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Name: Egg Allergy 12 15 17
Egg Hypersensitivity 43
Allergy to Eggs 12
Allergies Egg 54


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:4377
MeSH 43 D021181
SNOMED-CT 67 91930004
UMLS 71 C0559469

Summaries for Egg Allergy

Disease Ontology : 12 A food allergy that is an allergy or hypersensitivity to dietary substances from the yolk or whites of eggs, causing an overreaction of the immune system which may lead to severe physical symptoms.

MalaCards based summary : Egg Allergy, also known as egg hypersensitivity, is related to yellow fever and rubella. An important gene associated with Egg Allergy is IGHE (Immunoglobulin Heavy Constant Epsilon), and among its related pathways/superpathways are T cell receptor signaling pathway and Th17 cell differentiation. The drugs Loperamide and Antisecretory factor have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include testes, t cells and skin.

Wikipedia : 74 Egg allergy is an immune hypersensitivity to proteins found in chicken eggs, and possibly goose, duck,... more...

Related Diseases for Egg Allergy

Diseases related to Egg Allergy via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 yellow fever 30.7 IL5 IL4 CCR6
2 rubella 30.6 IL5 IL4 IL10
3 urticaria 30.4 IL5 IL4 IGHE ENPP3
4 ige responsiveness, atopic 30.3 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE
5 milk allergy 30.1 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3
6 gastroenteritis 30.1 IL5 IL4 IL10
7 esophagitis 30.0 IL5 IL4 IL10
8 tetanus 30.0 IL5 IL4 IL10
9 hypereosinophilic syndrome 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE
10 allergic rhinitis 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE
11 esophagitis, eosinophilic, 1 29.9 IL5 IL4 FLG CCR6
12 food allergy 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3 FLG
13 diphtheria 29.8 IL5 IL4 CD63
14 cow milk allergy 29.6 IL5 IL4 IL10 FOXP3
15 dermatitis 29.5 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3 FLG
16 rhinitis 29.4 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3 FLG
17 allergic conjunctivitis 29.4 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3
18 conjunctivitis 29.4 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3
19 peanut allergy 29.4 TMEM189 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FLG
20 autoimmune disease 29.3 IL5 IL4 IL10 FOXP3 CCR6
21 allergic hypersensitivity disease 28.8 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3 FLG
22 asthma 28.6 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3 FLG
23 respiratory allergy 28.3 PDCL IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE FOXP3
24 dermatitis, atopic 27.6 TMEM189 PDCL IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE
25 nut allergy 26.6 TMEM189 PDCL IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE
26 chicken egg allergy 12.8
27 influenza 10.6
28 idiopathic nephrotic syndrome 10.5 IL4 IGHE
29 immunodeficiency with hyper-igm, type 1 10.4 IL4 IGHE
30 measles 10.4
31 toxocariasis 10.4 IL5 IGHE
32 paragonimiasis 10.4 IL5 IGHE
33 mumps 10.4
34 atopic keratoconjunctivitis 10.4 IL5 IL4 IGHE
35 toxic oil syndrome 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
36 angiostrongyliasis 10.3 IL5 IL4
37 cough variant asthma 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
38 vernal keratoconjunctivitis 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
39 intrinsic asthma 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
40 apricot allergy 10.3 TMEM189 ENPP3
41 pustulosis palmaris et plantaris 10.3 IL5 CCR6
42 kimura disease 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
43 urinary schistosomiasis 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
44 vernal conjunctivitis 10.3 IL4 IGHE CCR6
45 onchocerciasis 10.3 IL5 IL4 IGHE
46 tropical endomyocardial fibrosis 10.3 IL4 IL10
47 hyper ige syndrome 10.3 IL4 IGHE
48 rocuronium allergy 10.3 TMEM189 CD63
49 irritant dermatitis 10.3 IL4 FLG
50 mite infestation 10.3 IL5 FLG

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Symptoms & Phenotypes for Egg Allergy

Drugs & Therapeutics for Egg Allergy

Drugs for Egg Allergy (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Loperamide Approved Phase 3 53179-11-6 3955
2 Antisecretory factor Phase 3
3 Gastrointestinal Agents Phase 3
4 Antidiarrheals Phase 3
5 Vaccines Phase 2
6 Immunologic Factors Phase 2
7 Senna Phase 2
8 Sennoside A&B Phase 2
Nitric Oxide Approved Phase 1 10102-43-9 145068
Sargramostim Approved, Investigational Phase 1 123774-72-1, 83869-56-1
Ipilimumab Approved Phase 1 477202-00-9
Metronidazole Approved Phase 1 443-48-1 4173
13 Antibodies Phase 1
14 Immunoglobulins Phase 1
15 Anti-Asthmatic Agents Phase 1
16 Respiratory System Agents Phase 1
17 Free Radical Scavengers Phase 1
18 Antioxidants Phase 1
19 Autonomic Agents Phase 1
20 Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Phase 1
21 Bronchodilator Agents Phase 1
22 Protective Agents Phase 1
23 Vasodilator Agents Phase 1
24 Anti-Infective Agents Phase 1
25 Antibodies, Monoclonal Phase 1
26 Antiparasitic Agents Phase 1
27 Antiprotozoal Agents Phase 1
28 Anti-Bacterial Agents Phase 1
29 Androgens Phase 1
30 Immunoglobulins, Intravenous Phase 1
31 Rho(D) Immune Globulin Phase 1
32 gamma-Globulins Phase 1
Ethanol Approved 64-17-5 702
Bupivacaine Approved, Investigational 38396-39-3, 2180-92-9 2474
tannic acid Approved 1401-55-4
Benzocaine Approved, Investigational 1994-09-7, 94-09-7 2337
Fentanyl Approved, Illicit, Investigational, Vet_approved 437-38-7 3345
Propofol Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved 2078-54-8 4943
Ketamine Approved, Vet_approved 6740-88-1 3821
40 Bifidobacterium
41 Sulfalene
42 Anesthetics, Local
43 Pharmaceutical Solutions
44 Immunoglobulin E
45 Anesthetics
46 Central Nervous System Depressants
47 Neurotransmitter Agents
48 Narcotics
49 Hypnotics and Sedatives
50 Anesthetics, General

Interventional clinical trials:

(show all 42)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 The Effect of Tocilizumab on the Cellular Immune Response to Seasonal Influnza Vaccine in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Unknown status NCT01980836 Phase 4
2 Phase 4 Study to Assess the Safety of Nasal Influenza Immunisation in Egg Allergic Children - a Multicentre Observational Study Completed NCT02111512 Phase 4 Administration of Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV)
3 Basophil Activation Test (BAT) Sensitivity in Child Food Allergy Completed NCT01966640 Phase 4
4 Antisecretory Factor (AF) Effects on Intraocular-pressure: a Placebo-controlled Randomised Study Unknown status NCT02731118 Phase 3
5 Specific Oral Tolerance Induction in Children With Severe Egg Allergy: A Randomized Controlled Trial Using a 6 Months Protocol Completed NCT01379651 Phase 1, Phase 2
6 Flu Vaccine in Egg-allergic Patients Minimizing Injections Safety Trial Completed NCT01248208 Phase 1, Phase 2
7 Induction of Tolerance Through Early Introduction of Peanut in High-Risk Children (ITN032AD) Completed NCT00329784 Phase 2
8 The Persistence of Oral Tolerance Induction to Peanut and Its Immunological Basis (ITN049AD) Completed NCT01366846 Phase 2
9 Short-Term Behavioral Effects of Cholesterol Therapy in Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome Completed NCT00114634 Phase 2
10 Oral Desensitization to Egg With Subsequent Induction of Sustained Unresponsiveness for Egg-Allergic Children Using Baked Egg or Egg Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Completed NCT01846208 Phase 2 Egg Oral Immunotherapy;Baked Egg
11 Oral Desensitization to Egg With Subsequent Induction of Tolerance for Egg-Allergic Children (CoFAR 3) Completed NCT00461097 Phase 2 Egg oral immunotherapy;Control Group
12 A Randomized Phase II Study of a PSA-Based Vaccine in Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer Receiving Standard Radiotherapy Completed NCT00005916 Phase 2 rV-PSA;rF-PSA;rV-B7.1
13 Open Label, Randomized, Parallel-Group, Multi-Centre Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of Baxter H1N1 Vaccine and GlaxoSmithKline H1N1 Vaccine in Children 6 Months to 12 Years of Age Completed NCT00980850 Phase 2
14 Phase 2 Study of AR201 Oral Immunotherapy for Desensitization in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Hen Egg Allergy Recruiting NCT04056299 Phase 2
15 Use of an Orally Administered Antibody to Gluten to Prevent the Recurrence of Symptoms and Laboratory Parameters in Persons With Celiac Disease (Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy) Completed NCT01765647 Phase 1
16 Cardiopulmonary Function Assessment and NO Based Therapies for Patients With Hemolysis-Associated Pulmonary Hypertension Completed NCT00352430 Phase 1 Nitric Oxide/INP Pulse Delivery;Nitric Oxide/INO Pulse Delivery
17 Phase I Trial of a PSA Based Vaccine and an Anti-CTLA-4 Antibody in Adults With Metastatic Androgen Independent Prostrate Cancer Completed NCT00113984 Phase 1 MDX-010;Sargramostim
18 Randomized Controlled Double-Blind Trial of the Comparative Viremia, Immunogenicity and Safety of a 17-D Live Attenuated Yellow Fever Vaccine (YF-VAX)Given Alone or in Combination With Human Immune Globulin (Gama STAN S/D) Completed NCT00254826 Phase 1
19 The Utility of Food-Specific IgE Measured With the IMMULITE 2000 Assay to Predict Symptomatic Food Allergy Unknown status NCT01950533
20 Cow's Milk and Hen's Egg Hyposensitization in Adults Unknown status NCT02083471
21 Treatment of Egg Allergy in Children Through Oral Desensitization (EGG OIT) Completed NCT00597558 Egg white protein
22 Phase 4 Study to Assess the Safety of Nasal Influenza Immunisation in Egg Allergic Children - a Multicentre Observational Study Completed NCT01859039
23 Egg Oral Immunotherapy Completed NCT01489553
24 Multi-Centered, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of the Safety of Influenza Vaccine in Egg Allergic Children With a History of Anaphylaxis or Severe Allergy to Egg Completed NCT01264601
25 Pilot Project on Clinical Tolerance to a Live Attenuated Vaccine Against Influenza (Flumist®) in the Context of Influenza Vaccination in a Population Allergic to Eggs. Completed NCT02142491
26 The Effect of Per Oral Immunotherapy in Severe IgE Mediated Egg, Milk and Nut Allergy in Adults Completed NCT01822353
27 A Prospective Cohort Study of Immune Mechanisms, Genetic Factors, and Clinical and Environmental Characteristics Associated With the Occurrence and Clinical Outcome of Food Allergy (CoFAR2) Completed NCT00356174
28 Potential Allergens in Wine: Double Blind Placebo-controlled Trial and Basophil Activation Analysis Completed NCT00163735 Administration of wine fined with potential food allergens
29 Use of Probiotics Bifidobacterium Longum, Bifidobacterium Breve and Bifidobacterium Infantis in Treating Pediatric Food Allergy to Milk or Egg. Completed NCT03639337
30 Assessment and Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Dysfunction in Children With Mitochondrial Disorders (MD) Completed NCT01137240
31 Cracking the Egg Potential: Improving Young Child Nutrition in Ecuador Completed NCT02446873
32 Use of MCT Oil for Enhancement of Weight Loss in Obese Patients-Preliminary Phase 2002-291G Completed NCT00207272
33 The Effect of Per Oral Immunotherapy Treatment in Severe IgE Mediated Milk, Peanut and Egg Allergy in Adults Recruiting NCT03361072
34 Basophil Activation Test to Diagnose Food Allergy Recruiting NCT03309488
35 Egg Desensitization and Induction of Tolerance in Children Recruiting NCT04027465
36 A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Celiac Plexus Blockade (EUS-CPB) With Standard Plexus Injection vs. Direct Celiac Ganglia Block for Treatment of Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis. Recruiting NCT03070210
37 Trapsgewijze Ei-tolerantie-inductie Bij Kippenei-allergische Kinderen (TETI Studie) Active, not recruiting NCT02487420
38 Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Hen's Egg Oral Immunotherapy Active, not recruiting NCT03744325
39 Effects of Early Introduction of Allergenic Foods Followed by Ad-libitum Consumption, on Food Allergic Sensitisation, Allergy and Measures of Child Health at 8 Years of Age in Exclusively Breastfed Infants Enrolling by invitation NCT03495583
40 Impact of Vaccination on Th2 Immunity in Infancy Terminated NCT02213341
41 Combined Ketamine/Propofol for Emergency Department Procedural Sedation Terminated NCT01126957 Ketamine;Placebo;Fentanyl;Propofol
42 Study of Gastroscopy Negative Dyspepsia - Effect of Acid-reducing Treatment and Information on Various Types of Dysmotility. Terminated NCT00437346 Lanzo Melt;Lanzo Melt

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Testes, T Cells, Skin, B Cells, Thyroid, Prostate, Breast

Publications for Egg Allergy

Articles related to Egg Allergy:

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# Title Authors PMID Year
Lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase and egg white cystatin react with IgE antibodies from children with egg allergy. 54 61
20179418 2010
Correlation between specific immunoglobulin E levels and the severity of reactions in egg allergic patients. 54 61
18257905 2008
The natural history of egg allergy. 54 61
18073126 2007
Specificity of IgE antibodies to sequential epitopes of hen's egg ovomucoid as a marker for persistence of egg allergy. 54 61
17573723 2007
Detection of four distinct groups of hen egg allergens binding IgE in the sera of children with egg allergy. 54 61
16045855 2005
Determination of food specific IgE levels over time can predict the development of tolerance in cow's milk and hen's egg allergy. 54 61
15316521 2004
Possible modes of allergen-specific sensitization and boosting in an atopic child. 54 61
12740528 2003
Prediction of tolerance on the basis of quantification of egg white-specific IgE antibodies in children with egg allergy. 54 61
12170273 2002
Cellular immune responses to ovalbumin and house dust mite in egg-allergic children. 54 61
11906334 2002
Cytokine production in children outgrowing hen egg allergy. 54 61
8955579 1996
Establishment and characterization of ovalbumin-specific T cell lines from patients with egg allergy. 54 61
8634518 1996
Allergenic epitopes of ovalbumin (OVA) in patients with hen's egg allergy: inhibition of basophil histamine release by haptenic ovalbumin peptide. 54 61
8608645 1996
[IgE production and gene expression of interleukin-4 and interferon-gamma by peripheral mononuclear cells in asthmatic children]. 54 61
7726752 1995
Identification of the disease-related T cell epitope of ovalbumin and epitope-targeted T cell inactivation in egg allergy. 54 61
7522686 1994
Egg white-specific IgE level as a tolerance marker in the follow up of egg allergy. 54 61
8034192 1994
[The production of B cell stimulating activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from allergic children with positive IgE RAST score to egg white]. 54 61
2053859 1991
[Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome in a pediatric patient with atopic dermatitis]. 61
31984705 2020
The frequency of cross-reactivity with various avian eggs among children with hen's egg allergy using skin prick test results: fewer sensitizations with pigeon and goose egg. 61
32007321 2020
A role for early oral exposure to house dust mite allergens through breastmilk in IgE-mediated food allergy susceptibility. 61
31954775 2020
Egg yolk augments type 2 immunity by activating innate cells. 61
31903504 2020
The Natural Course of Immediate-Type Cow's Milk and Egg Allergies in Children. 61
31752004 2020
Ovalbumin in breast milk is associated with a decreased risk of IgE-mediated egg allergy in children. 61
31808162 2019
A structured graduated protocol with heat denatured eggs in the treatment of egg allergy. 61
31419328 2019
Efficacy of the Enquiring About Tolerance (EAT) study among infants at high risk of developing food allergy. 61
31812184 2019
Determining Levers of Cost-effectiveness for Screening Infants at High Risk for Peanut Sensitization Before Early Peanut Introduction. 61
31860109 2019
Risk Factors for Hen's Egg Allergy in Europe: EuroPrevall Birth Cohort. 61
31846795 2019
Prevention of food allergy. 61
31690392 2019
Implementation of Early Peanut Introduction Guidelines: It Takes a Village. 61
31563181 2019
Are there any biomarkers that can predict tolerance to baked egg in egg allergic children younger than 6 years? 61
31705688 2019
Daily baked egg intake may accelerate the development of tolerance to raw egg in egg-allergic children. 61
31758309 2019
Propofol use in children with allergies to egg, peanut, soybean or other legumes. 61
31077340 2019
Endotoxin, food allergen sensitization, and food allergy: A complementary epidemiologic and experimental study. 61
31535385 2019
Baked egg tolerance: is it possible to predict? 61
31513760 2019
Yellow fever vaccine and egg allergy. 61
31345456 2019
Association of Staphylococcus aureus colonization with food allergy occurs independently of eczema severity. 61
31160034 2019
Reduction Rate of Specific IgE Level as a Predictor of Persistent Egg Allergy in Children. 61
31172718 2019
Ankle Sprains, Counseling Strategies, Dysphonia, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Egg Allergy. 61
31305039 2019
Clinical and Laboratory Predictors of Egg Allergy Resolution in Children. 61
31172714 2019
Comparison of Glycated Ovalbumin-Monosaccharides in the Attenuation of Ovalbumin-Induced Allergic Response in a BALB/C Mouse Model. 61
31294563 2019
Duck Egg Allergy in an Adult Patient Without Allergy to Chicken Egg. 61
31219040 2019
Age at introduction to complementary solid food and food allergy and sensitization: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 61
30861244 2019
Impact of food allergy on food insecurity and health literacy in a tertiary care pediatric allergy population. 61
30672621 2019
Hyperresponsiveness to Boiled Egg Yolk in Early Life Leads to Prolonged Egg Allergy. 61
30912331 2019
B-cell phenotype and function in infants with egg allergy. 61
30589939 2019
The efficiency of the symptom-based score in infants diagnosed with cow's milk protein and hen's egg allergy. 61
30501905 2019
Factors predicting anaphylaxis in children with tree nut allergies. 61
31018893 2019
Food allergy in nursery children of Kawasaki city, Japan. 61
31012596 2019
Safety of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Patients with Egg Allergy in Kurdistan Province, Iran. 61
31110987 2019
Acquisition of tolerance to egg and peanut in African food-allergic children with atopic dermatitis. 61
31131799 2019
Complementary feeding and food allergy, atopic dermatitis/eczema, asthma, and allergic rhinitis: a systematic review. 61
30982864 2019

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Pathways for Egg Allergy

GO Terms for Egg Allergy

Cellular components related to Egg Allergy according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 extracellular region GO:0005576 9.23 PTGDS IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE ENPP3

Biological processes related to Egg Allergy according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 cytokine-mediated signaling pathway GO:0019221 9.67 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE
2 negative regulation of inflammatory response GO:0050728 9.58 IL10 FOXP3 ENPP3
3 positive regulation of MHC class II biosynthetic process GO:0045348 9.32 IL4 IL10
4 negative regulation of tumor necrosis factor biosynthetic process GO:0042536 9.26 IL4 IL10
5 type 2 immune response GO:0042092 9.16 IL4 IL10
6 immune response GO:0006955 9.1 IL5 IL4 IL10 IGHE ENPP3 CCR6
7 regulation of isotype switching GO:0045191 8.96 IL4 IL10

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