Dentin Sensitivity

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Aliases & Classifications for Dentin Sensitivity

MalaCards integrated aliases for Dentin Sensitivity:

Name: Dentin Sensitivity 12 54 43 15 71
Sensitive Dentin 12


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:698
MeSH 43 D003807
NCIt 49 C50778
SNOMED-CT 67 13468005
UMLS 71 C0011432

Summaries for Dentin Sensitivity

MalaCards based summary : Dentin Sensitivity, also known as sensitive dentin, is related to pulpitis and allergic hypersensitivity disease, and has symptoms including toothache An important gene associated with Dentin Sensitivity is DSPP (Dentin Sialophosphoprotein), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Transport of glucose and other sugars, bile salts and organic acids, metal ions and amine compounds and CREB Pathway. The drugs Glycerol and Calcium carbonate have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include testes and brain, and related phenotype is integument.

Related Diseases for Dentin Sensitivity

Diseases in the Dentin Sensitivity family:

Hereditary Dentin Defect

Diseases related to Dentin Sensitivity via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 pulpitis 29.8 TRPV1 DSPP
2 allergic hypersensitivity disease 10.3
3 detrusor sphincter dyssynergia 10.2 TRPV1 TRPA1
4 dental pulp disease 10.1 TRPV1 DSPP
5 trigeminal nerve disease 10.1 TRPV1 TRPA1
6 gingival recession 10.1
7 photokeratitis 10.0 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
8 trigeminal neuralgia 10.0 TRPV1 TRPA1
9 spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, maroteaux type 10.0 TRPV4 TRPA1
10 paroxysmal extreme pain disorder 10.0 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
11 hyperhidrosis, gustatory 10.0 TRPV1 TRPM3 TRPA1
12 parastremmatic dwarfism 10.0 TRPV4 TRPA1
13 somatoform disorder 10.0 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
14 pain agnosia 10.0 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
15 agnosia 10.0 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
16 epileptic encephalopathy, early infantile, 24 9.9 TRPV3 TRPV1
17 tooth erosion 9.9
18 periodontitis 9.9
19 metatropic dysplasia 9.8 TRPV4 TRPV3
20 sensory peripheral neuropathy 9.8 TRPV4 TRPV1 TRPA1
21 autonomic nervous system disease 9.8 TRPV1 TRPA1
22 facial dermatosis 9.7 TRPV3 TRPV2
23 progressive familial heart block 9.7 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPM3
24 paine syndrome 9.6 TRPV4 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
25 peripheral nervous system disease 9.6 TRPV4 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
26 diabetic neuropathy 9.5 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV1 TRPM8
27 mucolipidosis iv 9.5 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV1 TRPM3
28 brachyolmia 9.3 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2
29 scapuloperoneal spinal muscular atrophy 9.1 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPA1
30 familial episodic pain syndrome 9.0 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3 TRPA1
31 migraine with or without aura 1 8.9 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1 KCNK2

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Dentin Sensitivity:

Diseases related to Dentin Sensitivity

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Dentin Sensitivity

UMLS symptoms related to Dentin Sensitivity:


MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Dentin Sensitivity:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 integument MP:0010771 9.17 CSN3 TRPA1 TRPM3 TRPM8 TRPV1 TRPV3

Drugs & Therapeutics for Dentin Sensitivity

Drugs for Dentin Sensitivity (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

(show top 50) (show all 83)
# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Glycerol Approved, Investigational Phase 4 56-81-5 753
Calcium carbonate Approved, Investigational Phase 4 471-34-1
Sodium citrate Approved, Investigational Phase 4 68-04-2
Potassium citrate Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 866-84-2
Citric acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 77-92-9 311
6 Tin Fluorides Phase 4
7 Hormones Phase 4
8 Calcium, Dietary Phase 4
9 Antacids Phase 4
10 Anti-Ulcer Agents Phase 4
11 Gastrointestinal Agents Phase 4
12 Respiratory System Agents Phase 4
13 Fluorides, Topical Phase 4
14 Citrate Phase 4
15 Expectorants Phase 4
16 diuretics Phase 4
Arginine Investigational, Nutraceutical Phase 4 74-79-3 6322
Calcium Nutraceutical Phase 4 7440-70-2 271
Methamphetamine Approved, Illicit Phase 2, Phase 3 537-46-2 10836
Dopamine Approved Phase 2, Phase 3 51-61-6, 62-31-7 681
Triclosan Approved, Investigational Phase 3 3380-34-5 5564
Silicon Approved, Investigational Phase 3 7440-21-3 4082203
Hydrogen peroxide Approved, Vet_approved Phase 3 7722-84-1 784
carbamide peroxide Approved Phase 3 124-43-6
Ketorolac Approved Phase 3 66635-83-4, 74103-06-3 3826
Acetaminophen Approved Phase 3 103-90-2 1983
Piroxicam Approved, Investigational Phase 3 36322-90-4 5280452 54676228
Betadex Experimental Phase 3 7585-39-9 320761
29 Dopamine Agents Phase 2, Phase 3
30 Central Nervous System Stimulants Phase 2, Phase 3
31 Adrenergic Agents Phase 2, Phase 3
32 Sympathomimetics Phase 2, Phase 3
33 Neurotransmitter Agents Phase 2, Phase 3
34 Anti-Infective Agents, Local Phase 3
35 Anti-Infective Agents Phase 3
36 Trace Elements Phase 3
37 Lipid Regulating Agents Phase 3
38 Nutrients Phase 3
39 Hypolipidemic Agents Phase 3
40 Micronutrients Phase 3
41 Antimetabolites Phase 3
42 Analgesics, Non-Narcotic Phase 3
43 Analgesics Phase 3
44 Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors Phase 3
45 Antirheumatic Agents Phase 3
46 Anti-Inflammatory Agents Phase 3
47 Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Non-Steroidal Phase 3
48 Ketorolac Tromethamine Phase 3
49 Piroxicam-beta-cyclodextrin Phase 3
50 Olaflur Experimental Phase 1, Phase 2 6818-37-7

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 122)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Short Term Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of an Occluding Dentifrice in Providing Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT02773758 Phase 4
2 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of an Occluding Dentifrice in Providing Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT02731833 Phase 4
3 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of an Occluding Dentifrice in Providing Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT02923895 Phase 4
4 An 8-Week Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Two Oral Hygiene Regimens in the Reduction of Dentin Hypersensitivity After Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment: Randomized Clinical Trial Completed NCT02461030 Phase 4 In-office and at home Colgate sensitive pro-relief - CSPR;In-office Villevie® prophy paste + Colgate Toothpaste
5 Clinical, Controlled, Double-blind Study on the Effect of Whitening Dentifrices on Tooth Color and Tooth Sensitivity Completed NCT02483013 Phase 4
6 An Exploratory Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Two Currently Marketed Toothpastes Containing Different Concentrations of a Tubule Occlusion Agent Completed NCT01075256 Phase 4
7 Effectiveness of Nano-hydroxyapetite Care Paste in Reducing Dentinhypersenstitivity: A Double Blind Randomized Control Trial Completed NCT02936830 Phase 4 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish;15% Nanohydroxyapetite paste;Glycerol
8 Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Nano-hydroxyapatite Combined With the Potassium Nitrate for the Treatment of Dental Sensitivity Completed NCT02895321 Phase 4
9 Evaluating Remineralizers and Desensitizers Agents in Dental Bleaching Treatment: in Vitro and in Vivo Study Completed NCT02316080 Phase 4
10 Combined Bleaching Technique: Efficacy and Tooth Sensitivity - A Randomized, Double Blind Clinical Trial Completed NCT03089216 Phase 4 8% arginine and calcium carbonate
11 "Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Longevity Post Whitening Carbamide Peroxide 10% in Smokers and Nonsmokers. Double-blind Multicenter Clinical Trial. " Completed NCT02017873 Phase 4 Peroxide Carbamide 10% - Dental bleaching treatment
12 Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Three Different Technologies (Novamin, Refix and Refix-k) in Reducing Dental Hypersensitivity in Periodontal Patients Recruiting NCT04422184 Phase 4 Sensodyne Repair and Protect;Dentalclean Daily Regenerator;Dentalclean Daily Regenerator with potassium citrate
13 Clinical Efficacy of Giomer Versus Sodium Fluoride Varnish for Management of Hypersensitivity: Randomized Control Trail Recruiting NCT03818945 Phase 4 shofu PRG barrier coat;Sodium fluoride varnish
14 Comparison of the Clinical Effectiveness of 8% Arginine/1450 Ppm Sodium Monofluorophosphate Versus 5% Potassium Nitrate/2500 Ppm Sodium Fluoride in Dentin Hypersensitivity Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT02829879 Phase 3 8% arginine/1450ppm sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice;5% potassium nitrate/2500ppm sodium fluoride dentifrice
15 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Dentin Hypersensitivity Treatment Using Glass Ionomer Cements: A Randomized Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT02378129 Phase 2, Phase 3 Resin-modified glass ionomer cement Clinpro XT;Glass Ionomer cement Vidrion R
16 Comparison of Fluoride Varnish With Two Different Desensitizers in Reducing Dentinal Hypersensitivity Unknown status NCT03177109 Phase 3 5% fluoride varnish;8% arginine containing paste;Self-adhesive resin
17 Dentin Treatments for Restorations of Cervical Lesions Non-carious: a Randomized Clinical Trial of Three Years Unknown status NCT02434601 Phase 2, Phase 3
18 The Efficacy of a Toothpaste to Reduce Sensitivity Completed NCT00763269 Phase 3 Triclosan, Silicon dioxide, fluoride;Triclosan, fluoride
19 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of a Dentifrice in Providing Long Term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT01592864 Phase 3 Stannous Fluoride;Sodium Monofluorophosphate
20 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of a Dentifrice in Providing Short Term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT01592851 Phase 3 Stannous Fluoride;Sodium Monofluorophosphate
21 Effectiveness of Cyanoacrylate and of the Laser in the Treatment of Cervical Dentin Sensitivity Completed NCT01111474 Phase 3
22 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of an Occluding Dentifrice in Providing Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT02832375 Phase 3 stannous fluoride;sodium monofluorophosphate
23 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of a Dentifrice in Providing Long Term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT01827670 Phase 3 Stannous fluoride;Sodium monofluorophosphate
24 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of a Dentifrice in Providing Immediate and Short Term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT03072719 Phase 3 Stannous Fluoride;Sodium Monofluorophosphate
25 Efficacy of Seventh Generation Bonding Agents as Short-Term Desensitizers Among Patients With Hypersensitivity A Randomized Clinical Trial Completed NCT04225247 Phase 3 Single Bond Universal;Bifluorid 12;Xeno V+
26 EFFECTIVENESS OF A HOMECARE DESENSITIZER FOR PATIENTS WITH DENTIN HYPERSENSITIVITY Completed NCT02128633 Phase 2, Phase 3 placebo gel;5% sodium fluoride, potassium oxalate 5%, strontium chloride 10%;Fluoride neutral NaF gel 2 %
27 Combination of Two Analgesics Does Not Avoid Bleaching-induced Tooth Sensitivity: a Randomized, Triple-blind Clinical Trial Completed NCT03343392 Phase 3 acetam/ketoro tromet group;Placebo group
28 Preemptive Use of Piroxicam-beta-Cyclodextrin on Tooth Sensitivity Caused by In-office Bleaching: Randomized, Triple-blind, Controlled Clinical Trial Completed NCT03153657 Phase 3 Piroxicam-Beta-Cyclodextrin;Placebo
30 Immediate And Sustained Treatment Response Of Commercially Available BioMin F, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief And Sensodyne Rapid Action Dentifrices In Dentin Hypersensitivity - "A Randomized Clinical Trial" Recruiting NCT04249336 Phase 3 Fluoro-Calcium-Phospho-Silicate based dentifrices;8% Arginine based dentifrices;8% Strontium Acetate;Sodium Fluoride
31 A Proof of Principle Study Investigating the Effects of a Potassium Nitrate Solution in Reducing Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT01115452 Phase 2 5% Potassium nitrate;2.5% Potassium nitrate
32 A Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of a Mouthwash in Providing Long Term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT02226562 Phase 2 Potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride;Standard fluoride dentifrice
33 A Method Development Clinical Study Investigating the Efficacy of an Experimental Oral Rinse in Providing Long Term Relief From Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT03238352 Phase 2 Sodium fluoride
34 Clinical Efficacy in Relieving Dentin Hypersensitivity of Nanohydroxyapatite-Containing Toothpastes and Cream Completed NCT02918617 Phase 2 Control toothpaste containing Novamin® technology;Control toothpaste containing 1500 ppm fluoride as MFP;Test toothpaste with nano-HAP (high concentration);Test toothpaste with nano-HAP (low concentration);Test toothpaste with nano-HAP and (Potassium Nitrate) KNO3;Control toothpaste without nano-HAP;Test toothpaste with nano-HAP (medium concentration);Test cream with nano-HAP (higher concentration);Control cream without nano-HAP
35 A Proof of Concept Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of an Occlusion Based Dentifrice in the Relief of Dentinal Hypersensitivity Completed NCT01691560 Phase 2 5% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/ sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice;0% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice;Sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice;Sodium fluoride dentifrice
36 Randomized Controlled Examiner-Blind Phase II Exploratory Clinical Study to Characterize the Efficacy Profile of an Experimental Dual Active Combination Dentifrice for the Relief of Dentin Hypersensitivity, in Subjects With Clinically Diagnosed Dentin Hypersensitivity Completed NCT03943095 Phase 2
37 Different Concentrations of Potassium Nitrate in In-office Tooth Bleaching Sensitivity: a Randomized Clinical Trial Completed NCT03323372 Phase 2 3% potassium nitrate and 0.25% sodium fluoride;5% potassium nitrate and 2% sodium fluoride
38 Control of Pain Due to Dentin Hypersensitivity in Individuals With Molar-incisor Hypomineralization: Study Protocol for a Randomized, Controlled, Clinical Trial Not yet recruiting NCT04407702 Phase 1, Phase 2
39 Pain Control in Dentin Hypersensitivity in Patients With MIH: Study Protocol for a Randomized, Controlled, Clinical Trial Not yet recruiting NCT04268238 Phase 1, Phase 2
40 A Clinical Method Development Study to Characterise The Efficacy of An Experimental Dual Active Combination Dentifrice For The Relief Of Dentin Hypersensitivity Withdrawn NCT03361774 Phase 2 Dentifrice containing 5% w/w KNO3 and 0.454% w/w SnF2 (1100 ppm fluoride).;Dentifrice containing 0.454% w/w SnF2 (1100 ppm fluoride).
41 Effect of Sodium Fluoride at 1.1%, Associated or Not With the Low-level Light Therapy in the Prevention of Post-bleaching Sensitivity: a Randomized, Double-blind, Controlled Trial Completed NCT03044171 Phase 1 1.1% Sodium Fluoride;In-office dental bleaching
42 Effectiveness of Sylc Air Abrasion Bioactive Glass Technology Versus Fluoride Varnish Application in Management of Hypersensitivity of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions: Randomized Clinical Trial. Completed NCT03285360 Phase 1
43 Effect of Low-level Light Therapy Associated With Potassium Nitrate in the Control of Post-bleaching Dental Sensitivity: a Randomized, Double-blind, Split-mouth, Controlled Trial Completed NCT03434782 Phase 1 In-office dental bleaching;Low Level Laser Therapy;5% potassium nitrate / 2% sodium fluoride gel
44 Reduction of Dentine Hypersensitivity Using 8% Arginine Based Toothpaste and 8% Strontium Acetate Based Toothpaste: Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03061383
45 Marginal Adaptation of E.Max Laminate Veneers Prepared With Modified Gull Wing Preparation and Conventional Preparation Unknown status NCT03214549
46 Clinical Evaluation of Different Potassium Oxalate Concentrations in Dentin: A Randomized Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03083496 Potassium Oxalate 5%;Potassium Oxalate 10%
47 Evaluation of Desensitization Protocols in Reduction of Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Randomized Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03076944 UltraEZ;Enamelast
48 Long-term Response of Three Biomaterials Used as Desensitizer Agents Under Oral Environmental Exposure. Unknown status NCT02770573
49 Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Laser-aided Orthodontic-periodontal Treatment Strategy Unknown status NCT02352038
50 The Use of 8% L-Arginine/Calcium Carbonate Containing Toothpaste in Comparison to Strontium Acetate Containing Toothpaste in Management of Hypersensitive Dentine in Chronic Periodontitis Patients : A Randomized-controlled Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03068533

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Genetic Tests for Dentin Sensitivity

Anatomical Context for Dentin Sensitivity

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Dentin Sensitivity:

Testes, Brain

Publications for Dentin Sensitivity

Articles related to Dentin Sensitivity:

(show top 50) (show all 155)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Dentin hypersensitivity: a randomized clinical comparison of three different agents in a short-term treatment period. 61 54
19678443 2009
[Dentin sensitivity: an oral symptom that should not be neglected]. 54 61
19575978 2009
Considerations for the development of over-the-counter dentifrices for the treatment and relief of dentin sensitivity. 61 54
19902641 2009
The original desensitizers: strontium and potassium salts. 61 54
19902638 2009
Coronally positioned flap plus resin-modified glass ionomer restoration for the treatment of gingival recession associated with non-carious cervical lesions: a randomized controlled clinical trial. 54 61
18380554 2008
[Clinical observation of pin-ledge retained resin-bonded fixed partial denture]. 61 54
18846936 2008
Immediate dentin sealing using an antibacterial self-etching bonding system. 61 54
17139946 2006
Clinical evaluation of a resin-modified glass-ionomer liner for cervical dentin hypersensitivity treatment. 61 54
16555659 2006
Immediate dentin sealing: a fundamental procedure for indirect bonded restorations. 54 61
15996383 2005
Dentin deformation after scratching with clinically-relevant forces. 61 54
12798156 2003
Diagnosis and dental treatment of a young adult patient with gastroesophageal reflux: a case report with 2-year follow-up. 61 54
12238695 2002
Clinical evaluation of two adhesive composite cements for the suppression of dentinal cold sensitivity. 61 54
12239480 2002
Clinical evaluation of cervical dentin sensitivity (CDS) in patients attending general dental clinics (GDC) and periodontal specialty clinics (PSC). 54 61
11908469 2002
Some effects of enamel matrix proteins on wound healing in the dento-gingival region. 61 54
11846843 2002
Understanding and managing dentin hypersensitivity. 61 54
12592921 2002
Effect of desensitizing agents on dentin permeability and dentin tubule occlusion. 54 61
12666757 2002
Root-dentin sensitivity following non-surgical periodontal treatment. 61 54
10983603 2000
Effect of dentin desensitizers and dentin bonding agents on dentin permeability. 61 54
11763898 2000
Clinical evaluation of a one-bottle bonding system for desensitizing exposed roots. 54 61
10649916 1999
Dentin desensitizing effects of Gluma Alternate, Health-Dent Desensitizer and Scotchbond Multi-Purpose. 54 61
10649929 1999
Clinical efficacy of two dentin desensitizing agents. 61 54
10477986 1999
Pulpal ischemia in man: effects on detection threshold, A-delta neural response and sharp dental pain. 61 54
10219148 1999
Clinical effectiveness of a Class V flowable composite resin system. 61 54
10649941 1999
[Treatment of dentin sensitivity with stannous fluoride gel. Electron microscopic study and evaluation of dentin permeability]. 54 61
9567615 1997
The Dentin Disc surface: a plausible model for dentin physiology and dentin sensitivity evaluation. 54 61
9470509 1997
Neural elements in dental pulp and dentin. 54 61
8680980 1995
Dental pain evoked by hydrostatic pressures applied to exposed dentin in man: a test of the hydrodynamic theory of dentin sensitivity. 61 54
7996085 1994
Theory of dentin sensitivity. 54 61
8534375 1994
Desensitizing effects of Gluma and Gluma 2000 on hypersensitive dentin. 61 54
7880476 1993
Effect of periodontal root planing on dentin permeability. 54 61
8227456 1993
The effectiveness of electronic dental anesthesia in children. 54 61
8378157 1993
The effectiveness of the Nd:YAG laser in the treatment of dental hypersensitivity. 61 54
8472213 1993
Neurophysiological mechanisms of dentin hypersensitivity. 54 61
1508870 1992
Smear layer: overview of structure and function. 61 54
1508877 1992
An in vivo study of dentin sensitivity: the relation of dentin sensitivity and the patency of dentin tubules. 54 61
1753319 1991
Effectiveness of chlorhexidine and sodium fluoride in reducing dentin hypersensitivity. 54 61
1819631 1991
[Dentin hypersensitivity: etiology and methods of treatment]. 61 54
1819929 1991
Evaluation of tartar control dentifrices in in vitro models of dentin sensitivity. 61 54
1650304 1991
The influence of frequent ingestion of acids in the diet on treatment for dentin sensitivity. 61 54
2285881 1990
Mechanisms of dentin sensitivity. 61 54
2197121 1990
Bond strengths of luting cements to potassium oxalate-treated dentin. 54 61
2184225 1990
[Research progress in non-carious cervical lesions]. 61
32392974 2020
Efficacy of Ca2+- or PO43--conjugated mesoporous silica nanoparticles on dentinal tubule occlusion: an in-vitro assessment. 61
32309320 2020
The effect of diode laser application on restoration of non carious cervical lesion: Clinical follow up. 61
32031090 2020
Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy on teeth with molar incisor hypomineralization-controlled clinical trial. 61
31574879 2019
Root surface demineralization by citric acid/tetracycline gel and aPDT associated to subepithelial connective tissue graft improves root coverage outcomes. A 12-month preliminary randomized clinical trial. 61
31226526 2019
A randomized, controlled comparison of two professional dentin desensitizing agents immediately post-treatment and 2 months post-treatment. 61
30658375 2018
Nanofilled and conventional resin-modified glass ionomer fillings combined with connective tissue grafts for treatment of gingival recessions with non-carious cervical lesions. 61
30146534 2018
Violet LED with low concentration carbamide peroxide for dental bleaching: A case report. 61
29964222 2018
Effect of low-level laser therapy combined with 5000 parts per million fluoride dentifrice on postbleaching sensitivity: A clinical, randomized, and double-blind study. 61
30079637 2018

Variations for Dentin Sensitivity

Expression for Dentin Sensitivity

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Pathways for Dentin Sensitivity

Pathways related to Dentin Sensitivity according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Super pathways Score Top Affiliating Genes
Show member pathways
Show member pathways
Show member pathways
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GO Terms for Dentin Sensitivity

Cellular components related to Dentin Sensitivity according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 integral component of membrane GO:0016021 9.76 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3
2 plasma membrane GO:0005886 9.56 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3
3 integral component of plasma membrane GO:0005887 9.1 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPA1 KCNK2

Biological processes related to Dentin Sensitivity according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

(show all 21)
# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 ion transport GO:0006811 9.92 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3
2 ion transmembrane transport GO:0034220 9.88 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3 TRPA1
3 transmembrane transport GO:0055085 9.76 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3
4 response to heat GO:0009408 9.65 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1
5 response to temperature stimulus GO:0009266 9.61 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPM8
6 response to mechanical stimulus GO:0009612 9.6 TRPV4 KCNK2
7 cellular response to heat GO:0034605 9.59 TRPV4 TRPV1
8 protein homotetramerization GO:0051289 9.58 TRPV1 TRPA1
9 sensory perception of pain GO:0019233 9.58 TRPV1 TRPA1
10 release of sequestered calcium ion into cytosol GO:0051209 9.57 TRPV1 TRPA1
11 response to cold GO:0009409 9.56 TRPM8 TRPA1
12 calcium ion import across plasma membrane GO:0098703 9.56 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1
13 response to pain GO:0048265 9.55 TRPV1 TRPA1
14 positive regulation of calcium ion import GO:0090280 9.54 TRPV3 TRPV2
15 thermoception GO:0050955 9.54 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPA1
16 diet induced thermogenesis GO:0002024 9.52 TRPV4 TRPV1
17 sensory perception of temperature stimulus GO:0050951 9.51 TRPM8 TRPM3
18 calcium ion transport GO:0006816 9.5 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3
19 detection of temperature stimulus GO:0016048 9.49 TRPM8 TRPM3
20 detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of pain GO:0050968 9.46 TRPV1 TRPA1
21 calcium ion transmembrane transport GO:0070588 9.17 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3

Molecular functions related to Dentin Sensitivity according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 cation channel activity GO:0005261 9.55 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM3
2 ion channel activity GO:0005216 9.5 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3
3 calcium-release channel activity GO:0015278 9.26 TRPV1 TRPA1
4 calcium channel activity GO:0005262 9.17 TRPV4 TRPV3 TRPV2 TRPV1 TRPM8 TRPM3

Sources for Dentin Sensitivity

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