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MalaCards integrated aliases for Bronchiectasis:

Name: Bronchiectasis 12 74 29 54 6 43 15 62 71 32
Polynesian Bronchiectasis 12
Kartagener Syndrome 71


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:9563
ICD9CM 34 494
MeSH 43 D001987
NCIt 49 C84475
SNOMED-CT 67 12295008
ICD10 32 J47
UMLS 71 C0006267 C0022521

Summaries for Bronchiectasis

PubMed Health : 62 About bronchiectasis: Bronchiectasis (brong-ke-EK-tah-sis) is a condition in which damage to the airways causes them to widen and become flabby and scarred. The airways are tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs. Bronchiectasis often is caused by an infection or other condition that injures the walls of the airways or prevents the airways from clearing mucus. Mucus is a slimy substance. It helps remove inhaled dust, bacteria, and other small particles from the airways. In bronchiectasis, your airways slowly lose their ability to clear out mucus. The mucus builds up, and bacteria begin to grow. This leads to repeated, serious lung infections. Each infection causes more damage to the airways. Over time, the airways can't properly move air in and out of the lungs. As a result, the body's vital organs might not get enough oxygen. Bronchiectasis can lead to serious health problems, such as respiratory failure, atelectasis (at-eh-LEK-tah-sis), and heart failure.

MalaCards based summary : Bronchiectasis, also known as polynesian bronchiectasis, is related to idiopathic bronchiectasis and ciliary dyskinesia, primary, 1, and has symptoms including headache An important gene associated with Bronchiectasis is STAT1 (Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 1), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Innate Immune System and Defensins. The drugs Levofloxacin and Ofloxacin have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include lung, testes and neutrophil, and related phenotypes are homeostasis/metabolism and hematopoietic system

Disease Ontology : 12 A bronchial disease that is a chronic inflammatory condition of one or more bronchi or bronchioles marked by dilatation and loss of elasticity of the walls resulting from damage to the airway wall leading to the formation of small sacs on the bronchial wall and impairment of cilia mobility in the lung. Inflammation of the bronchial wall increases mucus secretion which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. Bronchiectasis is caused by repeated respiratory infections, immune deficiency disorders, hereditary disorders (cystic fibrosis or primary ciliary dyskinesia), mechanical factors (inhaled object or a lung tumor) or inhaling toxic substances.

Wikipedia : 74 Bronchiectasis is a disease in which there is permanent enlargement of parts of the airways of the lung.... more...

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Diseases in the Bronchiectasis family:

Bronchiectasis 1 Bronchiectasis 2
Bronchiectasis 3

Diseases related to Bronchiectasis via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 idiopathic bronchiectasis 34.6 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A CFTR
2 ciliary dyskinesia, primary, 1 33.8 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
3 kartagener syndrome 33.5 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CFTR CCDC40
4 primary ciliary dyskinesia 32.6 SERPINA1 MBL2 ELANE DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11
5 nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease 32.3 TLR2 CFTR
6 bronchial disease 31.6 TLR2 SERPINA3 ELANE CXCL8 CFTR
7 situs inversus 31.4 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
8 haemophilus influenzae 31.3 TLR2 CXCL8
9 dextrocardia 30.9 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
10 aspergillosis 30.6 TLR2 MBL2 ELANE CXCL8 CFTR
11 mycobacterium abscessus 30.5 TLR2 SERPINA1 CXCL8 CFTR
12 cholangitis 30.5 MPO CXCL8 CFTR
13 anca-associated vasculitis 30.5 SERPINA1 MPO
14 ulcerative colitis 30.4 MPO CXCL8 CTSG BPI
15 extrinsic allergic alveolitis 30.3 MPO ELANE CXCL8
16 diarrhea 30.3 STAT1 SERPINA1 MPO CXCL8 CFTR
17 sclerosing cholangitis 30.3 MPO CXCL8 CFTR
18 ciliary dyskinesia, primary, 8 30.3 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
19 bronchopneumonia 30.2 SERPINA3 MPO ELANE CXCL8
20 pleurisy 30.2 TLR2 MPO CXCL8
21 respiratory failure 30.2 SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MPO MMP8 ELANE CXCL8
22 mycobacterium kansasii 30.1 TLR2 CXCL8
23 pulmonary fibrosis, idiopathic 30.1 TLR2 SERPINA1 ELANE CXCL8
24 common variable immunodeficiency 30.0 TLR2 SERPINA1 MPO MBL2
25 mycobacterium chelonae 30.0 TLR2 CXCL8
26 glomerulonephritis 30.0 MPO MBL2 ELANE CTSG
27 crescentic glomerulonephritis 29.9 MPO CTSG BPI
28 paranasal sinus disease 29.8 MPO DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CXCL8 CFTR
29 common cold 29.8 TLR2 CXCL8 CFTR
30 chronic granulomatous disease 29.8 MPO ELANE CXCL8 CTSG
31 otitis media 29.7 TLR2 MPO MBL2 ELANE CXCL8
32 alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency 29.6 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MPO ELANE CXCL8
33 proteasome-associated autoinflammatory syndrome 1 29.6 TLR2 STAT1 MPO ELANE CXCL8
34 fungal infectious disease 29.5 TLR2 STAT1 CXCL8
35 mycobacterium tuberculosis 1 29.5 TLR2 STAT1 SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MBL2
36 bronchitis 29.5 TLR2 STAT1 SLPI SERPINA1 MPO ELANE
37 cystic fibrosis 29.5 TLR2 SLPI SERPINA1 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
38 invasive aspergillosis 29.4 TLR2 MBL2 CXCL8
39 cerebral palsy 29.4 MPO MMP8 MBL2 CXCL8
40 osteomyelitis 29.4 TLR2 STAT1 CXCL8
41 chlamydia 29.4 TLR2 MBL2 CXCL8
42 bronchiolitis obliterans 29.3 TLR2 SLPI MPO MMP8 CXCL8
43 pulmonary emphysema 29.2 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MMP8 ELANE CXCL8
44 bacterial infectious disease 29.1 TLR2 SERPINA3 MBL2 ELANE CXCL8 CFTR
46 granulomatosis with polyangiitis 29.1 TLR2 SERPINA1 MPO ELANE CTSG BPI
47 candidiasis 29.1 TLR2 STAT1 MBL2 CXCL8
48 inflammatory bowel disease 28.9 TLR2 STAT1 MPO ELANE CXCL8 CTSG
49 bacterial pneumonia 28.8 TLR2 SLPI SERPINA3 ELANE CXCL8
50 rheumatoid arthritis 28.8 TLR2 SERPINA3 MPO MMP8 MBL2 ELANE

Comorbidity relations with Bronchiectasis via Phenotypic Disease Network (PDN): (show all 20)

Agammaglobulinemia, X-Linked Anxiety
Aspergillosis Bronchitis
Bronchopneumonia Chronic Pulmonary Heart Disease
Deficiency Anemia Esophagitis
Familial Atrial Fibrillation Heart Disease
Hypothyroidism Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia
Lung Abscess Mitral Valve Disease
Osteoporosis Postinflammatory Pulmonary Fibrosis
Protein-Energy Malnutrition Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Respiratory Failure Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Diseases related to Bronchiectasis

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Bronchiectasis

UMLS symptoms related to Bronchiectasis:


MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Bronchiectasis:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 homeostasis/metabolism MP:0005376 10.18 CFTR DNAH11 ELANE MBL2 MMP8 MPO
2 hematopoietic system MP:0005397 10.14 CFTR CTSG DNAH11 DNAH5 DNAI1 ELANE
3 mortality/aging MP:0010768 10.13 CCDC40 CFTR CTSG DNAH11 DNAH5 DNAI1
4 immune system MP:0005387 10.1 CFTR CTSG DNAH11 DNAH5 DNAI1 ELANE
5 digestive/alimentary MP:0005381 10.03 CFTR DNAH11 DNAH5 SCNN1A SCNN1B SCNN1G
6 normal MP:0002873 9.9 CFTR CTSG DNAH11 DNAI1 ELANE SCNN1A
7 renal/urinary system MP:0005367 9.56 CCDC40 DNAH11 DNAH5 MBL2 SCNN1A SCNN1B
8 respiratory system MP:0005388 9.32 CCDC40 CFTR DNAH11 DNAH5 DNAI1 SCNN1A

Drugs & Therapeutics for Bronchiectasis

PubMed Health treatment related to Bronchiectasis: 62

Bronchiectasis often is treated with medicines, hydration , and chest physical therapy (CPT). Your doctor may recommend surgery if the bronchiectasis is isolated to a section of lung or you have a lot of bleeding . If the bronchiectasis is widespread and causing respiratory failure , your doctor may recommend oxygen therapy . The goals of treatment are to: Treat any underlying conditions and lung infections. Remove mucus (a slimy substance) from your lungs . Maintaining good hydration helps with mucus removal. Prevent complications. Early diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of bronchiectasis may help prevent further lung damage. In addition, any disease associated with the bronchiectasis , such as cystic fibrosis or immunodeficiency, also should be treated.

Drugs for Bronchiectasis (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Levofloxacin Approved, Investigational Phase 4 100986-85-4 149096
Ofloxacin Approved Phase 4 82419-36-1 4583
Moxifloxacin Approved, Investigational Phase 4 354812-41-2, 151096-09-2 152946
Metronidazole Approved Phase 4 443-48-1 4173
Vancomycin Approved Phase 4 1404-90-6 14969 441141
Theophylline Approved Phase 4 58-55-9 2153
Nitrous oxide Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 10024-97-2 948
Fluticasone Approved, Experimental Phase 4 90566-53-3 62924
Atorvastatin Approved Phase 4 134523-00-5 60823
Meropenem Approved, Investigational Phase 4 96036-03-2, 119478-56-7 441130 64778
Amikacin Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 37517-28-5 37768
Acetylcysteine Approved, Investigational Phase 4 616-91-1 12035
Ivacaftor Approved Phase 4 873054-44-5 16220172
Budesonide Approved Phase 4 51333-22-3 63006 5281004
Vitamin D3 Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4 67-97-0 5280795 6221
Vitamin D Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 1406-16-2
Cysteine Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4 52-90-4 5862
18 Norgestimate, ethinyl estradiol drug combination Phase 4
19 Trace Elements Phase 4
20 Micronutrients Phase 4
21 Vitamins Phase 4
22 Nutrients Phase 4
23 Calciferol Phase 4
24 Calcium, Dietary Phase 4
25 Skullcap Phase 4
26 Anti-Allergic Agents Phase 4
27 Antiprotozoal Agents Phase 4
28 Antiparasitic Agents Phase 4
29 Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Phase 4
30 Anti-Asthmatic Agents Phase 4
31 Bronchodilator Agents Phase 4
32 Gentamicins Phase 4
33 Adjuvants, Immunologic Phase 4
34 Broncho-Vaxom Phase 4
35 Immunologic Factors Phase 4
Salmeterol xinafoate Phase 4 94749-08-3 56801
37 Fluticasone-Salmeterol Drug Combination Phase 4
38 Sympathomimetics Phase 4
39 Hypolipidemic Agents Phase 4
40 Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors Phase 4
41 Anticholesteremic Agents Phase 4
42 Lipid Regulating Agents Phase 4
43 Antimetabolites Phase 4
44 Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Phase 4
45 Vaccines Phase 4
46 Aluminum phosphate Phase 4
47 Anti-Infective Agents Phase 4
48 Respiratory System Agents Phase 4
49 Pharmaceutical Solutions Phase 4
50 Expectorants Phase 4

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 360)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 A Randomized,Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy,Indications,Adverse Reactions and Resistance of Combined Administration of Nebulized Tobramycin Compared With Systemic Administration Alone in Patients With Bronchiectasis Unknown status NCT01677403 Phase 4 Tobramycin;Saline
2 Vitamin D as an Adjunctive Treatment in Patients With Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis: a Double-blind Randomised Controlled Trial Unknown status NCT02507843 Phase 4 Cholecalciferol;Placebo
3 The Study on the Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine Through a Series of N-of-1 Trials Based on the Mathematical Model of "Carryover Effect" Unknown status NCT03147443 Phase 4 Individualized Decoction;placebo;Tested drug minus heat-clearing herbs
4 Use of Roflumilast to Prevent Exacerbations in Fibrotic Sarcoidosis Patients (REFS) Unknown status NCT01830959 Phase 4 Roflumilast;Placebo
5 Comparing Treatment Efficacy With High and Medium Dose of Fluticasone in Combination With Salmeterol in COPD Patients Unknown status NCT01657487 Phase 4 Fluticasone/Salmeterol high dose
6 The Polysaccharide Antibody Response Study: Typhim Vi Response and Allohemagglutinins Versus Pneumovax 23 Vaccine Response in the Diagnosis of Specific Polysaccharide Antibody Deficiency Unknown status NCT02429531 Phase 4
7 Multi-Centre, Prospective, Open Label, Randomized Trial to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Moxifloxacin Versus Levofloxacin Plus Metronidazole in the Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia With Aspiration Factors Unknown status NCT00752947 Phase 4 moxifloxacin;levofloxacin;metronidazole
8 Aerosolized Antibiotics in the Treatment of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: A Pilot Study Unknown status NCT02478710 Phase 4 Aerosolized Tobramycin or Vancomycin;Aerosolized Placebo
9 Pulmonary Gas Exchange Response to Indacaterol in Stable Symptomatic Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Unknown status NCT02547558 Phase 4 Indacaterol
10 Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Theophylline in the Treatment of Non-Cystic Fibrosis(NCF) Bronchiectasis Completed NCT01684683 Phase 4 Theophylline;Placebo(for Theophylline)
11 Can Long Term Nebulised Gentamicin Reduce The Bacterial Burden, Break the Vicious Cycle of Inflammation and Improve Quality of Life in Patients With Bronchiectasis Completed NCT00749866 Phase 4 Gentamicin;Saline
12 To Investigate the PRevention of OM-85 on Bronchiectasis Exacerbation (iPROBE): a Multicenter, Randomised, Double-dummy, Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial in Chinese Patients Completed NCT01968421 Phase 4 OM-85 BV
13 The Role of Theophylline Plus Low-dose Formoterol-budesonide in Treatment of Bronchiectasis Completed NCT01769898 Phase 4 Formoterol-budesonide;Theophylline;Placebo
14 A Randomized, Controlled Study of Combined Administration of Nebulized Amikacin in Patients With Acute Exacerbation of Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis Completed NCT02081963 Phase 4 Amikacin;Normal saline
15 Efficacy of Azithromycin in Treatment of Bronchiectasis Completed NCT02107274 Phase 4 Azithromycin;Placebo for Azithromycin
16 Salmeterol-Fluticasone Combined Inhaled Therapy for Non-cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis With Airway Limitation: a Prospective Study Completed NCT02782312 Phase 4 ICS+LABA
17 Is Regular Chest Physiotherapy an Effective Treatment in Severe, Non Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis? Completed NCT00816309 Phase 4
18 A Randomised Controlled Trial of Atorvastatin as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent in Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis Completed NCT01299181 Phase 4 Atorvastatin
19 A Randomised Controlled Trial of Atorvastatin as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent in Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis in Patients With Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Completed NCT01299194 Phase 4 ATORVASTATIN
20 Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Non Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis Completed NCT00868075 Phase 4
21 Bacterial Load Guided Therapy for Severe Exacerbations of Bronchiectasis Requiring IntraVenous Antibiotic Therapy- BLT Br IV Study Completed NCT02047773 Phase 4 Colomycin;Meropenem
22 Effectiveness and Safety of Inhaling Hypertonic Saline in the Functional Exercise Capacity of Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: a Randomized Trial Completed NCT00639236 Phase 4
23 An Investigation Into the Mechanisms of Action of a Combined Long Acting Beta Agonist/Inhaled Corticosteroid (Seretide 500 Accuhaler) on the Bacterial Colonisation, Immunology and Inflammation of Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Completed NCT00974805 Phase 4 Seretide 500 Accuhaler
24 Multicenter Controlled Trial on Efficacy of TPEP Device in Adult Patients With Chronic Hypersecretion Completed NCT00700388 Phase 4
25 Nebulized Hypertonic Saline for Acute Bronchiolitis in the Emergency Department Completed NCT01247064 Phase 4 Nebulized 3% saline;Nebulized 0.9% Normal Saline
26 Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) Schedules for the Northern Territory (NT): Randomised Controlled Trial of Booster Vaccines to Broaden and Strengthen Protection From Invasive and Mucosal Infections. Completed NCT01735084 Phase 4
27 An Open Label Study to Investigate the Role of Ivacaftor (VX-770) for the Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis With CFTR Dysfunction Recruiting NCT03251911 Phase 4 Ivacaftor (VX-770)
28 Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Therapy of Bronchoalveolar Lavage and Local Amikacin Injection in Patients With Acute Exacerbation of Bronchiectasis:An Open-label Randomized Parallel Controlled Study Recruiting NCT02509091 Phase 4 Bronchoalveolar Lavage and Local Amikacin Injection
29 Nebulized N-Acetyl Cysteine for Bronchiolitis in Inpatient Hospital Use: A Randomized Controlled Trial Recruiting NCT03364218 Phase 4 N-Acetyl Cysteine
30 The Comparisons of the Efficacy and Safety of Inhaled LAMA or LAMA+LABA or ICS+LABA for Patients in COPD C Group With Bronchiectasis Enrolling by invitation NCT02546297 Phase 4 Symbicort;Spiriva
31 Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy for Immunoglobulin G Subclass 2 Deficient Patients With Bronchiectasis- A Proof of Concept Study Suspended NCT03737617 Phase 4 Cuvitru 20 % Injectable Solution
32 Open Trial With Randomized Withdrawal of Treatment, to Evaluate the Efficacy of Azithromycin in the Treatment of Children With Non Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis ( AZI-STOP Study ) Unknown status NCT02531984 Phase 3 Azithromycin
33 The Role of Inhalations of Tranexamic Acid in Patients With Hemoptysis Unknown status NCT01496196 Phase 3 tranexamic acid;tranexamic acid
34 An Open Label Trial of Azithromycin in Chronic Productive Cough Unknown status NCT02196493 Phase 3 Azithromycin
35 Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial of Effects of Long Term Low Dose Oral Erythromycin Therapy in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Unknown status NCT00147667 Phase 2, Phase 3 Erythromycin
36 Intrapleural Minocycline After Simple Aspiration for the Prevention of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax: A Randomized Trial Unknown status NCT00418392 Phase 3
37 Efficacy of Roflumilast on Exacerbations in Patients With Non-cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis: a Randomized Double-blind Placebo-controlled Trial Completed NCT04122547 Phase 3 Roflumilast;Placebo
38 Effects of Roxithromycin on Quality of Life and Physiologic Outcomes in Bronchiectasis Patients During Treatment and Posttreatment Period Completed NCT04122040 Phase 3 Roxithromycin 300 MG;Placebo
39 A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Pulmaquin® in the Management of Chronic Lung Infections With Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Patients With Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis, Including 28 Day Open-Label Extension Completed NCT02104245 Phase 3 Ciprofloxacin dispersion for inhalation;Placebo
40 Long-term Inhaled Nebulized Tobramycin in Patients With Non-cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis. A Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial. The BATTLE Study Bronchiectasis And Tobramycin SoluTion InhaLation ThErapy. Completed NCT02657473 Phase 2, Phase 3 tobramycin inhalation solution;Saline 0.9% inhalation solution
41 A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Pulmaquin® in the Management of Chronic Lung Infections With Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Subjects With Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis, Including 28 Day Open-Label Extension and Pharmacokinetic Substudy (ORBIT-3) Completed NCT01515007 Phase 3 Ciprofloxacin dispersion for inhalation;Placebo
42 The Role of Vitamin D3 in Pediatric Bronchiectasis Severity( CF Versus Non CF Bronchioectasis) Completed NCT04411901 Phase 2, Phase 3 Cholecalciferol (vitaminD3)
43 A Phase 3, Double-Blind, Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial Evaluating Repeated Courses of Aztreonam for Inhalation Solution/Aztreonam 75 mg Powder and Solvent for Nebuliser Solution in Subjects With Non-CF Bronchiectasis and Gram-Negative Endobronchial Infection (AIR-BX2) Completed NCT01314716 Phase 3 AZLI;Placebo
44 A Phase 3, Double-Blind, Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial Evaluating Repeated Courses of Aztreonam for Inhalation Solution in Subjects With Non-CF Bronchiectasis and Gram-Negative Endobronchial Infection Completed NCT01313624 Phase 3 AZLI;Placebo
45 A Phase III Multicenter, Randomised, Parallel, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of Treatment With Bronchitol (Dry Powder Mannitol) in the Symptomatic Treatment of Bronchiectasis. Completed NCT00277537 Phase 3 Mannitol;placebo
46 : A Phase III Multicenter, Randomized, Parallel Group, Controlled, Double Blind Study to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of Inhaled Mannitol Over 12 Months in the Treatment of Bronchiectasis. Completed NCT00669331 Phase 3 Inhaled mannitol;Matched control
47 Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Multicenter Study Comparing Ciprofloxacin DPI 32.5 mg BID (Twice a Day) Intermittently Administered for 28 Days on / 28 Days Off or 14 Days on / 14 Days Off Versus Placebo to Evaluate the Time to First Pulmonary Exacerbation and Frequency of Exacerbations in Subjects With Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis. Completed NCT01764841 Phase 3 Ciprofloxacin DPI (BAYQ3939);Placebo
48 "A Prospective, Cross-over Randomized Trial to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Mechanical Percussor "LEGA" Compared With Conventional Chest Physiotherapy in Adults With Chronic Bronchiectasis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD Completed NCT01480882 Phase 2, Phase 3
49 Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Multicenter Study Comparing Ciprofloxacin DPI 32.5 mg BID (Twice a Day) Intermittently Administered for 28 Days on / 28 Days Off or 14 Days on / 14 Days Off Versus Placebo to Evaluate the Time to First Pulmonary Exacerbation and Frequency of Exacerbations in Subjects With Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis. Completed NCT02106832 Phase 3 Ciprofloxacin (BAYQ3939) dry powder for inhalation;Ciprofloxacin (BAYQ3939) dry powder for inhalation;Placebo;Placebo
50 The Long Term Effect of Inhaled Hypertonic Saline (6%) in Patients With Non-cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis. Completed NCT00484263 Phase 3 Hypertonic saline 6% -

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Cochrane evidence based reviews: bronchiectasis

Genetic Tests for Bronchiectasis

Genetic tests related to Bronchiectasis:

# Genetic test Affiliating Genes
1 Bronchiectasis 29

Anatomical Context for Bronchiectasis

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Bronchiectasis:

Lung, Testes, Neutrophil, Heart, Colon, Liver, Thyroid

Publications for Bronchiectasis

Articles related to Bronchiectasis:

(show top 50) (show all 9159)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator channel dysfunction in non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis. 61 54
20167849 2010
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. 61 54
20463254 2010
Novel cftr gene sequence variation in Serbian patient with idiopathic disseminated bronchiectasis. 61 54
20334484 2010
Bronchiectasis in infants and preschool children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis after newborn screening. 54 61
19616787 2009
Inflammatory mechanisms and treatment of obstructive airway diseases with neutrophilic bronchitis. 54 61
19555716 2009
Stable bronchiectasis is associated with low serum L-ficolin concentrations. 61 54
20298369 2009
Withdrawal of inhaled steroids in children with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis. 54 61
19138237 2008
Hyper IgE syndrome: an update on clinical aspects and the role of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3. 61 54
18978467 2008
TLR expression on neutrophils at the pulmonary site of infection: TLR1/TLR2-mediated up-regulation of TLR5 expression in cystic fibrosis lung disease. 61 54
18684966 2008
Could a defective epithelial sodium channel lead to bronchiectasis. 54 61
18507830 2008
Airway inflammation in cystic fibrosis. 54 61
18252915 2008
Lack of association between matrix metalloproteinase 8 promoter polymorphism and bronchiectasis in Koreans. 61 54
17728507 2007
The role of TAP1 and TAP2 gene polymorphism in idiopathic bronchiectasis in children. 61 54
17245734 2007
Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 and innate immunity in neutrophilic asthma and idiopathic bronchiectasis. 61 54
17329561 2007
CD4/CD8 ratio and cytokine levels of the BAL fluid in patients with bronchiectasis caused by sulfur mustard gas inhalation. 54 61
17224076 2007
Lack of association between the microsatellite polymorphism in intron 2 of human Toll-like receptor 2 gene and bronchiectasis among Koreans. 61 54
17207025 2007
Prospective analysis of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator mutations in adults with bronchiectasis or pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial infection. 61 54
17035430 2006
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16678503 2006
Effects of claritromycin on inflammatory parameters and clinical conditions in children with bronchiectasis. 54 61
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Common variable immunodeficiency and the complement system; low mannose-binding lectin levels are associated with bronchiectasis. 61 54
16297171 2005
[Bronchiectasis worsening by p-ANCA (bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein) positive vasculitis. A case report and review of the literature]. 54 61
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CFTR mutations and polymorphisms in adults with disseminated bronchiectasis: a controversial issue. 61 54
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Neutrophils, myeloperoxidase, and bronchiectasis in cystic fibrosis: green is not good. 54 61
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Bronchiectasis in adult patients: an expression of heterozygosity for CFTR gene mutations? 61 54
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Atypical sinusitis in adults must lead to looking for cystic fibrosis and primary ciliary dyskinesia. 54 61
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Role of CFTR mutations in adult bronchiectasis. 61 54
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[A case of pleural effusion associated with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis during a relapse of the disease]. 54 61
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Elastase-mediated phosphatidylserine receptor cleavage impairs apoptotic cell clearance in cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis. 54 61
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Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis: a rare cause of pleural effusion. 61 54
11844130 2001
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11400153 2001
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Distribution of alpha(1)-antitrypsin alleles in patients with bronchiectasis. 54 61
10669684 2000
Sputum elastase in steady-state bronchiectasis. 54 61
10669685 2000

Variations for Bronchiectasis

ClinVar genetic disease variations for Bronchiectasis:

6 ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎
# Gene Name Type Significance ClinVarId dbSNP ID GRCh37 Pos GRCh38 Pos
1 STAT1 NM_007315.3(STAT1):c.1154C>T (p.Thr385Met)SNV Pathogenic 144006 rs587777630 2:191851647-191851647 2:190986921-190986921
2 USP11 NM_004651.3(USP11):c.1599G>A (p.Thr533=)SNV Likely pathogenic 635007 rs777516785 X:47101903-47101903 X:47242504-47242504
3 SCNN1A NM_001038.6(SCNN1A):c.1427G>A (p.Arg476Gln)SNV Uncertain significance 598965 rs72657556 12:6458505-6458505 12:6349339-6349339

Expression for Bronchiectasis

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Pathways for Bronchiectasis

Pathways related to Bronchiectasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Super pathways Score Top Affiliating Genes
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4 11.64 TLR2 CXCL8 CTSG
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GO Terms for Bronchiectasis

Cellular components related to Bronchiectasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 extracellular exosome GO:0070062 10.1 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
2 extracellular space GO:0005615 10.07 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MPO MMP8 MBL2
3 cilium GO:0005929 9.85 SCNN1A DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
4 secretory granule GO:0030141 9.7 MPO ELANE CTSG
5 collagen-containing extracellular matrix GO:0062023 9.7 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MMP8 MBL2 ELANE
6 axoneme GO:0005930 9.69 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
7 specific granule lumen GO:0035580 9.62 SLPI MMP8 ELANE BPI
8 dynein complex GO:0030286 9.61 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11
9 outer dynein arm GO:0036157 9.49 DNAI1 DNAH5
10 9+2 motile cilium GO:0097729 9.48 DNAH5 DNAH11
11 extracellular region GO:0005576 9.47 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MPO MMP8 MBL2
12 sodium channel complex GO:0034706 9.43 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
13 azurophil granule lumen GO:0035578 9.35 SERPINA3 MPO ELANE CTSG BPI

Biological processes related to Bronchiectasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 immune response GO:0006955 9.97 TLR2 SLPI CXCL8 CTSG BPI
2 response to lipopolysaccharide GO:0032496 9.8 TLR2 SLPI MPO ELANE CTSG
3 defense response to bacterium GO:0042742 9.8 SLPI MPO MBL2 ELANE CTSG BPI
4 sodium ion transmembrane transport GO:0035725 9.77 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
5 microtubule-based movement GO:0007018 9.76 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11
6 determination of left/right symmetry GO:0007368 9.74 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11
7 flagellated sperm motility GO:0030317 9.73 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
8 extracellular matrix disassembly GO:0022617 9.72 MMP8 ELANE CTSG
9 antimicrobial humoral response GO:0019730 9.71 ELANE CTSG BPI
10 sensory perception of taste GO:0050909 9.69 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
11 acute-phase response GO:0006953 9.65 SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MBL2
12 defense response to fungus GO:0050832 9.63 MPO ELANE CTSG
13 positive regulation of nitric-oxide synthase biosynthetic process GO:0051770 9.61 TLR2 STAT1
14 positive regulation of immune response GO:0050778 9.61 ELANE CTSG
15 response to molecule of bacterial origin GO:0002237 9.59 TLR2 CXCL8
16 epithelial cilium movement involved in determination of left/right asymmetry GO:0060287 9.56 DNAH11 CCDC40
17 cilium movement GO:0003341 9.56 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
18 sodium ion homeostasis GO:0055078 9.54 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
19 regulation of cilium beat frequency GO:0003356 9.52 DNAH11 CCDC40
20 response to yeast GO:0001878 9.49 MPO ELANE
21 epithelial cilium movement GO:0003351 9.46 DNAI1 DNAH5 DNAH11 CCDC40
22 neutrophil degranulation GO:0043312 9.28 TLR2 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1 MPO MMP8
23 multicellular organismal water homeostasis GO:0050891 9.26 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A CFTR

Molecular functions related to Bronchiectasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity GO:0004867 9.43 SLPI SERPINA3 SERPINA1
2 sodium channel activity GO:0005272 9.33 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
3 WW domain binding GO:0050699 9.13 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A
4 ligand-gated sodium channel activity GO:0015280 8.8 SCNN1G SCNN1B SCNN1A

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