4.1
  4. New gene disease associations from DISEASES, grouped into three types: text mining, experiment and knowledge
  5. Updated disease gene scoring and prioritization algorithm
  6. New clinical trials for disease from in Drugs & Therapeutics section
  7. New drugs in clinical trials, integrated with GeneCards drug meta data on drug FDA approval status, drug identifiers and more, in Drugs & Therapeutics section
  8. New links to evidence based medicine reviews from Cochrane
  9. New summaries from SwissProt (humdisease)
  10. New MedGen cross references supplied by SwissProt
  11. New gene-disease supporting Pubmed IDs from NovoSeek
  12. Move to Elastic search for GeneCards searches during MalaCards generation for improved inferred gene association
  13. Bug fixes

Version 1.09

27 October 2015

  1. Added manually curated cancer-related FDA approved drug data in Drugs & Therapeutics section
  2. New interface & Advanced search for Elite genes
  3. Changes to Home page including more intuitive selection of random maladies
  4. Removed commercial products
  5. Bug fixes

Version 1.08

21 June 2015 update 1.08.558

  1. Added Advanced Search option to search exclusively for a "main" disease name
  2. Updated UMLS references and inferred drugs
  3. Improved Log in/Sign up interface
  4. Improved random/sample functionality in Home Page
  5. Bug fixes

31 May 2015

  1. Upgraded disease list: 18,864 entries, 11,526 with associated genes, consolidated from 64 sources
  2. Enhanced OMIM- MalaCards consistency
  3. Improved disease families
  4. Additional Orphanet annotations
  5. Introduction of Cosmic variations
  6. Advanced search
  7. New Home Page, including updated links to all GeneCards Suite databases and premium tools
  8. Bug fixes

Version 1.07

20 January 2015 update 1.07.5

  1. New differentially expressed genes subsection in the expression section from LifeMap
  2. All of the elite genes are now always shown in the genes section
  3. Bug fixes

28 December 2014 update

  1. New product provider: Antibodies Online
  2. Bug fixes

7 December 2014

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,811 entries, 12,053 with associated genes, consolidated from 64 sources
  2. Improved algorithm for gene disease association, including supporting information from ClinVar variations.
  3. Elaborated mining of ClinVar variations for additional significance types in Variations section.
  4. New disease phenotypes from the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) in Symptoms section.
  5. Defined and highlighted a new concept called "elite genes" associated with a malady. A malady's elite genes, presented in the Genes section, are those whose gene-disease associations are supported by profound/curated sources.
  6. Added anatomical terms to describe disease-affected organs in Anatomical Context section.
  7. Bug fixes in disease name unifications, search results, minicards, and more

Version 1.06

16 September 2014

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,663 entries, 11,808 with associated genes, consolidated from 65 sources
  2. Greatly improved algorithm for gene disease association, including reduced promiscuity, excluding genetic association data, refined mining of GeneCards and more.
  3. New ClinVar pathogenic variations
  4. Improved genetic disease categorization using Omim, Humsavar and GeneTests
  5. Added new categories: Rare diseases, Mental diseases
  6. Improved MalaCards categories by mapping to Disease Ontology, and using disease family information
  7. New Orphanet Classifications
  8. Improved Related Diseases
  9. Upgraded disease family association
  10. Updated and improved interface with OMIM
  11. More comprehensive information when exporting a MalaCards disease page to a file
  12. Updated and normalized MIFTS score
  13. Searchable ICD10 categories
  14. Pathway section now links to PathCards
  15. Bug fixes

Version 1.05

18 May 2014 update

  1. Upgraded disease list: 19,486 entries, 12,087 with associated genes, consolidated from 63 sources
  2. Enhanced algorithm of disease card definition
  3. Improved anatomical context
  4. Upgraded disease family association
  5. Better mapping to OMIM and Orphanet
  6. Enhanced related diseases algorithm
  7. New disease list/categorization score
  8. Bug fixes

02 March 2014

  1. 19,576 entries, 12,082 with associated genes, consolidated from 64 sources
  2. New MalaCards categories - mapped to widely used categorizations such as ICD10 and Orphanet, and by algorithmic heuristics. Categories are featured in new disease-list pages, as well as within individual MalaCards, ordered by relevance to the respective category/disease
  3. Improved algorithm for affiliating and ranking disease-associated genes, including affiliation support types (e.g. "Molecular basis known", "Susceptibility factor") from a variety of sources
  4. New epidemiological data from Orphanet, including: mode of inheritence, age of onset, age of death and prevalence
  5. New links to expression data related to disease
  6. Improved families, now encompassing ~5500 maladies grouped into ~1300 families
  7. New interface with the Genetic Testing Registry (GTR)
  8. New links to Clinical synopsis from OMIM
  9. New glossary
  10. Improved disease based publications, including those mined directly from PubMed in addition to GeneCards
  11. New antibodies from LSBIO
  12. Disease list improvement via manual curation and improved integration heuristics
  13. Performance improvements
  14. Bug fixes

Version 1.04

31 July 2013

  1. 17,839 entries, 9,815 with associated genes, consolidated from 59 sources
  2. New algorithm for affiliating and ranking disease-associated genes, incorporating more stringent supporting evidence, including existence of genetic tests and causative mutations
  3. Disease classification - was done via mapping to the widely used medical ontology ICD10
  4. Search results now include hit-context details (minicards)
  5. Introduction of support for research reagents - specifically from Novus and iTL
  6. New disease causative variations from swissprot humsavar project
  7. Extended cross referencing to other ontologies and disease lists, including ICD10, SNOMED-CT and MESH
  8. More sources including orphanet and BioSystems
  9. List improvement via manual curation and improved integration heuristics
  10. Extended symptoms via orphanet
  11. New sample of centerwatch clinical trials
  12. Super pathways presentation
  13. Streamlined drugs display
  14. Improved homepage appearance and site usability
  15. Bug fixes

Version 1.03

06 February 2013

  1. 16,919 entries, 8,932 with associated genes, consolidated from 44 sources
  2. New "Export this MalaCard" capability
  3. New MalaCards InFormaTion Score (MIFTS)
  4. Disease type classification
  5. Searches for external identifiers
  6. Removal of circular GeneCards gene associations
  7. Improved deep links to GeneCards sections
  8. Improved scores, which now take the number of associated sources into account
  9. New interface for reporting feedback
  10. Bug fixes

Version 1.02

07 January 2013

  1. 16,919 entries, 9,027 with associated genes, consolidated from 45 sources.
  2. MalaCards identifiers are now persistent
  3. New external IDs via the Disease Ontology: International Classification of Diseases (ICD9), Medical Subject Headings (MeSh), National Cancer Institute thesaurus (NCIt), OMIM, Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms (SNOMED-CT), and the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)
  4. New disease names from UMLS
  5. New related diseases via MalaCards search
  6. New mapping between MalaCards and drug information from the National Drug File - Reference Terminology (NDF-RT)
  7. New anatomical context data via MalaCards search and Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) ontology
  8. New Stem-Cell-Based therapeutic approaches from Lifemap Discovery
  9. New expression data based on BioGPS
  10. New related diseases network images
  11. MalaCards-generated summaries
  12. Improved disease list
  13. Bug fixes

Version 1.01 (replacing v1.00 beta)

21 October 2012

  1. 17,450 entries, 9,353 with associated genes, consolidated from 35 sources.
  2. New anatomical context section
  3. Improved expression
  4. Improved disease list
  5. Improved source attribution
  6. Improved summaries
  7. Changes to section order
  8. Bug fixes

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