Anal Canal Carcinoma

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Aliases & Classifications for Anal Canal Carcinoma

MalaCards integrated aliases for Anal Canal Carcinoma:

Name: Anal Canal Carcinoma 57 11 12 43 14
Anal Canal Cancer 11 14
Anal Canal and Perianal Gland Carcinoma 11
Carcinoma of the Anal Canal 58
Carcinoma of Anal Canal 71



Autosomal dominant 57


Orphanet: 58  
Rare gastroenterological diseases

External Ids:

Disease Ontology 11 DOID:0050688 DOID:6126
OMIM® 57 105580
MeSH 43 C563020
NCIt 49 C7489
SNOMED-CT 68 285310000
ICD10 31 C21.1
UMLS via Orphanet 72 C0563211
Orphanet 58 ORPHA424013
MedGen 40 C0563211
UMLS 71 C0563211

Summaries for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Disease Ontology 11 Anal canal carcinoma: An anal canal cancer that derives from epithelial cells.

Anal canal cancer: A large intestine cancer that is located in the terminal part of the large intestine.

MalaCards based summary: Anal Canal Carcinoma, also known as anal canal cancer, is related to basaloid squamous cell carcinoma and anus cancer. An important gene associated with Anal Canal Carcinoma is ANC (Anal Canal Carcinoma). The drugs Cisplatin and Carboplatin have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include terminal part of the large intestine, liver and lymph node, and related phenotype is anal canal squamous carcinoma.

More information from OMIM: 105580

Related Diseases for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Diseases related to Anal Canal Carcinoma via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 basaloid squamous cell carcinoma 30.6 KRT7 KRT5
2 anus cancer 30.4 KRT7 CEACAM5 CDX2 CAGE1
3 transitional cell carcinoma 30.3 NME1 KRT7 KRT20
4 anal fistula 30.3 KRT7 KRT20
5 squamous cell carcinoma 30.1 NME1 KRT7 ING1 CEACAM5
6 papilloma 30.0 KRT7 KRT5 KRT20
7 hemorrhoid 30.0 KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5
8 small cell carcinoma 30.0 KRT7 KRT5 KRT20 CEACAM5
9 epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma 29.9 PIP KRT7 KRT5
10 lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma 29.9 KRT7 KRT5 KRT20
11 colorectal adenocarcinoma 29.9 KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5 CDX2
12 mammary paget's disease 29.8 PIP KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5
13 adenocarcinoma 29.8 KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5 CDX2
14 anal canal adenocarcinoma 29.8 PIP KRT7 KRT20 CDX2 CAGE1
15 keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma 29.8 KRT7 KRT5 CEACAM5 CDX2
16 rectum cancer 29.7 KRT20 CEACAM5 CAGE1
17 signet ring cell adenocarcinoma 29.6 PIP KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5 CDX2
18 rectum adenocarcinoma 29.5 KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5 CDX2 CAGE1
19 rectal benign neoplasm 29.4 KRT7 KRT20 CEACAM5 CDX2 CAGE1
20 adenosquamous carcinoma 29.3 NME1 KRT7 KRT5 KRT20 CEACAM5
21 skin carcinoma 29.3 KRT7 KRT5 KRT20
22 paget disease, extramammary 29.1 PIP KRT7 KRT5 KRT20 CEACAM5 CDX2
23 mucoepidermoid carcinoma 10.5
24 anal canal squamous cell carcinoma 10.5
25 neuroendocrine carcinoma 10.4
26 rare tumor 10.4
27 lymphopenia 10.3
28 bile duct adenoma 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
29 bartholin's gland adenocarcinoma 10.3 PIP KRT7
30 bladder signet ring cell adenocarcinoma 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
31 bile duct signet ring cell carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
32 oncocytic breast carcinoma 10.3 PIP KRT7
33 endometrial transitional cell carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
34 nephrogenic adenoma of urinary bladder 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
35 atrophic vulva 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
36 bladder benign neoplasm 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
37 nipples, supernumerary 10.3 PIP KRT20
38 ovary neuroendocrine neoplasm 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
39 lacrimal gland mucoepidermoid carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
40 adenosquamous colon carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
41 nasal cavity adenocarcinoma 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
42 intratubular embryonal carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
43 urinary bladder small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
44 erysipeloid 10.3 PIP KRT7
45 jejunal adenocarcinoma 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
46 bladder urachal carcinoma 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
47 urethral diverticulum 10.3 KRT7 KRT20
48 rectum neuroendocrine neoplasm 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
49 breast hemangioma 10.3 KRT7 CDX2
50 ureteral benign neoplasm 10.3 KRT7 KRT20

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Diseases related to Anal Canal Carcinoma

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Human phenotypes related to Anal Canal Carcinoma:

# Description HPO Frequency Orphanet Frequency HPO Source Accession
1 anal canal squamous carcinoma 30 HP:0006763

Symptoms via clinical synopsis from OMIM®:

57 (Updated 08-Dec-2022)
anal canal squamous carcinoma

Clinical features from OMIM®:

105580 (Updated 08-Dec-2022)

Drugs & Therapeutics for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Drugs for Anal Canal Carcinoma (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

(show all 45)
# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Cisplatin Approved Phase 3 15663-27-1 2767 5702198 441203
Carboplatin Approved Phase 3 41575-94-4 10339178 38904
Paclitaxel Approved, Vet_approved Phase 3 33069-62-4 36314
4 Albumin-Bound Paclitaxel Phase 3
5 Antimitotic Agents Phase 3
6 Tubulin Modulators Phase 3
7 Immunoglobulins Phase 3
8 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Phase 3
9 Antibodies Phase 3
Oxaliplatin Approved, Investigational Phase 2 61825-94-3 43805 11947679 6857599
Docetaxel Approved, Investigational Phase 2 114977-28-5 148124
Atezolizumab Approved, Investigational Phase 2 1380723-44-3
Edetate calcium disodium anhydrous Approved, Vet_approved Phase 2 62-33-9, 60-00-4 6049
Pentetic acid Approved Phase 2 67-43-6
Ipilimumab Approved Phase 2 477202-00-9
Durvalumab Approved, Investigational Phase 2 1428935-60-7
Capecitabine Approved, Investigational Phase 2 154361-50-9 60953
Panitumumab Approved, Investigational Phase 2 339177-26-3
Mitoguazone Investigational Phase 2 459-86-9 9991 5351154
Nimotuzumab Investigational Phase 2 780758-10-3
21 Taxane Phase 2 108169
22 Monatide (IMS 3015) Phase 2
23 Liver Extracts Phase 2
24 Antibodies, Monoclonal Phase 2
25 Immunoglobulins, Intravenous Phase 2
26 Vaccines Phase 2
27 Adjuvants, Immunologic Phase 2
28 Immunoglobulin G Phase 2
29 Interleukin-12 Phase 2
30 Angiogenesis Inhibitors Phase 2
31 Antineoplastic Agents, Immunological Phase 2
Pembrolizumab Approved Phase 1 1374853-91-4 254741536
Fluorouracil Approved Phase 1 51-21-8 3385
Mitomycin Approved Phase 1 50-07-7 5746
Tempol Investigational Phase 1 2226-96-2
36 Antimetabolites Phase 1
37 Immunosuppressive Agents Phase 1
38 Immunologic Factors Phase 1
39 Anti-Bacterial Agents Phase 1
40 Alkylating Agents Phase 1
41 Antibiotics, Antitubercular Phase 1
42 Radiation-Protective Agents Phase 1
43 Neuroprotective Agents Phase 1
44 Antioxidants Phase 1
45 Protective Agents Phase 1

Interventional clinical trials:

(show all 36)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 A Phase III Randomized Study of 5-Fluorouracil, Mitomycin-C, and Radiotherapy Versus 5-Fluorouracil, Cisplatin, and Radiotherapy in Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Completed NCT00003596 Phase 3 cisplatin;fluorouracil;mitomycin C
2 A Phase 3, Multicenter, Double-Blind Randomized Study of Mitomycin, 5-Fluorouracil and IMRT Combined With or Without Anti-PD-1 in Patients With Locally Advanced Anal Canal Squamous Carcinoma Recruiting NCT05374252 Phase 3 PD-1 inhibitor
3 A Phase 3 Global, Multicenter, Double-Blind Randomized Study of Carboplatin-Paclitaxel With INCMGA00012 or Placebo in Participants With Inoperable Locally Recurrent or Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Not Previously Treated With Systemic Chemotherapy (POD1UM-303/InterAACT 2) Recruiting NCT04472429 Phase 3 carboplatin;paclitaxel;retifanlimab
4 A Phase II Study to Assess Acute Toxicity and Quality of Life of Patients With Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation Using Helical Tomotherapy Unknown status NCT00754078 Phase 2
5 Assessment of the Clinical Value of a Docetaxel, Cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil (DCF) Strategy Adapted to Patients for the Management of Metastatic or Locally Advanced Anal Resistant Radiochemotherapy Squamous Cell Anal Carcinoma. Completed NCT02402842 Phase 2 Docetaxel, Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil
6 A Phase II Study of Substitution of 5-FU (Fluorouracil) by Capecitabine in Scheme of Chemo-radiotherapy in Patients With Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal. Completed NCT01941966 Phase 2 Capecitabine;Mitomycins
7 Linear Energy Transfer (LET)-Optimized Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) as a Component of Definitive Chemoradiation for Newly Diagnosed Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal: A Prospective, Phase II Trial Assessing Acute Toxicities Rates Compared to Historic Controls Treated With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Completed NCT03690921 Phase 2 Cisplatin;Fluorouracil
8 A Phase II Evaluation of Dose-Painted Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in Combination With 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) and Mitomycin-C for Reduction of Acute Morbidity in Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Completed NCT00423293 Phase 2 fluorouracil;mitomycin C
9 A Phase II Study of Capecitabine (Xeloda)/Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin) With Concomitant Radiotherapy (XRT), XELOX/RT in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Completed NCT00093379 Phase 2 Capecitabine;Oxaliplatin
10 A Phase 2 Study of INCMGA00012 in Participants With Squamous Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Who Have Progressed Following Platinum-Based Chemotherapy (POD1UM-202) Completed NCT03597295 Phase 2 Retifanlimab
11 Neoadjuvant PD-1 Blockade Combined With Chemotherapy Followed by Concurrent Immunoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Anal Canal Squamous Carcinoma Patients Recruiting NCT05060471 Phase 2 Toripalimab
12 A Multicenter Observational and Feasibility Study of Excision of Superficially Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SISCCA) of the Anal Canal and Perianus in HIV-Infected Persons Recruiting NCT02437851 Phase 2
13 Intratreatment FDG-PET During Radiation Therapy for Gynecologic and Gastrointestinal Cancers ( Adaptive PET II) Recruiting NCT03403465 Phase 2
14 A Phase II Study Evaluating the Interest to Combine UCPVax a CD4 TH1-inducer Cancer Vaccine and Atezolizumab for the Treatment of Human PapillomaVirus Positive Cancers Recruiting NCT03946358 Phase 2 Atezolizumab;UCPVax
15 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Unresectable Liver Metastases in Patients With Colorectal Adenocarcinoma, Carcinoma of the Anal Canal and Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors Recruiting NCT02185443 Phase 2
16 A Randomized Phase II Study of the Administration of Prebiotics and Probiotics During Definitive Treatment With Chemotherapy-radiotherapy for Patients With Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal (BISQUIT) Recruiting NCT03870607 Phase 2
17 InterAACT - An International Multicentre Open Label Randomised Phase II Advanced Anal Cancer Trial Comparing Cisplatin Plus 5-Fluorouracil Versus Carboplatin Plus Weekly Paclitaxel in Patients With Inoperable Locally Recurrent or Metastatic Disease Active, not recruiting NCT02560298 Phase 2 Capecitabine;Carboplatin;Cisplatin;Fluorouracil;Paclitaxel
18 A Multi-Institutional Phase 2 Study of Nivolumab or Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab in Refractory Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Active, not recruiting NCT02314169 Phase 2
19 A Phase 2, Open-Label Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Combination Treatment With MEDI0457 (INO-3112) and Durvalumab (MEDI4736) in Patients With Recurrent/Metastatic Human Papilloma Virus Associated Cancers Active, not recruiting NCT03439085 Phase 2
20 Phase II Study of SIB-IMRT in Combination With 5-FU and Mitomycin-C Among Patients With Locally Advanced Anal Canal Cancer: Efficacy, Safety and Quality of Life Active, not recruiting NCT02701088 Phase 2 5Fluorouracile and Mitomycin-C
21 A Prospective Phase II Study of Inguinal Node Sparing Radiotherapy For Patients With Early Stage Anal Cancer (INSPIRE) Not yet recruiting NCT05040815 Phase 2
22 Phase II Study of Concomitant Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy Combined to Capecitabine, Mitomycin and Panitumumab in Patients With Stage II-IIIB Squamous-cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Terminated NCT01843452 Phase 2 MITOMYCIN;CAPECITABINE
23 A Phase II Clinical Study Using Nimotuzumab in Combination With External Beam Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Patients With Carcinomas of the Anal Canal Terminated NCT01382745 Phase 2 Nimotuzumab
24 An Open Label, Randomized Phase II Study of BI 754091 Alone or in Combination With BI 836880 in Patients With Chemotherapy Resistant, Unresectable, Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Withdrawn NCT04499352 Phase 2 BI 754091;BI 836880
25 A Phase 1, Open-Label, Multicenter Study of INCB106385 as Monotherapy or in Combination With Immunotherapy in Participants With Advanced Solid Tumors Recruiting NCT04580485 Phase 1 INCB106385;INCMGA00012
26 First-in-Human, Phase 1/1b, Open-label, Multicenter Study of Bifunctional EGFR/TGFβ Fusion Protein BCA101 Monotherapy and in Combination Therapy in Patients With EGFR-Driven Advanced Solid Tumors Recruiting NCT04429542 Phase 1 BCA101;Pembrolizumab
27 A Pilot Trial Assessing the Feasibility of Delivering Topical MTS-01 to Reduce Dermatitis in Patients Receiving Intensity Modulated Radiation With Concurrent 5-Fluorouracil and Mitomycin-C for Stage I-III Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Terminated NCT01324141 Phase 1 Tempol;5-Fluorouracil;Mitomycin-C
28 "Cross" Closure for Reconstructing the Perineal Wound of Abdominoperineal Resection in Rectal and Anal Cancer Patients: a Multi-center, Randomized, Open-Label, Positive, Parallel Controlled Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03731754
29 A Pilot Feasibility Study of Definitive Concurrent Chemoradiation With Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Beam in Combination With 5-Fluorouracil and Mitomycin-C for Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Unknown status NCT01858025 Early Phase 1 5-fluorouracil;Mitomycin-C
30 Evaluation of Immune Response Against Human Papillomavirus (HPV)in Patients With Metastatic Cancer of the Anal Canal Completed NCT01845779 DCF regimen
31 Interstitial Brachytherapy Boost for Treatment of Anal Canal Cancers, Comparison of Two Dose Rates Completed NCT03465501
32 Effect of Irradiation Doses < 10 Gy and of Irradiated Bone Volume on the Variation of Blood Elements of the Complete Blood Count During and After Pelvic Irradiation Recruiting NCT04626466
33 Phase II Study of Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy to Augment Immune Response in Patients With Metastatic GastroIntestinal Malignancies Progressing on Immune Therapy (ARM-GI) Recruiting NCT04221893
34 Tumor Recurrence After Abdominal-perineal Amputation in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anus Active, not recruiting NCT05201105
35 Study of the Association Between Tumor Microenvironment Macrophages and Treatment Response in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal Active, not recruiting NCT05019235
36 Immunomonitoring and Biomarker Research Based on Tumor and Blood Samples in Patients With Squamous Cell Anal Carcinoma Withdrawn NCT03942900

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Cochrane evidence based reviews: anal canal carcinoma

Genetic Tests for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Anatomical Context for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Organs/tissues related to Anal Canal Carcinoma:

FMA: Terminal Part Of The Large Intestine
MalaCards : Liver, Lymph Node, Bone, Bone Marrow, Skin, Colon, Cervix

Publications for Anal Canal Carcinoma

Articles related to Anal Canal Carcinoma:

(show top 50) (show all 752)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Recurrent deletions of chromosomes 11q and 3p in anal canal carcinoma. 62 57
3570551 1987
Acute toxicity and patient-reported outcomes in anal canal cancer: results of a pilot study. 62
35751555 2022
Successful Management of Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Liver and Ovary Metastases: A Case Report. 62
36309369 2022
High-resolution anoscopy predictive modeling of anal canal cancer response after definitive chemoradiotherapy in COVID19 era. 62
36444781 2022
A phase II study of concurrent chemoradiotherapy with 5-fluorouracil and mitomycin-C for squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal (the JROSG 10-2 trial). 62
36280895 2022
Cure Rates According to Dose-Intensity of Chemoradiation in T2N0 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal. 62
35753955 2022
Efficacy and tolerance of cetuximab in combination with 5 FU plus irinotecan based chemotherapy in metastatic squamous cell anal carcinoma. 62
36088220 2022
Synchronous Anal Canal Cancer and Cervical Cancer: Report of a Case and Management Implication. 62
36099119 2022
A phase II study of retifanlimab (INCMGA00012) in patients with squamous carcinoma of the anal canal who have progressed following platinum-based chemotherapy (POD1UM-202). 62
35816951 2022
Biomarkers in Anal Cancer: Current Status in Diagnosis, Disease Progression and Therapeutic Strategies. 62
36009576 2022
The Role of Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Anal Cancer and Future Strategies. 62
35666353 2022
Anal Cancer: Emerging Standards in a Rare Disease. 62
35649196 2022
ECOG-ACRIN Guideline for Contouring and Treatment of Early Stage Anal Cancer Using IMRT/IGRT. 62
35717050 2022
Anal cancer with isolated ischial fossa lymph node metastases: A rare entity in the oligometastatic dilemma. 62
36149190 2022
Characteristics of anal canal cancer in Japan. 62
35274487 2022
Pilot trial of topical MTS‑01 application to reduce dermatitis in patients receiving chemoradiotherapy for stage I‑III carcinoma of the anal canal. 62
35438186 2022
[A Case of Fournier's Gangrene during Second-Line IRIS plus Bevacizumab Chemotherapy for Rectal and Anal Canal Cancer]. 62
35578943 2022
[A Case of Anal Canal Adenocarcinoma with Perianal Pagetoid Spread without a Macroscopic Finding]. 62
35299189 2022
[A Case of Palliative Abdominoperineal Resection and Perineal Reconstruction by Gluteus Maximus Flap following Regrowth of Primary Anal Canal Cancer with the Perianal Skin Infiltration after CRT]. 62
35299199 2022
Outcomes of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Anal Canal treated with IMRT-VMAT-based Concurrent Chemoradiation: a Single Institutional Experience. 62
33400211 2022
Long term clinical outcomes and associated predictors of progression free survival in anal canal cancer. 62
35284138 2022
Radiotherapy of anal canal cancer. 62
34955416 2022
POD1UM-303/InterAACT 2: A phase III, global, randomized, double-blind study of retifanlimab or placebo plus carboplatin-paclitaxel in patients with locally advanced or metastatic squamous cell anal carcinoma. 62
36091159 2022
Prognostic role of HPV integration status and molecular profile in advanced anal carcinoma: An ancillary study to the epitopes-HPV02 trial. 62
36313663 2022
Vaginal Sparing Radiotherapy Using IMPT and Daily Dilator Placement for Women with Anal Cancer. 62
35774492 2022
35107499 2022
Circulating vascular endothelial growth factor and cancer risk: A bidirectional mendelian randomization. 62
36159967 2022
Long-Term Outcomes of NRG Oncology/RTOG 0529: A Phase 2 Evaluation of Dose-Painted Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Combination With 5-Fluorouracil and Mitomycin-C for the Reduction of Acute Morbidity in Anal Canal Cancer. 62
34400269 2022
[Laparoscopic Abdominoperineal Resection after Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy for Adenocarcinoma Associated with Anal Fistula]. 62
34911922 2021
[A Case of Effective Chemoradiotherapy for the Treatment of Distant Recurrence of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Anal Canal]. 62
34911923 2021
Locally advanced anal small cell carcinoma with durable complete response to chemoradiation followed by consolidation chemotherapy: case report and literature review. 62
35070438 2021
Oncologic and Functional Outcomes of Pelvic Perineal Reconstruction by Perineal Colostomy and Malone Procedure After Abdominoperineal Resection. 62
34747916 2021
Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) Chemoradiotherapy for Anal Canal Cancer-Single Institution Experience. 62
35008349 2021
Outcomes of Patients With Metastatic Anal Cancer According to HIV Infection: A Multicenter Study by the Latin American Gastrointestinal Oncology Group (SLAGO). 62
34158252 2021
Outcomes of anus squamous cell carcinoma. Management of anus squamous cell carcinoma and recurrences. 62
34193366 2021
Tolerability and safety of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy with S-1 after limited surgery for T1 or T2 lower rectal cancer. 62
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34427171 2021
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34790403 2021
Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma disguised as an external hemorrhoid. 62
34320538 2021
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34253473 2021
Laparoscopic abdominosacral resection for rectal and anal canal carcinoma with pagetoid spread. 62
32875728 2021
The INCH Trial - Induction Chemotherapy in Patients With Bulky Anal Canal Cancer: Evaluation of the Pilot Phase. 62
34083314 2021
Anal Cancer with Mediastinal Lymph Node Metastasis. 62
34307312 2021
Long-term bowel function patient-reported outcomes after successful chemoradiation for carcinoma of the anal canal. 62
33599113 2021
Anal Cancer with Atypical Brain and Cranial Bones Metastasis: About 2 Cases and Literature Review. 62
34177530 2021
Assessing the Reliability and Positive Predictive Value of p16 as a Surrogate for Human Papillomavirus-Mediated E6/7 mRNA Expression in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal. 62
33394778 2021
[A Case of Long-Term Survival after Multidisciplinary Treatment for Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Anal Canal]. 62
33790167 2021
High-grade neuroendocrine small-cell carcinoma of the anal canal: Long-term remission with chemoradiotherapy. 62
34104815 2021
Human Papillomavirus-Associated Lymphoepithelioma-Like Carcinoma of the Anal Canal: A Case Report and Literature Review. 62
34869478 2021
Chemotherapy use in early stage anal canal squamous cell carcinoma and its impact on long-term overall survival,,. 62
33711636 2021

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# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 intermediate filament organization GO:0045109 9.1 KRT7 KRT5 KRT20

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