Hypothalamic Neoplasm

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Aliases & Classifications for Hypothalamic Neoplasm

MalaCards integrated aliases for Hypothalamic Neoplasm:

Name: Hypothalamic Neoplasm 12 15
Hypothalamic Neoplasms 44 73
Neoplasm of the Hypothalamus 12
Tumor of Hypothalamus 12


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:3644
MeSH 44 D007029
NCIt 50 C3129
SNOMED-CT 68 254968009
UMLS 73 C0020659

Summaries for Hypothalamic Neoplasm

MalaCards based summary : Hypothalamic Neoplasm, also known as hypothalamic neoplasms, is related to dementia and diencephalic syndrome. An important gene associated with Hypothalamic Neoplasm is TRPC6 (Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily C Member 6). The drugs Hydrocortisone and Prednisone have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include pituitary, hypothalamus and brain.

Related Diseases for Hypothalamic Neoplasm

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 dementia 9.7
2 diencephalic syndrome 9.7

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Hypothalamic Neoplasm

Drugs for Hypothalamic Neoplasm (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Hydrocortisone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4,Not Applicable 50-23-7 5754
Prednisone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 53-03-2 5865
Menthol Approved Phase 4 2216-51-5 16666
Octreotide Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Not Applicable 83150-76-9 383414 6400441
Acetaminophen Approved Phase 4 103-90-2 1983
Hydromorphone Approved, Illicit Phase 4 466-99-9 5284570
Ibuprofen Approved Phase 4 15687-27-1 3672
Morphine Approved, Investigational Phase 4 57-27-2 5288826
Oxycodone Approved, Illicit, Investigational Phase 4 76-42-6 5284603
Somatostatin Approved, Investigational Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Not Applicable 38916-34-6, 51110-01-1 53481605
Dexmedetomidine Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 113775-47-6 68602 5311068
Cefazolin Approved Phase 4 25953-19-9 656510 33255
Cefdinir Approved Phase 4 91832-40-5 6915944
Cefuroxime Approved Phase 4 55268-75-2 5361202 5479529
Clindamycin Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 18323-44-9 29029
Sulfamethoxazole Approved Phase 4 723-46-6 5329
Trimethoprim Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 738-70-5 5578
Folic Acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4,Phase 1 59-30-3 6037
leucovorin Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4,Phase 1 58-05-9 143 6006
Butyric Acid Experimental, Investigational Phase 4,Not Applicable 107-92-6 264
Lactitol Investigational Phase 4 585-86-4 3871
22 Anesthetics Phase 4,Phase 1,Not Applicable
23 Anti-Inflammatory Agents Phase 4,Phase 1,Not Applicable
24 Antineoplastic Agents, Hormonal Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable
25 Cortisol succinate Phase 4,Not Applicable
26 glucocorticoids Phase 4,Phase 1,Not Applicable
27 Hormone Antagonists Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1
28 Hormones Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1
29 Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable,Early Phase 1
30 Hydrocortisone 17-butyrate 21-propionate Phase 4,Not Applicable
31 Hydrocortisone acetate Phase 4,Not Applicable
32 Hydrocortisone-17-butyrate Phase 4,Not Applicable
33 Central Nervous System Depressants Phase 4,Phase 1,Not Applicable
34 Hypnotics and Sedatives Phase 4,Phase 1,Not Applicable
35 Gastrointestinal Agents Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1,Not Applicable
36 Analgesics Phase 4,Not Applicable
37 Analgesics, Non-Narcotic Phase 4
38 Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Non-Steroidal Phase 4
39 Antirheumatic Agents Phase 4
40 Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors Phase 4
41 Narcotics Phase 4,Not Applicable
42 Peripheral Nervous System Agents Phase 4,Phase 2,Phase 3,Phase 1,Not Applicable
43 Anti-Bacterial Agents Phase 4,Not Applicable
44 Antibiotics, Antitubercular Phase 4,Not Applicable
45 Neurotransmitter Agents Phase 4,Phase 3,Phase 2,Phase 1
46 Pharmaceutical Solutions Phase 4
47 Anti-Infective Agents Phase 4
48 Antimalarials Phase 4
49 Antiparasitic Agents Phase 4
50 Antiprotozoal Agents Phase 4

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 81)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Effect of Perioperative Glucocorticoid Replacement on Prognosis of Surgical Patients With Sellar Lesions Unknown status NCT02190994 Phase 4 Hydrocortisone;Prednisone
2 Pediatric Hypothalamic Obesity Completed NCT00076362 Phase 4 Sandostatin LAR
3 Analgesia Regimens Following Trans-sphenoidal Surgery for Pituitary Tumors Completed NCT02351700 Phase 4 IV Caldolor (IV Ibuprofen);IV Ibuprofen placebo
4 Surgical Debulking of Pituitary Adenomas Completed NCT01371643 Phase 4 Octreotide LAR
5 Comparative Low and High Dose of Dexmedethomidine in Pituitary Tumor Removal by Transphenoid Approach Recruiting NCT03132259 Phase 4 high dose dexmedethomidine;low dose dexmedethomidine
6 Prophylactic Oral Antibiotics on Sinonasal Outcomes Following Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery for Pituitary Lesions Recruiting NCT03014687 Phase 4 Placebo;Oral Antibiotics cefdinir or trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole
7 Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Plasmatic Cortisol Response in Transsphenoidal Surgery Recruiting NCT02549768 Phase 4 Dexmedetomidine;Sodium Chloride 0.9%
8 Study to Allow Access to Pasireotide for Patients Benefiting From Pasireotide Treatment in a Novartis-sponsored Study. Recruiting NCT01794793 Phase 4 Pasireotide
9 Cabergoline in Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas Completed NCT03271918 Phase 3 Cabergoline
10 Response to Cabergoline and Pasireotide in Non-functioning Pituitary Adenomas and Resistant Prolactinomas Completed NCT01620138 Phase 2, Phase 3 Pasireotide;cabergoline
11 Study of Cabergoline in Treatment of Corticotroph Pituitary Tumor Completed NCT00889525 Phase 3 Cabergoline
12 Ga-68-DOTATOC -PET in the Management of Pituitary Tumours Recruiting NCT02419664 Phase 3
13 Dopamine Agonist Treatment of Non-functioning Pituitary Adenomas Recruiting NCT02288962 Phase 3 cabergoline
14 Multicenter Evaluation of the Effect of Upfront Radiosurgery on Residual Growth Hormone-secreting Pituitary Adenoma Not yet recruiting NCT03439709 Phase 3 Lanreotide 60Mg Solution for Injection
15 Safety and Efficacy of FolateScan (Technetium Tc 99m EC20) in Subjects With Pituitary Tumors Completed NCT01689727 Phase 2 Technetium Tc 99m EC20
16 Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Pasireotide LAR on the Treatment of Patients With Clinically Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenoma. Completed NCT01283542 Phase 2 Pasireotide LAR
17 Sandostatin LAR Depot vs. Surgery for Treating Acromegaly Completed NCT00001860 Phase 2 Sandostatin LAR Depot versus transsphenoidal surgery
18 Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Treating Patients With Rare Tumors Recruiting NCT02834013 Phase 2
19 Pasireotide LAR Therapy of Silent Corticotroph Pituitary Tumors Recruiting NCT02749227 Phase 2 Pasireotide LAR
20 Targeted Therapy With Lapatinib in Patients With Recurrent Pituitary Tumors Resistant to Standard Therapy Recruiting NCT00939523 Phase 2 Lapatinib
21 Rosiglitazone in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed ACTH-Secreting Pituitary Tumor (Cushing Disease) Terminated NCT00612066 Phase 2 rosiglitazone maleate
22 Study of Pasireotide in Patients With Rare Tumors of Neuroendocrine Origin Terminated NCT00958841 Phase 2 pasireotide LAR
23 Rosiglitazone in Treating Patients With Pituitary Tumors Terminated NCT00616642 Phase 2 rosiglitazone maleate
24 Exploratory Study of Farletuzumab to Treat Resectable, Non-functioning Pituitary Adenomas Withdrawn NCT01203618 Phase 2 Farletuzumab
25 Temozolomide in Treating Patients With Invasive Pituitary Tumors Withdrawn NCT00601289 Phase 2 temozolomide
26 Antineoplaston Therapy in Treating Patients With Neuroendocrine Tumor That Is Metastatic or Unlikely to Respond to Surgery or Radiation Therapy Withdrawn NCT00003514 Phase 2 antineoplaston A10;antineoplaston AS2-1
27 Detection of Functioning Pituitary Microadenoma: PET/MRI Versus PET/CT Recruiting NCT03404414 Phase 1 18F-FDG
28 A Phase 1, Single Dose, Open-Label Study to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of OTL38 Injection (OTL38) for Intra-operative Imaging of Folate Receptor-alpha Positive Pituitary Adenoma Recruiting NCT02769533 Phase 1 OTL0038;Benadryl
29 Intraoperative Imaging of Pituitary Adenomas by OTL Active, not recruiting NCT02629549 Phase 1 OTL38
30 Gamma-Secretase Inhibitor RO4929097 in Treating Young Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Solid Tumors, CNS Tumors, Lymphoma, or T-Cell Leukemia Terminated NCT01088763 Phase 1 gamma-secretase/Notch signalling pathway inhibitor RO4929097;dexamethasone
31 Comparison of The Effects of Sevoflurane, Desflurane and Total Intravenous Anaesthesia on Pulmonary Function Tests Unknown status NCT02709863 Not Applicable Sevoflurane;Desflurane;Propofol
32 Interdisciplinary Pituitary Disorders Centre of Excellence: Assessment of Patient Education Tools Unknown status NCT01775332 Not Applicable
33 Genome-wide Association Study of Pituitary Tumors Unknown status NCT01442220
34 The Predictive Factors of Vision Recovery in Patients With Pituitary Tumor Unknown status NCT01377701
35 The Observational Study of Growth Hormone-secreting Pituitary Tumors Unknown status NCT01368133
36 Characterization of Receptors in Non-functioning Pituitary Macroadenomas Unknown status NCT00852501
37 Pituitary Tumor Surveillance: Pathogenic Correlation Unknown status NCT00599092
38 Prevalence of Pituitary Incidentaloma in Relatives of Patients With Pituitary Adenoma Unknown status NCT00598949
39 The Cardiovascular Changes Associated With Septal Local Anaesthesia Completed NCT03137615 local anaesthetic injection
40 Visual Outcome After Transsphenoidal Surgery for Pituitary Macroadenoma Completed NCT03363126
41 Barrow Nasal Inventory Survey Completed NCT01322945
42 Mode of Ventilation and Bleeding During Transsphenoidal Surgery Completed NCT01891838 Not Applicable
43 Follow-up Evaluation of Photo-Dynamic Therapy for Pituitary Tumours Completed NCT02632084
44 Glycemic Fluctuations in Newly Diagnosed Growth Hormone-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma and Cushing Syndrome Subjects Completed NCT02574793
45 Peri-Operative Steroid Management in Patients Completed NCT02084134 Not Applicable hydrocortisone;dexamethasone
46 Identification of GENEtic Markers of Aggressiveness and Malignancy by Array Comparative Genomic Hybrization Analysis (CGH) Completed NCT01903967
47 Comparison of Surgical Approach to Endoscopic Pituitary Adenoma Resection Completed NCT01689064 Not Applicable
48 Calcium Homeostasis in Acromegaly: Effect of Surgical/Medical Treatment and Comparison With Nonfunctioning Pituitary Tumors Completed NCT01568359
49 Copeptin as a Diagnostic Marker in the Management of Neurosurgical Patients With Disturbance of Water Homeostasis Completed NCT01465672
50 Effects of Hormone Stimulation on Brain Scans for Cushing s Disease Completed NCT01459237 Early Phase 1 Acthrel

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Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Brain, T Cells, Testes, Heart, Bone

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# Title Authors Year
Hyperphagia, rage, and dementia accompanying a ventromedial hypothalamic neoplasm. ( 5769839 )
Diencephalic syndrome of emaciation associated with hypothalamic neoplasms. ( 5939927 )

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