Anus, Imperforate (ARM)

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Aliases & Classifications for Anus, Imperforate

MalaCards integrated aliases for Anus, Imperforate:

Name: Anus, Imperforate 57 43 71
Imperforate Anus 11 19 75 28 5 14
Anorectal Malformations 19 33
Anorectal Malformation 58 75
Anal Atresia 11 19
Congenital or Infantile Occlusion of Anus 11
Congenital Atresia of Anus 11
Anal Stenosis 19
Arm 58



Autosomal recessive vs multifactorial 57


Orphanet: 58  
Developmental anomalies during embryogenesis

External Ids:

Disease Ontology 11 DOID:10488
OMIM® 57 207500
MeSH 43 D001006
NCIt 49 C84784
SNOMED-CT 68 156956004
ICD10 31 Q42.3
MESH via Orphanet 44 C537771
UMLS via Orphanet 72 C3495676
Orphanet 58 ORPHA96346
MedGen 40 C0003466
ICD11 33 942572025
UMLS 71 C0003466

Summaries for Anus, Imperforate

GARD: 19 Imperforate anus is a birth defect where the opening to the anus is missing or blocked. The anus, also known as the rectum, is the opening at the end of the intestines through which stool (bowel movement) leaves the body. Imperforate anus may end in a pouch, be too narrow (stenotic or atresic), or open into part of the urinary system, female or male reproductive system, or other system of body Symptoms may include absence of the first stool within 24 to 48 hours after birth, no anal opening, anal opening in an abnormal place, stool coming out from the vagina, base of penis, scrotum, or urethra, and/or swollen belly. Although the exact cause of Imperforate anus is not fully understood, it is believed to be due to the abnormal development of the rectum when the embryo is forming inside the womb. Many forms of Imperforate anus occur with other birth defects. Imperforate anus may also be part of a syndrome with multiple birth defects.

MalaCards based summary: Anus, Imperforate, also known as imperforate anus, is related to vacterl association, x-linked, with or without hydrocephalus and cloacal exstrophy. An important gene associated with Anus, Imperforate is MED12 (Mediator Complex Subunit 12), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Gastrulation and Neural Stem Cells and Lineage-specific Markers. The drugs Anesthetics and Bisacodyl have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include spinal cord, colon and eye, and related phenotypes are hearing impairment and anal atresia

Wikipedia: 75 An imperforate anus or anorectal malformations (ARMs) are birth defects in which the rectum is... more...

More information from OMIM: 207500

Related Diseases for Anus, Imperforate

Diseases related to Anus, Imperforate via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 vacterl association, x-linked, with or without hydrocephalus 32.3 ZIC3 FOXF1 FANCB
2 cloacal exstrophy 32.1 SHH MNX1
3 culler-jones syndrome 32.0 SHH GLI3 GLI2
4 sacral defect with anterior meningocele 31.9 SHH MNX1 HOXD13 FGF8 CYP26A1
5 pallister-hall syndrome 31.7 ZIC3 SHH SALL1 MTHFSD IFT27 HOXD13
6 townes-brocks syndrome 31.7 SHH SALL1 HOXD13 GLI3 FRAS1 FGF8
7 omphalocele 31.5 SHH MNX1 FOXF1
8 vater/vacterl association 31.2 HOXD13 FOXF1
9 renal hypodysplasia/aplasia 1 30.9 SALL1 FRAS1 FGF8 CHD7
10 polydactyly 30.9 SHH MNX1 IFT27 HOXD13 GLI3 GLI2
11 vesicoureteral reflux 30.9 ZIC3 SALL1 FRAS1 FGF8
12 hypospadias 30.9 SHH HOXD13 FGF8
13 cryptorchidism, unilateral or bilateral 30.7 SHH GLI3 FGF8 CHD7 CFAP47
14 heart septal defect 30.7 ZIC3 FGF8 CHD7 CFAP47
15 duodenal atresia 30.7 ZIC3 SHH MTHFSD FOXF1
16 neural tube defects 30.6 ZIC3 SHH MNX1 GLI3 FGF8 CYP26A1
17 ventricular septal defect 30.5 ZIC3 FOXF1 FGF8 CHD7
18 patent ductus arteriosus 1 30.5 ZIC3 FOXF1 CHD7
19 esophageal atresia 30.5 ZIC3 SHH MTHFSD HOXD13 GLI3 GLI2
20 diaphragmatic hernia, congenital 30.4 SHH GLI3 FRAS1 FOXF1 CYP26A1
21 currarino syndrome 30.4 SHH MNX1 HOXD13
22 craniosynostosis 30.3 SHH GLI3 GLI2 FGF8 CFAP47
23 apert syndrome 30.3 SHH GLI3 FGF8 CFAP47
24 charge syndrome 30.3 ZIC3 GLI3 FGF8 CHD7
25 chromosome 2q35 duplication syndrome 30.2 SHH SALL1 HOXD13 GLI3 GLI2 FRAS1
26 visceral heterotaxy 30.2 ZIC3 SHH IFT27 GLI3
27 atrial heart septal defect 30.2 ZIC3 SHH FOXF1 CHD7 CFAP47
28 teratoma 30.2 SHH MNX1 CTNNB1
29 feingold syndrome 1 30.2 SHH MTHFSD GLI3 FOXF1 CHD7
30 pancreas, annular 30.1 ZIC3 SHH MTHFSD FOXF1
31 holoprosencephaly 3 30.1 SHH MNX1 GLI3 GLI2
32 patau syndrome 30.1 ZIC3 SHH GLI2 CHD7
33 choanal atresia, posterior 30.1 SPINT2 SHH FGF8 CHD7 CFAP47
34 tetralogy of fallot 30.0 ZIC3 SHH FOXF1 FGF8 CHD7
35 synostosis 30.0 SHH HOXD13 GLI3 FRAS1 FGF8 CFAP47
36 double outlet right ventricle 30.0 ZIC3 SHH FGF8 CHD7
37 skin carcinoma 30.0 SHH GLI3 GLI2 CTNNB1
38 cleft palate, isolated 30.0 ZIC3 SHH GLI3 GLI2 FRAS1 FGF8
39 treacher collins syndrome 1 29.9 FRAS1 FGF8 CHD7 CFAP47
40 coloboma of macula 29.9 SHH SALL1 GLI3 FRAS1 FGF8 CHD7
41 vacterl association 29.7 ZIC3 SHH SALL1 MTHFSD MNX1 HOXD13
42 anus disease 29.7 ZIC3 SHH SALL1 MTHFSD MNX1 HOXD13
43 opitz-kaveggia syndrome 11.7
44 oeis complex 11.6
45 opitz gbbb syndrome 11.5
46 lumbar syndrome 11.4
47 bifid nose with or without anorectal and renal anomalies 11.4
48 blepharocheilodontic syndrome 1 11.4
49 cervical ribs, sprengel anomaly, anal atresia, and urethral obstruction 11.4
50 townes-brocks syndrome 1 11.3

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Anus, Imperforate:

Diseases related to Anus, Imperforate

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Anus, Imperforate

Human phenotypes related to Anus, Imperforate:

# Description HPO Frequency Orphanet Frequency HPO Source Accession
1 hearing impairment 30 HP:0000365
2 anal atresia 30 HP:0002023
3 hypospadias 30 HP:0000047
4 ectopic anus 30 HP:0004397

Symptoms via clinical synopsis from OMIM®:

57 (Updated 08-Dec-2022)
G I:
anal atresia

Clinical features from OMIM®:

207500 (Updated 08-Dec-2022)

MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Anus, Imperforate:

45 (show all 19)
# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 growth/size/body region MP:0005378 10.46 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FANCB FGF8 FOXF1
2 nervous system MP:0003631 10.41 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 GLI2 GLI3
3 limbs/digits/tail MP:0005371 10.38 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FRAS1 GLI2
4 digestive/alimentary MP:0005381 10.36 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FOXF1 FRAS1
5 embryo MP:0005380 10.35 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FOXF1 GLI2
6 cellular MP:0005384 10.33 CFAP47 CHD7 CTNNB1 FANCB FGF8 FOXF1
7 endocrine/exocrine gland MP:0005379 10.31 CHD7 CTNNB1 FANCB FGF8 FOXF1 GLI2
8 normal MP:0002873 10.28 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 GLI2 GLI3 MED12
9 cardiovascular system MP:0005385 10.24 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FOXF1 FRAS1
10 muscle MP:0005369 10.2 CHD7 CTNNB1 FGF8 FOXF1 GLI2 HOXD13
11 no phenotypic analysis MP:0003012 10.18 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FRAS1 GLI2 GLI3 HOXD13
12 renal/urinary system MP:0005367 10.16 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FRAS1 GLI3 HOXD13
13 hearing/vestibular/ear MP:0005377 10.13 CHD7 CTNNB1 FGF8 GLI2 GLI3 SALL1
14 craniofacial MP:0005382 10.13 CHD7 CTNNB1 FGF8 FRAS1 GLI2 GLI3
15 respiratory system MP:0005388 10.06 CHD7 CTNNB1 FGF8 FOXF1 FRAS1 GLI2
16 reproductive system MP:0005389 10.03 CFAP47 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FANCB FGF8
17 skeleton MP:0005390 10 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FRAS1 GLI2
18 vision/eye MP:0005391 9.65 CHD7 CTNNB1 FGF8 FRAS1 GLI2 GLI3
19 mortality/aging MP:0010768 9.55 CHD7 CTNNB1 CYP26A1 FGF8 FOXF1 FRAS1

Drugs & Therapeutics for Anus, Imperforate

Drugs for Anus, Imperforate (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

(show all 8)
# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
1 Anesthetics Phase 3
Bisacodyl Approved 603-50-9 2391
3 Cola
4 Anti-Bacterial Agents
5 Antibiotics, Antitubercular
6 Cathartics
7 Central Nervous System Stimulants
8 Laxatives

Interventional clinical trials:

(show all 20)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 NASHA/Dx as a Perianal Implant for the Treatment of Persistent Fecal Incontience After Anorectal Malformation Completed NCT03746834 Phase 4
2 The Use of Indocyanine Green Angiography in Pediatric Colorectal Surgery: A Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial Recruiting NCT04904081 Phase 3 Indocyanine green
3 Long-term Outcome in Patients Operated for Congenital Anorectal Malformations Unknown status NCT02624232
4 Laparoscopically Assisted Anorectal Pull-through Versus Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty for High and Intermediate Anorectal Malformations : A Comparative Study Unknown status NCT03174028
5 3D High Resolution Anorectal Manometry in Children After Surgery for Anorectal Disorders Completed NCT02296008
6 National Study on the Quality of Life of Patients With Anorectal Malformation (MARQOL) Completed NCT02029248
7 Study of Antenatal and Postnatal Data of Anorectal Malformations Diagnosed at Montpellier University Hospital Over a 10-year Period (2010-2020) : Why and How to Improve Antenatal Counseling ? Completed NCT05045560
8 Urodynamic Evaluation in Patients With Anorectal Malformation According to Spinal Cord Abnormalities Completed NCT00909415
9 Management and Outcomes of Congenital Anomalies in Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries: A Multi-Centre, International, Prospective Cohort Study Completed NCT03666767
10 Paediatric Surgery Across Sub-Saharan Africa: A Multi-Centre Prospective Cohort Study Completed NCT03185637
11 Comparative Study of the House Advancement Flap, Rhomboid Flap, and Y-V Anoplasty in Treatment of Anal Stenosis: A Prospective Randomized Study Completed NCT00883571
12 Translation and Validation of the Hirschsprung and Anorectal Malformation Quality of Life (HAQL) Questionnaire in a Danish Hirschsprung Population Completed NCT04730128
13 Sacral Nerve Stimulation in Children and Adolescents With Chronic Constipation: a Case-control Study on Invasive and Non-invasive Neuromodulatory Treatment Recruiting NCT04713085
14 Non-invasive Sacral Nerve Stimulation in Children and Adolescents With Chronic Constipation: a Case-control Study on External Neuromodulatory Treatment Recruiting NCT04710433
15 A Prospective Tolerability and Safety Study of a Powdered Human Milk-based Breastmilk Fortifier (Neokare) in Neonates With Gastrointestinal Problems Recruiting NCT05293353
16 Longterm Outcomes of Individuals With Anorectal Malformations Recruiting NCT04901819
17 Long-term Qualitative and Quantitative Outcomes of Children With Hirschsprung's Disease and Anorectal Malformations Recruiting NCT05450991
18 Strategies for Predicting the Efficacy of Sacral Nerve Stimulation With Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in the Management of Fecal Incontinence After Surgery of Anorectal Malformation. Active, not recruiting NCT05621629
19 Transition of Care for Patients With Hirschsprung Disease and Anorectal Malformations Enrolling by invitation NCT04106947
20 Anoplasty for Post Hemorroidectomy Anal Stenosis : Diamond Versus V-Y Flap Techniques Not yet recruiting NCT05389475

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Genetic Tests for Anus, Imperforate

Genetic tests related to Anus, Imperforate:

# Genetic test Affiliating Genes
1 Imperforate Anus 28

Anatomical Context for Anus, Imperforate

Organs/tissues related to Anus, Imperforate:

MalaCards : Spinal Cord, Colon, Eye, Kidney, Heart, Smooth Muscle, Uterus

Publications for Anus, Imperforate

Articles related to Anus, Imperforate:

(show top 50) (show all 4513)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Familial imperforate anus: Report of a family. 62 57
4852015 1974
Imperforate anus and heredity. 62 57
5505692 1970
Familial anorectal anomalies. 57
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Delayed Surgical Management of an Unusual Classic Bladder Exstrophy Variant. 62
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36029342 2022
One-stage versus staged laparoscopic-assisted anorectoplasty for high-and intermediate anorectal malformations: Medium-term outcomes from a propensity score matching analysis. 62
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35912295 2022
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36379749 2022
[Risk factors of postoperative voiding dysfunction in children with congenital anorectal malformation]. 62
36229205 2022

Variations for Anus, Imperforate

ClinVar genetic disease variations for Anus, Imperforate:

# Gene Name Type Significance ClinVarId dbSNP ID Position
1 overlap with 7 genes GRCh37/hg19 22q11.22-11.23(chr22:22971867-23643138) CN LOSS Pathogenic
638672 GRCh37: 22:22971867-23643138
2 MED12 NM_005120.3(MED12):c.2881C>T (p.Arg961Trp) SNV Pathogenic
11520 rs80338758 GRCh37: X:70347217-70347217
GRCh38: X:71127367-71127367
3 CTNNB1 NM_001904.4(CTNNB1):c.1876G>T (p.Glu626Ter) SNV Likely Pathogenic
523403 rs1553632357 GRCh37: 3:41277912-41277912
GRCh38: 3:41236421-41236421
4 TBXAS1 GRCh37/hg19 7q34(chr7:139478979-139550968) CN GAIN Uncertain Significance
638674 GRCh37: 7:139478979-139550968
5 GABRG3 GRCh37/hg19 15q12(chr15:27462869-27544157) CN GAIN Uncertain Significance
638675 GRCh37: 15:27462869-27544157
6 SLC9A4 GRCh37/hg19 2q12.1(chr2:103090517-103148433) CN LOSS Uncertain Significance
638673 GRCh37: 2:103090517-103148433
7 ROBO1 NM_002941.4(ROBO1):c.1400C>T (p.Ala467Val) SNV Uncertain Significance
1338794 GRCh37: 3:78719394-78719394
GRCh38: 3:78670244-78670244

Expression for Anus, Imperforate

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Pathways for Anus, Imperforate

GO Terms for Anus, Imperforate

Cellular components related to Anus, Imperforate according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 ciliary tip GO:0097542 9.43 IFT27 GLI3 GLI2
2 GLI-SUFU complex GO:1990788 8.8 GLI3 GLI2

Biological processes related to Anus, Imperforate according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

(show top 50) (show all 85)
# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 positive regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II GO:0045944 10.62 CHD7 CTNNB1 FOXF1 GLI2 GLI3 HOXD13
2 positive regulation of DNA-templated transcription GO:0045893 10.57 ZIC3 SHH SALL1 MED12 GLI3 GLI2
3 in utero embryonic development GO:0001701 10.37 GLI3 GLI2 FOXF1 CTNNB1 CHD7
4 central nervous system development GO:0007417 10.29 ZIC3 SHH MNX1 GLI3 CHD7
5 skeletal system development GO:0001501 10.28 ZIC3 HOXD13 GLI2 CTNNB1 CHD7
6 heart looping GO:0001947 10.24 ZIC3 SHH FGF8
7 regulation of cell population proliferation GO:0042127 10.24 SHH HOXD13 GLI3 CTNNB1
8 odontogenesis of dentin-containing tooth GO:0042475 10.23 SHH GLI3 GLI2 CTNNB1
9 T cell differentiation in thymus GO:0033077 10.22 SHH GLI3 CTNNB1
10 oligodendrocyte differentiation GO:0048709 10.22 SHH GLI3 CTNNB1
11 neuroblast proliferation GO:0007405 10.21 SHH GLI3 CTNNB1
12 metanephros development GO:0001656 10.2 SHH GLI3 FGF8
13 branching involved in blood vessel morphogenesis GO:0001569 10.2 CTNNB1 FGF8 SHH
14 hair follicle morphogenesis GO:0031069 10.2 CTNNB1 GLI2 SHH
15 roof of mouth development GO:0060021 10.19 SHH GLI3 FRAS1 CHD7
16 pancreas development GO:0031016 10.18 SHH FOXF1 CTNNB1
17 positive regulation of neuroblast proliferation GO:0002052 10.18 SHH GLI3 CTNNB1
18 proximal/distal pattern formation GO:0009954 10.18 GLI3 GLI2 CTNNB1
19 neuron differentiation GO:0030182 10.17 ZIC3 SHH GLI3 GLI2 FGF8 CTNNB1
20 vasculogenesis GO:0001570 10.16 SHH FOXF1 CTNNB1
21 embryonic hindlimb morphogenesis GO:0035116 10.16 SHH FGF8 CTNNB1 CHD7
22 chondrocyte differentiation GO:0002062 10.15 GLI3 GLI2 CTNNB1
23 positive regulation of stem cell proliferation GO:2000648 10.14 CTNNB1 FGF8 GLI2
24 determination of left/right symmetry GO:0007368 10.14 ZIC3 SHH FOXF1 FGF8
25 hindbrain development GO:0030902 10.14 CTNNB1 GLI2 SHH
26 anterior/posterior pattern specification GO:0009952 10.14 GLI2 GLI3 HOXD13 SHH ZIC3
27 stem cell proliferation GO:0072089 10.13 CTNNB1 FGF8 GLI2 GLI3 SHH
28 branching involved in ureteric bud morphogenesis GO:0001658 10.13 SHH SALL1 GLI3 FGF8 CTNNB1
29 embryonic digestive tract morphogenesis GO:0048557 10.12 SHH GLI3 FOXF1
30 male genitalia development GO:0030539 10.11 SHH HOXD13 FGF8 CTNNB1
31 cell population proliferation GO:0008283 10.1 SHH GLI3 GLI2 FGF8 CTNNB1
32 developmental growth GO:0048589 10.1 SHH GLI3 GLI2
33 smoothened signaling pathway GO:0007224 10.1 ZIC3 SHH IFT27 GLI3 GLI2 FOXF1
34 branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube GO:0048754 10.09 GLI2 GLI3 SHH
35 negative regulation of chondrocyte differentiation GO:0032331 10.08 GLI3 GLI2 CTNNB1
36 positive regulation of mesenchymal cell proliferation GO:0002053 10.08 SHH FOXF1 CTNNB1
37 embryonic limb morphogenesis GO:0030326 10.08 SHH HOXD13 GLI3 FRAS1
38 embryonic foregut morphogenesis GO:0048617 10.08 SHH FOXF1 CTNNB1
39 limb morphogenesis GO:0035108 10.07 ZIC3 HOXD13 GLI3 FGF8
40 alpha-beta T cell differentiation GO:0046632 10.06 SHH GLI3
41 camera-type eye development GO:0043010 10.06 SHH GLI3 CHD7
42 lung-associated mesenchyme development GO:0060484 10.06 CTNNB1 SHH
43 epithelial cell proliferation involved in prostate gland development GO:0060767 10.06 CTNNB1 SHH
44 embryonic neurocranium morphogenesis GO:0048702 10.06 MED12 GLI3 FGF8
45 lung lobe morphogenesis GO:0060463 10.05 SHH FOXF1
46 positive regulation of skeletal muscle tissue development GO:0048643 10.05 SHH CTNNB1
47 forebrain dorsal/ventral pattern formation GO:0021798 10.05 GLI3 FGF8
48 skin development GO:0043588 10.05 SHH FRAS1 CTNNB1
49 epithelial tube branching involved in lung morphogenesis GO:0060441 10.05 CTNNB1 FOXF1 SHH
50 mesenchymal cell proliferation involved in lung development GO:0060916 10.04 SHH CTNNB1

Molecular functions related to Anus, Imperforate according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 chromatin binding GO:0003682 9.7 MED12 HOXD13 GLI3 GLI2 CTNNB1 CHD7
2 beta-catenin binding GO:0008013 9.23 SALL1 MED12 GLI3 CTNNB1

Sources for Anus, Imperforate

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27 GO
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30 HPO
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36 LifeMap
40 MedGen
43 MeSH
44 MESH via Orphanet
45 MGI
48 NCI
49 NCIt
53 Novoseek
55 ODiseA
56 OMIM via Orphanet
57 OMIM® (Updated 08-Dec-2022)
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62 PubMed
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