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MalaCards integrated aliases for Fibromyalgia:

Name: Fibromyalgia 25 37 55 43 3 63 73
Fibromyalgia-Fibromyositis Syndrome 25
Diffuse Myofascial Pain Syndrome 25
Myofascial Pain Syndromes 73
Myofascial Pain Syndrome 25
Fibromyalgia Syndrome 25
Fibromyositis 25
Fibrositis 25
Fms 25


External Ids:

KEGG 37 H01636
ICD10 33 M79.7

Summaries for Fibromyalgia

PubMed Health : 63 About fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia (also known as fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS) is a chronic condition that causes pain in various parts of the body. The pain may be felt in the skin, muscles and joints. Other typical symptoms include sleep problems, exhaustion and trouble concentrating.Although fibromyalgia has been recognized as an illness for 30 years now, people who have it are still sometimes made to feel like it’s all in their head. Part of the reason for this is that not many people are aware of fibromyalgia, and healthy people find it hard to understand. This often makes it even harder to live with the condition.Sometimes people who have fibromyalgia are told that the pain can’t be treated. But research has shown that there are indeed treatments that can relieve the typical symptoms. And many people learn to cope better with the pain over time. They find out what activities they can handle – and when to take things easier.It’s good to know that fibromyalgia isn’t a dangerous condition. It doesn’t affect people’s organs or life expectancy.

MalaCards based summary : Fibromyalgia, also known as fibromyalgia-fibromyositis syndrome, is related to depression and alexithymia, and has symptoms including muscle weakness, fatigue and myoclonus. An important gene associated with Fibromyalgia is GRIN2D (Glutamate Ionotropic Receptor NMDA Type Subunit 2D), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Peptide ligand-binding receptors and Circadian rythm related genes. The drugs Etoricoxib and Naltrexone have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include skin, brain and testes, and related phenotypes are behavior/neurological and endocrine/exocrine gland

Genetics Home Reference : 25 Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by long-lasting (chronic) pain affecting many areas of the body. The pain is associated with tenderness that occurs with touch or pressure on the muscles, joints, or skin. Some affected individuals also report numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation (paresthesia) in the arms and legs.

MedlinePlus : 43 Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes muscle pain and fatigue. People with fibromyalgia have "tender points" on the body. Tender points are specific places on the neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs. These points hurt when pressure is put on them. People with fibromyalgia may also have other symptoms, such as Trouble sleeping Morning stiffness Headaches Painful menstrual periods Tingling or numbness in hands and feet Problems with thinking and memory (sometimes called "fibro fog") No one knows what causes fibromyalgia. Anyone can get it, but it is most common in middle-aged women. People with rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases are particularly likely to develop fibromyalgia. There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but medicine can help you manage your symptoms. Getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating well may also help. NIH: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

CDC : 3 Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) is a condition that causes pain all over the body (also referred to as widespread pain), sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress. People with fibromyalgia may be more sensitive to pain than people without fibromyalgia. This is called abnormal pain perception processing. Fibromyalgia affects about 4 million US adults, about 2% of the adult population. The cause of fibromyalgia is not known, but it can be effectively treated and managed.

Wikipedia : 76 Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition characterised by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain... more...

Related Diseases for Fibromyalgia

Diseases related to Fibromyalgia via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 depression 30.8 CRH HTR2A SLC6A4
2 alexithymia 30.6 COMT SLC6A4
3 chronic fatigue syndrome 30.4 COMT CRH HTR2A IGF1 IL6 SLC6A4
4 irritable bowel syndrome 30.3 CRH HTR3A SLC6A4
5 sexual disorder 30.3 PRL SLC6A4
6 migraine with or without aura 1 29.9 COMT HTR2A HTR3A SLC6A4
7 sleep apnea 29.9 HTR2A IGF1 IL6
8 personality disorder 29.9 COMT HTR2A PRL SLC6A4
9 post-traumatic stress disorder 29.8 COMT CRH HTR2A SLC6A4
10 serotonin syndrome 29.8 HTR2A HTR3A SLC6A4
11 premenstrual tension 29.7 CRH PRL
12 apnea, obstructive sleep 29.7 HTR2A IL6
13 dysthymic disorder 29.7 HTR2A SLC6A4
14 eating disorder 29.6 COMT CRH NPY SLC6A4
15 hypopituitarism 29.6 CRH IGF1 PRL
16 borderline personality disorder 29.6 COMT HTR2A SLC6A4
17 disease of mental health 29.5 COMT CRH HTR2A SLC6A4
18 opioid addiction 29.5 COMT GRIN2D
19 anxiety 29.5 COMT CRH HTR2A HTR3A NPY SLC6A4
20 central nervous system disease 29.5 HTR2A IL6 SLC6A4
21 atypical depressive disorder 29.5 CRH HTR2A SLC6A4
22 bipolar disorder 29.3 COMT CRH HTR2A HTR3A IGF1 PRL
23 attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder 29.1 COMT HTR2A NPY SLC6A4
24 mood disorder 29.0 COMT CRH HTR2A IL6 NPY SLC6A4
25 panic disorder 28.9 COMT CRH HTR2A HTR3A SLC6A4 TSPO
26 major depressive disorder 28.6 COMT CRH HTR2A HTR3A IL6 NPY
27 poikiloderma, hereditary fibrosing, with tendon contractures, myopathy, and pulmonary fibrosis 12.6
28 frontal fibrosing alopecia 12.5
29 fibrosing mediastinitis 12.5
30 pulmonary fibrosis, idiopathic 12.2
31 riedel's fibrosing thyroiditis 12.1
32 lichen planopilaris 11.9
33 nephrogenic systemic fibrosis 11.6
34 interstitial cystitis 11.5
35 myofascial pain syndrome 11.5
36 localized scleroderma 11.5
37 pain - chronic 11.4
38 postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome 11.4
39 idiopathic interstitial pneumonia 11.3
40 camptodactyly-arthropathy-coxa vara-pericarditis syndrome 11.3
41 cyanosis, transient neonatal 11.1
42 infective endocarditis 11.0
43 endocarditis 11.0
44 stiff-person syndrome 11.0
45 thoracic outlet syndrome 11.0
46 sclerosing cholangitis 11.0
47 congenital hepatic fibrosis 11.0
48 extrinsic allergic alveolitis 10.9
49 alopecia 10.8
50 mediastinitis 10.8

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Diseases related to Fibromyalgia

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Fibromyalgia

UMLS symptoms related to Fibromyalgia:

muscle weakness, fatigue, myoclonus, back pain, myalgia, pain, torticollis, chronic pain, sciatica, muscle rigidity, muscle cramp, muscle spasticity, myofascial trigger point pain

MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Fibromyalgia:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 behavior/neurological MP:0005386 10.1 COMT CRH GRIN2D HTR2A HTR3A IL6
2 endocrine/exocrine gland MP:0005379 10.02 COMT CRH HTR2A HTR3A IGF1 IL6
3 homeostasis/metabolism MP:0005376 9.96 COMT CRH GRIN2D HTR3A IGF1 IL6
4 growth/size/body region MP:0005378 9.92 CRH GRIN2D HTR3A IGF1 IL6 NPY
5 adipose tissue MP:0005375 9.83 CRH GRIN2D IGF1 IL6 NPY
6 integument MP:0010771 9.7 CRH GRIN2D HTR3A IGF1 IL6 PRL
7 nervous system MP:0003631 9.61 COMT CRH GRIN2D HTR3A IGF1 IL6
8 renal/urinary system MP:0005367 9.1 COMT CRH HTR3A IGF1 IL6 NPY

Drugs & Therapeutics for Fibromyalgia

PubMedHealth treatment related to Fibromyalgia: 63

Many people who have fibromyalgia avoid physical activity for fear of making the pain worse or overdoing it. But research has shown that exercise and gentle sports (e.g. cycling or Nordic walking) can improve their wellbeing, strengthen their body and relieve the pain somewhat. So they are an important part of the treatment.Certain medications have been proven to greatly reduce fibromyalgia pain in some people. These include amitriptyline, duloxetine, milnacipran and pregabalin. They all influence certain chemical messengers that also affect how we feel pain. These drugs were originally developed for the treatment of depression or epilepsy. When used in the treatment of fibromyalgia, though, they aren’t used for their antidepressant or anti-epileptic effects. Conventional painkillers such as diclofenac, ibuprofen or acetaminophen (paracetamol) generally aren’t recommended for the treatment of fibromyalgia.Many people with fibromyalgia find certain types of physical therapy to be pleasant, especially resting and/or moving in warm water. Some also say that going to the sauna or having gentle massages help.Multimodal pain management can be a good idea, particularly if the fibromyalgia pain is strong. This approach combines movement, relaxation and pain management techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT and other psychological treatments can help people to cope better with pain and other symptoms in everyday life. Medication can be used as well.If someone also has other illnesses such as arthritis or psychological problems such as depression, it’s important to treat those conditions too.

Drugs for Fibromyalgia (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

(show top 50) (show all 356)
# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Etoricoxib Approved, Investigational Phase 4 202409-33-4 123619
Naltrexone Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4,Phase 2,Not Applicable 16590-41-3 5360515
3 tannic acid Approved Phase 4,Phase 1,Phase 2,Not Applicable
Benzocaine Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 1,Phase 2,Not Applicable 94-09-7, 1994-09-7 2337
Milnacipran Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable 92623-85-3 65833
Amitriptyline Approved Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable 50-48-6 2160
Cyclobenzaprine Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable 303-53-7 2895
Dinoprostone Approved Phase 4 363-24-6 5280360
Norepinephrine Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable 51-41-2 439260
Gabapentin Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Not Applicable 60142-96-3 3446
gamma-Aminobutyric acid Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Not Applicable 56-12-2 119
Perphenazine Approved Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable 58-39-9 4748
Pregabalin Approved, Illicit, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable 148553-50-8 5486971
Acetylcholine Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1 51-84-3 187
Dopamine Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Not Applicable 51-61-6, 62-31-7 681
Tramadol Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2 27203-92-5 33741
Acetaminophen Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Not Applicable 103-90-2 1983
Lidocaine Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1 137-58-6 3676
Naloxone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable 465-65-6 5284596
Paroxetine Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 1,Phase 2 61869-08-7 43815
Trazodone Approved, Investigational Phase 4 19794-93-5 5533
Fluoxetine Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2 54910-89-3 3386
Eszopiclone Approved, Investigational Phase 4 138729-47-2 969472
Armodafinil Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3 112111-43-0
Modafinil Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3 68693-11-8 4236
Colchicine Approved Phase 4 64-86-8 6167 2833
Hydrocortisone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Early Phase 1,Not Applicable 50-23-7 5754
Hydrocortisone acetate Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Early Phase 1,Not Applicable 50-03-3
Granisetron Approved, Investigational Phase 4 109889-09-0 3510
Iron Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2 7439-89-6 23925
Deferasirox Approved, Investigational Phase 4 201530-41-8 5493381
Betamethasone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 378-44-9 9782
Hyaluronic acid Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Phase 1 9004-61-9 53477741
Histamine Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2 51-45-6, 75614-87-8 774
Sodium oxybate Approved Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2 502-85-2 5360545
Flunarizine Approved Phase 4 52468-60-7 941361
Suvorexant Approved, Investigational Phase 4 1030377-33-3
Triamcinolone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 124-94-7 31307
Buprenorphine Approved, Illicit, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 52485-79-7 40400 644073
Ergocalciferol Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4 50-14-6 5280793
Vitamin D Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 1406-16-2
Glutamic Acid Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4,Not Applicable 56-86-0 33032
Vitamin D3 Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4 67-97-0 5280795 6221
44 Cyclooxygenase 2 Inhibitors Phase 4,Phase 2
45 Analgesics Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1
46 Peripheral Nervous System Agents Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1
47 Anti-Inflammatory Agents Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1
48 Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable
49 Analgesics, Non-Narcotic Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable
50 Antirheumatic Agents Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 888)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Study Assessing the Efficacy of Etoricoxib in Female Patients With Fibromyalgia Unknown status NCT00755521 Phase 4 etoricoxib
2 Low Dose Naltrexone for Treatment of Pain in Patients With Fibromyalgia - Effect Via a Central Mechanism? Unknown status NCT02806440 Phase 4 Low dose naltrexone;Placebo
3 Study of Fibromyalgia Treated With Milnacipran Unknown status NCT01125423 Phase 4 Milnacipran
4 Cyclobenzaprine Extended Release (ER) for Fibromyalgia Unknown status NCT01041495 Phase 4 cyclobenzaprine ER (AMRIX);placebo
5 The Immune and Clinical Impacts of Vitamin D in Patients With Chronic Musculo-skeletal Pain Unknown status NCT01417923 Phase 4 vitamin D
6 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Milnacipran in the Treatment of Pain Due to Osteoarthritis Unknown status NCT01329406 Phase 4 Milnacipran;Placebo
7 The Impact of Perioperative Gabapentin on Chronic Groin Pain After Inguinal Hernia Repair Unknown status NCT02419443 Phase 4 Gabapentin;Placebo
8 Quetiapine Compared With Placebo in the Management of Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01458964 Phase 4 Quetiapine
9 Effect of Milnacipran on Pain in Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01288807 Phase 4 Milnacipram
10 Valuation of Efficacy and Safety of Vitamin D3 Use in 80 Women Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia. Using FIQ Score and VAS. Completed NCT03369379 Phase 4 D3 Vitamin
11 Pool-based Exercise in Fibromyalgia Management Completed NCT00550641 Phase 4
12 Quetiapine (Seroquel XR) for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia: a Clinical and Mechanistic Pilot Study Completed NCT00983320 Phase 4 quetiapine;placebo
13 Comparative Efficacy and Tolerability of Quetiapine XR and Amitriptyline in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Completed NCT00766350 Phase 4 amitriptyline;quetiapine
14 Strengthening Exercises for Fibromyalgia Completed NCT02063750 Phase 4
15 Paroxetine-CR (Paxil-CR) in the Treatment of Patients With Fibromyalgia Syndrome Completed NCT00610610 Phase 4 Paroxetine CR;Placebo
16 A Pilot Study on the Use of Nociceptive Flexion Reflex for Fibromyalgia Completed NCT00965601 Phase 4
17 Trazodone and Its Augmentation With Pregabalin in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Completed NCT00791739 Phase 4 trazodone, pregabalin
18 Discomfort and Psychosocial Difficulties in Fibromyalgia Completed NCT02078791 Phase 4 Botox infiltration
19 Discontinuation Study of the Durability of Effect of Milnacipran for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01014585 Phase 4 Placebo;Milnacipran
20 Adolescent Fibromyalgia Study Completed NCT01020474 Phase 4 placebo;pregabalin (Lyrica)
21 Drug and Talk Therapy for Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01038323 Phase 4 Educational with milnacipran
22 Combining N-of-1 Trials to Assess Fibromyalgia Treatments Completed NCT00000428 Phase 4 Amitriptyline;Amitriptyline plus Fluoxitine
23 Heart Rate Variability in Fibromyalgia - Effects of Strengthening Exercises Completed NCT02004405 Phase 4
24 Fixed Versus Flexible Dosing of Pregabalin in Patients With Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01226667 Phase 4 Pregabalin
25 Ai Chi Versus Stretching in Fibromyalgia Management Completed NCT00600574 Phase 4
26 A Study for Adult Patients With Fibromyalgia Completed NCT00965081 Phase 4 Duloxetine;Placebo
27 A Study to Evaluate the Effects of Milnacipran on Pain Processing and Functional MRI in Patients With Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01173055 Phase 4 milnacipran;Placebo
28 The Effects of Milnacipran on Sleep Disturbance in Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01234675 Phase 4 Milnacipran;Milnacipran
29 Pregabalin In Adolescent Patients With Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01020526 Phase 4 pregabalin
30 Eszopiclone in the Treatment of Insomnia and Fibromyalgia Completed NCT00392041 Phase 4 Eszopiclone;placebo
31 Study of Milnacipran in Patients With Inadequate Response to Duloxetine for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Completed NCT01077375 Phase 4 Placebo;Milnacipran
32 An Efficacy Study of Combination of Tramadol and Acetaminophen Tablets in the Treatment of Participants With Fibromyalgia Pain Completed NCT00766675 Phase 4 Tramadol hydrochloride;Acetaminophen
33 A Study Comparing Duloxetine and Placebo in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Completed NCT00673452 Phase 4 duloxetine hydrochloride;placebo
34 An Eight Week, Double-Blind Efficacy Study of Armodafinil Augmentation to Alleviate Fibromyalgia Fatigue Completed NCT00678691 Phase 4 armodafinil;placebo
35 A Study of Quetiapine Fumarate Sustained Release in Major Depression With Comorbid Fibromyalgia Syndrome Completed NCT00675896 Phase 4 Quetiapine Fumarate Sustained Release;Placebo
36 Treatment of Myofascial Pain Syndrome With Lidocaine Injection and Physical Therapy. Completed NCT01250184 Phase 4 Lidocaine injection
37 EMINEM: Efficacy of Muscoril In NEck Myofascial Syndromes Completed NCT00272532 Phase 4 Thiocolchicoside
38 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Botulinum Toxin Serotype A Injections for Cervicobrachial Myofascial Syndrome Completed NCT00241215 Phase 4 Botulinum toxin serotype A
39 Patient Self-administration of Cortisol for Cortisol-responding Disorders in Men and Women Over the Age of 17 Completed NCT03558971 Phase 4 Cortisol
40 Milnacipran for Chronic Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis Completed NCT01510457 Phase 4 Milnacipran;Placebo
41 Comparison of the Efficacy of Duloxetine With Placebo in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain With a Radicular Component Completed NCT01166048 Phase 4 Duloxetine;Duloxetine
42 Efficacy and Safety of Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate in Adults With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Completed NCT01071044 Phase 4 Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate;Placebo "30, 50 or 70 mg"
43 Study on the Effect of Granisetron on Myofascial Pain in the Orofacial Muscles Completed NCT02230371 Phase 4 Granisetron;Control (placebo)
44 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Assessments of the Heart and Liver Iron Load in Patients With Transfusion Induced Iron Overload Completed NCT00673608 Phase 4 deferasirox
45 A Double Blind Study Comparing Hyaluronic Acid, Corticosteroid and Placebo During Arthrocentesis for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Completed NCT01524913 Phase 4 Hyaluronic acid;Corticosteroid;Lactated Ringers
46 Neurologic Signatures of Chronic Pain Disorders Recruiting NCT02747940 Phase 4 flunarizine and/or pregabalin
47 Pharmacokinetics of Two Formulation of Pregabalin Active, not recruiting NCT03712475 Phase 4 Pregabalin
48 Effect of Duloxetine on Opioid Use After Total Knee Arthroplasty Enrolling by invitation NCT03271151 Phase 4 Cymbalta
49 Influence of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Primary Motor Cortex on Pain Sensation in Patients Suffering From Fibromyalgia Syndrome Terminated NCT01261650 Phase 4
50 Suvorexant in Insomnia Co-morbid With Fibromyalgia Terminated NCT02684136 Phase 4 suvorexant;placebo

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Skin, Brain, Testes, Cortex, Breast, Heart, Bone

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Articles related to Fibromyalgia:

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# Title Authors Year
Brain glial activation in fibromyalgia - A multi-site positron emission tomography investigation. ( 30223011 )
You get used to it, or do you: symptom length predicts less fibromyalgia physical impairment, but only for those with above-average self-efficacy. ( 30270643 )
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Pregabalin Prescription for Neuropathic Pain and Fibromyalgia: A Descriptive Study Using Administrative Database in Japan. ( 29973966 )
Psychoeducation against depression, anxiety, alexithymia and fibromyalgia: a pilot study in primary care for patients on sick leave. ( 29693478 )
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Alexithymia and Depression Affect Quality of Life in Patients With Chronic Pain: A Study on 205 Patients With Fibromyalgia. ( 29670558 )
Sensory disturbances induced by sensorimotor conflicts are higher in complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia compared to arthritis and healthy people, and positively relate to pain intensity. ( 30288850 )
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Sleep Discrepancy in Patients With Comorbid Fibromyalgia and Insomnia: Demographic, Behavioral, and Clinical Correlates. ( 30373685 )

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Cellular components related to Fibromyalgia according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 extracellular space GO:0005615 9.63 CRH IGF1 IL6 NPY PRL SERPINA1
2 integral component of presynaptic membrane GO:0099056 9.13 HTR2A HTR3A SLC6A4
3 integral component of postsynaptic membrane GO:0099055 8.8 HTR2A HTR3A SLC6A4

Biological processes related to Fibromyalgia according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

(show all 21)
# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 regulation of signaling receptor activity GO:0010469 9.85 IGF1 IL6 NPY PRL
2 positive regulation of gene expression GO:0010628 9.83 CRH IGF1 IL6 SLC6A4
3 cell proliferation GO:0008283 9.8 IGF1 NPY PRL TSPO
4 response to ethanol GO:0045471 9.65 CRH HTR3A PRL
5 positive regulation of cell proliferation GO:0008284 9.65 CRH HTR2A IGF1 IL6 PRL
6 chemical synaptic transmission GO:0007268 9.62 CRH HTR2A HTR3A NPY
7 female pregnancy GO:0007565 9.61 COMT CRH PRL
8 acute-phase response GO:0006953 9.6 IL6 SERPINA1
9 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling GO:0014065 9.59 HTR2A IGF1
10 regulation of sensory perception of pain GO:0051930 9.58 COMT GRIN2D
11 regulation of multicellular organism growth GO:0040014 9.58 IGF1 PRL
12 positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation GO:0050731 9.58 HTR2A IGF1 IL6
13 positive regulation of JAK-STAT cascade GO:0046427 9.57 IL6 PRL
14 adrenal gland development GO:0030325 9.56 CRH TSPO
15 positive regulation of glycolytic process GO:0045821 9.54 HTR2A IGF1
16 positive regulation of glial cell proliferation GO:0060252 9.51 IL6 TSPO
17 parturition GO:0007567 9.46 CRH PRL
18 cellular protein metabolic process GO:0044267 9.46 IGF1 IL6 PRL SERPINA1
19 serotonin receptor signaling pathway GO:0007210 9.37 HTR2A HTR3A
20 response to pain GO:0048265 9.13 COMT CRH TSPO
21 response to drug GO:0042493 9.1 COMT CRH HTR2A PRL SLC6A4 TSPO

Molecular functions related to Fibromyalgia according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 hormone activity GO:0005179 9.26 CRH IGF1 NPY PRL
2 neuropeptide hormone activity GO:0005184 9.16 CRH NPY
3 serotonin binding GO:0051378 8.8 HTR2A HTR3A SLC6A4

Sources for Fibromyalgia

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