Adrenal Carcinoma

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Aliases & Classifications for Adrenal Carcinoma

MalaCards integrated aliases for Adrenal Carcinoma:

Name: Adrenal Carcinoma 12 36 15
Adrenal Cancer 12 74 52 54 71
Adrenal Gland Cancer 12 42 15
Malignant Neoplasm of Adrenal Gland 12 32
Adrenal Gland Neoplasms 43 71
Carcinoma of the Adrenal Gland 12
Tumor of the Adrenal Gland 12
Neoplasm of Adrenal Gland 12
Adrenocortical Carcinoma 71
Malignant Adrenal Tumor 12
Adrenal Gland Neoplasm 17
Adrenal Neoplasm 12


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:3950 DOID:3953
KEGG 36 H00033
ICD9CM 34 194.0
MeSH 43 D000310
NCIt 49 C2859 C9338
SNOMED-CT 67 127021009 363355002
ICD10 32 C74 C74.9
UMLS 71 C0001624 C0206686 C0750887 more

Summaries for Adrenal Carcinoma

NIH Rare Diseases : 52 Adrenal cancer is a rare form of cancer that occurs due to abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth in the adrenal glands (small glands that sit above each kidney). There are three different types of adrenal cancer which vary by location and the age at which they are often diagnosed: Adrenocortical carcinoma - The most common type of adrenal cancer which develops in the adrenal cortex (the outer part of the adrenal gland) Neuroblastoma - A childhood cancer that begins in the adrenal medulla (the inner part of the adrenal gland) Pheochromocytoma - A neuroendocrine tumor that begins in the adrenal medulla The signs and symptoms associated with the condition largely depend on if the cancer is 'functioning' (producing hormones ) or 'nonfunctioning' (not producing hormones) and which hormones are present in excess. In most cases, the underlying cause of the condition is unknown. However, certain genetic conditions such as multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 , Li-Fraumeni syndrome , Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome , neurofibromatosis type I , and Carney complex are associated with an increased risk of developing adrenal tumors and cancer. Treatment may include a combination of surgery, hormone therapy , chemotherapy and radiation therapy .

MalaCards based summary : Adrenal Carcinoma, also known as adrenal cancer, is related to adrenal neuroblastoma and adrenocortical carcinoma, hereditary, and has symptoms including fever and flank pain. An important gene associated with Adrenal Carcinoma is IGF2 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 2), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Aldosterone synthesis and secretion and Corticotropin-releasing hormone signaling pathway. The drugs Bromocriptine and Dopamine have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include adrenal glands which are located above the kidneys, adrenal gland and kidney, and related phenotypes are behavior/neurological and growth/size/body region

Disease Ontology : 12 An endocrine gland cancer located in the adrenal glands which are located above the kidneys.

MedlinePlus : 42 Your adrenal, or suprarenal, glands are located on the top of each kidney. These glands produce hormones that you can't live without, including sex hormones and cortisol, which helps you respond to stress and has many other functions. A number of disorders can affect the adrenal glands, including tumors. Tumors can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumors aren't cancer. Malignant ones are. Most adrenal gland tumors are benign. They usually do not cause symptoms and may not require treatment. Malignant adrenal gland cancers are uncommon. Types of tumors include Adrenocortical carcinoma - cancer in the outer part of the gland Neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer Pheochromocytoma - a rare tumor that is usually benign Symptoms depend on the type of cancer you have. Treatments may include surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

KEGG : 36 Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a rare endocrine malignancy defined by a heterogeneous clinical presentation, dismal prognosis, and lack of effective therapeutic regimens. The incidence of ACC ranges from 0.5 to 2 cases per million people per year, accounting for 0.02% of all reported cancers. Unfortunately, most patients present with metastatic disease which reduces the 5 year survival rate to less than 10%. Oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes involved in adrenal carcinomas include mutations in the p53 tumor-suppressor gene and rearrangements of the chromosomal locus 11p15.5 associated with IGF II hyperexpression. Deletions of the ACTH receptor gene have recently been found in undifferentiated adenomas and in aggressive ACCs.

Wikipedia : 74 An adrenal tumor or adrenal mass is any benign or malignant neoplasms of the adrenal gland, several of... more...

Related Diseases for Adrenal Carcinoma

Diseases related to Adrenal Carcinoma via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 adrenal neuroblastoma 32.6 SYP ENO2
2 adrenocortical carcinoma, hereditary 31.4 TP53 MIR483 IGF2 CYP17A1
3 adrenogenital syndrome 30.8 SYP CYP21A2
4 neuroblastoma 30.7 TP53 SYP IGF2 ENO2 CCND1 CCNB1
5 small cell carcinoma 30.6 TP53 SYP ENO2
6 amenorrhea 30.6 POMC NR5A1 CYP17A1 CRH
7 ganglioneuroblastoma 30.6 TP53 SYP ENO2 CRH
8 hypoglycemia 30.5 POMC KCNJ5 IGF2 CRH
9 hypokalemia 30.5 REN POMC KCNJ5 CYP17A1 CYP11B1 CRH
10 gangliocytoma 30.5 SYP POMC ENO2 CRH
11 conn's syndrome 30.4 REN POMC KCNJ5 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2
12 malignant pheochromocytoma 30.4 SYP MIR483 ENO2
13 leiomyosarcoma 30.4 TP53 MLANA IGF2 ENO2 CCND1
14 hypoaldosteronism 30.4 REN POMC CYP11B2
15 gastrointestinal stromal tumor 30.3 TP53 SYP IGF2 ENO2 CCND1 CCNB1
16 hemangioma 30.3 TP53 SYP IGF2 ENO2
17 pheochromocytoma 30.3 SYP REN POMC IGF2 ENO2 CRH
18 small cell cancer of the lung 30.2 TP53 SYP POMC ENO2
19 thyroid gland cancer 30.2 TP53 SYP POMC ENO2 CCND1
20 beckwith-wiedemann syndrome 30.1 TP53 MIR483 IGF2 ACCS
21 adenoma 29.9 TP53 SYP REN POMC KCNJ5 CYP21A2
22 adrenal cortical carcinoma 29.9 TP53 SYP REN POMC NR5A1 MLANA
23 lipoid congenital adrenal hyperplasia 29.9 REN POMC NR5A1 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2
24 adrenal cortical adenoma 29.8 SYP REN POMC NR5A1 MLANA MIR483
25 adrenal adenoma 29.6 REN POMC MIR483 KCNJ5 IGF2 CYP21A2
26 adrenal medulla cancer 11.3
27 multiple endocrine neoplasia, type iib 11.3
28 von hippel-lindau syndrome 11.3
29 malignant melanocytic neoplasm of the peripheral nerve sheath 10.7 SYP ENO2
30 anal neuroendocrine tumor 10.7 SYP ENO2
31 breast neuroendocrine neoplasm 10.7 SYP ENO2
32 sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma 10.7 SYP ENO2
33 cerebral neuroblastoma 10.7 SYP ENO2
34 autoimmune hepatitis type 2 10.7 CYP21A2 CYP17A1
35 papillary tumor of the pineal region 10.7 SYP ENO2
36 small cell carcinoma of the bladder 10.7 SYP ENO2
37 pineal region teratoma 10.7 SYP ENO2
38 intracranial primitive neuroectodermal tumor 10.7 SYP ENO2
39 auditory system benign neoplasm 10.7 SYP ENO2
40 appendix carcinoid tumor 10.7 SYP ENO2
41 auditory system cancer 10.7 SYP ENO2
42 extraosseous ewings sarcoma-primitive neuroepithelial tumor 10.7 SYP ENO2
43 cauda equina neoplasm 10.7 SYP ENO2
44 cerebellopontine angle primitive neuroectodermal tumor 10.7 SYP ENO2
45 lymphocytic hypophysitis 10.7 POMC ENO2
46 duodenal benign neoplasm 10.7 SYP ENO2
47 penis sarcoma 10.7 MLANA ENO2
48 nodular prostate 10.7 SYP ENO2
49 ampulla of vater neoplasm 10.7 SYP ENO2
50 acinar cell cystadenocarcinoma 10.7 SYP ACCS

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Adrenal Carcinoma:

Diseases related to Adrenal Carcinoma

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Adrenal Carcinoma

UMLS symptoms related to Adrenal Carcinoma:

fever, flank pain

MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Adrenal Carcinoma:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 behavior/neurological MP:0005386 10.17 CCNB1 CCND1 CRH CYP11B1 CYP17A1 CYP21A2
2 growth/size/body region MP:0005378 9.97 CCND1 CRH CYP11B1 CYP11B2 CYP17A1 ENO2
3 cardiovascular system MP:0005385 9.96 CCND1 CYP11B1 CYP11B2 CYP17A1 IGF2 KCNJ5
4 nervous system MP:0003631 9.7 CCND1 CRH CYP11B2 ENO2 GRN IGF2
5 renal/urinary system MP:0005367 9.28 CCNB1 CRH CYP11B1 CYP11B2 GRN IGF2

Drugs & Therapeutics for Adrenal Carcinoma

Drugs for Adrenal Carcinoma (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Bromocriptine Approved, Investigational Phase 4 25614-03-3 31101
Dopamine Approved Phase 4 51-61-6, 62-31-7 681
3 Hormones Phase 4
4 Hormone Antagonists Phase 4
5 Neurotransmitter Agents Phase 4
6 Dopamine agonists Phase 4
7 Dopamine Agents Phase 4
8 Antiparkinson Agents Phase 4
Etomidate Approved Phase 3 33125-97-2 36339 667484
Lenograstim Approved, Investigational Phase 3 135968-09-1
Epinephrine Approved, Vet_approved Phase 3 51-43-4 5816
Racepinephrine Approved Phase 3 329-65-7 838
Hydrocortisone acetate Approved, Vet_approved Phase 3 50-03-3
Hydrocortisone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 3 50-23-7 5754
Doxorubicin Approved, Investigational Phase 3 23214-92-8 31703
Streptozocin Approved, Investigational Phase 3 18883-66-4 29327
Iodine Approved, Investigational Phase 3 7553-56-2 807
Mifepristone Approved, Investigational Phase 3 84371-65-3 55245
Fentanyl Approved, Illicit, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 3 437-38-7 3345
Mitotane Approved Phase 3 53-19-0 4211
Cisplatin Approved Phase 3 15663-27-1 2767 441203 84093
Etoposide Approved Phase 3 33419-42-0 36462
Isotretinoin Approved Phase 3 4759-48-2 5282379 5538
Tretinoin Approved, Investigational, Nutraceutical Phase 3 302-79-4 444795 5538
25 Pancreatic Polypeptide Investigational Phase 3 59763-91-6
26 Anti-Bacterial Agents Phase 3
27 Hypnotics and Sedatives Phase 3
28 Epinephryl borate Phase 3
29 Hydrocortisone 17-butyrate 21-propionate Phase 3
30 Hydrocortisone hemisuccinate Phase 3
31 Anesthetics Phase 3
32 Anesthetics, General Phase 3
33 Anesthetics, Intravenous Phase 3
Liposomal doxorubicin Phase 3 31703
35 Antibiotics, Antitubercular Phase 3
36 Liver Extracts Phase 3
37 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Phase 3
38 Contraceptive Agents Phase 3
39 cadexomer iodine Phase 3
40 Cola Phase 3
41 Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormones Phase 3
42 beta-Endorphin Phase 3
43 Contraceptives, Oral Phase 3
44 Contraceptives, Postcoital Phase 3
45 Narcotics Phase 3
46 Analgesics Phase 3
47 Analgesics, Opioid Phase 3
48 Etoposide phosphate Phase 3
49 Antineoplastic Agents, Hormonal Phase 3
50 Tubulin Modulators Phase 3

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 116)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 The Therapeutic Effect of Bromocriptin in Patients With Primary Aldosteronism Unknown status NCT00451672 Phase 4 bromocriptine
2 Randomized Clinical Trial of Posterior Retroperitoneoscopic Adrenalectomy Versus Lateral Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy With a Five-year Follow-up Completed NCT01959711 Phase 4
3 Combined 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and 123I-Iodometomidate (123I-IMTO) Imaging for Adrenal Neoplasia Unknown status NCT02010957 Phase 3
4 Treatment of Adrenocortical Tumors With Surgery Plus Lymph Node Dissection and Multiagent Chemotherapy: A Groupwide Phase III Study Unknown status NCT00304070 Phase 3 doxorubicin hydrochloride;cisplatin;mitotane;etoposide
5 First International Randomized Trial in Locally Advanced and Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma Treatment Completed NCT00094497 Phase 3 Etoposide;Doxorubicin;Cisplatin;Streptozotocin;Mitotane
6 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Phase 3 Study of OSI-906 in Patients With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma Completed NCT00924989 Phase 3 OSI-906
7 Changes in Adrenal Hormones During Adrenal Radiofrequency Ablation Completed NCT00997594 Phase 2, Phase 3
8 Iodine I-131 Iodocholesterol, Its Use in Adrenal Screening Completed NCT00037843 Phase 3 I-131 Iodocholesterol
9 An Open Label Extension Study of the Efficacy and Safety of CORLUX® (Mifepristone) in the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome Completed NCT00936741 Phase 3 mifepristone
10 An Open-label Study of the Efficacy and Safety of CORLUX (Mifepristone) in the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome Completed NCT00569582 Phase 3 mifepristone
11 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Multi-center Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Fentanyl Sublingual Spray (Fentanyl SL Spray) for the Treatment of Breakthrough Cancer Pain Completed NCT00538850 Phase 3 Fentanyl sublingual spray;Placebo
12 Efficacy of Adjuvant Mitotane Treatment in Prolonging Recurrence-free Survival in Patients With Adrenocortical Carcinoma at Low-intermediate Risk of Recurrence Recruiting NCT00777244 Phase 3 MITOTANE
13 Mitotane With or Without Cisplatin and Etoposide After Surgery in Treating Participants With Stage I-III Adrenocortical Cancer With High Risk of Recurrence (ADIUVO-2) Recruiting NCT03583710 Phase 3 Cisplatin;Etoposide;Mitotane
14 Mitotane With or Without Cisplatin and Etoposide After Surgery in Treating Participants With Stage I-III Adrenocortical Cancer With High Risk of Recurrence Recruiting NCT03723941 Phase 3 Cisplatin plus Etoposide
15 European Low and Intermediate Risk Neuroblastoma Protocol Recruiting NCT01728155 Phase 3 chemotherapy
16 Sorafenib Plus Paclitaxel Metronomic Chemotherapy in Adreno-Cortical-Carcinoma Patients Progressing After 1st or 2nd Line Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Unknown status NCT00786110 Phase 2 Sorafenib;Paclitaxel
17 Radiation Therapy in Combination With Indinavir / Ritonavir (Crixivan / Norvir) for the Treatment of Brain Metastases: a Randomized Phase II Study Unknown status NCT00637637 Phase 2 indinavir sulfate;ritonavir
18 Evaluation of 123I-Iodometomidate for Adrenal Scintigraphy Completed NCT00454103 Phase 1, Phase 2 123I-Iodometomidate
19 Phase II Trial of Surgical Resection and Heated Intraperitoneal Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) for Adrenocortical Carcinoma Completed NCT01833832 Phase 2 Cisplatin;sodium thiosulfate
20 A Phase II Trial of ZD1839 (Iressa) in Patients With Nonresectable Adrenocortical Carcinoma (ACC) Completed NCT00215202 Phase 2 Iressa (ZD1839)
21 Sunitinib in Refractory Adrenocortical-Carcinoma Patients Progressing After Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Completed NCT00453895 Phase 2 Sunitinib
22 Cisplatin, Doxorubicin and Tamoxifen in the Treatment of Incurable Soft Tissue and Endocrine Malignancies Completed NCT00002608 Phase 2 cisplatin;doxorubicin hydrochloride;tamoxifen citrate
23 Phase 2 Study of the Safety and Efficacy of CORT125134 in the Treatment of Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome Completed NCT02804750 Phase 2 CORT125134
24 Phase II Trial With Taxotere and Cisplatin in Non-operable Adrenocortical Carcinoma Completed NCT00324012 Phase 2 cisplatin, taxotere
25 Phase II Clinical Trial of Dovitinib (TKI-258) in First-line Metastatic or Locally Advanced Non-resectable Adrenocortical Carcinoma Completed NCT01514526 Phase 2 Dovitinib
26 A Phase II, Open-label, Dose Titration, Multi-center Study to Assess the Safety/Tolerability and Efficacy of Osilodrostat in Patients With All Types of Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome Except Cushing's Disease Completed NCT02468193 Phase 2 Osilodrostat
27 A Phase 1/2 Dose Escalation Study to Determine the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of Intravenous TKM-080301 in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Completed NCT01262235 Phase 1, Phase 2 TKM-080301
28 A Phase II Study of the Orally Administered Negative Enantiomer of Gossypol (AT-101) in Patients With Advanced Adrenocortical Carcinoma (ACC) Completed NCT00848016 Phase 2 R-(-)-gossypol acetic acid
29 An Open-Label Phase 2a Study in Subjects With N-Cadherin Positive, Advanced or Recurrent Solid Tumors to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of ADH-1 Administered Intravenously as a Single Agent (Adherex Protocol Number AHX-01-201) Completed NCT00264433 Phase 2 ADH -1 (Exherin™)
30 A Study of Combination Chemotherapy and Surgical Resection in the Treatment of Adrenocortical Carcinoma: Continuous Infusion Doxorubicin, Vincristine and Etoposide With Daily Mitotane Before and After Surgical Resection Completed NCT00001339 Phase 2 doxorubicin, vincristine, and etoposide with mitotane
31 A Phase II Study of Oxaliplatin in Children With Recurrent Solid Tumors Completed NCT00091182 Phase 2 oxaliplatin
32 A Phase II Study of IMC-A12 (Anti-IGF-I Receptor Monoclonal Antibody, NSC #742460) in Children With Relapsed/Refractory Solid Tumors Completed NCT00831844 Phase 2
33 Phase II Study of Axitinib (AG-013736) With Evaluation of the VEGF-Pathway in Metastatic, Recurrent or Primary Unresectable Adrenocortical Cancer Completed NCT01255137 Phase 2 Axitinib
34 A Study of Combination Chemotherapy & Surgical Resection in the Tx of Adrenocortical Cancer: Mitotane & Continuous Infusion Doxorubicin, Vincristine & Etoposide w/the P-glycoprotein Antagonist, Tariquidar (XR9576), Before & After Surgical Resection Completed NCT00071058 Phase 2 XR9576 (Tariquidar)
35 Phase II Study to Evaluate the Effects of Cabozantinib in Patients With Unresectable/Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma Recruiting NCT03612232 Phase 2 Cabozantinib-s-malate
36 Phase II Trial of Surgical Resection and Heated Intraperitoneal Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) for Adrenocortical Carcinoma Recruiting NCT03127774 Phase 2 Cisplatin;Sodium thiosulfate
37 A Phase II Study to Evaluate the Effects of Cabozantinib in Patients With Unresectable/Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma Recruiting NCT03370718 Phase 2 Cabozantinib
38 A Phase II Study of Nivolumab Combined With Ipilimumab for Patients With Advanced Rare Genitourinary Tumors Recruiting NCT03333616 Phase 2 Ipilimumab;Nivolumab
39 Multicenter, Prospective, Non-randomized, Phase II Trial Designed to Evaluate the Activity of Cabazitaxel in Patients With Advanced Adreno-Cortical- Carcinoma Progressing After Previous Chemotherapy Lines Recruiting NCT03257891 Phase 2 Cabazitaxel
40 Phase 2 Trial of XL184 (Cabozantinib) an Oral Small-Molecule Inhibitor of Multiple Kinases, in Children and Young Adults With Refractory Sarcomas, Wilms Tumor, and Other Rare Tumors Recruiting NCT02867592 Phase 2 Cabozantinib;Cabozantinib S-malate
41 Phase II Study for the Evaluation of Efficacy of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Patients With Rare Tumors Recruiting NCT02721732 Phase 2
42 MetronomIc CApecitabine and DOcetaxel as Second-line Chemotherapy for Advanced Gastric Cancer Patients Previously Treated With Fluoropyrimidine and Platinum Agents MiCADO Study Recruiting NCT02007148 Phase 2 capecitabine;Docetaxel
43 DART: Dual Anti-CTLA-4 and Anti-PD-1 Blockade in Rare Tumors Recruiting NCT02834013 Phase 2
44 A Phase II Clinical Trial of Single Agent Pembrolizumab in Subjects With Advanced Adrenocortical Carcinoma Active, not recruiting NCT02673333 Phase 2 Pembrolizumab
45 Activity of Abiraterone Acetate in the Management of Cushing's Syndrome in Patients With Adrenocortical Carcinoma Active, not recruiting NCT03145285 Phase 2 Abiraterone Acetate
46 An Open-Label Extension Study of the Safety of Relacorilant in the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Cushing Syndrome Enrolling by invitation NCT03604198 Phase 2 relacorilant
47 A Phase 1/2 Trial of a Novel Therapeutic Vaccine (EO2401) in Combination With Immune Check Point Blockade, for Treatment of Patients With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma, or Malignant Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma Not yet recruiting NCT04187404 Phase 1, Phase 2
48 Phase II Study for Combination of Camrelizumab and Apatinib in the Second-line Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma Not yet recruiting NCT04318730 Phase 2 Camrelizumab
49 Exploratory Basket Trial of Cabozantinib Plus Atezolizumab in Advanced and Progressive Neoplasms of the Endocrine System. CABATEN Study Not yet recruiting NCT04400474 Phase 2 Cabozantinib 40 mg
50 Phase II Study of Antineoplastons A10 and AS2-1 In Patients With Carcinoma of the Adrenal Gland Terminated NCT00003453 Phase 2 Antineoplaston therapy (Atengenal + Astugenal)

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Anatomical Context for Adrenal Carcinoma

The Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology organs/tissues related to Adrenal Carcinoma:

Adrenal Glands Which Are Located Above The Kidneys

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Adrenal Carcinoma:

Adrenal Gland, Kidney, Cortex, Adrenal Cortex, Testes, Liver, Lung

Publications for Adrenal Carcinoma

Articles related to Adrenal Carcinoma:

(show top 50) (show all 858)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Correlation Between Size and Function of Unilateral and Bilateral Adrenocortical Nodules: An Observational Study. 42
32069079 2020
Calcified Adrenal Lesions: Pattern Recognition Approach on Computed Tomography With Pathologic Correlation. 42
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Hemodynamic stability during adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma: A case control study of posterior retroperitoneal vs lateral transperitoneal approaches. 42
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The modification and expression of 21-hydroxylase gene in normal human adrenal gland and adrenal cancer. 54 61
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29633121 2018
Molecular genetics of Conn adenomas in the era of exome analysis. 61
30072045 2018

Variations for Adrenal Carcinoma

Cosmic variations for Adrenal Carcinoma:

9 (show top 50) (show all 118)
# Cosmic Mut ID Gene Symbol COSMIC Disease Classification
(Primary site, Site subtype, Primary histology, Histology subtype)
Mutation CDS Mutation AA GRCh38 Location Conf
1 COSM88301868 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.389T>G p.V130G 3:10146562-10146562 44
2 COSM88294143 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.260T>C p.V87A 3:10142107-10142107 44
3 COSM88293303 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.475A>G p.K159E 3:10149798-10149798 44
4 COSM88288959 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.482G>A p.R161Q 3:10149805-10149805 44
5 COSM88296074 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.250G>C p.V84L 3:10142097-10142097 44
6 COSM88292246 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.227T>A p.F76Y 3:10142074-10142074 44
7 COSM88292324 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.496G>T p.V166F 3:10149819-10149819 44
8 COSM88305342 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.492G>T p.Q164H 3:10149815-10149815 44
9 COSM88292236 VHL adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.491A>G p.Q164R 3:10149814-10149814 44
10 COSM92347003 RET adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.2753T>C p.M918T 10:43121968-43121968 44
11 COSM92347226 RET adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1900T>C p.C634R 10:43114500-43114500 44
12 COSM93656552 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1885G>A p.G629R 17:31225134-31225134 44
13 COSM93692982 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.5665G>T p.E1889* 17:31330351-31330351 44
14 COSM93650970 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1466A>G p.Y489C 17:31214524-31214524 44
15 COSM93662933 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.7582C>T p.Q2528* 17:31352381-31352381 44
16 COSM93654948 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.7646C>G p.S2549* 17:31356490-31356490 44
17 COSM93650764 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.7300C>T p.Q2434* 17:31349230-31349230 44
18 COSM93652933 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.205-1G>C p.? 17:31159009-31159009 44
19 COSM93668028 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1722-1G>A p.? 17:31223443-31223443 44
20 COSM93647950 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1721+3A>T p.? 17:31221932-31221932 44
21 COSM93688082 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.6855C>A p.Y2285* 17:31338739-31338739 44
22 COSM93680586 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.226G>T p.E76* 17:31159031-31159031 44
23 COSM93687360 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.3158C>A p.S1053* 17:31230886-31230886 44
24 COSM93653832 NF1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.2409+1G>A p.? 17:31227607-31227607 44
25 COSM88844097 MET adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.3029C>T p.T1010I 7:116771936-116771936 44
26 COSM88849124 MET adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.607T>A p.S203T 7:116699691-116699691 44
27 COSM88850455 MET adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.352A>T p.M118L 7:116699436-116699436 44
28 COSM112988851 HRAS adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.182A>G p.Q61R 11:533874-533874 44
29 COSM112988925 HRAS adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.181C>A p.Q61K 11:533875-533875 44
30 COSM112988832 HRAS adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.37G>C p.G13R 11:534286-534286 44
31 COSM95516578 H3-3A adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.103G>T p.G35W 1:226064454-226064454 44
32 COSM107493928 FGFR1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1731C>A p.N577K 8:38417331-38417331 44
33 COSM86761750 EPAS1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1104G>A p.M368I 2:46376608-46376608 44
34 COSM86761419 EPAS1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1589C>A p.A530E 2:46380261-46380261 44
35 COSM86757527 EPAS1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1595A>G p.Y532C 2:46380267-46380267 44
36 COSM86759134 EPAS1 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1592C>T p.P531L 2:46380264-46380264 44
37 COSM93530486 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.226G>T p.E76* 17:31159031-31159031 44
38 COSM91331163 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.182A>G p.Q61R 11:533874-533874 44
39 COSM120509060 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1466A>G p.Y489C 17:31214524-31214524 44
40 COSM92696795 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.*688C>A p.? 8:38417331-38417331 44
41 COSM93535461 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.3158C>A p.S1053* 17:31230886-31230886 44
42 COSM101951610 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.182A>G p.Q61R 11:533874-533874 44
43 COSM109968573 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.226G>T p.E76* 17:31159031-31159031 44
44 COSM109960979 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1466A>G p.Y489C 17:31214524-31214524 44
45 COSM93512112 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.1885G>A p.G629R 17:31225134-31225134 44
46 COSM90654925 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.260T>C p.V87A 3:10142107-10142107 44
47 COSM105721394 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.182A>G p.Q61R 11:533874-533874 44
48 COSM93508888 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.205-1G>C p.? 17:31159009-31159009 44
49 COSM90652830 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.373G>T p.V125F 3:10149819-10149819 44
50 COSM111018308 adrenal gland,adrenal gland,pheochromocytoma,benign c.352A>T p.M118L 7:116699436-116699436 44

Expression for Adrenal Carcinoma

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Pathways for Adrenal Carcinoma

GO Terms for Adrenal Carcinoma

Biological processes related to Adrenal Carcinoma according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

(show all 13)
# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 response to drug GO:0042493 9.83 TP53 REN CRH CCND1 CCNB1
2 regulation of blood pressure GO:0008217 9.65 REN POMC CYP11B1
3 steroid metabolic process GO:0008202 9.56 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CRH
4 C21-steroid hormone biosynthetic process GO:0006700 9.52 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
5 cellular response to potassium ion GO:0035865 9.51 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
6 mitotic G1 DNA damage checkpoint GO:0031571 9.49 TP53 CCND1
7 mineralocorticoid biosynthetic process GO:0006705 9.46 CYP21A2 CYP11B2
8 cortisol biosynthetic process GO:0034651 9.4 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
9 cortisol metabolic process GO:0034650 9.37 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
10 sterol metabolic process GO:0016125 9.33 CYP21A2 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
11 aldosterone biosynthetic process GO:0032342 9.32 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
12 steroid biosynthetic process GO:0006694 9.26 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
13 glucocorticoid biosynthetic process GO:0006704 9.02 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CYP11B1 CRH

Molecular functions related to Adrenal Carcinoma according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 heme binding GO:0020037 9.67 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
2 iron ion binding GO:0005506 9.62 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
3 corticosterone 18-monooxygenase activity GO:0047783 9.26 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
4 monooxygenase activity GO:0004497 9.26 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
5 steroid 11-beta-monooxygenase activity GO:0004507 9.16 CYP11B2 CYP11B1
6 oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen GO:0016705 8.92 CYP21A2 CYP17A1 CYP11B2 CYP11B1

Sources for Adrenal Carcinoma

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