Intestinal Schistosomiasis

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Aliases & Classifications for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

MalaCards integrated aliases for Intestinal Schistosomiasis:

Name: Intestinal Schistosomiasis 12 15 71
Schistosomiasis Japonica 12 43 17 71
Schistosomiasis Mansoni 43 17 71
Katayama Fever 12 71
Schistosoma Mansoni Infectious Disease 12
Schistosoma Japonicum Infection 12
Schistosomiasis 71


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:0050597
ICD9CM 34 120.1 120.2
ICD10 32 B65.1 B65.2
UMLS 71 C0036323 C0036329 C0036330 more

Summaries for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Disease Ontology : 12 A schistosomiasis that involves parasitic infection of the intestine caused by Schistosoma mansoni, Schistosoma intercalatum or Schistosomiasis japonicum. The symptoms include fever, cough, abdominal pain, diarrhea, hepatosplenomegaly, colonic polyposis with bloody diarrhea and eosinophilia.

MalaCards based summary : Intestinal Schistosomiasis, also known as schistosomiasis japonica, is related to cytokine deficiency and schistosomiasis. An important gene associated with Intestinal Schistosomiasis is IL13 (Interleukin 13), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Akt Signaling and PAK Pathway. The drugs Lumefantrine and Artemether have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include liver, testes and colon, and related phenotypes are hematopoietic system and immune system

Wikipedia : 74 Schistosoma mansoni is a water-borne parasite of humans, and belongs to the group of blood flukes... more...

Related Diseases for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Diseases related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 cytokine deficiency 31.3 IL5 IL13
2 schistosomiasis 31.1 TPI1 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
3 paragonimiasis 30.8 IL5 IL13 EPGN
4 salmonellosis 30.8 SIGLEC5 IL10 CD4 CCR6
5 toxoplasmosis 30.4 IL5 IL4 IL10
6 ascaris lumbricoides infection 30.3 STH IL5 IL13 EPGN
7 echinococcosis 30.3 IL5 IL17A IL10
8 myelitis 30.3 IL17A IL10 CCR6
9 chagas disease 30.2 IL4 IL17A IL10 CD4
10 tetanus 30.2 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10
11 hypereosinophilic syndrome 30.2 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10
12 visceral leishmaniasis 30.2 TPI1 IL4 IL13 IL10
13 tuberculoid leprosy 30.1 IL4 IL10 CD4 CCR6
14 fascioliasis 30.1 IL10 GOT2 EPGN
15 urticaria 30.1 IL5 IL4 IL13
16 immune deficiency disease 30.0 IL4 IL13 IL10 CD4 CCR6
17 exanthem 30.0 IL10 CD4 CCR6
18 taeniasis 30.0 STH IL4 IL10 CD4
19 autoimmune disease 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CCR6
20 leishmaniasis 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 ARG1
21 trichinosis 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10 CD4
22 trichuriasis 29.9 STH IL13 IL10 EPGN CCR6
23 urinary schistosomiasis 29.9 STH SNAI1 IL5 IL4 IL13 EPGN
24 meningitis 29.9 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL10
25 endocarditis 29.8 TPI1 IL17A IL10
26 allergic asthma 29.8 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
27 bacterial infectious disease 29.8 IL17A IL10 CD4 CCR6
28 strongyloidiasis 29.8 STH IL5 IL13 EPGN CD4
29 ileitis 29.8 IL17A IL10 CCR6
30 dysentery 29.8 STH IL10 CD4 CCR6
31 proteasome-associated autoinflammatory syndrome 1 29.6 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
32 arthritis 29.6 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CCR6
33 colitis 29.6 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CCR6
34 collagen disease 29.5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4 CCR6
35 pulmonary tuberculosis 29.5 IL4 IL17A IL10
36 crohn's disease 29.5 IL4 IL17A IL10 CD4 CCR6
37 leprosy 3 29.3 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL10 CD4 CCR6
38 allergic hypersensitivity disease 29.2 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
39 severe combined immunodeficiency 29.2 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
40 splenic disease 29.0 SIGLEC5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
41 rheumatoid arthritis 29.0 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4 CCR6
42 parasitic protozoa infectious disease 28.3 TPI1 SIGLEC5 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13
43 systemic lupus erythematosus 28.3 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
44 parasitic helminthiasis infectious disease 27.0 STH SRCIN1 SNAI1 SIGLEC5 IL5 IL4
45 schistosoma mansoni infection, susceptibility/ 11.4
46 fibrosis of extraocular muscles, congenital, 1 10.6
47 aztreonam allergy 10.6 IL5 IL13
48 ceftriaxone allergy 10.5 IL5 IL13
49 angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy with dysproteinemia 10.5 IL5 IL13
50 respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease 10.5 IL5 IL13

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Diseases related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 hematopoietic system MP:0005397 9.7 ARG1 CCR6 CD4 EPGN IL10 IL13
2 immune system MP:0005387 9.36 ARG1 CCR6 CD4 EPGN IL10 IL13

Drugs & Therapeutics for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Drugs for Intestinal Schistosomiasis (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Lumefantrine Approved Phase 4 82186-77-4 6437380
Artemether Approved Phase 4 71963-77-4 119380 68911
3 Artemether, Lumefantrine Drug Combination Phase 4
Myrrh Approved Phase 3 9000-45-7
Albendazole Approved, Vet_approved Phase 3 54965-21-8 2082
Pyrimethamine Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 3 58-14-0 4993
Sulfadoxine Approved, Investigational Phase 3 2447-57-6 17134
leucovorin Approved Phase 3 58-05-9 6006 143
Triclabendazole Approved, Investigational Phase 3 68786-66-3
Zinc Approved, Investigational Phase 2, Phase 3 7440-66-6 32051
Zinc sulfate Approved, Investigational Phase 2, Phase 3 7733-02-0
Mefloquine Approved, Investigational Phase 3 53230-10-7 4046
Artesunate Approved, Investigational Phase 3 88495-63-0 6917864 5464098
Amodiaquine Approved, Investigational Phase 3 86-42-0 2165
Tranexamic Acid Approved Phase 3 1197-18-8 5526
Folic acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 3 59-30-3 6037
Piperaquine Experimental, Investigational Phase 3 4085-31-8 5079497
Dihydroartemisinin Experimental, Investigational Phase 3 71939-50-9 6918483
19 Iron Supplement Phase 3
20 Hematinics Phase 3
21 Ferric Compounds Phase 3
22 Antimitotic Agents Phase 3
23 Trace Elements Phase 2, Phase 3
24 Micronutrients Phase 2, Phase 3
25 Fanasil, pyrimethamine drug combination Phase 3
26 Renal Agents Phase 3
27 Folic Acid Antagonists Phase 3
28 Vitamin B Complex Phase 3
29 Folate Phase 3
30 Vitamin B9 Phase 3
31 Anti-Infective Agents, Urinary Phase 3
32 Sulfalene Phase 3
33 Nutrients Phase 2, Phase 3
34 Astringents Phase 2, Phase 3
35 Dermatologic Agents Phase 2, Phase 3
36 Antiprotozoal Agents Phase 3
37 Antimalarials Phase 3
38 Artemisinins Phase 3
39 Artemisinine Phase 3
40 Antiviral Agents Phase 3
41 Hemostatics Phase 3
42 Coagulants Phase 3
43 Antifibrinolytic Agents Phase 3
Aluminum hydroxide Approved, Investigational Phase 1, Phase 2 21645-51-2
Sodium citrate Approved, Investigational Phase 1, Phase 2 68-04-2
Indian frankincense Approved, Experimental, Investigational Phase 1, Phase 2
Citric acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 1, Phase 2 77-92-9 311
Calcium Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 1, Phase 2 7440-70-2 271
Imidazole Experimental, Investigational Phase 1, Phase 2 288-32-4 795
Uric acid Investigational Phase 1, Phase 2 69-93-2 1175

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 85)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 The Impact of Intermittent Preventive Malaria Treatment With Artemisinin Combination Therapy (ACT) on Hemoglobin, Malaria, Schistosomiasis, and School Attention Among Primary Schoolchildren in the Kassena-Nankana Districts, Ghana Unknown status NCT01459146 Phase 4 Artemether-lumefantrine combination plus albendazole;Artemether-lumefantrine plus Praziquantel plus Albendazole;Albendazole plus Praziquantel
2 Effect of Schistosomiasis Mansoni and Its Treatment on HIV Susceptibility and Female Genital Immunology Completed NCT02878564 Phase 4 Praziquantel
3 Evaluation of Praziquantel Dosage for Treatment of Schistosomiasis in Highly Endemic Areas of Northeastern Brazil Completed NCT00403611 Phase 4 Praziquantel 60 mg/kg;Praziquantel 40 mg/kg
4 Effect of Concomitant Mansonella Perstans Microfilaremia on Immune Responses Following Single Dose Praziquantel in Subjects With Schistosomiasis: A Pilot Study Withdrawn NCT02734186 Phase 4 Praziquantel
5 Efficacy of Chinese-made Versus WHO-PQ Praziquantel for Treatment of Schistosoma Haematobium in Zanzibar: a Randomized Controlled Trial Unknown status NCT03133832 Phase 3 Companion Tablet
6 Intravenous Ferric Carboxymaltose Compared With Oral Iron in the Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia at Delivery in Tanzania Unknown status NCT02541708 Phase 3 Ferric carboxymaltose;Ferrous sulfate + folic acid
7 Safety and Efficacy of Mirazid for Schistosomiasis Treatment as Compared to Praziquantel: An Open-label Randomized Non-placebo-Controlled Study Completed NCT01529710 Phase 3 Myrrh
8 Repeated Doses of Praziquantel in Schistosomiasis Treatment (RePST): An Open Label, Randomized Controlled Trial of Single vs. Multiple Treatments of Praziquantel in Intestinal African Schistosomiasis in Côte d'Ivoire Completed NCT02868385 Phase 3 4x Praziquantel;1x Praziquantel
9 Schistosoma Haematobium Infections Among Schoolchildren in Central Sudan One Year After Treatment With Praziquantel Completed NCT01558336 Phase 3 praziquantel
10 Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of the Therapeutic Vaccine Candidate Sh28GST in Association With Praziquantel (PZQ) for Prevention of Clinical and Parasitological Recurrences of S. Haematobium Infection in Children Completed NCT00870649 Phase 3
11 Open-label, Randomized Clinical Trial in Kenya to Determine the Effectiveness of Artesunate + Sulfamethoxypyrazine/Pyrimethamine Vs. Praziquantel in the Treatment of S. Mansoni in Children Completed NCT01054651 Phase 3 Artesunate+Sulfamethoxypyrazine/pyrimethamine;Praziquantel
12 Efficacy and Safety of Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine or Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine Plus Piperaquine Regimens Delivered Through Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Schoolchildren of Democratic Republic of Congo: A Randomised Control Trial Completed NCT01722539 Phase 3 Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine;Piperaquine;Albendazole;Praziquantel
13 A Randomized, Double Blind, Controlled Study to Determine the Efficacy of Zinc Supplementation on Diarrhea Incidence in an Adult Population in Western Kenya. Completed NCT01166815 Phase 2, Phase 3
14 An Open Label, Phase III Efficacy and Safety Study of L Praziquantel Orodispersible Tablets (L-PZQ ODT) in Schistosoma Infected Children 3 Months to 6 Years of Age, Including a 2:1 Randomized, Controlled Cohort of Schistosoma Mansoni Infected Children 4 to 6 Years of Age Treated With L PZQ ODT or Commercial PZQ (Biltricide®) Recruiting NCT03845140 Phase 3 L-PZQ ODT;Biltricide®;L-PZQ ODT
15 Prospective, Observational Study to Assess the Performance of CAA Measurement as a Diagnostic Tool for the Detection of Schistosoma Haematobium Infections in Pregnant Women and Their Newborn and Child in Lambaréné, Gabon Recruiting NCT03779347 Phase 3 Praziquantel
16 Treatment of Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS) With Praziquantel: A Proof-of-Concept Study Recruiting NCT04115072 Phase 2, Phase 3 Praziquantel 600Mg Oral Tablet x 5;Praziquantel 600Mg Oral Tablet x 1
17 A Proof-of-concept Trial to Evaluate Artesunate-mefloquine as a Novel Alternative Treatment for Schistosomiasis in African Children Recruiting NCT03893097 Phase 3 Praziquantel;Artesunate + Mefloquine
18 Effectiveness and Safety of Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria Using Either Dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine or Artesunate-amodiaquine in Reducing Malaria Related Morbidities and Improving Cognitive Ability in School-aged Children in Tanzania: A Controlled Randomised Trial Recruiting NCT03640403 Phase 3 Dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine;Artesunate-amodiaquine
19 Tranexamic Acid for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage: an International Randomised, Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial Recruiting NCT01658124 Phase 3 Tranexamic Acid;Placebo
20 Safety and Efficacy of a Novel Candidate Peptide Vaccine Against HCV Infection in Healthy Volunteers and in Treated (Non-responders/ Responders) Chronic HCV Patients. Clinical Trials Phases I and II Unknown status NCT01718834 Phase 1, Phase 2
21 Intestinal Schistosomiasis in Children Aged 1-5 Years,Morbidity Assessment and the Effect of Praziquantel on Morbidity; Along Lake Victoria Shorelines. Completed NCT01901484 Phase 2 Praziquantel
22 Activity of Mefloquine Against Urinary Schistosomiasis Completed NCT01132248 Phase 2 Mefloquine;S/P
23 Safety and Immunogenicity Evaluation of the Vaccine Candidate Sm14 Against Schistosomiasis in Senegalese School Children Healthy or Infected With S. Mansoni and/or S. Haematobium. A Comparative, Randomized, Controlled, Open-label Trial Completed NCT03799510 Phase 2 GLA-SE solution
24 Open-label, Dose-finding, 2-parts, Efficacy Phase II Study With Three Formulations (Racemate Raziquantel Commercial Oral Tablets, New Oral Disintegrating Tablets of Racemate Praziquantel and L-praziquantel) in Schistosomiasis (S. Mansoni) Infected Children Aged 2-6 Years (Part 1), Followed by an Assessment of Efficacy and Safety With the Selected Formulation and Dosage in S. Mansoni Infected Infants Aged 3-24 Months (Part 2) Completed NCT02806232 Phase 2 Biltricide (racemate praziquantel) oral tablets;Racemate Praziquantel ODT;Levo Praziquantel ODT
25 S. Japonicum and Pregnancy Outcomes: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial (RCT) Completed NCT00486863 Phase 2 Praziquantel
26 Safety and Immunogenicity Evaluation of the Vaccine Candidate Sm14 in Combination With the Adjuvant Glucopyranosyl Lipid A (GLA-SE) in Adults Living in Endemic Regions for S. Mansoni and S. Haematobium in Senegal. A Comparative, Randomized, Open-label Trial Completed NCT03041766 Phase 2 GLA-SE solution
27 Phase II PK/PD Driven Dose Finding Trial of Praziquantel in Children Under Four Not yet recruiting NCT03640377 Phase 2 Praziquantel
28 A Phase I/II Trial of the Safety, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of the Sm-TSP-2/Alhydrogel® Schistosomiasis Vaccine in Healthy Exposed Ugandan Adults Not yet recruiting NCT03910972 Phase 1, Phase 2
29 Treatment of Renal Stones With Frankincense (Boswellic Acid): A Clinical Randomized Trial Not yet recruiting NCT03924596 Phase 1, Phase 2 AKBA-Incense (3-acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid);Potassium Sodium Hydrogen Citrate
30 A Phase Ib Study of the Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity of Sm-TSP-2/Alhydrogel(R) With or Without AP 10-701 for Intestinal Schistosomiasis in Healthy Exposed Adults Completed NCT03110757 Phase 1
31 A Phase I Study of the Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity of Sm-TSP-2/Alhydrogel® With or Without GLA-AF for Intestinal Schistosomiasis in Healthy Adults Completed NCT02337855 Phase 1
32 Phase 1 Study Evaluating Safety and Immunological Criteria of Efficacy of the Recombinant Vaccine Candidate Bilhvax Against Schistosomiasis Completed NCT01512277 Phase 1
33 Praziquantel Pharmacokinetics in Pregnancy and During Lactation Completed NCT01288872 Phase 1 Praziquantel
34 Phase 1 Study to Evaluate the Safety of the Vaccine Prepared sm14 Against Schistosomiasis Completed NCT01154049 Phase 1
35 Group A Streptococcal Human Challenge Study: Building a Pharyngitis Model to Accelerate Vaccine Development Active, not recruiting NCT03361163 Phase 1
36 Evaluation of Strategies for Improved Uptake of Preventive Treatment for Intestinal Schistosomiasis Among School Children in Jinja District, Uganda: a Stratified Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial Unknown status NCT01869465
37 Epidemiology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1) and Schistosoma Mansoni Co-infections and Its Impact on Anthelminthic Treatment Outcome Among HIV-1 Infected Individuals in Fishing Communities in Mwanza Region, Northwestern Tanzania. Unknown status NCT01541631 Praziquantel and Albendazole;Praziquantel and Albendazole;Praziquantel and Albendazole
38 Study on the Role of Antioxidant Micronutrients on the Reversal of Schistosomal Peri-portal Fibrosis of the Liver. Unknown status NCT01260012
39 Association of Schistosomiasis Seropositivity With Adverse Birth Events in Migrants From Bilharzia-endemic Areas Unknown status NCT03158298
40 The Evaluation of Glycyrrhizic Acid's Pesticide Effect in Treating Liver Damage (Retrospective Study) Unknown status NCT02329314
41 ANRS 12320 IMMHoTHep : Investigative Mathematical Modeling of Hospital Transmission of Hepatitis C Unknown status NCT02826447
42 Effects of Arachidonic Acid Supplementation on Schistosomiasis Mansoni Infection in Egyptian School Children Completed NCT02144389 Praziquantel (PZQ)
43 Evaluation of Applicability of Urine Based Schistosomiasis Test Strip in the Epidemiologic Mapping and Sampling of Schistosoma Mansoni Infection in Low Endemic Areas of Kenya Completed NCT00463307
44 Treatment of Schistosomal Portal Hypertension: Assessment of Efficacy of Endoscopic Therapy Alone or in the Combined With Surgical Procedure Completed NCT01931826
45 Parasitologic Impact of Different Mass Drug Administration Strategies Against Schistosoma Mansoni in Endemic Areas of Mwanza Region, Tanzania, Where Prevalence is 25% or Above Completed NCT02162875 Praziquantel
46 Establishing a Single-sex Controlled Human Schistosomiasis Infection Model: Safety and Dose Finding Completed NCT02755324
47 Comparison of Schistosomiasis Diagnostic Techniques and Study of Schistosoma Infection on Children's Immune Response to Childhood Vaccines, on Anaemia and on Nutritional Status Completed NCT01553552
48 Assessment of Anaemia Attributable to Schistosomiasis in School Children in Kenya: Mechanisms and Effect of Treatment Completed NCT00414479 praziquantl, iron, ACT
49 Iron Supplementation in Schistosomiasis and Soil Transmitted Helminths Control Programmes in Zambia Completed NCT00276224 ferrous sulphate (drug)
50 Schistosomiasis in Women of Reproductive Age in Burkina Faso: Implications for Control Completed NCT00463632

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Cochrane evidence based reviews: schistosomiasis japonica

Genetic Tests for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Anatomical Context for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis:

Liver, Testes, Colon, T Cells, Skin, B Cells, Lung

Publications for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Articles related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis:

(show top 50) (show all 1545)
# Title Authors PMID Year
INF-gamma, IL-5 and IgE profiles in chronic schistosomiasis mansoni Egyptian patients with or without hepatitis C infection. 54 61
16605110 2006
Rare cause of complicated Meckel's with Schistosoma infection: An unusual cause of acute intestinal obstruction in adults. 61
31877547 2020
An ELISA based on soluble egg antigens for the serodiagnosis of animal schistosomiasis turkestanica. 61
31995591 2020
Preliminary evaluation of the diagnostic potential of Schistosoma japonicum extracellular vesicle proteins for Schistosomiasis japonica. 61
31542374 2020
Schistosomiasis then and now: what has changed in the last 100 years? 61
31965953 2020
Prevalence and correlates of intestinal schistosomiasis infection among school-aged children in North-Western Tanzania. 61
32023307 2020
Intestinal microbiome profiles in Oncomelania hupensis in mainland China. 61
31580848 2020
Coordination of humoral immune factors dictates compatibility between Schistosoma mansoni and Biomphalaria glabrata. 61
31916937 2020
Malacological survey to identify transmission sites for intestinal schistosomiasis on Ijinga Island, Mwanza, north-western Tanzania. 61
31837312 2019
Report of high prevalence of schistosome infection in Biomphalaria snails from a geographic area with no previous prevalence of human schistosomiasis in Nigeria. 61
31891709 2019
Factors associated with relevant knowledge of intestinal schistosomiasis and intention to participate in treatment campaigns: a cross sectional survey among school children at Ijinga Island on Lake Victoria, North-Western Tanzania. 61
31888548 2019
How can schistosome circulating antigen assays be best applied for diagnosing male genital schistosomiasis (MGS): an appraisal using exemplar MGS cases from a longitudinal cohort study among fishermen on the south shoreline of Lake Malawi. 61
31452477 2019
Evaluation of nanoselenium and nanogold activities against murine intestinal schistosomiasis. 61
31762611 2019
An innovative and user-friendly scoring system for standardised quantitative interpretation of the urine-based point-of-care strip test (POC-CCA) for the diagnosis of intestinal schistosomiasis: a proof-of-concept study. 61
31425672 2019
Concurrent Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobium infections in a peri-urban community along the Weija dam in Ghana: A wake up call for effective National Control Programme. 61
31356786 2019
The contribution of domestic animals to the transmission of schistosomiasis japonica in the Lindu Subdistrict of the Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. 61
31849421 2019
Intestinal schistosomiasis of Ijinga Island, north-western Tanzania: prevalence, intensity of infection, hepatosplenic morbidities and their associated factors. 61
31590657 2019
Identification of linear epitopes in SjSP-13 of Schistosoma japonicum using a GST-peptide fusion protein microplate array. 61
31666115 2019
Progress in loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for detection of Schistosoma mansoni DNA: towards a ready-to-use test. 61
31611563 2019
Analysis of Environmental DNA and Edaphic Factors for the Detection of the Snail Intermediate Host Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi. 61
31547610 2019
The prevalence of schistosomiasis in Uganda: A nationally representative population estimate to inform control programs and water and sanitation interventions. 61
31412023 2019
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Schistosomiasis among Schoolchildren in two Settings of Côte d'Ivoire. 61
31340504 2019
Prevalence and intensity of Schistosoma mansoni infection in pediatric populations on antiretroviral therapy in north-western Tanzania: a cross-sectional study. 61
31345980 2019
[Approaches used for assessment of the burden of advanced schistosomiasis japonica: a comparative study]. 61
31544407 2019
Intestinal schistosomiasis: a very long-lived tropical parasite. 61
30797063 2019
A meta-analysis of infection rates of Schistosoma japonicum in sentinel mice associated with infectious waters in mainland China over last 40 years. 61
31173590 2019
Multiple Praziquantel Treatments of Schistosoma mansoni Egg-Negative, CCA-Positive Schoolchildren in a Very Low Endemic Setting in Egypt Do Not Consistently Alter CCA Results. 61
31017083 2019
Sigmoid Volvulus as the Initial Presentation of Chronic Intestinal Schistosomiasis. 61
31616741 2019
Supplementation with micronutrients and schistosomiasis: systematic review and meta-analysis. 61
30983544 2019
Concordance of the point-of-care circulating cathodic antigen test for the diagnosis of intestinal schistosomiasis in a low endemicity area. 61
31142379 2019
Toxicity of a molluscicide candidate PPU07 against Oncomelania hupensis (Gredler, 1881) and local fish in field evaluation. 61
30690401 2019
Reversal of liver fibrosis after splenectomy in a patient with advanced schistosomiasis japonica: A case report with 4-year follow-up. 61
30973870 2019
Non-invasive surveillance of Plasmodium infection by real-time PCR analysis of ethanol preserved faeces from Ugandan school children with intestinal schistosomiasis. 61
30935388 2019
Qualitative and quantitative proteomic analyses of Schistosoma japonicum eggs and egg-derived secretory-excretory proteins. 61
30992086 2019
Comparison of Kato Katz, antibody-based ELISA and droplet digital PCR diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica: Lessons learnt from a setting of low infection intensity. 61
30830925 2019
Distribution pattern of the snail intermediate host of schistosomiasis japonica in the Poyang Lake region of China. 61
30922403 2019
Biomphalaria pfeifferi Snails and Intestinal Schistosomiasis, Lake Malawi, Africa, 2017-2018. 61
30602122 2019
Urinary circulating DNA and circulating antigen for diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni: a field study. 61
30549391 2019
Interaction and involvement of cellular adhesion molecules in the pathogenesis of Schistosomiasis mansoni. 61
30503821 2019
A case of acute appendicitis due to intestinal schistosomiasis. 61
30555690 2019
β-Actin: Not a Suitable Internal Control of Hepatic Fibrosis Caused by Schistosoma japonicum. 61
30766520 2019
Detection of Schistosoma japonicum and Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi environmental DNA and its potential utility to schistosomiasis japonica surveillance in the Philippines. 61
31747401 2019
Prevalence and Reinfection Rates of Schistosoma mansoni and Praziquantel Efficacy against the Parasite among Primary School Children in Sanja Town, Northwest Ethiopia. 61
31179124 2019
Jejunal Ulcer Caused by Schistosoma japonicum. 61
31049231 2019
Preface: Sustained cooperation on research and control of neglected tropical diseases among multisectors and multipartners across borders in Southeast Asia. 61
31530398 2019
Transmission of Schistosoma mansoni in Yachi areas, southwestern Ethiopia: new foci. 61
30626428 2019
Detection of Schistosoma mansoni-derived DNA in human urine samples by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). 61
30913249 2019
Analysis of risk factors and changing trends the infection rate of intestinal schistosomiasis caused by S. japonicum from 2005 to 2014 in Lushan city. 61
30055333 2018
Co-parasitism of intestinal protozoa and Schistosoma japonicum in a rural community in the Philippines. 61
30526666 2018
Surveillance of intestinal schistosomiasis during control: a comparison of four diagnostic tests across five Ugandan primary schools in the Lake Albert region. 61
29560841 2018

Variations for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Expression for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

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Pathways for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Pathways related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

(show all 22)
# Super pathways Score Top Affiliating Genes
Show member pathways
13.29 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
Show member pathways
13.14 SNAI1 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
Show member pathways
12.73 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
Show member pathways
12.49 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL10 CD4
Show member pathways
12.47 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
Show member pathways
12.21 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13
Show member pathways
12.2 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10 AOX1
Show member pathways
12.14 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
9 11.89 IL5 IL4 IL10 CD4
10 11.85 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
11 11.78 IL5 IL4 CD4
12 11.67 IL5 IL4 IL13
13 11.54 IL5 IL4 IL13
14 11.51 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 ARG1
15 11.5 IL5 IL4 IL10 ARG1
16 11.42 IL4 IL13 IL10
17 11.22 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10 CD4
18 11.17 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13
19 11.07 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
20 11.04 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10
21 10.89 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10
22 10.82 IL5 IL4 IL13 IL10 CD4

GO Terms for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

Cellular components related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 extracellular space GO:0005615 9.28 TPI1 MIR199A1 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13
2 clathrin-coated vesicle membrane GO:0030665 9.13 EPGN CHRM2 CD4

Biological processes related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 positive regulation of B cell proliferation GO:0030890 9.5 IL5 IL4 IL13
2 positive regulation of MHC class II biosynthetic process GO:0045348 9.46 IL4 IL10
3 negative regulation of tumor necrosis factor biosynthetic process GO:0042536 9.43 IL4 IL10
4 negative regulation of endothelial cell apoptotic process GO:2000352 9.43 IL4 IL13 IL10
5 cytokine-mediated signaling pathway GO:0019221 9.43 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
6 type 2 immune response GO:0042092 9.4 IL4 IL10
7 regulation of isotype switching GO:0045191 9.37 IL4 IL10
8 immune response GO:0006955 9.17 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10 CD4
9 negative regulation of complement-dependent cytotoxicity GO:1903660 9.16 IL4 IL13

Molecular functions related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 growth factor activity GO:0008083 9.26 IL5 IL4 IL10 EPGN
2 cytokine activity GO:0005125 9.02 IL5 IL4 IL17A IL13 IL10

Sources for Intestinal Schistosomiasis

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