Hair Whorl (CROWN)

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Aliases & Classifications for Hair Whorl

MalaCards integrated aliases for Hair Whorl:

Name: Hair Whorl 57 5 75
Cowlick 57
Crown 57



Autosomal dominant 57

External Ids:

OMIM® 57 139400
MedGen 40 C1185616

Summaries for Hair Whorl

MalaCards based summary: Hair Whorl, also known as cowlick, is related to recombinant chromosome 8 syndrome and gingival recession. The drugs Acetylcholine and Acetaminophen have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include bone, heart and brain, and related phenotype is abnormal hair morphology.

Wikipedia: 75 A hair whorl is a patch of hair growing in a circular direction around a visible center point. Hair... more...

More information from OMIM: 139400

Related Diseases for Hair Whorl

Diseases related to Hair Whorl via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 recombinant chromosome 8 syndrome 11.1
2 gingival recession 11.1
3 dentin dysplasia, type i 11.0
4 amelogenesis imperfecta 11.0
5 incisors, shovel-shaped 10.9
6 dentinogenesis imperfecta 1 10.9
7 incisors, fused mandibular 10.9
8 pericoronitis 10.9
9 alopecia, androgenetic, 1 10.9
10 dentinogenesis imperfecta, shields type iii 10.9
11 amelogenesis imperfecta, type iiia 10.9
12 fibromatosis, gingival, 1 10.9
13 solitary median maxillary central incisor 10.9
14 taurodontism 10.9
15 nance-horan syndrome 10.9
16 fibromatosis, gingival, 5 10.9
17 androgenic alopecia 10.9
18 keratocystic odontogenic tumor 10.9
19 glass syndrome 10.6
20 tooth size 10.6
21 hypokalemia 10.6
22 down syndrome 10.6
23 hand skill, relative 10.6
24 root resorption 10.4
25 dental pulp necrosis 10.4
26 teratoma 10.4
27 periodontitis 10.4
28 common cold 10.3
29 dental caries 10.3
30 turner syndrome 10.3
31 short stature, onychodysplasia, facial dysmorphism, and hypotrichosis 10.3
32 parkinson disease, late-onset 10.3
33 toe syndactyly, telecanthus, and anogenital and renal malformations 10.3
34 gastric antral vascular ectasia 10.3
35 b-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma 10.2
36 gingivitis 10.2
37 charge syndrome 10.2
38 rhabdomyosarcoma 2 10.2
39 orofacial cleft 11 10.2
40 47 xxx syndrome 10.2
41 twin-reversed arterial perfusion sequence 10.2
42 periapical periodontitis 10.2
43 cleft lip 10.2
44 cleft lip/palate 10.2
45 pulpitis 10.2
46 catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome 10.2
47 cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome 10.2
48 neurofibromatosis, type i 10.1
49 neurofibromatosis-noonan syndrome 10.1
50 autism spectrum disorder 10.1

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Diseases related to Hair Whorl

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Hair Whorl

Human phenotypes related to Hair Whorl:

# Description HPO Frequency Orphanet Frequency HPO Source Accession
1 abnormal hair morphology 30 HP:0001595

Symptoms via clinical synopsis from OMIM®:

57 (Updated 08-Dec-2022)
occipital scalp hair whorl rotation

Clinical features from OMIM®:

139400 (Updated 08-Dec-2022)

Drugs & Therapeutics for Hair Whorl

Drugs for Hair Whorl (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Acetylcholine Approved, Investigational Phase 4 51-84-3 187
Acetaminophen Approved Phase 4 103-90-2 1983
Ibuprofen Approved Phase 4 15687-27-1 3672
4 Anti-Bacterial Agents Phase 4
abobotulinumtoxinA Phase 4
6 Antibiotics, Antitubercular Phase 4
7 Anti-Infective Agents, Local Phase 4
8 Botulinum Toxins, Type A Phase 4
9 Botulinum Toxins Phase 4
10 Cholinergic Agents Phase 4
11 Analgesics Phase 4
12 Antirheumatic Agents Phase 4
13 Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors Phase 4
14 Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Non-Steroidal Phase 4
15 Analgesics, Non-Narcotic Phase 4
16 Anti-Inflammatory Agents Phase 4
17 Anesthetics Phase 4
18 Pharmaceutical Solutions Phase 4
19 Antipyretics Phase 4
Chlorhexidine Approved, Vet_approved, Withdrawn Phase 1 55-56-1 2713 9552079
21 Protective Agents Phase 1
22 Anti-Infective Agents Phase 1
23 Dermatologic Agents Phase 1
24 Vasodilator Agents Phase 1
25 Chlorhexidine gluconate Phase 1
26 Polymethyl Methacrylate Phase 1
27 Disinfectants Phase 1
Zinc cation Approved, Experimental, Investigational 7440-66-6, 23713-49-7 32051
Lithium carbonate Approved 554-13-2
Zinc oxide Approved 1314-13-2
Diclofenac Approved, Vet_approved 15307-86-5, 15307-79-6 3033
Benzocaine Approved, Investigational 1994-09-7, 94-09-7 2337
Tannic acid Approved 1401-55-4 16129878 16129778
Warfarin Approved 81-81-2, 129-06-6 54678486
Miconazole Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved 22916-47-8 4189
Clotrimazole Approved, Vet_approved 23593-75-1 2812
Sodium fluoride Approved Early Phase 1 7681-49-4
Adenosine Approved, Investigational Early Phase 1 58-61-7 60961
Salicylic acid Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved 69-72-7 338
40 Hormones
41 Calcium, Dietary
42 Arnica
43 Anticoagulants
44 Vaccines
45 Immunoglobulins
46 Antibodies, Blocking
47 Antibodies
48 Keratolytic Agents
49 Antifungal Agents
50 Listerine Early Phase 1

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 57)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Zirconia-based and Metal-based Single Crown Posterior Restorations: 5-year Results of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Study. Completed NCT02758457 Phase 4
2 The Effect of a Combination Between Clinical Crown Lengthening Surgery and Botulinum Toxin A Injection in Gummy Smile Treatment Completed NCT05057286 Phase 4
3 Effectiveness of Pre-emptive Analgesics on Post-Operative Pain After Stainless Steel Crown Placement On Primary Molars Not yet recruiting NCT05602064 Phase 4 Ibuprofen;Paracetamol
4 Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Assessment of Biocompatible High Performance Polymers Crown Veneered With Visio.Lign Versus E-max Crown Veneered With E-max Veneering System in Anterior Aesthetic Zone.(Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial) Unknown status NCT02929173 Phase 2
5 Periodontal Dressing After Surgical Crown Lengthening: A Randomized Clinical Trial Completed NCT01986959 Phase 2
6 Examination of the Immersion of Provisional Crown Material in Chlorhexidine Gluconate on Dental Plaque Formation in Vivo Completed NCT00259181 Phase 1
7 Effect of Provisional-Crown Surface Coating on Biofilm Formation Completed NCT00254345 Phase 1
8 A Clinical Evaluation of Hand-veneered, Porcelain-fused NobelProcera(TM) Crown Shaded Zirconia and NobelProcera(TM) Full Contour Crown IPS e.Max CAD on Molars Unknown status NCT01835821
9 Influences of Different Temporary Cement on Retention Rate and Dental Sensitivity of Temporary Crown on Vital Teeth - Randomized Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03437629
10 Randomized Comparison of Tissue Quality and Molecular Yield Between a Novel Crown-cut Biopsy Needle (FNB) and a Standard Aspiration Needle (FNA) for EUS Guided Diagnosis of Solid Pancreatic Lesions Unknown status NCT04687410
11 Evaluation of Plaque Removal Using Different Plaque Control Therapies Around Single Crown Dental Implants and Splinted Implant Crowns in Patients Under 3 Months Maintenance;a Randomized Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT02091609
12 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) for Egyptian Pediatric Dentists Regarding Usage of Stainless Steel Crown on Primary Molars Using Hall Technique: A Cross Sectional Study Unknown status NCT04201301
13 Clinical and Radiographic Comparative Evaluation of Osseous Resection by Piezoelectric Device Versus Conventional Rotary Instruments in Crown Lengthening Procedure: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Unknown status NCT03916653
14 Clinical Evaluation of Laminate Veneers With Coronal Post Versus Post and Core Foundation Restoration With Single Crown for Restoration of Endodontically Treated Anterior Teeth (Randomized Controlled Trial) "In-vivo Study" Unknown status NCT03314545
15 Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of a New NuSmile ZR Esthetic Primary Molar Crown Unknown status NCT01919515
16 Clinical Evaluation of Gingival Margin Stability Following Conventional Versus Microsurgical Techniques of Esthetic Crown Lengthening Unknown status NCT03804281
17 Comparison of Microvascular Reactivity Assessed by Post-occlusive Reactive Hyperaemia Test in Gingiva at Natural Tooth and at Implant Borne Crown Unknown status NCT03513627
18 A Cohort Research of Genetic Susceptibility for Common Obesity in Women (CROWN Study) Unknown status NCT01488903
19 Effect of Cementation Technique Applied for Single-tooth Implant Crowns on Residual Cement: A Three-arm Parallel-group Randomized Clinical Trial Completed NCT03581565
20 Evaluation of Bio Compatibility of Bio-HPP Crown Veneered With Visio.Lign Compared to Lithium Disilicate (E-max) Crown Veneered With E-max Veneering System in Anterior Esthetic Zone (Randomized Clinical Trial) Completed NCT02929199
21 Clinical Performance of Monolithic Lithium-disilicate Glass-Ceramic CAD/CAM Crowns Completed NCT03921307
22 Comparative Evaluation of Different Occlusal Surface Designs of Artificial Crown Completed NCT02609178
23 Analgesic Efficacy of Arnica Montana in Comparison With Diclofenac Sodium Following a Periodontal Surgical Procedure: A Placebo Control Trial Completed NCT03520595 Arnica 200 drug 3 pills,3 times daily for 3 days;Diclofenac Sodium 50mg twice daily;Placebo pills and distilled water 3 pills,3 times daily
24 Influence of Prosthetic Restorative Treatment Timing on Gingival Margin of Teeth After Surgical Crown Lengthening: a Randomized Controlled Pilot Study. Completed NCT03947658
25 Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial on the Survival and Quality of Survival of Lithium Disilicate Posterior Partial Crowns Bonded Using Immediate or Delayed Dentin Sealing a 3- Year Follow up Completed NCT03443583
26 Surgical Extrusion for the Clinical Crown Lengthening: a 12-months Prospective Clinical Study Completed NCT04350853
27 Can Zirconia Crown be the First Restorative Choice After Endodontic Treatment for Primary Teeth? Completed NCT04574180
28 CoolSculpting the Flank Using an Applicator With a Crown Cooling Insert Completed NCT02554760
29 Diet Induced Weight Loss Reduces Inflammation and Crown-like Structures and Corrects Immune Dysfunction in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue In Class 2-3 Obese Women: A Pilot Study Completed NCT01699906
30 Tooth Crown Discoloration Caused by Endodontic Treatment: Cross-sectional Clinical Study Completed NCT03841370
31 CoolSculpting the Abdomen Using an Applicator With a Crown Cooling Insert Completed NCT02787850
32 CReating an Optimal Warfarin Nomogram (CROWN) Trial Completed NCT00401414 Warfarin
33 The Effect of Using Two Different Suturing Techniques on Free Gingival Marginal Stability After Esthetic Crown Lengthening for Treatment of Gummy Smile (Randomized Clinical Trial) Completed NCT04219436
34 Determining Biomarkers of Trained Immunity in a Randomized Controlled Trial of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine - a Sub-study of the CROWN CORONATION Trial Completed NCT04646239
35 A Prospective Study to Evaluate the Longterm Treatment Results After Micro-surgical Root Resection of Teeth With Post and Core and Crown Completed NCT03108183
36 The Use of Intraoral Imaging at Clinical Crown Lengthening Procedures Completed NCT03064217
37 Checking Occlusion During Stainless Steel Crown Placement in Children Under General Anesthesia - Evaluation of a Novel Technique Completed NCT02437565
38 Ambulatory Management of Moderate to High Risk COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Patients - The Coronavirus Related Outpatient Work Navigators (CROWN) Protocol Completed NCT04476602
39 The Effectiveness of Digital Planning and Guided Dual Technique in Aesthetic Crown Lengthening: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Completed NCT04922086
40 One- Versus Two-Stage Aesthetic Crown Lengthening for Restorative Purposes: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Completed NCT04409366
41 The Influence of the Crown-implant Ratio on the Crestal Bone Level and Implant Secondary Stability - 36 Months Clinical Study Completed NCT03471000
42 Open-flap Versus Flapless Esthetic Crown Lengthening: 12-month Clinical Outcomes of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Completed NCT01821157
43 Biological Evaluation of Indirect Restorations in Endodontically-treated Posterior Teeth With Deeply Located Proximal Margins Following Deep Margin Elevation Versus Surgical Crown Lengthening: A Randomized Controlled Trial Completed NCT05381298
44 Treatment of Excessive Gingival Display Using Conventional Esthetic Crown Lengthening Versus Computer Guided Esthetic Crown Lengthening: (A Randomized Clinical Trial) Recruiting NCT05512312
45 Preformed Pediatric Crown Zirconia Versus Preformed Pediatric Metal Crown PPC Z-M Recruiting NCT03296709
46 Evaluating the Longevity and Safety of Full-coverage Crowns Fabricated With LuxaCrown Over a Period of 5 Years in 25-60 Year Old Indian Population: An Uncontrolled Trial Recruiting NCT03160950
47 Effectiveness Silver Diamine Fluoride Versus Sodium Fluoride in Arresting Caries Around Crown Margins in Older Adults Recruiting NCT04255251 Early Phase 1 Silver Diammine Fluoride;Fluoride Varnishes
48 Comparison of Surgical Extrusion vs Fibre Post Restoration for Crown-root Fractured Maxillary Incisors. Randomized Clinical Trial Recruiting NCT04685161
49 The Cardiac Outcomes With Near-Complete Estrogen Deprivation (CROWN) Study Recruiting NCT05309655 Early Phase 1 Adenosine Stress Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
50 Evaluation of Pain Following Microsurgical Esthetic Crown Lengthening Using Flap Vs. Flapless Piezo-surgical Approach: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Recruiting NCT04401826

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Anatomical Context for Hair Whorl

Organs/tissues related to Hair Whorl:

MalaCards : Bone, Heart, Brain, Cortex, Breast, Adipocyte, Liver

Publications for Hair Whorl

Articles related to Hair Whorl:

(show top 50) (show all 30061)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Human handedness and scalp hair-whorl direction develop from a common genetic mechanism. 62 57
14504234 2003
Frizzled6 controls hair patterning in mice. 57
15169958 2004
Incidence of double occipital hair whorls in twins and singletons. 57
3454518 1987
The FG syndrome: 7 new cases. 57
4017279 1985
Ultrafast and selective separation of 99mTc from molybdenum matrix using DBDGA deliberately tailored macrocyclic crown-ethers. 62
36436388 2023
Synthesis of crown ether-based microporous organic networks: A new type of efficient adsorbents for chlorophenols. 62
36327830 2023
Environmental magnetic signatures in mangrove ecosystems in northern Persian Gulf: Implication for pollution assessment in marine environment. 62
36356772 2023
Ultrasensitive hydrogel grating detector for real-time continuous-flow detection of trace threat Pb2. 62
36345059 2023
Determining the performance of lignin-based flocculants in improving biosludge dewaterability. 62
36308959 2023
Upgrading removable denture design by using strategic implants: A case report. 62
36183934 2023
Assessing the Use of Host-Guest Chemistry in Conjunction with Cyclic Ion Mobility Separations for the Linkage-Specific Characterization of Human Milk Oligosaccharides. 62
36440090 2023
Detection rates of a national fetal anomaly screening programme: A national cohort study. 62
36054171 2023
Effects of drought-induced holm oak dieback on BVOCs emissions in a Mediterranean forest. 62
36280081 2023
WOX11 and CRL1 act synergistically to promote crown root development by maintaining cytokinin homeostasis in rice. 62
36208055 2023
The synergistic effect of hydraulic and thermal impairments accounts for the severe crown damage in Fraxinus mandshurica seedlings following the combined drought-heatwave stress. 62
36167124 2023
Time efficiency and efficacy of a centralized computer-aided-design/computer-aided-manufacturing workflow for implant crown fabrication: A prospective controlled clinical study. 62
36252858 2022
Clinical outcomes of single crown and 3-unit bi-layered zirconia-based fixed dental prostheses: An upto 6- year retrospective clinical study: Clinical outcomes of zirconia FDPs. 62
36220517 2022
Crownphyrins: Metal-Mediated Transformations of the Porphyrin-Crown Ether Hybrids. 62
36214485 2022
A Triassic crown squamate. 62
36459546 2022
3D printing and milling accuracy influence full-contour zirconia crown adaptation. 62
36411148 2022
Design, synthesis and membrane anchoring strength of lipidated polyaza crown ether DNA-conjugates (LiNAs) studied by DNA-controlled assembly of liposomes. 62
36408737 2022
Crown dieback and mortality of urban trees linked to heatwaves during extreme drought. 62
35944640 2022
Clinical assessment of different implant-supported esthetic crown systems fabricated with semi-digital workflow: Two-year prospective study. 62
36120840 2022
Long-term soil water limitation and previous tree vigor drive local variability of drought-induced crown dieback in Fagus sylvatica. 62
35985592 2022
Cretaceous ornithurine supports a neognathous crown bird ancestor. 62
36450906 2022
Insight into the evolutionary assemblage of cranial kinesis from a Cretaceous bird. 62
36469022 2022
Trueness of crowns fabricated by using additively and subtractively manufactured resin-based CAD-CAM materials. 62
36470758 2022
A tape-reading molecular ratchet. 62
36261530 2022
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36352781 2022
Functional redundancy of OsPIN1 paralogous genes in regulating plant growth and development in rice. 62
35442849 2022
A clustering review of vegetation-indicating parameters in urban thermal environment studies towards various factors. 62
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36453863 2022
A simple and automated method for 161Tb purification and ICP-MS analysis of 161Tb. 62
36459299 2022
Ten-year follow up of previously traumatized immature permanent incisors sustaining second and third traumatic injuries after revascularization treatment: Case reports. 62
35766130 2022
Apical root resorptions in girls with Turner syndrome: a controlled longitudinal study. 62
35583217 2022
Impact of different axial wall designs on the fracture strength and stress distribution of ceramic restorations in mandibular first molar. 62
36456942 2022
Success of Occlusal Aperture Access for Endodontic Therapy of Canine Teeth in Dogs. 62
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European beech dieback after premature leaf senescence during the 2018 drought in northern Switzerland. 62
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Domestic cat embryos reveal unique transcriptomes of developing incisor, canine, and premolar teeth. 62
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Re-description of the early Triassic diapsid Palacrodon from the lower Fremouw formation of Antarctica. 62
36168715 2022
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36123228 2022
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36223543 2022
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36241044 2022
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35906341 2022
Huffmanela selachii n. sp. (Nematoda: Trichosomoididae: Huffmanelinae): A new species infecting the skin of the great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) and the blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) in the Arabian Gulf, off-shore Saudi Arabia. 62
36106014 2022
Actinide Pnictinidene Chemistry: A Terminal Thorium Parent-Arsinidene Complex Stabilised by a Super-Bulky Triamidoamine Ligand. 62
36254899 2022

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