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Name: Methane Production 57



57 (Updated 20-May-2021)
? autosomal recessive


methane production:
Inheritance autosomal recessive inheritance

External Ids:

OMIM® 57 250650
SNOMED-CT via HPO 68 258211005 363406005

Summaries for Methane Production

MalaCards based summary : Methane Production is related to constipation and rapidly involuting congenital hemangioma. An important gene associated with Methane Production is ALB (Albumin). The drugs Rifaximin and Neomycin have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include colon, small intestine and bone marrow, and related phenotypes are colon cancer and abnormal abdomen morphology

More information from OMIM: 250650

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Diseases related to Methane Production

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Methane Production

Human phenotypes related to Methane Production:

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# Description HPO Frequency HPO Source Accession
1 colon cancer 31 HP:0003003
2 abnormal abdomen morphology 31 HP:0001438

Symptoms via clinical synopsis from OMIM®:

57 (Updated 20-May-2021)
G I:
methane production by colonic flora

methane excretion
increased methane excretion with colon cancer

Clinical features from OMIM®:

250650 (Updated 20-May-2021)

Drugs & Therapeutics for Methane Production

Drugs for Methane Production (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Rifaximin Approved, Investigational Early Phase 1 80621-81-4 6436173 46783403
Neomycin Approved, Vet_approved Early Phase 1 1404-04-2 8378
3 Gastrointestinal Agents Early Phase 1
4 Anti-Bacterial Agents Early Phase 1
5 Anti-Infective Agents Early Phase 1

Interventional clinical trials:

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# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled, Multi-Dose Study of the Effect of Two Dosage Strengths of SYN-010 Compared With Placebo on Breath Methane Production in Breath Methane-Positive Subjects With IBS-C Completed NCT02495623 Phase 2 SYN-010 21 mg;SYN-010 42 mg;Placebo
2 Methane Production and Glycemic Regulation in Pre-diabetic Subjects: Role of Methane in Glycemic Control Completed NCT01638429 Early Phase 1 Neomycin;Rifaximin

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Genetic Tests for Methane Production

Anatomical Context for Methane Production

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Methane Production:

Colon, Small Intestine, Bone Marrow, Bone, Breast

Publications for Methane Production

Articles related to Methane Production:

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# Title Authors PMID Year
Flatulence. 57
6772089 1980
Breath-methane in patients with cancer of the large bowel. 57
70691 1977
Floating stools--flatus versus fat. 57
5015442 1972
Factors influencing pulmonary methane excretion in man. An indirect method of studying the in situ metabolism of the methane-producing colonic bacteria. 57
5111441 1971
Volume, composition, and source of intestinal gas. 57
5486278 1970
Influence of lincomycin on anaerobic digestion: Sludge type, biogas generation, methanogenic pathway and resistance mechanism. 61
33711716 2021
Calcium phosphate granules formation: Key to high rate of mesophilic UASB treatment of toilet wastewater. 61
33582333 2021
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33611018 2021
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33434805 2021
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33611019 2021
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33582639 2021
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33794986 2021
Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) peel pellet as a rumen enhancer in Holstein crossbred bulls. 61
32882772 2021
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33689991 2021
Operationalization of a microbial electrolysis cell: The interaction of the primary factors for energy storage efficiency. 61
33561662 2021
Effects of anaerobic granular sludge towards the treatment of flowback water in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket bioreactor: Comparison between mesophilic and thermophilic conditions. 61
33548817 2021
Effect of co-digestion of tylosin fermentation dreg and food waste on anaerobic digestion performance. 61
33465646 2021
Temporary addition of carbon fibers facilitates methanogenic degradation of ethanol during anaerobic treatment. 61
33082040 2021
Evidence of thermophilic waste decomposition at a landfill exhibiting elevated temperature regions. 61
33596536 2021
Explore the difference between the single-chamber and dual-chamber microbial electrosynthesis for biogas production performance. 61
33421897 2021
Effect of dietary supplementation of Emblica officinalis fruit pomace on methane emission, ruminal fermentation, nutrient utilization, and milk production performance in buffaloes. 61
33405166 2021
Integration of enzymatic pretreatment and sludge co-digestion in biogas production from microalgae. 61
33639410 2021
Rapid recovery of methane yield in organic overloaded-failed anaerobic digesters through bioaugmentation with acclimatized microbial consortium. 61
33421748 2021
Improving anaerobic digestion of chicken manure under optimized biochar supplementation strategies. 61
33461122 2021
Effect of ammonia removal and biochar detoxification on anaerobic digestion of aqueous phase from municipal sludge hydrothermal liquefaction. 61
33548815 2021
Enrichment of salt-tolerant CO2-fixing communities in microbial electrosynthesis systems using porous ceramic hollow tube wrapped with carbon cloth as cathode and for CO2 supply. 61
33077225 2021
Improved stability of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor treating starch wastewater by pre-acidification: Impact on microbial community and metabolic dynamics. 61
33540215 2021
Evaluation of depth-dependent properties of municipal solid waste using a large diameter-borehole sampling method. 61
33180006 2021
An enhanced disintegration using refinery spent caustic for anaerobic digestion of refinery waste activated sludge. 61
33515842 2021
Mercury pollution in the coastal Urmia aquifer in northwestern Iran: potential sources, mobility, and toxicity. 61
33398765 2021
Genomic and functional analyses of fungal and bacterial consortia that enable lignocellulose breakdown in goat gut microbiomes. 61
33526884 2021
Optimization of a newly developed electromethanogenesis for the highest record of methane production. 61
33199142 2021
Rhamnolipid pretreatment enhances methane production from two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
33609905 2021
Enhancing methane production from dewatered waste activated sludge through alkaline and photocatalytic pretreatment. 61
33493745 2021
Functions of bacteria and archaea participating in the bioconversion of organic waste for methane production. 61
33229086 2021
Enhancing methanogenic fermentation of waste activated sludge via isoelectric-point pretreatment: Insights from interfacial thermodynamics, electron transfer and microbial community. 61
33784610 2021
Enhanced anaerobic digestion with the addition of chelator-nickel complexes to improve nickel bioavailability. 61
33246732 2021
Link between characteristics of Fe(III) oxides and critical role in enhancing anaerobic methanogenic degradation of complex organic compounds. 61
33220246 2021
Effects of propylene glycol on in vitro ruminal fermentation, methanogenesis, and microbial community structure. 61
33455765 2021
Comparison of Pre-treatment Technologies to Improve Sewage Sludge Biomethanization. 61
33188508 2021
Carbon cloth facilitates semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of organic wastewater rich in volatile fatty acids from dark fermentation. 61
33257151 2021
A novel pretreatment biotechnology for increasing methane yield from lipid-rich wastewater based on combination of hydrolytic enzymes with Candida rugosa fungus. 61
33787468 2021
Temperature phased anaerobic digestion (TPAD) of organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and digested sludge (DS): Effect of different hydrolysis conditions. 61
33740710 2021
Ferroferric oxide promotes metabolism in Anaerolineae other than microbial syntrophy in anaerobic methanogenesis of antibiotic fermentation residue. 61
33261864 2021
New insights into the effect of ethanol and volatile fatty acids proportions on methanogenic activities and pathways. 61
33358876 2021
Sugarcane vinasse extreme thermophilic digestion: a glimpse on biogas free management. 61
33721084 2021
High-rate blackwater anaerobic digestion under septic tank conditions with the amendment of biosolids-derived biochar synthesized at different temperatures. 61
33812134 2021
Impact of organic loading rate and reactor design on thermophilic anaerobic digestion of mixed supermarket waste. 61
33561770 2021
Effects of organic loading rate and temperature fluctuation on the microbial community and performance of anaerobic digestion of food waste. 61
33179190 2021
Overall spatiotemporal dynamics of greenhouse gasses and oxygen in two subtropical reservoirs with contrasting trophic states. 61
33774352 2021
Influences of size reduction, hydration, and thermal-assisted hydration pretreatment to increase the biogas production from Napier grass and Napier silage. 61
33798860 2021
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33744736 2021
A shift from anaerobic digestion to dark fermentation in glycol ethylene fermentation. 61
33560510 2021
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33757679 2021
Residual carbon dioxide as an index of feed efficiency in lactating dairy cows. 61
33663828 2021
Shaping biofilm microbiomes by changing GAC location during wastewater anaerobic digestion. 61
33774284 2021
Sulfite pretreatment enhances the biodegradability of primary sludge and waste activated sludge towards cost-effective and carbon-neutral sludge treatment. 61
33774306 2021
Relieving ammonia nitrogen inhibition in high concentration anaerobic digestion of rural organic household waste by Prussian blue analogue nanoparticles addition. 61
33743276 2021
Estimation of in-situ biogas upgrading in microbial electrolysis cells via direct electron transfer: Two-stage machine learning modeling based on a NARX-BP hybrid neural network. 61
33735725 2021
Continuous recovery and enhanced yields of volatile fatty acids from a continually-fed 100 L food waste bioreactor by filtration and electrodialysis. 61
33494002 2021
Coupling granular activated carbon and exogenous hydrogen to enhance anaerobic digestion of phenol via predominant syntrophic acetate oxidation and hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis pathway. 61
33401163 2021
Effect of static magnetic field on microbial community during anaerobic digestion. 61
33373801 2021
Toward net-zero sustainable aviation fuel with wet waste-derived volatile fatty acids. 61
33723013 2021
Disintegration of Sewage Sludge Using Pulsed Electrical Field Technique: PEF Optimization, Simulation and Anaerobic Digestion. 61
33754952 2021
Enhanced lignocellulosic component removal and biomethane potential from chestnut shell by a combined hydrothermal-alkaline pretreatment. 61
33360342 2021
Two-Stage anaerobic digestion in agroindustrial waste treatment: A review. 61
33360925 2021
Metagenomic analysis reveals the fate of antibiotic resistance genes in two-stage and one-stage anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
33302189 2021
Optimization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cultivation with simultaneous CO2 sequestration and biofuels production in a biorefinery framework. 61
33162147 2021
Thermal pre-treatment: Getting some insights on the formation of recalcitrant compounds and their effects on anaerobic digestion. 61
33445137 2021
Coupling hydrothermal carbonization and anaerobic digestion for sewage digestate management: Influence of hydrothermal treatment time on dewaterability and bio-methane production. 61
33401118 2021
Enhancing methane production of synthetic brewery water with granular activated carbon modified with nanoscale zero-valent iron (NZVI) in anaerobic system. 61
33341639 2021
Biodegradation of creosote-treated wood by two novel constructed microbial consortia for the enhancement of methane production. 61
33360721 2021
Effect of biochar addition on microbial community and methane production during anaerobic digestion of food wastes: The role of minerals in biochar. 61
33385628 2021
Enhanced energy recovery via separate hydrogen and methane production from two-stage anaerobic digestion of food waste with nanobubble water supplementation. 61
33162132 2021
Effective methane production from the Japanese weed Gyougi-shiba (Cynodon dactylon) is accomplished by colocalization of microbial communities that assimilate water-soluble and -insoluble fractions. 61
33587116 2021
Crude saponin extract from Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Pers pod meal could modulate ruminal fermentation, and protein utilization, as well as mitigate methane production. 61
33674897 2021
Biochemical potential evaluation and kinetic modeling of methane production from six agro-industrial wastewaters in mixed culture. 61
33774550 2021
Effects of alkali, autoclaving, and Fe+ autoclaving pretreatment on anaerobic digestion performance of coking sludge from the perspective of sludge extracts and methane production. 61
33170465 2021
Tonalide facilitates methane production from anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
33740557 2021
Electrochemical methane production from CO2 for orbital and interplanetary refueling. 61
33748713 2021
Roles of Nitrocompounds in Inhibition of Foodborne Bacteria, Parasites, and Methane Production in Economic Animals. 61
33805112 2021
Statistical optimization of methane production from brewery spent grain: Interaction effects of temperature and substrate concentration. 61
33756388 2021
Methane Production Rate during Anoxic Litter Decomposition Depends on Si Mass Fractions, Nutrient Stoichiometry, and Carbon Quality. 61
33805021 2021
Corn silage-based diet supplemented with increasing amounts of linseed oil: Effects on methane production, rumen fermentation, nutrient digestibility, N utilization, and milk production of dairy cows. 61
33663815 2021
A sodium percarbonate/ultraviolet system generated free radicals for degrading capsaicin to alleviate inhibition of methane production during anaerobic digestion of lipids and food waste. 61
33160666 2021
Enhanced methane production in an up-flow microbial electrolysis assisted reactors: Hydrodynamics characteristics and electron balance under different spatial distributions of bioelectrodes. 61
33454649 2021
Enhanced phenols removal and methane production with the assistance of graphene under anaerobic co-digestion conditions. 61
33223184 2021
Microbial mechanism of enhancing methane production from anaerobic digestion of food waste via phase separation and pH control. 61
33780819 2021
Enhanced production of methane in anaerobic water treatment as mediated by the immobilized fungi. 61
33360615 2021
Batch mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of spent goat batch mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of spent goat straw bedding and goat cheese whey: Comparison with the mono-digestion of the two sole substrates. 61
33357983 2021
Thermophilic biogas production from microalgae-bacteria aggregates: biogas yield, community variation and energy balance. 61
33667771 2021
Anaerobic co-digestion of fruit and vegetable waste: Synergy and process stability analysis. 61
33406015 2021
Early life dietary intervention in dairy calves results in a long-term reduction in methane emissions. 61
33542279 2021
pH regulation of the first phase could enhance the energy recovery from two-phase anaerobic digestion of food waste. 61
33528855 2021
Methyl-compounds driven benthic carbon cycling in the sulfate-reducing sediments of South China Sea. 61
32506654 2021
Does lipid stress affect performance, fate of antibiotic resistance genes and microbial dynamics during anaerobic digestion of food waste? 61
33250254 2021
Influence of phenols and furans released during thermal pretreatment of olive mill solid waste on its anaerobic digestion. 61
33310132 2021
Impact of metallic nanoparticles on anaerobic digestion: A systematic review. 61
33257063 2021
Measurement of Enteric Methane Emissions by the SF6 Technique Is Not Affected by Ambient Weather Conditions. 61
33670674 2021
Performance prediction of ZVI-based anaerobic digestion reactor using machine learning algorithms. 61
33360168 2021
Effects of pH on ex-situ biomethanation with hydrogenotrophic methanogens under thermophilic and extreme-thermophilic conditions. 61
33199191 2021
Role of waste-based geopolymer spheres addition for pH control and efficiency enhancement of anaerobic digestion process. 61
33575842 2021
Co-Digestion Biomethane Production and the Effect of Nanoparticle: Kinetics Modeling and Microcalorimetry Studies. 61
33025568 2021
Synergistic association between cytochrome bd-encoded Proteiniphilum and reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging methanogens in microaerobic-anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic biomass. 61
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A membrane biofilm reactor for hydrogenotrophic methanation. 61
33285505 2021
Robustness of granular activated carbon-synergized anaerobic membrane bioreactor for pilot-scale application over a wide seasonal temperature change. 61
33166921 2021
Mechanistic insights into the effect of poly ferric sulfate on anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
33227607 2021
Short-chain fatty acids resource recovery potential from algal sludge via anaerobic fermentation under various pH values. 61
33631402 2021
The effect of augmentation of biochar and hydrochar in anaerobic digestion of a model substrate. 61
33302012 2021
Study on the biogas potential of anaerobic digestion of coffee husks wastes in Ethiopia. 61
32662340 2021
Microflora communities which can convert digested sludge to biogas. 61
33475466 2021
Synergistic Effects of Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Pretreated Corn Stover with Chicken Manure and Its Kinetics. 61
33034004 2021
Deep insights into the network of acetate metabolism in anaerobic digestion: focusing on syntrophic acetate oxidation and homoacetogenesis. 61
33387947 2021
Cnidoscolus aconitifolius leaf pellet can manipulate rumen fermentation characteristics and nutrient degradability. 61
33677917 2021
Anaerobic co-digestion of landfill leachate and acid mine drainage using up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor. 61
33067788 2021
Post-transcriptional regulation is involved in the cold-active methanol-based methanogenic pathway of a psychrophilic methanogen. 61
33538379 2021
Biochar from pyrolyzed Tibetan Yak dung as a novel additive in ensiling sweet sorghum: An alternate to the hazardous use of Yak dung as a fuel in the home. 61
33264862 2021
Response of anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge to residual ferric ions. 61
33341712 2021
Genomic Insights into Adaptations of Trimethylamine-Utilizing Methanogens to Diverse Habitats, Including the Human Gut. 61
33563787 2021
Conserving purple prairie clover (Dalea purpurea Vent.) as hay and silage had little effect on the efficacy of condensed tannins in modulating ruminal fermentation in vitro. 61
33135157 2021
Efficiency and key functional genera responsible for simultaneous methanation and bioelectricity generation within a continuous stirred microbial electrolysis cell (CSMEC) treating food waste. 61
33229085 2021
Advances towards understanding long chain fatty acids-induced inhibition and overcoming strategies for efficient anaerobic digestion process. 61
33316662 2021
Two-stage separation and acidification of pig slurry - Nutrient separation efficiency and agronomical implications. 61
33229114 2021
Responses of anaerobic digestion of food waste to coupling effects of inoculum origins, organic loads and pH control under high load: Process performance and microbial characteristics. 61
33310238 2021
An overview of fungal pretreatment processes for anaerobic digestion: Applications, bottlenecks and future needs. 61
33249324 2021
Optimization of hydrothermal pretreatment conditions for mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of high-solid sludge. 61
33285502 2021
Biogas production from beverage factory wastewater in a mobile bioenergy station. 61
33065325 2021
Comparative assessment of pre- and inter-stage hydrothermal treatment of municipal sludge for increased methane production. 61
33523520 2021
Simultaneous nitrogen removal and methane production from Taihu blue algae against ammonia inhibition using integrated bioelectrochemical system (BES). 61
33684748 2021
Effect of replacing corn grains with date palm kernels on ruminal fermentation, feed degradability, and methane production under different initial in vitro pH conditions. 61
33620298 2021
Variable sediment methane production in response to different source-associated sewer sediment types and hydrological patterns: Role of the sediment microbiome. 61
33296733 2021
Optimization and comparison of methane production and residual characteristics in mesophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge by hydrothermal treatment. 61
33038733 2021
Enrichment of waste sewage sludge for enhancing methane production from cellulose. 61
33307481 2021
Variation of volatile fatty acid oxidation and methane production during the bioaugmentation of anaerobic digestion system: Microbial community analysis revealing the influence of microbial interactions on metabolic pathways. 61
33254934 2021
Anaerobic co-digestion of chicken manure and cardboard waste: Focusing on methane production, microbial community analysis and energy evaluation. 61
33285504 2021
Hybrid forward osmosis/membrane distillation integrated with anaerobic fluidized bed bioreactor for advanced wastewater treatment. 61
33049631 2021
Magnetite-contained biochar derived from fenton sludge modulated electron transfer of microorganisms in anaerobic digestion. 61
33265013 2021
New insights into the evaluation of anaerobic properties of sludge: Biodegradability and stabilization. 61
33279028 2021
Biodegradation of hydrophobic pesticides by microalgae: Transformation products and impact on algae biochemical methane potential. 61
32911153 2021
Mechanical pretreatment of municipal biowaste to produce an aqueous slurry dedicated to anaerobic digestion. 61
33410064 2021
Corn stover usage and farm profit for sustainable dairy farming in China. 61
32054177 2021
Anaerobic digestion as a laboratory experiment for undergraduate biochemistry courses. 61
32738180 2021
Genetic parameters for methane emission traits in Australian dairy cows. 61
33131823 2021
Improving two-stage thermophilic-mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and rice straw by digestate recirculation. 61
33540305 2021
Prediction of the Long-Term Effect of Iron on Methane Yield in an Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Using Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis. 61
33572581 2021
Assessment of high-solid mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of mechanically-separated municipal solid waste. 61
32931788 2021
Nutrient augmentation enhances biogas production from sorghum mono-digestion. 61
33045488 2021
Effect of proton pump inhibitor on microbial community, function, and kinetics in anaerobic digestion with ammonia stress. 61
32957047 2021
Reactor performance and economic evaluation of singular, binary, and ternary mixing of feedstocks for anaerobic digestion. 61
31169448 2021
Anaerobic digestibility of resin acids in primary sludge: Effect of ozone pretreatment. 61
33182136 2021
Effect of ultrasonic and ozone pretreatment on the fate of enteric indicator bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes, and anaerobic digestion of dairy wastewater. 61
33186838 2021
A high-rate anaerobic biofilm reactor for biomethane recovery from source-separated blackwater at ambient temperature. 61
32329182 2021
Supplementation of fruit peel pellet containing phytonutrients to manipulate rumen pH, fermentation efficiency, nutrient digestibility and microbial protein synthesis. 61
33452814 2021
Influence of dietary phytogenic feed additives on lactation performance, methane emissions and health status of Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). 61
33421133 2021
Evaluation of biogas production potential of trace element-contaminated plants via anaerobic digestion. 61
33396119 2021
Milk production and composition efficiency as influenced by feeding Pennisetum purpureum cv. Mahasarakham with Tiliacora triandra, Diels pellet supplementation. 61
33392866 2021
Biohythane production from food waste in a two-stage process: assessing the energy recovery potential. 61
33357020 2021
Methanotrophic Community Detected by DNA-SIP at Bertioga's Mangrove Area, Southeast Brazil. 61
33392629 2021
Resistance assessment of microbial electrosynthesis for biochemical production to changes in delivery methods and CO2 flow rates. 61
33035863 2021
Improving sulfonamide antibiotics removal from swine wastewater by supplying a new pomelo peel derived biochar in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor. 61
33010716 2021
Enhanced Strategies for Antibiotic Removal from Swine Wastewater in Anaerobic Digestion. 61
32718780 2021
Effect of sugarcane bagasse as industrial by-products treated with Lactobacillus casei TH14, cellulase and molasses on feed utilization, ruminal ecology and milk production of mid-lactating Holstein Friesian cows. 61
33454981 2021
Insight into sludge anaerobic digestion with granular activated carbon addition: Methanogenic acceleration and methane reduction relief. 61
33002784 2021
Network analysis and functional estimation of the microbiome reveal the effects of cashew nut shell liquid feeding on methanogen behaviour in the rumen. 61
33166077 2021
Potential use of cassava by-product as ruminant feed. 61
33423082 2021
Comparison of the microbial communities of alpacas and sheep fed diets with three different ratios of corn stalk to concentrate. 61
33029865 2021
Interactions between Anaerobic Fungi and Methanogens in the Rumen and Their Biotechnological Potential in Biogas Production from Lignocellulosic Materials. 61
33477342 2021
How the North American Consensus Protocol Affects the Performance of Glucose Breath Testing for Bacterial Overgrowth Versus a Traditional Method. 61
33560649 2021
Anaerobic digestion of microalgal biomass for bioenergy production, removal of nutrients and microcystin: current status. 61
33421297 2021
Energy metabolism of pregnant zebu and crossbred zebu dairy cattle. 61
33539434 2021
Microbial Communities in Flexible Biomethanation of Hydrogen Are Functionally Resilient Upon Starvation. 61
33643248 2021
Effect of ensiling persimmon peel and grape pomace as tannin-rich byproduct feeds on their chemical composition and in vitro rumen fermentation. 61
33629442 2021
Lignin intermediates lead to phenyl acid formation and microbial community shifts in meso- and thermophilic batch reactors. 61
33472684 2021
Effect of feeding Bacillus subtilis on rumen fermentation, blood metabolites, nutrient digestibility, and energy and nitrogen balances in non-lactating crossbred cows. 61
33638258 2021
Enhanced methane production and organic matter removal from tequila vinasses by anaerobic digestion assisted via bioelectrochemical power-to-gas. 61
33166883 2021
Filamentous microalgae as an advantageous co-substrate for enhanced methane production and digestate dewaterability in anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure. 61
33191051 2021
Corrigendum to "Construction of novel microbial consortia CS-5 and BC-4 valued for the degradation of catalpa sawdust and chlorophenols simultaneously with enhancing methane production" [Bioresource Technol. 301(2020), 122720]. 61
33166885 2021
Pilot Study of the Effects of Polyphenols from Chestnut Involucre on Methane Production, Volatile Fatty Acids, and Ammonia Concentration during In Vitro Rumen Fermentation. 61
33430307 2021
Conductive polyaniline hydrogel enhanced methane production from anaerobic wastewater treatment. 61
32771741 2021
Simultaneous carbon dioxide reduction and enhancement of methane production in biogas via anaerobic digestion of cornstalk in continuous stirred-tank reactors: The influences of biochar, environmental parameters, and microorganisms. 61
32977099 2021
Anaerobic co-digestion of dairy manure and Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) under thermophilic condition: Optimal ratio for biochemical methane production. 61
33605507 2021
Enhanced methane production from cellulose using a two-stage process involving a bioelectrochemical system and a fixed film reactor. 61
33407783 2021
Review: Methanogens and methane production in the digestive systems of nonruminant farm animals. 61
33516013 2021
Synergetic enhancement of methane production and system resilience during anaerobic digestion of food waste in ammonia-tolerant anaerobic sludge system. 61
33410077 2021
Chemical composition, ruminal degradation kinetics, and methane production (in vitro) of winter grass species. 61
32613605 2021
Prediction of methane production from co-digestion of lignocellulosic biomass with sludge based on the major compositions of lignocellulosic biomass. 61
33474669 2021
Effect of active dry yeast on lactation performance, methane production, and ruminal fermentation patterns in early-lactating Holstein cows. 61
33272580 2021
Improving ensiling characteristics by adding lactic acid bacteria modifies in vitro digestibility and methane production of forage-sorghum mixture silage. 61
33479407 2021
Back to the Source: Molecular Identification of Methanogenic Archaea as Markers of Colonic Methane Production. 61
33469805 2021
Greenhouse gas reporting data improves understanding of regional climate impact on landfill methane production and collection. 61
33635880 2021
Investigation of hydrodynamics in high solid anaerobic digestion by particle image velocimetry and computational fluid dynamics: Role of mixing on flow field and dead zone reduction. 61
32977097 2021
Zeolite favours propionate syntrophic degradation during anaerobic digestion of food waste under low ammonia stress. 61
32805662 2021
Inhibition of norfloxacin on anaerobic digestion: Focusing on the recoverability and shifted microbial communities. 61
32896787 2021
Effect of emerging pollutant fluoxetine on the excess sludge anaerobic digestion. 61
32892053 2021
A novel electrochemical oxidation-methanogenesis system for simultaneously degrading antibiotics and reducing CO2 to CH4 with low energy costs. 61
32882500 2021
Addition of a carbon fiber brush improves anaerobic digestion compared to external voltage application. 61
33152589 2021
Long term performance of a pilot scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating beet molasses based industrial wastewater. 61
33126194 2021
Effect of different aerobic hydrolysis time on the anaerobic digestion characteristics and energy consumption analysis. 61
33157447 2021
Post-treatment of dewatered digested sewage sludge by thermophilic high-solid digestion for pasteurization with positive energy output. 61
33032154 2021
Biohythane production and microbial characteristics of two alternating mesophilic and thermophilic two-stage anaerobic co-digesters fed with rice straw and pig manure. 61
33126132 2021
Dynamic evolution of humic acids during anaerobic digestion: Exploring an effective auxiliary agent for heavy metal remediation. 61
33157443 2021
Effects of dietary grapeseed extract on performance, energy and nitrogen balance as well as methane and nitrogen losses of lambs and goat kids. 61
32660689 2021
Improvement of empty palm fruit bunches biodegradability and biogas production by integrating the straw mushroom cultivation as a pretreatment in the solid-state anaerobic digestion. 61
33049444 2021
Tailoring Carbon Nanotubes to Enhance their Efficiency as Electron Shuttle on the Biological Removal of Acid Orange 10 Under Anaerobic Conditions. 61
33322583 2020
Enhancing anaerobic syntrophic propionate degradation using modified polyvinyl alcohol gel beads. 61
33319110 2020
Temperature and Inoculum Origin Influence the Performance of Ex-Situ Biological Hydrogen Methanation. 61
33271799 2020
Valorization of the liquid fraction of co-hydrothermal carbonization of mixed biomass by anaerobic digestion: Effect of the substrate to inoculum ratio and hydrochar addition. 61
32799085 2020
Using air instead of biogas for mixing and its effect on anaerobic digestion of animal wastewater with high suspended solids. 61
32871320 2020
Evaluation the impact of polystyrene micro and nanoplastics on the methane generation by anaerobic digestion. 61
32827962 2020
Nanoscale zero-valent iron improved lactic acid degradation to produce methane through anaerobic digestion. 61
32827976 2020
Factors influencing volatile fatty acids production from food wastes via anaerobic digestion. 61
31880192 2020
Improving the treatment of waste activated sludge using calcium peroxide. 61
32980604 2020
Effect of organic compounds on dry anaerobic digestion of food and paper industry wastes. 61
32303143 2020
Insight into efficient phosphorus removal/recovery from enhanced methane production of waste activated sludge with chitosan-Fe supplementation. 61
32980603 2020
Sparking Anaerobic Digestion: Promoting Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer to Enhance Methane Production. 61
33294801 2020
Comparison of bio-hydrogen and bio-methane production performance in continuous two-phase anaerobic fermentation system between co-digestion and digestate recirculation. 61
33099098 2020
Revealing the mechanisms for potassium ferrate affecting methane production from anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
32829117 2020
Swine manure valorization in fabrication of nutrition and energy. 61
33074416 2020
Co-digestion of sewage sludge and wood fly ash. 61
33301703 2020
Strategic supplementation of Flemingia silage to enhance rumen fermentation efficiency, microbial protein synthesis and methane mitigation in beef cattle. 61
33298016 2020
Integrated fermentation and anaerobic digestion of primary sludges for simultaneous resource and energy recovery: Impact of volatile fatty acids recovery. 61
32927387 2020
Dual roles of zero-valent iron in dry anaerobic digestion: Enhancing interspecies hydrogen transfer and direct interspecies electron transfer. 61
32979779 2020
Saline fish wastewater in biogas plants - Biomethanation toxicity and safe use. 61
32827897 2020
Digestive tract methanodrome: Physiological roles of human microbiota-associated methanogens. 61
32745665 2020
Pre-treatment and temperature effects on the use of slow release electron donor for biological sulfate reduction. 61
32858270 2020
Anaerobic methane oxidation coupled to denitrification is an important potential methane sink in deep-sea cold seeps. 61
33113688 2020
Relieving ammonia inhibition by zero-valent iron (ZVI) dosing to enhance methanogenesis in the high solid anaerobic digestion of swine manure. 61
32977305 2020
Whole genome sequence of Serratia marcescens 39_H1, a potential hydrolytic and acidogenic strain. 61
33102161 2020
Data on rumen and faeces microbiota profiles of Yakutian and Kalmyk cattle revealed by high-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA gene amplicons. 61
33102664 2020
Lower methane emissions were associated with higher abundance of ruminal Prevotella in a cohort of Colombian buffalos. 61
33246412 2020
Effects of foam nickel supplementation on anaerobic digestion: Direct interspecies electron transfer. 61
32937692 2020
A novel hybrid organosolv-steam explosion pretreatment and fractionation method delivers solids with superior thermophilic digestibility to methane. 61
32799045 2020
Anaerobic co-digestion of corn stover and wastewater from hydrothermal carbonation. 61
32652438 2020
Enhanced anaerobic digestion of primary sludge with additives: Performance and mechanisms. 61
32791460 2020
Giant milkweed (Calotropis gigantea): A new plant resource to inhibit protozoa and decrease ammoniagenesis of rumen microbiota in vitro without impairing fermentation. 61
32927525 2020
Microbial communities network analysis of anaerobic reactors fed with bovine and swine slurry. 61
33167293 2020
Enhancing anaerobic digestion for rural wastewater treatment with granular activated carbon (GAC) supplementation. 61
32731160 2020
[Enhanced Membrane Anti-fouling Ability of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Equipped with Bio-electrochemical System Using Nano-zero-valent Iron and Its Regulation Mechanism]. 61
33124250 2020
Quorum quenching altered microbial diversity and activity of anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) and enhanced methane generation. 61
32702577 2020
A novel thermophilic anaerobic granular sludge membrane distillation bioreactor for wastewater reclamation. 61
32700271 2020
Red mud-based inorganic polymer spheres: Innovative and environmentally friendly anaerobic digestion enhancers. 61
32736181 2020
Effect of yeast-fermented de-hulled rice on in vitro gas production, nutrient degradability, and rumen fermentation. 61
32944871 2020
Microbial functional genes commonly respond to elevated carbon dioxide. 61
32871382 2020
Genome-wide association studies for methane emission and ruminal volatile fatty acids using Holstein cattle sequence data. 61
33228565 2020
The host-associated archaeome. 61
32690877 2020
Effect of coupling alkaline pretreatment and sewage sludge co-digestion on methane production and fertilizer potential of digestate. 61
32758825 2020
Pretreatments of Broussonetia papyrifera: In vitro assessment on gas and methane production, fermentation characteristic, and methanogenic archaea profile. 61
33171029 2020
Caffeic acid modulates methane production and rumen fermentation in an opposite way with high-forage or high-concentrate substrate in vitro. 61
33205409 2020
Methanogen Abundance Thresholds Capable of Differentiating In Vitro Methane Production in Human Stool Samples. 61
33247793 2020
Upstream Natural Pulsed Ventilation: A simple measure to control the sulfide and methane production in gravity sewer. 61
32629266 2020
Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors Co-digesting Whey and Glycerin as a Possible Solution for Small and Mid-size Dairy Industries: Environmental Compliance and Methane Production. 61
32617846 2020
Effect of the addition of Enterolobium cyclocarpum pods and Gliricidia sepium forage to Brachiaria brizantha on dry matter degradation, volatile fatty acid concentration, and in vitro methane production. 61
32647965 2020
Effects of Raw and Fermented Rapeseed Cake on Growth Performance, Methane Production, and Breast Meat Fatty Acid Composition in Broiler Chickens. 61
33266150 2020
Diversity, function and assembly of mangrove root-associated microbial communities at a continuous fine-scale. 61
33184266 2020
Degradation of kanamycin from production wastewater with high-concentration organic matrices by hydrothermal treatment. 61
32933725 2020
Kinetic study of oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline inhibition in the anaerobic digestion of dairy manure. 61
32683290 2020
In search of the optimal inoculum to substrate ratio during anaerobic co-digestion of spent coffee grounds and cow manure. 61
32356493 2020
Dairy Manure Wastewater Remediation Using Non-airtight Digestion Pretreatment Followed by Microalgae Cultivation. 61
32676943 2020
Effects of biochar on methane emission from paddy soil: Focusing on DOM and microbial communities. 61
32679498 2020
Methanogenic archaea in peatlands. 61
33068423 2020
Methanogenic potential of diclofenac and ibuprofen in sanitary sewage using metabolic cosubstrates. 61
32629260 2020
Zero-valent iron addition in anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactors for preconcentrated wastewater treatment: Performance and impact. 61
32721758 2020
Supplementing Northern Australian Beef Cattle with Desmanthus Tropical Legume Reduces In-Vivo Methane Emissions. 61
33187296 2020
Weak-base pretreatment to increase biomethane production from wheat straw. 61
32617819 2020
Effects of Fe-Mn-modified biochar addition on anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: Biomethane production, heavy metal speciation and performance stability. 61
32574749 2020
Improved anaerobic digestion efficiency of high-solid sewage sludge by enhanced direct interspecies electron transfer with activated carbon mediator. 61
32563791 2020
Comparison of methanogenic potential of wood vinegar with gradient loads in batch and continuous anaerobic digestion and microbial community analysis. 61
32534316 2020
Physicochemical stressors and mixed alkaloid supplementation modulate ruminal microbiota and fermentation in vitro. 61
32861779 2020
Biochar stimulates growth of novel species capable of direct interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic digestion via ethanol-type fermentation. 61
32980032 2020
Batch-Mode Analysis of Thermophilic Methanogenic Microbial Community Changes in the Overacidification Stage in Beverage Waste Treatment. 61
33076472 2020
The effect of microwave pretreatment on anaerobic co-digestion of sludge and food waste: Performance, kinetics and energy recovery. 61
32979990 2020
Anaerobic biodegradability test for Lantana camara to optimize the appropriate food to microorganism (F/M) ratio. 61
30961439 2020
Alternative strategies of nutrient acquisition and energy conservation map to the biogeography of marine ammonia-oxidizing archaea. 61
32636492 2020
A bioenergetic model to predict habitability, biomass and biosignatures in astrobiology and extreme conditions. 61
33081642 2020
Biomethane production by typical straw anaerobic digestion: Deep insights of material compositions and surface properties. 61
32540695 2020
Effects of the Appropriate Addition of Antioxidants from Pinus densiflora and Mentha canadensis Extracts on Methane Emission and Rumen Fermentation. 61
33076543 2020
Impact of pyrochar and hydrochar derived from digestate on the co-digestion of sewage sludge and swine manure. 61
32615446 2020
Control sulfide and methane production in sewers based on free ammonia inactivation. 61
32673907 2020
Methane production in a bioelectrochemistry integrated anaerobic reactor with layered nickel foam electrodes. 61
32574747 2020
Effect of quinoid redox mediators during azo dye decolorization by anaerobic sludge: Considering the catalyzing mechanism and the methane production. 61
32574861 2020
Genomic predictions for enteric methane production are improved by metabolome and microbiome data in sheep (Ovis aries). 61
32815548 2020
Underestimated methane production triggered by phytoplankton succession in river-reservoir systems: Evidence from a microcosm study. 61
32738604 2020
Evaluation of methane production manipulated by level of intake in growing cattle and corn oil in finishing cattle. 61
33241190 2020
Corrigendum to "Effects of target pH-value on organic acids and methane production in two-stage anaerobic digestion of vegetable waste" [Bioresour. Technol. 247 (2018) 96-102]. 61
32718807 2020
Bioelectrosynthesis technology for enhancing methane production using a thermophilic methanogenic consortium. 61
32718806 2020
Synergistic effects of rice straw and rice bran on enhanced methane production and process stability of anaerobic digestion of food waste. 61
32652449 2020
Magnetite enhances anaerobic digestion of high salinity organic wastewater. 61
32678736 2020
Tannin as a natural rumen modifier to control methanogenesis in beef cattle in tropical systems: Friend or foe to biogas energy production? 61
32540589 2020
Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics of legumes using canine fecal inoculum. 61
33324964 2020
Genome recovery and metatranscriptomic confirmation of functional acetate-oxidizing bacteria from enriched anaerobic biogas digesters. 61
32480003 2020
Complete genome sequence of Methanofervidicoccus sp. A16, a thermophilic methanogen isolated from Mid Cayman Rise hydrothermal vent. 61
32222383 2020
Biogas from Tannery Solid Waste Anaerobic Digestion Is Driven by the Association of the Bacterial Order Bacteroidales and Archaeal Family Methanosaetaceae. 61
32399839 2020
Sustainable biofuels and bioplastic production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste. 61
32784120 2020
Hydrothermal carbonization coupled with anaerobic digestion for the valorization of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste. 61
32622280 2020
Performance, mechanism and stability of nitrogen-doped sewage sludge based activated carbon supported magnetite in anaerobic degradation of coal gasification wastewater. 61
32783862 2020
Prebiotics and Community Composition Influence Gas Production of the Human Gut Microbiota. 61
32900799 2020
Using an expended granular sludge bed reactor for advanced anaerobic digestion of food waste pretreated with enzyme: The feasibility and its performance. 61
32417658 2020
Effect of zero-valent iron combined with carbon-based materials on the mitigation of ammonia inhibition during anaerobic digestion. 61
32446234 2020
Effect of nickel, cobalt, and iron on methanogenesis from methanol and cometabolic conversion of 1,2-dichloroethene by Methanosarcina barkeri. 61
32282086 2020
Rapeseed pod meal can replace concentrate and enhance utilization of feed on in vitro gas production and fermentation characteristics. 61
32447582 2020
Effects of amino-modified biofilm carriers on biogas production in the anaerobic digestion of corn straw. 61
30767709 2020
Dietary mitigation of enteric methane emissions from ruminants: A review of plant tannin mitigation options. 61
33005757 2020
Effect of dry medicinal plants (wormwood, chamomile, fumitory and mallow) on in vitro ruminal antioxidant capacity and fermentation patterns of sheep. 61
32202350 2020
Polystyrene nanoplastics reshape the anaerobic granular sludge for recovering methane from wastewater. 61
32574821 2020
[Effect of Temperature on Performance and Microbial Community Structure of Anaerobic Biofilter-Treated Domestic Wastewater]. 61
33124296 2020
Size Shapes the Active Microbiome of Methanogenic Granules, Corroborating a Biofilm Life Cycle. 61
32994285 2020
Large Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation Distinguishes Nitrogenase-Derived Methane from Other Methane Sources. 61
32709722 2020
Physical Experiment and Numerical Simulation of the Depressurization Rate for Coalbed Methane Production. 61
32923826 2020
Predicting enteric methane production from cattle in the tropics. 61
32778195 2020
Improved methane production from corn straw using anaerobically digested sludge pre-augmented by nanobubble water. 61
32413644 2020
Revealing the mechanisms of Triclosan affecting of methane production from waste activated sludge. 61
32447124 2020
Diversity and Abundance of Microbial Communities in UASB Reactors during Methane Production from Hydrolyzed Wheat Straw and Lucerne. 61
32932830 2020
Sodium hydroxide or urea pretreatment of acerola (Malpighia emarginata) fruit residue increases dry matter degradability and reduces methane production in in vitro rumen fermentation. 61
32297043 2020
Supplementation of diets with tannins from Chestnut wood or an extract from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and effects on in vitro rumen fermentation, protozoa count and methane production. 61
32671931 2020
Influence of electrostatic field and conductive material on the direct interspecies electron transfer for methane production. 61
32846649 2020
Effect of toasting grain silages from field peas (Pisum sativum) and field beans (Vicia faba) on in vitro gas production, methane production, and post-ruminal crude protein content. 61
33005768 2020
Genetic Parameters of Different FTIR-Enabled Phenotyping Tools Derived from Milk Fatty Acid Profile for Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle. 61
32942618 2020
Regeneration of unconventional natural gas by methanogens co-existing with sulfate-reducing prokaryotes in deep shale wells in China. 61
32994524 2020
Key syntrophic partnerships identified in a granular activated carbon amended UASB treating municipal sewage under low temperature conditions. 61
32464511 2020
Enhancing the production of biogas through anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural waste and chemical pre-treatments. 61
32387911 2020
Effect of Sub-Stoichiometric Fe(III) Amounts on LCFA Degradation by Methanogenic Communities. 61
32906848 2020
Hydrogenotrophic activity: A tool to evaluate the kinetics of methanogens. 61
32721355 2020
A new strategy to recover from volatile fatty acid inhibition in anaerobic digestion by photosynthetic bacteria. 61
32416492 2020
The role of rice husk biochar addition in anaerobic digestion for sweet sorghum under high loading condition. 61
32817843 2020
Integrative and quantitative bioenergetics: Design of a study to assess the impact of the gut microbiome on host energy balance. 61
32875141 2020
Interactive effects of carbohydrate, lipid, protein composition and carbon/nitrogen ratio on biogas production of different food wastes. 61
32504949 2020
Genetic variance and covariance components for carbon dioxide production and postweaning traits in Angus cattle. 61
32776133 2020
An Unexpectedly Broad Thermal and Salinity-Tolerant Estuarine Methanogen Community. 61
32987846 2020
Assessment of substrate biodegradability improvement in anaerobic Co-digestion using a chemometrics-based metabolomic approach. 61
32335442 2020
Milk production, methane emissions, nitrogen, and energy balance of cows fed diets based on different forage systems. 61
32622607 2020
Several ways one goal-methanogenesis from unconventional substrates. 61
32542472 2020
Biorefinery concept comprising acid hydrolysis, dark fermentation, and anaerobic digestion for co-processing of fruit and vegetable wastes and corn stover. 61
32266619 2020
Innovative nanocomposite formulations for enhancing biogas and biofertilizers production from anaerobic digestion of organic waste. 61
32289660 2020
Effect of selenate and thiosulfate on anaerobic methanol degradation using activated sludge. 61
31965493 2020
Anaerobic microbial communities and their potential for bioenergy production in heavily biodegraded petroleum reservoirs. 61
32216020 2020
Anaerobic co-digestion of industrial landfill leachate and glycerin: methanogenic potential, organic matter removal and process optimization. 61
30691349 2020
Impact of total solids content on anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure and food waste: Insights into shifting of the methanogenic pathway. 61
32659692 2020
Mitigation of greenhouse gases in dairy cattle via genetic selection: 2. Incorporating methane emissions into the breeding goal. 61
32475662 2020
Fat, oil, and grease (FOG) deposits yield higher methane than FOG in anaerobic co-digestion with waste activated sludge. 61
32510442 2020
[Effect on Ammonia Inhibition Mitigation in the Anaerobic Digestion Process with Zero-Valent Iron]. 61
33124348 2020
Comparison between thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge by combined NaOH-microwave pretreatment. 61
32731801 2020
Unveiling the Biodiversity of Hyperthermophilic Archaea in Jharia Coal Mines: Potential Threat to Methanogenesis? 61
33093799 2020
Coupling self-sustaining air flotation screening with conventional CSTR enhances anaerobic biodegradability of corn stover. 61
32335348 2020
Frequency of diet delivery to dairy cows: Effect on nutrient digestion, rumen fermentation, methane production, nitrogen utilization, and milk production. 61
32534916 2020
Effects of bismuth subsalicylate and encapsulated calcium-ammonium nitrate on enteric methane production, nutrient digestibility, and liver mineral concentration of beef cattle. 61
32750137 2020
Influence of dietary probiotic inclusion on growth performance, nutrient utilization, ruminal fermentation activities and methane production in growing lambs. 61
31006376 2020
Ruminal fermentation and enteric methane production of legumes containing condensed tannins fed in continuous culture. 61
32475672 2020
Phenotypic modeling of residual feed intake using physical activity and methane production as energy sinks. 61
32475658 2020
Establishing practical strategies to run high loading corn stover anaerobic digestion: Methane production performance and microbial responses. 61
32334357 2020
Assessment of cutting time on nutrient values, in vitro fermentation and methane production among three ryegrass cultivars. 61
32054228 2020
Anaerobic digestion of waste Tunisian date (Phoenix dactylifera L.): effect of biochemical composition of pulp and seeds from six varieties. 61
32677543 2020
A nitrogenase-like enzyme system catalyzes methionine, ethylene, and methane biogenesis. 61
32855335 2020
Genome-centric microbiome analysis reveals solid retention time (SRT)-shaped species interactions and niche differentiation in food waste and sludge co-digesters. 61
32505886 2020
Mitigation of greenhouse gases in dairy cattle via genetic selection: 1. Genetic parameters of direct methane using noninvasive methods and proxies of methane. 61
32475675 2020
From waste to fuel: Energy recovery from household food waste via its bioconversion to energy carriers based on microbiological processes. 61
32438165 2020
Identification of bacteria involved in the decomposition of lignocellulosic biomass treated with cow rumen fluid by metagenomic analysis. 61
32331776 2020
Assessing the stability of co-digesting sewage sludge with pig manure under different mixing ratios. 61
32683245 2020
Recent progress in integrated fixed-film activated sludge process for wastewater treatment: A review. 61
32510449 2020
Therapeutic effect of methane and its mechanism in disease treatment. 61
32748575 2020
Are Vaccines the Solution for Methane Emissions from Ruminants? A Systematic Review. 61
32825375 2020
Modelization of anaerobic processes during co-digestion of slowly biodegradable substrates. 61
32105857 2020
The performance evaluation and kinetics response of advanced anaerobic digestion for sewage sludge under different SRT during semi-continuous operation. 61
32251856 2020
Methane emission suppression in flooded soil from Amazonia. 61
32088616 2020
Indirect measures of methane emissions of Sahelian zebu cattle in West Africa, role of environment and management. 61
31981053 2020
Low-Temperature Pretreatment of Organic Feedstocks with Selected Mineral Wastes Sustains Anaerobic Digestion Stability through Trace Metal Release. 61
32551555 2020
The enrichment of anaerobic fungi and methanogens showed higher lignocellulose degrading and methane producing ability than that of bacteria and methanogens. 61
32712756 2020
The Influence of Corn Straw Extrusion Pretreatment Parameters on Methane Fermentation Performance. 61
32640582 2020
Effects of Thymol Supplementation on Goat Rumen Fermentation and Rumen Microbiota In Vitro. 61
32751619 2020
Methanogenesis in the Lake Elton saline aquatic system. 61
32533307 2020
Influence of temperature on the δ13 C values and distribution of methanotroph-related hopanoids in Sphagnum-dominated peat bogs. 61
32180328 2020
Replacing soybean meal with yeast-fermented cassava pulp (YFCP) on feed intake, nutrient digestibilities, rumen microorganism, fermentation, and N-balance in Thai native beef cattle. 61
32016880 2020
Acidogenic and methanogenic properties of corn straw silage: Regulation and microbial analysis of two-phase anaerobic digestion. 61
32203869 2020
Syntrophic acetate oxidation replaces acetoclastic methanogenesis during thermophilic digestion of biowaste. 61
32620171 2020
Micron-sized silica particles in wastewater influenced the distribution of organic matters in sludge and their anaerobic degradation. 61
32213426 2020
Stable and high-rate anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and cow manure: Optimisation of start-up conditions. 61
32217437 2020
Enhanced volatile fatty acid degradation and methane production efficiency by biochar addition in food waste-sludge co-digestion: A step towards increased organic loading efficiency in co-digestion. 61
32244132 2020
Three-stage process for tequila vinasse valorization through sequential lactate, biohydrogen and methane production. 61
32222692 2020
Effects of Replacing Extruded Maize by Dried Citrus Pulp in a Mixed Diet on Ruminal Fermentation, Methane Production, and Microbial Populations in Rusitec Fermenters. 61
32751690 2020
Effects of 2 colostrum and subsequent milk replacer feeding intensities on methane production, rumen development, and performance in young calves. 61
32418697 2020
Microbial Community Analysis of Digested Liquids Exhibiting Different Methane Production Potential in Methane Fermentation of Swine Feces. 61
31965417 2020
Manipulating rumen fermentation, microbial protein synthesis, and mitigating methane production using bamboo grass pellet in swamp buffaloes. 61
31836953 2020
Food selectivity of anaerobic protists and direct evidence for methane production using carbon from prey bacteria by endosymbiotic methanogen. 61
32341474 2020
Resveratrol affects in vitro rumen fermentation, methane production and prokaryotic community composition in a time- and diet-specific manner. 61
32297431 2020
Potassium inhibition during sludge and biopulp co-digestion; experimental and model-based approaches. 61
32563839 2020
Annual microbial community dynamics in a full-scale anaerobic sludge digester from a wastewater treatment plant in Colombia. 61
32305756 2020
Bioconversion of bamboo shoot shell to methane assisted by microwave irradiation and fungus metabolism. 61
32408456 2020
Evolutions of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs), class 1 integron-integrase (intI1) and potential hosts of ARGs during sludge anaerobic digestion with the iron nanoparticles addition. 61
32247117 2020
The removal of microplastics in the wastewater treatment process and their potential impact on anaerobic digestion due to pollutants association. 61
32155494 2020
Cobalt-Nickel Nanoparticles Supported on Reducible Oxides as Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts. 61
32655980 2020
Effect of liquid digestate recirculation on biogas production and enzyme activities for anaerobic digestion of corn straw. 61
32910799 2020
Influence of roxithromycin as antibiotic residue on volatile fatty acids recovery in anaerobic fermentation of waste activated sludge. 61
32244145 2020
Characteristics and mechanisms of H2S production in anaerobic digestion of food waste. 61
32247972 2020
Methane distribution patterns along a transect of Lake Fuxian, a deep oligotrophic lake in China. 61
31392622 2020
Effect of nitrite addition on the two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: Optimization of the acidogenic phase and influence mechanisms. 61
32066063 2020
High-efficiency methanogenesis via kitchen wastes served as ethanol source to establish direct interspecies electron transfer during anaerobic Co-digestion with waste activated sludge. 61
32272323 2020
Different micro-aeration rates facilitate production of different end-products from source-diverted blackwater. 61
32283434 2020
Long-term performance and microbial community characteristics of pilot-scale anaerobic reactors for thermal hydrolyzed sludge digestion under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions. 61
32146395 2020
Genomic and transcriptomic insights into methanogenesis potential of novel methanogens from mangrove sediments. 61
32552798 2020
Effects of intermittent mixing mode on solid state anaerobic digestion of agricultural wastes. 61
32018108 2020
Purified Terephthalic Acid Wastewater Treatment Using Modified Two-Stage UASB Bioreactor Systems. 61
32040764 2020
The use of non-adapted anaerobic consortium in batch reactors enable to couple polychlorinated biphenyl degradation and community adaptation. 61
30457445 2020
'Big Data' in animal health research - opportunities and challenges. 61
32684189 2020
Assessment of sonotrode and tube reactors for ultrasonic pre-treatment of two different sewage sludge types. 61
32045834 2020
Methane Production in Soil Environments-Anaerobic Biogeochemistry and Microbial Life between Flooding and Desiccation. 61
32545191 2020
Stimulation of methane production from benzoate with addition of carbon materials. 61
32220738 2020
Abatement of enteric methane production from lactating Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) with improving production performance and immune status through dietary supplementation of composite feed additive. 61
32314293 2020
Methane production by anaerobic co-digestion of mixed agricultural waste: cabbage and cauliflower. 61
32408797 2020
Cohesive strength changes of sewer sediments during and after ultrasonic treatment: The significance of bound extracellular polymeric substance and microbial community. 61
32217388 2020
Dark co-fermentation of rice straw and pig manure for biohydrogen production: effects of different inoculum pretreatments and substrate mixing ratio. 61
32529923 2020
Waste to energy: valorization of spent tea waste by anaerobic digestion. 61
32530785 2020
Process optimization and effect of thermal, alkaline, H2O2 oxidation and combination pretreatment of sewage sludge on solubilization and anaerobic digestion. 61
32375744 2020
Ground food waste discharge to sewer enhances methane gas emission: A lab-scale investigation. 61
32145553 2020
Evaluation of agronomic properties of digestate from macroalgal residues anaerobic digestion: Impact of pretreatment and co-digestion with waste activated sludge. 61
32353777 2020
Hydrochar-Facilitated Anaerobic Digestion: Evidence for Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer Mediated through Surface Oxygen-Containing Functional Groups. 61
32259430 2020
Effect of microplastic on anaerobic digestion of wasted activated sludge. 61
31945722 2020
Effect of sulfate addition on carbon flow and microbial community composition during thermophilic digestion of cellulose. 61
32219464 2020
Mitigation of Rumen Methane Emissions with Foliage and Pods of Tropical Trees. 61
32414144 2020
Impact of AnMBR operating conditions on anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
32441047 2020
A model predictive optimal control system for the practical automatic start-up of anaerobic digesters. 61
32086134 2020
Evaluation of ensiled soy sauce by-product combined with several additives as an animal feed. 61
32636591 2020
Enhancing anaerobic digestion in anaerobic integrated floating fixed-film activated sludge (An-IFFAS) system using novel electron mediator suspended biofilm carriers. 61
32172053 2020
Comparison of two advanced anaerobic digestions of sewage sludge with high-temperature thermal pretreatment and low-temperature thermal-alkaline pretreatment. 61
32078902 2020
Does the combined free nitrous acid and electrochemical pretreatment increase methane productivity by provoking sludge solubilization and hydrolysis? 61
32078903 2020
Characterization of municipal biowaste categories for their capacity to be converted into a feedstock aqueous slurry to produce methane by anaerobic digestion. 61
32050107 2020
Fate of antibiotic resistance genes during high-solid anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure with lignite. 61
32028218 2020
Identification of potential waste seeds of wildly growing tree species for the production of biogas. 61
32043251 2020
Looking for high-production and sustainable diets for lactating cows: A survey in Italy. 61
32113778 2020
Anaerobic bioconversion of petrochemical wastewater to biomethane in a semi-continuous bioreactor: Biodegradability, mineralization behaviors and methane productivity. 61
32070840 2020
Influences of eutrophication on methanogenesis pathways and methanogenic microbial community structures in freshwater lakes. 61
32041086 2020
Bioenergy recovery from wastewater accelerated by solar power: Intermittent electro-driving regulation and capacitive storage in biomass. 61
32179273 2020
Preliminary evaluation of the anaerobic biodegradability of three biobased materials used for the production of disposable plastics. 61
31740299 2020
Dynamic shifts within volatile fatty acid-degrading microbial communities indicate process imbalance in anaerobic digesters. 61
32219463 2020
Enteric methane emissions of grazing short-horn zebu weaner bulls vary with estimation method and level of crude protein supplementation. 61
31848834 2020
Improving the Inference of Co-Occurrence Networks in the Bovine Rumen Microbiome. 61
30403635 2020
Specific surface area and electron donating capacity determine biochar's role in methane production during anaerobic digestion. 61
32035388 2020
Beneficial effects of intermittent feedstock management on biogas and methane production. 61
32087544 2020
Bioelectrochemical system for the enhancement of methane production by anaerobic digestion of alkaline pretreated sludge. 61
32088625 2020
The Reduction of Methane Production in the In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation of Different Substrates is Linked with the Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil. 61
32370008 2020
Liquid hot water treatment of rice straw enhances anaerobic degradation and inhibits methane production during in vitro ruminal fermentation. 61
32147261 2020
Acclimation Improves Methane Production from Molasses Wastewater with High Salinity in an Upflow Anaerobic Filter Reactor: Performance and Microbial Community Dynamics. 61
32016903 2020
Clarifying the synergetic effect of magnetite nanoparticles in the methane production process. 61
32146670 2020
Comparison of mesophilic and thermophilic methane production potential of acids rich and high-strength landfill leachate at different initial organic loadings and food to inoculum ratios. 61
32041037 2020
Spatial variability of sediment methane production and methanogen communities within a eutrophic reservoir: Importance of organic matter source and quantity. 61
32801395 2020
Effect of diet quality and shearing on feed and water intake, in vitro ruminal methane production, and blood parameters of Omani sheep. 61
31782122 2020
Productive behavior in growing kid goats and methane production with the inclusion of chokecherry leaf (Prunus salicifolia). 61
31728954 2020
Enzymatic pretreatment and anaerobic co-digestion as a new technology to high-methane production. 61
32200469 2020
Stimulating methane production from microalgae by alkaline pretreatment and co-digestion with sludge. 61
30354923 2020
Methane and nitrous oxide porewater concentrations and surface fluxes of a regulated river. 61
32023513 2020
A Rapid, Sensitive, Low-Cost Assay for Detecting Hydrogenotrophic Methanogens in Anaerobic Digesters Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification. 61
32429197 2020
17 beta-estradiol biodegradation by anaerobic granular sludge: Effect of iron sources. 61
32385383 2020
Calcium effect on microbial activity and biomass aggregation during anaerobic digestion at high salinity. 61
31923611 2020
Comparative Study of Intake, Apparent Digestibility and Energy and Nitrogen Uses in Sahelian and Majorera Dairy Goats Fed Hay of Vigna unguiculata. 61
32429248 2020
Ruminal Methanogenic Responses to the Thiamine Supplementation in High-Concentrate Diets. 61
32481707 2020
High rate biological contactor system using waste activated sludge from trickling filter/solids contact process. 61
32701497 2020
Cost effective biomethanation via surfactant coupled ultrasonic liquefaction of mixed microalgal biomass harvested from open raceway pond. 61
32086031 2020
Exploring the roles of zero-valent iron in two-stage food waste anaerobic digestion. 61
32278220 2020
Enhancing methanogenesis from anaerobic digestion of propionate with addition of Fe oxides supported on conductive carbon cloth. 61
31982845 2020
In Vitro Estimation of the Effect of Grinding on Rumen Fermentation of Fibrous Feeds. 61
32340162 2020
Effects of biochar addition on the anaerobic digestion of carbohydrate-rich, protein-rich, and lipid-rich substrates. 61
32091971 2020
Quantitative analysis of methane and glycolate production from microalgae using undiluted wastewater obtained from chicken-manure biogas digester. 61
31982736 2020
Feedstock thermal pretreatment selectively steers process stability during the anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
32088758 2020
Effect of Aso limonite on anaerobic digestion of waste sewage sludge. 61
32300904 2020
Controlling methane and hydrogen production from cheese whey in an EGSB reactor by changing the HRT. 61
31834467 2020
Evaluation of lactulose, lactose, and fructose breath testing in clinical practice: A focus on methane. 61
32280765 2020
Molecular and microbial insights towards understanding the effects of hydrochar on methane emission from paddy soil. 61
31982762 2020
Utilizing bioaugmentation to improve performance of a two-phase AnMBR treating sewage sludge. 61
30301429 2020
Greenhouse gas, water, and land footprint per unit of production of the California dairy industry over 50 years. 61
32037166 2020
Biomethanation of invasive water hyacinth from eutrophic waters as a post weed management practice in the Dominican Republic: a developing country. 61
32040738 2020
Effect of ceftiofur on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of dairy manure and the reduction of the cephalosporin-resistance gene cmy-2. 61
31931335 2020
Influence of non-dechlorinating microbes on trichloroethene reduction based on vitamin B12 synthesis in anaerobic cultures. 61
31931416 2020
Digestibility of waste aerobic granular sludge from a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment system. 61
32070832 2020
Application of Meta-Analysis and Machine Learning Methods to the Prediction of Methane Production from In Vitro Mixed Ruminal Micro-Organism Fermentation. 61
32326214 2020
Increasing the methane production rate of hydrogenotrophic methanogens using biochar as a biocarrier. 61
32028147 2020
How does synthetic musks affect methane production from the anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge? 61
31951844 2020
Construction of novel microbial consortia CS-5 and BC-4 valued for the degradation of catalpa sawdust and chlorophenols simultaneously with enhancing methane production. 61
31945685 2020
Anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and sewage sludge under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions: Focusing on synergistic effects on methane production. 61
31978701 2020
Long-chain n-alkane biodegradation coupling to methane production in an enriched culture from production water of a high-temperature oil reservoir. 61
32266503 2020
Free nitrous acid pre-treatment enhances anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge and rheological properties of digested sludge: A pilot-scale study. 61
31986403 2020
Effect of pH, substrate loading, oxygen, and methanogens inhibitors on volatile fatty acid (VFA) production from citrus waste by anaerobic digestion. 61
31986336 2020
Impact of corn stover particle size and C/N ratio on reactor performance in solid-state anaerobic co-digestion with dairy manure. 61
32049604 2020
A Meta-analysis Describing the Effects of the Essential oils Blend Agolin Ruminant on Performance, Rumen Fermentation and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows. 61
32260263 2020
An observation-constrained assessment of the climate sensitivity and future trajectories of wetland methane emissions. 61
32300649 2020
Study of the digestion process at a full-scale solid-state biogas plant by using ORWARE: Model modification and implementation. 61
32283487 2020
Impact of low loading on digestion of the mechanically-separated organic fraction of municipal solid waste. 61
32334149 2020
Cistanche deserticola Addition Improves Growth, Digestibility, and Metabolism of Sheep Fed on Fresh Forage from Alfalfa/Tall Fescue Pasture. 61
32290579 2020
Optimization of alkaline hydrothermal pretreatment of biological sludge for enhanced methane generation under anaerobic conditions. 61
32248068 2020
Enhancement of syntrophic acetate oxidation pathway via single walled carbon nanotubes addition under high acetate concentration and thermophilic condition. 61
32199400 2020
Co-abundance analysis reveals hidden players associated with high methane yield phenotype in sheep rumen microbiome. 61
32193482 2020
Coupling ammonia nitrogen adsorption and regeneration unit with a high-load anoxic/aerobic process to achieve rapid and efficient pollutants removal for wastewater treatment. 61
31759237 2020
Boosting landfill gas production from lignin-containing wastes via termite hindgut microorganism. 61
32092535 2020
Effects of copper salts on performance, antibiotic resistance genes, and microbial community during thermophilic anaerobic digestion of swine manure. 61
31926471 2020
The impact of chemically enhanced primary treatment on the downstream liquid and solid train processes. 61
31233649 2020
Methanogenic response to long-term permafrost thaw is determined by paleoenvironment. 61
32031215 2020
Acclimation of Acid-Tolerant Methanogenic Culture for Bioaugmentation: Strategy Comparison and Microbiome Succession. 61
32226888 2020
Bioprocess Evaluation of Petroleum Wastewater Treatment with Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle for the Production of Methane Gas: Process Assessment and Modelling. 61
31502108 2020
New insights into the cultivation of N, N-dimethylformamide-degrading methanogenic consortium: A long-term investigation on the variation of prokaryotic community inoculated with activated sludge. 61
31884196 2020
Defects in nanosilica catalytically convert CO2 to methane without any metal and ligand. 61
32156731 2020
Dissecting methanogenesis for temperature-phased anaerobic digestion: Impact of temperature on community structure, correlation, and fate of methanogens. 61
32172088 2020
Circadian misalignment imposed by nocturnal feeding tends to increase fat deposition in pigs. 61
31771673 2020
Environmental Factors and Microbial Diversity and Abundance Jointly Regulate Soil Nitrogen and Carbon Biogeochemical Processes in Tibetan Wetlands. 61
32101417 2020
Enhancing the anaerobic digestion of corn stover by chemical pretreatment with the black liquor from the paper industry. 61
32169512 2020
Improved anaerobic biodegradability of wheat straw, solid cattle manure and solid slaughterhouse by alkali, ultrasonic and alkali-ultrasonic pre-treatment. 61
30149787 2020
Enhanced two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste-activated sludge by combining magnetite and zero-valent iron. 61
32197189 2020
Promotion of CO2 Electrochemical Reduction via Cu Nanodendrites. 61
32073815 2020
Liquid and solids separation for target resource recovery from thermal hydrolyzed sludge. 61
31927095 2020
Submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor for low-concentration domestic sewage treatment: performance and membrane fouling. 61
31873905 2020
Synergy of combined free nitrous acid and Fenton technology in enhancing anaerobic digestion of actual sewage waste activated sludge. 61
32193461 2020
Methane production by co-digestion of poultry manure and lignocellulosic biomass: Kinetic and energy assessment. 61
31887579 2020
Effects of temperature and inoculation ratio on methane production and nutrient solubility of swine manure anaerobic digestion. 61
31923812 2020
Review: Comparative methane production in mammalian herbivores. 61
32024568 2020
Effects of oregano essential oil on in vitro ruminal fermentation, methane production, and ruminal microbial community. 61
31954586 2020
Enrichment of specific microbial communities by optimum applied voltages for enhanced methane production by microbial electrosynthesis in anaerobic digestion. 61
31918296 2020
In vitro fermentation of Pennisetum clandestinum Hochst. Ex Chiov increased methane production with ruminal fluid adapted to crude glycerol. 61
31463661 2020
Enhanced methane production by alleviating sulfide inhibition with a microbial electrolysis coupled anaerobic digestion reactor. 61
32006760 2020
Urea-pretreated corn stover: Physicochemical characteristics, delignification kinetics, and methane production. 61
32192958 2020
Enhanced solubilization of solid organics and methane production by anaerobic digestion of swine manure under nano-bubble water addition. 61
31855661 2020
Methane production and estimation from livestock husbandry: A mechanistic understanding and emerging mitigation options. 61
31927428 2020
Methane production from the co-digestion of pig manure and corn stover with the addition of cucumber residue: Role of the total solids content and feedstock-to-inoculum ratio. 61
32197196 2020
The effect of total and individual alfalfa saponins on rumen methane production. 61
31846083 2020
In vitro evaluation of graded level of Silkworm pupae (Bombyx mori) oil on methane production, fermentation characteristics, and protozoal populations. 61
32367968 2020
Mild microwaves, ultrasonic and alkaline pretreatments for improving methane production: Impact on biochemical and structural properties of olive pomace. 61
31918150 2020
Improved Algal Sludge Methane Production and Dewaterability by Zerovalent Iron-Assisted Fermentation. 61
32226898 2020
Hydrothermal alkali pretreatment contributes to fermentative methane production of a typical lipid from food waste through co-production of hydrogen with methane. 61
32197195 2020
The linkage between methane production activity and prokaryotic community structure in the soil within a shale gas field in China. 61
31884532 2020
Insights into the toxicity of troclocarban to anaerobic digestion: Sludge characteristics and methane production. 61
31740317 2020
Development of an alkaline/acid pre-treatment and anaerobic digestion (APAD) process for methane generation from waste activated sludge. 61
31784169 2020
Anaerobic digestion of sludge filtrate using anaerobic baffled reactor assisted by symbionts of short chain fatty acid-oxidation syntrophs and exoelectrogens: Pilot-scale verification. 61
31785560 2020
Mesophiles outperform thermophiles in the anaerobic digestion of blackwater with kitchen residuals: Insights into process limitations. 61
32092533 2020
Combined simultaneous enzymatic saccharification and comminution (SESC) and anaerobic digestion for sustainable biomethane generation from wood lignocellulose and the biochemical characterization of residual sludge solid. 61
31891856 2020
In vitro gas production and rumen fermentation profile of fresh and ensiled genetically modified high-metabolizable energy ryegrass. 61
31954581 2020
The effect of various pre-treatment methods of chromium leather shavings in continuous biogas production. 61
32874172 2020
Biomethanation at 45 °C offers high process efficiency and supports hygienisation. 61
31901776 2020
Exploring the feasibility of sewage treatment by algal-bacterial consortia. 61
31906713 2020
Effects of humic matter on the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: New insights from sludge structure. 61
31995876 2020
Enhanced high-quality biomethane production from anaerobic digestion of primary sludge by corn stover biochar. 61
32182472 2020
The Limits, Capabilities, and Potential for Life Detection with MinION Sequencing in a Paleochannel Mars Analog. 61
31976742 2020
Cohesive strategy and energy conversion efficiency analysis of bio-hythane production from corncob powder by two-stage anaerobic digestion process. 61
31956057 2020
Does overwintering change the inoculum effect on methane emissions from stored liquid manure? 61
33016423 2020
Methods for the Evaluation of Industrial Mechanical Pretreatments before Anaerobic Digesters. 61
32075266 2020
Resource recovery assessment at a pulp mill wastewater treatment plant in Uruguay. 61
31785459 2020
Characterizing the microbial community involved in anaerobic digestion of lipid-rich wastewater to produce methane gas. 61
31374328 2020
Impact of salinity on anaerobic microbial community structure in high organic loading purified terephthalic acid wastewater treatment system. 61
31518813 2020
Anaerobic co-digestion of fish processing waste with a liquid fraction of hydrothermal carbonization of bamboo residue. 61
31830720 2020
Enhanced solubilization and biochemical methane potential of waste activated sludge by combined free nitrous acid and potassium ferrate pretreatment. 61
31734060 2020
Rapid and strong biocidal effect of ferrate on sulfidogenic and methanogenic sewer biofilms. 61
31670088 2020
Enhancing biomethane production and pyrene biodegradation by addition of bio-nano FeS or magnetic carbon during sludge anaerobic digestion. 61
32085684 2020
Effect of total solids content on anaerobic digestion of poultry litter with biochar. 61
31756577 2020
Enhancement of methanogenic activity in anaerobic digestion of high solids sludge by nano zero-valent iron. 61
31759718 2020
Feeding control of anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge and corn silage performed by rule-based PID control with ADM1. 61
31864012 2020
Feeding oregano oil and its main component carvacrol does not affect ruminal fermentation, nutrient utilization, methane emissions, milk production, or milk fatty acid composition of dairy cows. 61
31759586 2020
Enhanced degradation of quinoline by coupling microbial electrolysis cell with anaerobic digestion simultaneous. 61
32155565 2020
pH and Phosphate Induced Shifts in Carbon Flow and Microbial Community during Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion. 61
32093251 2020
Additional function of pasteurisation pretreatment in combination with anaerobic digestion on antibiotic removal. 61
31787508 2020
The concept of anaerobic hydrolysis to produce clean and stable energy from the case study of utilization of three types of pollutants in coal pyrolysis wastewater. 61
31839493 2020
Sanitary effectiveness and biogas yield by anaerobic co-digestion of swine carcasses and manure. 61
30080477 2020
Identification of Novel Butyrate- and Acetate-Oxidizing Bacteria in Butyrate-Fed Mesophilic Anaerobic Chemostats by DNA-Based Stable Isotope Probing. 61
31263981 2020
Diverse Microbial Community Profiles of Propionate-Degrading Cultures Derived from Different Sludge Sources of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants. 61
32085468 2020
A single microbial electrochemical system for CO2 reduction and simultaneous biogas purification, upgrading and sulfur recovery. 61
31771810 2020
A simple kinetic model applied to anaerobic digestion of cow manure. 61
32072868 2020
Effect of Dried Leaves of Leucaena leucocephala on Rumen Fermentation, Rumen Microbial Population, and Enteric Methane Production in Crossbred Heifers. 61
32069951 2020
Methane production from food waste via mesophilic anaerobic digestion with ethanol pre-fermentation: Methanogenic pathway and microbial community analyses. 61
31796377 2020
Disperser coupled rhamnolipid disintegration of pulp and paper mill waste biosolid: Characterisation, methane production, energy assessment and cost analysis. 61
31830717 2020
Assessment of Chlorella sp. as a potential feedstock for biological methane production. 61
32131041 2020
Impact of roxithromycin on waste activated sludge anaerobic digestion: Methane production, carbon transformation and antibiotic resistance genes. 61
31757536 2020
Evaluation of squeezing pretreatment for improving methane production from fresh banana pseudo-stems. 61
31838410 2020
Impact of goethite dosed continuous stirred tank reactor on continuous methane production at different organic loading rates. 61
31529657 2020
Enhancement of methane production and antibiotic resistance genes reduction by ferrous chloride during anaerobic digestion of swine manure. 61
31855663 2020
Bio-hydrogen and methane production from two-phase anaerobic digestion of food waste under the scheme of acidogenic off-gas reuse. 61
31767429 2020
Kinetics of methane production during anaerobic fermentation of chicken manure with sawdust and fungi pre-treated wheat straw. 61
31678803 2020
Sulfate in anaerobic co-digester accelerates methane production from food waste and waste activated sludge. 61
31835199 2020
Effects of agroindustrial by-product supplementation on dairy goat milk characteristics, nutrient utilization, ruminal fermentation, and methane production. 61
31759599 2020
High Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Methane Production and Emission in Oxic Surface Water. 61
31909604 2020
Enhancement of methane production and phosphorus recovery with a novel pre-treatment of excess sludge using waste plaster board. 61
31760300 2020
Effect of biochar and wood ash amendment on biochemical methane production of wastewater sludge from a temperature phase anaerobic digestion process. 61
31787514 2020
Enhanced hydrolysis and acidification of cellulose at high loading for methane production via anaerobic digestion supplemented with high mobility nanobubble water. 61
31835146 2020
Test of transformation mechanism of food waste and its impacts on sulfide and methane production in the sewer system. 61
32460287 2020
Effects of different barley and oat varieties on methane production, digestibility, and fermentation pattern in vitro. 61
31785868 2020
The effects of thiosulfinates on methane production from anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge and food waste and mitigate method. 61
31610350 2020
Where old meets new: An ecosystem study of methanogenesis in a reflooded agricultural peatland. 61
31710754 2020
Increased loading stress leads to convergence of microbial communities and high methane yields in adapted anaerobic co-digesters. 61
31671296 2020
Micro-level evaluation of organic compounds transformation in anaerobic digestion under feast and famine conditions assisted by iron-based materials - Revealing the true mechanism of AD enhancement. 61
31830729 2020
Evaluation of hydrothermal pretreatment for biological treatment of lignocellulosic feedstock (pepper plant and eggplant). 61
31669677 2020
An innovative multistage anaerobic hythane reactor (MAHR): Metabolic flux, thermodynamics and microbial functions. 61
31675610 2020
Sugarcane scum as a novel substrate for rapid biogas production from the non-centrifugal cane sugar agribusiness sector in developing countries. 61
31732416 2020
Anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge, food waste and yard waste: Synergistic enhancement on process stability and biogas production. 61
31837868 2020
Effects of conductive carbon materials on dry anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: Process and mechanism. 61
31593864 2020
Beneficial effect of Rhodopseudomonas palustris on in vitro rumen digestion and fermentation. 61
32066261 2020
Methanogenic biodegradation of C9 to C12n-alkanes initiated by Smithella via fumarate addition mechanism. 61
32008120 2020
Effects of toasting and decortication of oat on nutrient digestibility in the rumen and small intestine and on amino acid supply in dairy cows. 61
31837794 2020
Prediction of anaerobic digestion performance and identification of critical operational parameters using machine learning algorithms. 61
31830658 2020
Co-digestion of harvested microalgae and primary sludge in a mesophilic anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR): Methane potential and microbial diversity. 61
31830660 2020
Energetic, economic and environmental assessment for the anaerobic digestion of pretreated and codigested press mud. 61
31693969 2020
Enhancing methane yield from crude glycerol anaerobic digestion by coupling with ultrasound or A. niger/E. coli biodegradation. 61
31749007 2020
Effects of Organic Phosphorus on Methylotrophic Methanogenesis in Coastal Lagoon Sediments With Seagrass (Zostera marina) Colonization. 61
32849394 2020
Progressive Microbial Community Networks with Incremental Organic Loading Rates Underlie Higher Anaerobic Digestion Performance. 61
31911462 2020
Evaluation of recycled paper mill effluent digestion in a modified anaerobic hybrid baffled (MAHB) reactor: reactor performance & kinetic studies. 61
31762367 2020
Different inhibitory mechanisms of chlortetracycline and enrofloxacin on mesophilic anaerobic degradation of propionate. 61
31745805 2020
Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals the effects of grape seed procyanidin on rumen archaeal communities in vitro. 61
31480204 2020
Comparative assessment of single-stage and two-stage anaerobic digestion for biogas production from high moisture municipal solid waste. 61
32879796 2020
Replacing Barley and Soybean Meal With By-products, in a Pasture Based Diet, Alters Daily Methane Output and the Rumen Microbial Community in vitro Using the Rumen Simulation Technique (RUSITEC). 61
32793146 2020
Anaerobic Co-digestion of Rice Straw and Pig Manure Pretreated With a Cellulolytic Microflora: Methane Yield Evaluation and Kinetics Analysis. 61
33614602 2020
Reductive acetogens isolated from ruminants and their effect on in vitro methane mitigation and milk performance in Holstein cows. 61
32082593 2020
Identification of rumen microbial biomarkers linked to methane emission in Holstein dairy cows. 61
31418488 2020
Genetic and genomic analyses for predicted methane-related traits in Japanese Black steers. 61
32410280 2020
Dietary supplemental plant oils reduce methanogenesis from anaerobic microbial fermentation in the rumen. 61
32005859 2020
Ruminal fermentation, microbial population and lipid metabolism in gastrointestinal nematode-infected lambs fed a diet supplemented with herbal mixtures. 61
32298315 2020
The bio-surfactant mannosylerythritol lipid acts as a selective antibacterial agent to modulate rumen fermentation. 61
33021004 2020
[Influencing Factors on Lactulose Breath Test Results]. 61
31986570 2020
A comparative long-term operation using up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) for the upgrading of anaerobic treatment of N, N-dimethylformamide-containing wastewater. 61
31678883 2020
Improving methane productivity of waste activated sludge by ultrasound and alkali pretreatment in microbial electrolysis cell and anaerobic digestion coupled system. 61
31699403 2020
New insights from the biogas microbiome by comprehensive genome-resolved metagenomics of nearly 1600 species originating from multiple anaerobic digesters. 61
32123542 2020
Surface Analysis of Coal Indicating Neutral Red Enhances the Precursor Steps of Methanogenesis. 61
33240241 2020
Unveiling microbial structures during raw microalgae digestion and co-digestion with primary sludge to produce biogas using semi-continuous AnMBR systems. 61
31677459 2020
Invention of Artificial Rice Field Soil: A Tool to Study the Effect of Soil Components on the Activity and Community of Microorganisms Involved in Anaerobic Organic Matter Decomposition. 61
32963205 2020
Microbial community dynamics during anaerobic co-digestion of corn stover and swine manure at different solid content, carbon to nitrogen ratio and effluent volumetric percentages. 61
32460612 2020
Metabolic Hydrogen Flows in Rumen Fermentation: Principles and Possibilities of Interventions. 61
32351469 2020
Enhanced hydrolysis of lignocellulose in corn cob by using food waste pretreatment to improve anaerobic digestion performance. 61
31733477 2020
Assessment of the biochemical methane potential of mono- and co-digested dairy farm wastes. 61
31495289 2020
Aquatic and terrestrial cyanobacteria produce methane. 61
31998836 2020
Influence of carbon type and carbon to nitrogen ratio on the biochemical methane potential, pH, and ammonia nitrogen in anaerobic digestion. 61
32082601 2020
Association between residual feed intake, digestion, ingestive behavior, enteric methane emission and nitrogen metabolism in Nellore beef cattle. 61
33025683 2020
Invited Review: Glucosinolates Might Result in Low Methane Emissions From Ruminants Fed Brassica Forages. 61
33195622 2020
Response of Microbial Community to Induced Failure of Anaerobic Digesters Through Overloading With Propionic Acid Followed by Process Recovery. 61
33363133 2020
Ecogenomics-Based Mass Balance Model Reveals the Effects of Fermentation Conditions on Microbial Activity. 61
33343535 2020
Effects of Adding Zero Valent Iron on the Anaerobic Digestion of Cow Manure and Lignocellulose. 61
33195155 2020
Performance of real-scale anaerobic baffled reactor-swim bed tank system in treating fishmeal wastewater. 61
32909871 2020
Effects of 10 yr of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on carbon and nutrient cycling in a tidal freshwater marsh. 61
32704188 2020
Microbial Community Analysis of Anaerobic Enrichment Cultures Supplemented with Bacterial Peptidoglycan as the Sole Substrate. 61
32921647 2020
Functional Prediction and Assignment of Methanobrevibacter ruminantium M1 Operome Using a Combined Bioinformatics Approach. 61
33391347 2020
Improving Biological Treatment of Real Bilge Wastewater With Zero Valent Iron and Activated Charcoal Addition. 61
33392176 2020
Impact of inoculum acclimation on energy recovery and investigation of microbial community changes during anaerobic digestion of the chicken manure. 61
30461343 2020
Structural equation models to disentangle the biological relationship between microbiota and complex traits: Methane production in dairy cattle as a case of study. 61
31617268 2020
Quantitative visualization of subcellular lignocellulose revealing the mechanism of alkali pretreatment to promote methane production of rice straw. 61
31988660 2020
Enhanced methane production from anaerobic digestion of hybrid Pennisetum by selectively removing lignin with sodium chlorite. 61
31670204 2020
Effects of temperature, hydrogen/carbon monoxide ratio and trace element addition on methane production performance from syngas biomethanation. 61
31670205 2020
Conductive magnetite nanoparticles trigger syntrophic methane production in single chamber microbial electrochemical systems. 61
31678705 2020
Between-cow variation in milk fatty acids associated with methane production. 61
32760112 2020
Ruminal Fermentation, Growth Rate and Methane Production in Sheep Fed Diets Including White Clover, Soybean Meal or Porphyra sp. 61
31906467 2020
Camelina sativa L. Oil Mitigates Enteric in vitro Methane Production, Modulates Ruminal Fermentation, and Ruminal Bacterial Diversity in Buffaloes. 61
33005640 2020
Effects of Allium mongolicum Regel supplementation on the digestibility, methane production, and antioxidant capacity of Simmental calves in northwest China. 61
32557991 2020
Impacts of Chemical-Assisted Thermal Pretreatments on Methane Production from Fruit and Vegetable Harvesting Wastes: Process Optimization. 61
31979363 2020
Methane Production From Different Parts of Corn Stover via a Simple Co-culture of an Anaerobic Fungus and Methanogen. 61
32426337 2020
Constraints on microbial communities, decomposition and methane production in deep peat deposits. 61
32027653 2020
Effects of livestock manure properties and temperature on the methanogen community composition and methane production during storage. 61
30134773 2020
Ozone Decreased Enteric Methane Production by 20% in an in vitro Rumen Fermentation System. 61
33224114 2020
Gas Production, Digestibility and Efficacy of Stored or Fresh Plant Extracts to Reduce Methane Production on Different Substrates. 61
31963192 2020
Soil-Derived Inocula Enhance Methane Production and Counteract Common Process Failures During Anaerobic Digestion. 61
33193175 2020
Calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids from linseed oil decrease methane production by altering the rumen microbiome in vitro. 61
33170886 2020
Comparing the rates of methane production in patients with and without appendectomy: results from a large-scale cohort. 61
31964997 2020
Impacts of Mootral on Methane Production, Rumen Fermentation, and Microbial Community in an in vitro Study. 61
33553288 2020
Flexible control of biohythane composition and production by dual cathodes in a bioelectrochemical system. 61
31678890 2020
Grouping crossbred Holstein x Gyr heifers according to different feed efficiency indexes and its effects on energy and nitrogen partitioning, blood metabolic variables and gas exchanges. 61
32915803 2020
Microbial diversity dynamics during the self-acidification of dairy slurry. 61
31868106 2020
Quantities of Intra- and Extracellular DNA Reveal Information About Activity and Physiological State of Methanogenic Archaea. 61
32849470 2020
Different processing effects on nutritive value of barely grains by gas production method. 61
32537108 2020
Overview of key operation factors and strategies for improving fermentative volatile fatty acid production and product regulation from sewage sludge. 61
31791521 2020
Can Agro-Industrial By-Products Rich in Polyphenols be Advantageously Used in the Feeding and Nutrition of Dairy Small Ruminants? 61
31947543 2020
The effect of NaOH pretreatment on coal structure and biomethane production. 61
32294115 2020
Chemically Stressed Bacterial Communities in Anaerobic Digesters Exhibit Resilience and Ecological Flexibility. 61
32477297 2020
Links between the rumen microbiota, methane emissions and feed efficiency of finishing steers offered dietary lipid and nitrate supplementation. 61
32330150 2020
Effect of solid-liquid separation on anaerobic digestion of dairy manure in semi-continuous stirred tank reactors: Process performance and digestate characteristics. 61
32558001 2020
Comparative Microbiome Analysis Reveals the Ecological Relationships Between Rumen Methanogens, Acetogens, and Their Hosts. 61
32714292 2020
Continuous Anaerobic Digestion of Wood Vinegar Wastewater From Pyrolysis: Microbial Diversity and Functional Genes Prediction. 61
32850755 2020
Determining the economic value of daily dry matter intake and associated methane emissions in dairy cattle. 61
31327334 2020
Enhanced 2,4,6-trichlorophenol anaerobic degradation by Fe3O4 supported on water hyacinth biochar for triggering direct interspecies electron transfer and its use in coal gasification wastewater treatment. 61
31677402 2020
Co-digestion of by-products and agricultural residues: A bioeconomy perspective for a Mediterranean feedstock mixture. 61
31655454 2020
A restriction enzyme reduced representation sequencing approach for low-cost, high-throughput metagenome profiling. 61
32243481 2020
Modelling hydrolysis: Simultaneous versus sequential biodegradation of the hydrolysable fractions. 61
31610476 2020
Effect of shear velocity and feed concentration on the treatment of food waste in an anaerobic dynamic membrane Bioreactor: Performance Monitoring and microbial community analysis. 61
31678707 2020
Estimates of methane emissions and comparison with gas mass burned in CDM action in a large landfill in Eastern Amazon. 61
31586874 2020
Performance and microbial community variations of a upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor for treating monosodium glutamate wastewater: Effects of organic loading rate. 61
31630062 2020
Biogas production from palm oil mill effluent and empty fruit bunches by coupled liquid and solid-state anaerobic digestion. 61
31704604 2020
Microbial mechanism for enhanced methane emission in deep soil layer of Phragmites-introduced tidal marsh. 61
31711014 2020
Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emission of Beef Heifers in Relation with Growth and Feed Efficiency. 61
31842507 2019
Effects of low-dosage ozone pre-treatment on the anaerobic digestion of secondary and mixed sludge. 61
31709480 2019
Enhanced biomethane recovery from fat, oil, and grease through co-digestion with food waste and addition of conductive materials. 61
31323554 2019
Inoculum Source Determines Acetate and Lactate Production during Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge and Food Waste. 61
31877953 2019
Changes in the microbial community during the acclimation process of anaerobic digestion for treatment of synthetic lipid-rich wastewater. 61
31513836 2019
Change to biogas production in solid-state anaerobic digestion using rice straw as substrates at different temperatures. 61
31557641 2019
Advances in direct interspecies electron transfer and conductive materials: Electron flux, organic degradation and microbial interaction. 61
31476420 2019
Isolation and culture of Methanobrevibacter smithii by co-culture with hydrogen-producing bacteria on agar plates. 61
30986553 2019
Evaluating the effect of biochar on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge and microbial diversity. 61
31610493 2019
Microbial and Phenyl Acid Dynamics during the Start-up Phase of Anaerobic Straw Degradation in Meso- and Thermophilic Batch Reactors. 61
31817383 2019
Baltic Sea methanogens compete with acetogens for electrons from metallic iron. 61
31444483 2019
Contribution of oxic methane production to surface methane emission in lakes and its global importance. 61
31792203 2019
Genome-Wide Association Studies for Methane Production in Dairy Cattle. 61
31810242 2019
Polychlorinated biphenyls affects anaerobic methane production from waste activated sludge through suppressing hydrolysis-acidification and methanation processes. 61
31561141 2019
Dynamic behaviors of batch anaerobic systems of food waste for methane production under different organic loads, substrate to inoculum ratios and initial pH. 61
31231036 2019
Effects of mixing time on methane production from anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and chicken manure: Experimental studies and CFD analysis. 61
31563113 2019
Efficient poultry manure management: anaerobic digestion with short hydraulic retention time to achieve high methane production. 61
31529087 2019
The Influence of Pressure-Swing Conditioning Pre-Treatment of Cattle Manure on Methane Production. 61
31905876 2019
Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass with Cattle Rumen Fluid for Methane Production: Fate of Added Rumen Microbes and Indigenous Microbes of Methane Seed Sludge. 61
31748428 2019
Methane production from the anaerobic digestion of substrates from corn stover: Differences between the stem bark, stem pith, and leaves. 61
31756805 2019
Bioengineering of anaerobic digestion for volatile fatty acids, hydrogen or methane production: A critical review. 61
31570035 2019
Evaluation of methane production and energy conversion from corn stalk using furfural wastewater pretreatment for whole slurry anaerobic co-digestion. 61
31449921 2019
Effects of microwave, H2O2/MW and H2O2/heat pre-treatments on the methane production from wastewater sludges: experimental and modeling approach. 61
31111386 2019
Hydrogen and methane production by co-digesting liquid swine manure and brewery wastewater in a two-phase system. 61
31465897 2019
Particle size reduction of rice straw enhances methane production under anaerobic digestion. 61
31472406 2019
Anaerobic cultivation of waste activated sludge to inoculate solid state anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural wastes: Effects of different cultivated periods. 61
31525587 2019
A novel insight into the influence of thermal pretreatment temperature on the anaerobic digestion performance of floatable oil-recovered food waste: Intrinsic transformation of materials and microbial response. 61
31514121 2019
Biochar triggering multipath methanogenesis and subdued propionic acid accumulation during semi-continuous anaerobic digestion. 61
31449922 2019
Effect of low severity hydrothermal pretreatment on anaerobic digestion performance of corn stover. 61
31610486 2019
Bioenergy, ammonia and humic substances recovery from municipal solid waste leachate: A review and process integration. 61
31558341 2019
Detection of Alcanivorax spp., Cycloclasticus spp., and Methanomicrobiales in water column and sediment samples in the Gulf of Mexico by qPCR. 61
31680200 2019
Prediction of effects of dairy selection indexes on methane emissions. 61
31587912 2019
The Antimethanogenic Nitrocompounds Can be Cleaved into Nitrite by Rumen Microorganisms: A Comparison of Nitroethane, 2-Nitroethanol, and 2-Nitro-1-propanol. 61
31881649 2019
Uncovering the Diversity and Activity of Methylotrophic Methanogens in Freshwater Wetland Soils. 61
31796563 2019
Combining Orchardgrass and Alfalfa: Effects of Forage Ratios on In Vitro Rumen Degradation and Fermentation Characteristics of Silage Compared with Hay. 61
31905694 2019
Study of optimal conditions in semi-continuous anaerobic co-digestion of table olive effluents and pig manure in a perfectly stirred reactor. 61
31745785 2019
A state-of-the-art review on the application of nanomaterials for enhancing biogas production. 61
31563049 2019
Biogas Production from Sunflower Head and Stalk Residues: Effect of Alkaline Pretreatment. 61
31906116 2019
Improving Biomethanation of Chicken Manure by Co-Digestion with Ethanol Plant Effluent. 61
31835523 2019
Full-scale anaerobic reactor samples would be more suitable than lab-scale anaerobic reactor and natural samples to inoculate the wheat straw batch anaerobic digesters. 61
31454734 2019
Pleurotus Ostreatus and Volvariella Volvacea Can Enhance the Quality of Purple Field Corn Stover and Modulate Ruminal Fermentation and Feed Utilization in Tropical Beef Cattle. 61
31817269 2019
Combining Crude Glycerin with Chitosan Can Manipulate In Vitro Ruminal Efficiency and Inhibit Methane Synthesis. 61
31878076 2019
Effects of adding osmoprotectant on anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste with high level of salinity. 61
31466824 2019
Biomethane production by thermophilic co-digestion of sugarcane vinasse and whey in an AnSBBR: Effects of composition, organic load, feed strategy and temperature. 61
31563047 2019
Thermal pretreatment to enhance biogas production of waste aerobic granular sludge with and without calcium phosphate precipitates. 61
31234089 2019
Effect of Substrate to Inoculum Ratio on Biogas Production and Microbial Community During Hemi-Solid-State Batch Anaerobic Co-digestion of Rape Straw and Dairy Manure. 61
31140052 2019
Effect of inoculum concentration on methanogenesis by direct interspecies electron transfer: Performance and microbial community composition. 61
31394488 2019
Performance improvement and model of a bio-electrochemical system built-in up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket for treating β-lactams pharmaceutical wastewater under different hydraulic retention time. 61
31421511 2019
Enhanced food waste degradation in integrated two-phase anaerobic digestion: Effect of leachate recirculation ratio. 61
31376669 2019
Insights in the anode chamber influences on cathodic bioelectromethanogenesis - systematic comparison of anode materials and anolytes. 61
32624972 2019
Selection and assembly of indigenous bacteria and methanogens from spent metalworking fluids and their potential as a starting culture in a fluidized bed reactor. 61
31328378 2019
Thermotolerant cellulolytic Clostridiaceae and Lachnospiraceae rich consortium enhanced biogas production from oil palm empty fruit bunches by solid-state anaerobic digestion. 61
31374416 2019
Using DNA-based stable isotope probing to reveal novel propionate- and acetate-oxidizing bacteria in propionate-fed mesophilic anaerobic chemostats. 61
31758023 2019
Temporal stability of the rumen microbiota in beef cattle, and response to diet and supplements. 61
33499961 2019
Century-scale time since permafrost thaw affects temperature sensitivity of net methane production in thermokarst-lake and talik sediments. 61
31319250 2019
Aqueous film forming foam and associated perfluoroalkyl substances inhibit methane production and Co-contaminant degradation in an anaerobic microbial community. 61
31454014 2019
The underlying mechanism of calcium peroxide pretreatment enhancing methane production from anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
31394464 2019
Metabolic analysis of efficient methane production from food waste with ethanol pre-fermentation using carbon isotope labeling. 61
31387051 2019
Improved methane production and sulfate removal by anaerobic co-digestion corn stalk and levulinic acid wastewater pretreated by calcium hydroxide. 61
31325850 2019
Ammonium bicarbonate pretreatment of corn stalk for improved methane production via anaerobic digestion: Kinetic modeling. 61
31473038 2019
Different ferric dosing strategies could result in different control mechanisms of sulfide and methane production in sediments of gravity sewers. 61
31400595 2019
Effect of dried oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) plant material in feed on methane production, rumen fermentation, nutrient digestibility, and milk fatty acid composition in dairy cows. 61
31495619 2019
Bayesian mechanistic modeling of thermodynamically controlled volatile fatty acid, hydrogen and methane production in the bovine rumen. 61
31401059 2019
Enhanced hydrolysis of waste activated sludge for methane production via anaerobic digestion under N2-nanobubble water addition. 61
31374494 2019
Effects of magnetite on anaerobic digestion of swine manure: Attention to methane production and fate of antibiotic resistance genes. 61
31357044 2019
Hydrogeochemistry signatures of produced waters associated with coalbed methane production in the Southern Junggar Basin, NW China. 61
31493080 2019
Methane production and nitrogen balance of dairy heifers grazing palisade grass cv. Marandu alone or with forage peanut. 61
31588955 2019
Photoferrotrophy, deposition of banded iron formations, and methane production in Archean oceans. 61
31807693 2019
Differences in methane production, yield and intensity and its effects on metabolism of dairy heifers. 61
31466153 2019
Terrestrial Vegetation Drives Methane Production in the Sediments of two German Reservoirs. 61
31685881 2019
Regulating acidogenesis and methanogenesis for the separated bio-generation of hydrogen and methane from saline-to-hypersaline industrial wastewater. 61
31545177 2019
Solid-State Anaerobic Digestion of Mixed Organic Waste: The Synergistic Effect of Food Waste Addition on the Destruction of Paper and Cardboard. 61
31593445 2019
Effects of walnut shell and chicken manure biochar on in vitro fermentation and in vivo nutrient digestibility and performance of dairy ewes. 61
31079336 2019
Improvement of Sugarcane Stillage (Vinasse) Anaerobic Digestion with Cheese Whey as its Co-substrate: Achieving High Methane Productivity and Yield. 61
31161380 2019
On-line optimization of biomethane production in continuous AD processes via model-based ESC approach. 61
32039904 2019
Impact of the inoculum composition on the structure of the total and active community and its performance in identically operated anaerobic reactors. 61
31414161 2019
Effects of hydraulic retention time on biohythane production via single-stage anaerobic fermentation in a two-compartment bioreactor. 61
31400653 2019
Destruction of Staphylococcus aureus and the impact of chlortetracycline on biomethane production during anaerobic digestion of chicken manure. 61
31763470 2019
Modeling & simulation studies on batch anaerobic digestion of hydrodynamically cavitated tannery waste effluent for higher biogas yield. 61
31450286 2019
Synergistic effect of magnetite and zero-valent iron on anaerobic degradation and methanogenesis of phenol. 61
31377508 2019
Anaerobic treatment of LCFA-containing synthetic dairy wastewater at 20 °C: Process performance and microbial community dynamics. 61
31326818 2019
Achievements of biochar application for enhanced anaerobic digestion: A review. 61
31488335 2019
Effects of process water recirculation on solid and liquid products from hydrothermal carbonization of Laminaria. 61
31442836 2019
Effects of stepwise thermal hydrolysis and solid-liquid separation on three different sludge organic matter solubilization and biodegradability. 61
31323507 2019
Microwave pretreatment of polyacrylamide flocculated waste activated sludge: Effect on anaerobic digestion and polyacrylamide degradation. 61
31302462 2019
Pig slurry improves the anaerobic digestion of waste cooking oil. 61
31463547 2019
Effect of Lipid-Encapsulated Acacia Tannin Extract on Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility and Methane Emission in Sheep. 61
31731391 2019
Exploiting the unwanted: Sulphate reduction enables phosphate recovery from energy-rich sludge during anaerobic digestion. 61
31330399 2019
Thermophilic anaerobic digestion: Effect of start-up strategies on performance and microbial community. 61
31203011 2019
Biological pretreatment enhances the activity of functional microorganisms and the ability of methanogenesis during anaerobic digestion. 61
31326651 2019
Global ocean methane emissions dominated by shallow coastal waters. 61
31594924 2019
The use of sugar beet pulp stillage for co-digestion with sewage sludge and poultry manure. 61
30967060 2019
Disposal of Fenton sludge with anaerobic digestion and the roles of humic acids involved in Fenton sludge. 61
31362207 2019
Monitoring redox sensitive conditions at the groundwater interface using electrical resistivity and self-potential. 61
31280034 2019
Diverse hydrogen production and consumption pathways influence methane production in ruminants. 61
31243332 2019
Effects of steam explosion on lignocellulosic degradation of, and methane production from, corn stover by a co-cultured anaerobic fungus and methanogen. 61
31319215 2019
Enhancing methane production of anaerobic sludge digestion by microaeration: Enzyme activity stimulation, semi-continuous reactor validation and microbial community analysis. 61
31228743 2019
Accelerated bio-methane production rate in thermophilic digestion of cardboard with appropriate biochar: Dose-response kinetic assays, hybrid synergistic mechanism, and microbial networks analysis. 61
31326650 2019
Biochar enabled syntrophic action: Solid state anaerobic digestion of agricultural stubble for enhanced methane production. 61
31272803 2019
Anaerobic treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater with methane production using anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactors. 61
31323501 2019
Encapsulated nitrate replacing soybean meal changes in vitro ruminal fermentation and methane production in diets differing in concentrate to forage ratio. 61
31393669 2019
Continuous dynamics in anaerobic reactor during bioconversion of rice straw: Rate of substance utilization, biomethane production and changes in microbial community structure. 61
31412461 2019
Microbial communities in co-digestion of food wastes and wastewater biosolids. 61
31207413 2019
Understanding synergies and trade-offs between water and energy production at landfill sites. 61
31207505 2019
Progress towards catalyzing electro-methanogenesis in anaerobic digestion process: Fundamentals, process optimization, design and scale-up considerations. 61
31300305 2019
Digestive performance of sludge with different crop straws in mesophilic anaerobic digestion. 61
31203179 2019
Solubilisation of fruits and vegetable dregs through surfactant mediated sonic disintegration: impact on biomethane potential and energy ratio. 61
31591946 2019
Nanoparticle induced biological disintegration: A new phase separated pretreatment strategy on microalgal biomass for profitable biomethane recovery. 61
31203180 2019
Fly ash as stimulant for anaerobic digestion: effect over hydrolytic stage and methane generation rate. 61
31850890 2019
Anaerobic digestion of blackwater assisted by granular activated carbon: From digestion inhibition to methanogenesis enhancement. 61
31181493 2019
Investigation on methane yield of wheat husk anaerobic digestion and its enhancement effect by liquid digestate pretreatment. 61
31136815 2019
Compound- and context-dependent effects of antibiotics on greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. 61
31824677 2019
Changes in the Substrate Source Reveal Novel Interactions in the Sediment-Derived Methanogenic Microbial Community. 61
31500341 2019
Effects of ferric oxide on the microbial community and functioning during anaerobic digestion of swine manure. 61
31100564 2019
Effects of Phytonutrients on Ruminal Fermentation, Digestibility, and Microorganisms in Swamp Buffaloes. 61
31514374 2019
Herbal feed additives containing essential oil: 1. Impact on the nutritional worth of complete feed in vitro. 61
30989448 2019
Performance of a forward osmotic membrane bioreactor for anaerobic digestion of waste sludge with increasing solid concentration. 61
31176985 2019
Inhibition mitigation and ecological mechanism of mesophilic methanogenesis triggered by supplement of ferroferric oxide in sulfate-containing systems. 61
31152955 2019
Semi-continuous anaerobic co-digestion of flotation sludge from broiler chicken slaughter and sweet potato: Nutrients and energy recovery. 61
31150897 2019
Use of biotechnological approaches to add value to rice hulls. 61
31152629 2019
Innovative upflow anaerobic sludge osmotic membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment. 61
31108413 2019
Response of the microbial community to the methanogenic performance of biologically hydrolyzed sewage sludge with variable hydraulic retention times. 61
31158775 2019
Methylamine-specific methyltransferase paralogs in Methanosarcina are functionally distinct despite frequent gene conversion. 61
31053830 2019
Can we use Cd-contaminated macrophytes for biogas production? 61
29948672 2019
Continuous hydrogen and methane production from the treatment of herbal medicines wastewater in the two-phase 'UASBH-ICM' system. 61
31799957 2019
Reutilization of high COD leachate via recirculation strategy for methane production in anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste: Performance and dynamic of methanogen community. 61
31195363 2019
CO2 reutilization for methane production via a catalytic process promoted by hydrides. 61
31495854 2019
Evaluation of a single-flow continuous culture fermenter system for determination of ruminal fermentation and enteric methane production. 61
31298448 2019
Contribution of electrodes and electric current to process stability and methane production during the electro-fermentation of food waste. 61
31146076 2019
Mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of soybean curd residue for methane production: Characterizing bacterial and methanogen communities and their correlations with organic loading rate and operating temperature. 61
31176202 2019
Digestive anatomy, physiology, resting metabolism and methane production of captive maras (Dolichotis patagonum). 61
31146020 2019
Improvement of Methane Production from Sugar Beet Wastes Using TiO2 and Fe3O4 Nanoparticles and Chitosan Micropowder Additives. 61
30854605 2019
Techno-economic feasibility of anaerobic digestion of cheese whey in small Italian dairies and effect of ultrasound pre-treatment on methane yield. 61
31202020 2019
Direct current triggering enhanced anaerobic treatment of acetyl pyrimidine-containing wastewater in up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket coupled with bioelectrocatalytic system. 61
31151005 2019
Plant communities control long term carbon accumulation and biogeochemical gradients in a Patagonian bog. 61
31158628 2019
Effects of replacing wheat starch with glycerol on methane emissions, milk production, and feed efficiency in dairy cows fed grass silage-based diets. 61
31255278 2019
Steam Explosion Conditions Highly Influence the Biogas Yield of Rice Straw. 61
31561500 2019
Bioaugmentation strategy for overcoming ammonia inhibition during biomethanation of a protein-rich substrate. 61
31146133 2019
Comparison of Dry Versus Wet Milling to Improve Bioethanol or Methane Recovery from Solid Anaerobic Digestate. 61
31500163 2019
Adaptation of semi-continuous anaerobic sludge digestion to humic acids. 61
31203038 2019
A full-scale survey of sludge landfill: sludge properties, leachate characteristics and microbial community structure. 61
31799962 2019
Impact of activated sludge ozonation on filamentous bacteria viability and possible added benefits. 61
29488826 2019
Contribution of solid and liquid fractions of sewage sludge pretreated by high pressure homogenization to biogas production. 61
31048265 2019
A Membrane-Bound Cytochrome Enables Methanosarcina acetivorans To Conserve Energy from Extracellular Electron Transfer. 61
31431545 2019
Revealing the Mechanisms of Polyethylene Microplastics Affecting Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge. 61
31335125 2019
Bio-stimulation of anaerobic digestion by low intensity ultrasonication. 61
31661445 2019
Effects of sodium hypochlorite concentration on the methanogenic activity in an anaerobic fluidized membrane bioreactor. 61
31075606 2019
Biogas Production by Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Dairy Wastewater with the Crude Glycerol from Slaughterhouse Sludge Cake Transesterification. 61
31466250 2019
Two-Phase Improves Performance of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Food Waste at High Organic Loading Rates. 61
31356076 2019
CO2 conversion to methane and biomass in obligate methylotrophic methanogens in marine sediments. 61
31040382 2019
Impact of zero valent iron on blackwater anaerobic digestion. 61
31029486 2019
Using straw as a bio-ethanol source to promote anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. 61
31063945 2019
Three-stage anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge: Identifying bacterial and methanogenic archaeal communities and their correlations with performance parameters. 61
31004947 2019
Effects of naturally-produced lovastatin on carcass characteristics, muscle physico-chemical properties and lipid oxidation and cholesterol content in goats. 61
31004941 2019
Modified anaerobic digestion model No.1 (ADM1) for modeling anaerobic digestion process at different ammonium concentrations. 61
30839131 2019
Effect of bamboo grass (Tiliacora triandra, Diels) pellet supplementation on rumen fermentation characteristics and methane production in Thai native beef cattle. 61
30744355 2019
Influence of surfactants on anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: acid and methane production and pollution removal. 61
30955366 2019
Impact of total carbon/sulfate on methane production and sulfate removal from co-digestion of sulfate-containing wastewater and corn stalk. 61
31103687 2019
Short communication: Heritability of methane production and genetic correlations with milk yield and body weight in Holstein-Friesian dairy cows. 61
31202647 2019
A new family of uncultivated bacteria involved in methanogenesis from the ubiquitous osmolyte glycine betaine in coastal saltmarsh sediments. 61
31464644 2019
Syntroph diversity and abundance in anaerobic digestion revealed through a comparative core microbiome approach. 61
31161391 2019
Potential of direct interspecies electron transfer in synergetic enhancement of methanogenesis and sulfate removal in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor with magnetite. 61
31059873 2019
Optimizing key factors for biomethane production from KOH-pretreated switchgrass by response surface methodology. 61
31254197 2019
Carbohydrate Hydrolytic Potential and Redundancy of an Anaerobic Digestion Microbiome Exposed to Acidosis, as Uncovered by Metagenomics. 61
31152018 2019
The Inclusion of Concentrate with Quebracho Is Advisable in Two Forage-Based Diets of Ewes According to the In Vitro Fermentation Parameters. 61
31319456 2019
Ferric citrate, nitrate, saponin and their combinations affect in vitro ruminal fermentation, production of sulphide and methane and abundance of select microbial populations. 61
31004543 2019
Dietary dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) peel powder improved in vitro rumen fermentation and gas production kinetics. 61
30963404 2019
Viability of Using Glycerin as a Co-substrate in Anaerobic Digestion of Sugarcane Stillage (Vinasse): Effect of Diversified Operational Strategies. 61
30680702 2019
A strategy for enhancing anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: Driving anodic oxidation by adding nitrate into microbial electrolysis cell. 61
30975327 2019
Efficient resource valorization by co-digestion of food and vegetable waste using three stage integrated bioprocess. 61
30954905 2019
A nutritional and rumen ecological evaluation of the biorefinery by-product alfalfa silage cake supplemented with Scrophularia striata extract using the rumen simulation technique. 61
30859565 2019
Characterization of microbial community dynamics during the anaerobic co-digestion of thermally pre-treated slaughterhouse wastes with glycerin addition. 61
30955092 2019
Anaerobic digestion to reduce biomass and remove arsenic from As-hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata. 61
30981932 2019
How methane yield, crucial parameters and microbial communities respond to the stimulating effect of antibiotics during high solid anaerobic digestion. 61
30921581 2019
New insights into pollutants removal, toxicity reduction and microbial profiles in a lab-scale IC-A/O-membrane reactor system for paper wastewater reclamation. 61
31005839 2019
Methane flux dynamics in a submerged aquatic vegetation zone in a subtropical lake. 61
30965256 2019
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae-based direct-fed microbial and exogenous enzyme products on enteric methane emission and productivity in lactating dairy cows. 61
31030921 2019
Rambutan fruit peel powder and dietary protein level influencing on fermentation characteristics, nutrient digestibility, ruminal microorganisms and gas production using in vitro fermentation techniques. 61
30739278 2019
Achieving methane production enhancement from waste activated sludge with sulfite pretreatment: Feasibility, kinetics and mechanism study. 61
31071647 2019
Nitrous oxide and methane production from denitrifying woodchip bioreactors at three hydraulic residence times. 61
31054393 2019
A Citrus Peel Waste Biorefinery for Ethanol and Methane Production. 61
31277372 2019
Nitrite and free nitrous acid sludge pre-treatments to enhance methane production in continuous anaerobic digestion: Comparing process performance and associated costs. 61
31351638 2019
Effect of applied voltage and temperature on methane production and microbial community in microbial electrochemical anaerobic digestion systems treating swine manure. 61
31020466 2019
Sequencing batch dry anaerobic digestion of mixed feedstock regulating strategies for methane production: Multi-factor interactions among biotic and abiotic characteristics. 61
30952055 2019
Sludge-based biochar-assisted thermophilic anaerobic digestion of waste-activated sludge in microbial electrolysis cell for methane production. 61
30952059 2019
Furfural wastewater pretreatment of corn stalk for whole slurry anaerobic co-digestion to improve methane production. 61
31003087 2019
Effects of 3-nitrooxypropanol on enteric methane production, rumen fermentation, and feeding behavior in beef cattle fed a high-forage or high-grain diet1. 61
31115441 2019
Evaluation of net protein contribution, methane production, and net returns from beef production as duration of confinement increases in the cow-calf sector1. 61
31028380 2019
Erratum: Rufino-Moya, P.J., et al. Methane Production of Fresh Sainfoin, with or without PEG, and Fresh Alfalfa at Different Stages of Maturity is Similar, but the Fermentation End Products Vary. Animals 2019, 9, 197. 61
31284481 2019
Chemical composition, in vitro gas production, methane production and fatty acid profile of canola silage (Brassica napus) with four levels of molasses. 61
30820744 2019
ADM1-based mechanistic model for the role of trace elements in anaerobic digestion processes. 61
31023491 2019
Autoinducer-2-mediated quorum sensing partially regulates the toxic shock response of anaerobic digestion. 61
31022531 2019
Mechanism analysis to improve sludge dewaterability during anaerobic digestion based on moisture distribution. 61
30991199 2019
Selective production of volatile fatty acids at different pH in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor. 61
30901584 2019
An improved procedure to assess the organic biodegradability and the biomethane potential of organic wastes for anaerobic digestion. 61
31165675 2019
Revealing the correlation of biomethane generation, DOM fluorescence, and microbial community in the mesophilic co-digestion of chicken manure and sheep manure at different mixture ratio. 61
31073832 2019
Simple yet effective: Microbial and biotechnological benefits of rumen liquid addition to lignocellulose-degrading biogas plants. 61
31082412 2019
Rumen fermentation and microbial community composition influenced by live Enterococcus faecium supplementation. 61
31363877 2019
Associations between residual feed intake and apparent nutrient digestibility, in vitro methane-producing activity, and volatile fatty acid concentrations in growing beef cattle1. 61
31175808 2019
Rumen and Fecal Microbial Community Structure of Holstein and Jersey Dairy Cows as Affected by Breed, Diet, and Residual Feed Intake. 61
31362392 2019
Enhanced methanogenic performance and metabolic pathway of high solid anaerobic digestion of chicken manure by Fe2+ and Ni2+ supplementation. 61
31279386 2019
Post-thermal hydrolysis and centrate recirculation for enhancing anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. 61
31160025 2019
Silicate mediated simultaneous in-situ CO2 sequestration and nutrients removal in anaerobic digestion. 61
30852332 2019
In-situ biogas upgrading by a stepwise addition of ash additives: Methanogen adaption and CO2 sequestration. 61
30844515 2019
A parsimonious software sensor for estimating the individual dynamic pattern of methane emissions from cattle. 61
30333069 2019
Mechanisms of metabolic performance enhancement during electrically assisted anaerobic treatment of chloramphenicol wastewater. 61
30917300 2019
Thermal-alkaline pretreatment of polyacrylamide flocculated waste activated sludge: Process optimization and effects on anaerobic digestion and polyacrylamide degradation. 61
30818267 2019
Study of an enhanced dry anaerobic digestion of swine manure: Performance and microbial community property. 61
30878887 2019
Improved anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and domestic wastewater by copper supplementation - Microbial community change and enhanced effluent quality. 61
30904647 2019
Kinetic modeling of Stickland reactions-coupled methanogenesis for a methanogenic culture. 61
31183623 2019
Aeolian abrasion of rocks as a mechanism to produce methane in the Martian atmosphere. 61
31160623 2019
Anaerobic digestion is the dominant pathway for pit latrine decomposition and is limited by intrinsic factors. 61
31411578 2019
Enhancement of hydrogen production using untreated inoculum in two-stage food waste digestion. 61
30861448 2019
Simultaneous biogas and biogas slurry production from co-digestion of pig manure and corn straw: Performance optimization and microbial community shift. 61
30851572 2019
Anaerobic membrane bioreactor for biogas production from concentrated sewage produced during sewer mining. 61
31018441 2019
Simultaneous production of methane and acetate by thermophilic mixed culture from carbon dioxide in bioelectrochemical system. 61
30853369 2019
Correlations between biochemical composition and biogas production during anaerobic digestion of microalgae and cyanobacteria isolated from different sources of Turkey. 61
30822642 2019
Metagenomic analysis reveals the effects of long-term antibiotic pressure on sludge anaerobic digestion and antimicrobial resistance risk. 61
30861447 2019
Paenibacillus 79R4, a potential rumen probiotic to enhance nitrite detoxification and methane mitigation in nitrate-treated ruminants. 61
30933788 2019
Anaerobic submerged membrane bioreactor (AnSMBR) treating municipal wastewater at ambient temperature: Operation and potential use for agricultural irrigation. 61
30875596 2019
Energetic and economic assessment of sludge thermal hydrolysis in novel wastewater treatment plant configurations. 61
31160024 2019
The acetotrophic pathway dominates methane production in Zoige alpine wetland coexisting with hydrogenotrophic pathway. 61
31235734 2019
Nutritive Value of Tomato Pomace for Ruminants and Its Influence on In Vitro Methane Production. 61
31212765 2019
Contribution analysis of methane production from food waste in bulk solution and on bio-electrode in a bio-electrochemical anaerobic digestion reactor. 61
30909050 2019
Weak magnetic field significantly enhances methane production from a digester supplemented with zero valent iron. 61
30861450 2019
Impacts of mixing on foaming, methane production, stratification and microbial community in full-scale anaerobic co-digestion process. 61
30825825 2019
Efficient methane production from petrochemical wastewater in a single membrane-less microbial electrolysis cell: the effect of the operational parameters in batch and continuous mode on bioenergy recovery. 61
31321049 2019
Improving anaerobic digestion via direct interspecies electron transfer requires development of suitable characterization methods. 61
31174018 2019
A comprehensive dataset on anaerobic digestion of cattle manure, source separated organics, and municipal sludge using different inoculum sources. 61
31061859 2019
Co-digestion of Biowastes to Enhance Biological Hydrogen Process by Defined Mixed Bacterial Cultures. 61
31031429 2019
Optimizing biomethane production of mesophilic chicken manure and sheep manure digestion: Mono-digestion and co-digestion kinetic investigation, autofluorescence analysis and microbial community assessment. 61
30780051 2019
Effects of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on ruminal methane and carbon dioxide production and fermentation kinetics in a steer model. 61
30929169 2019
Analysis of methanogens adsorption and biogas production characteristics from different coal surfaces. 61
30276679 2019
Process stability and comparative rDNA/rRNA community analyses in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor with silicon carbide ceramic membrane applications. 61
30798226 2019
Invited review: Plant polyphenols and rumen microbiota responsible for fatty acid biohydrogenation, fiber digestion, and methane emission: Experimental evidence and methodological approaches. 61
30904293 2019
Increasing sulfate levels show a differential impact on synthetic communities comprising different methanogens and a sulfate reducer. 61
31064258 2019
Stepwise pH control to promote synergy of chemical and biological processes for augmenting short-chain fatty acid production from anaerobic sludge fermentation. 61
30849733 2019
Food waste treatment in an anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnDMBR): Performance monitoring and microbial community analysis. 61
30771570 2019
Meta-omics based analyses of microbiome involved in biomethanation of rice straw in a thermophilic anaerobic bioreactor under optimized conditions. 61
30710817 2019
Arsenic removal and biomass reduction of As-hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata: Coupling ethanol extraction with anaerobic digestion. 61
30798231 2019
Prevotella copri, a potential indicator for high feed efficiency in western steers. 61
30848016 2019
Perspectives on variabilities in biomethane potential test parameters and outcomes: A review of studies published between 2007 and 2018. 61
30901780 2019
Modeling the impact of food wastes on wastewater treatment plants. 61
30818237 2019
Ensiling fermentation reveals pre-treatment effects for anaerobic digestion of sugarcane biomass: An assessment of ensiling additives on methane potential. 61
30744925 2019
Mitigation of ammonia inhibition through bioaugmentation with different microorganisms during anaerobic digestion: Selection of strains and reactor performance evaluation. 61
30849735 2019
Anaerobic treatment of N,N-dimethylformamide-containing high-strength wastewater by submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor with a co-cultured inoculum. 61
30731415 2019
COD/sulfate ratio does not affect the methane yield and microbial diversity in anaerobic digesters. 61
30861382 2019
Modeling the fate of organic nitrogen during anaerobic digestion: Development of a bioaccessibility based ADM1. 61
30802704 2019
Thermophilic anaerobic digestion reduces ARGs in excess sludge even under high oxytetracycline concentrations. 61
30708164 2019
Assessment of the start-up process of anaerobic digestion utilizing swine manure: 13C fractionation of biogas and microbial dynamics. 61
30895553 2019
Formate-removing inoculum dominated by Methanobacterium congolense supports succinate production from crude glycerol fermentation. 61
30783892 2019
Growth Characteristics and Thermodynamics of Syntrophic Acetate Oxidizers. 61
30990997 2019
Linking nano-ZnO contamination to microbial community profiling in sanitary landfill simulations. 61
30915691 2019
Comparative proteomic analysis of Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus reveals methane formation from H2 and CO2 under different temperature conditions. 61
30260585 2019
Effect of organic loading rate on thermophilic methane fermentation of stillage eluted from ethanol fermentation of waste paper and kitchen waste. 61
30401585 2019
Dietary starch and rhubarb supplement increase ruminal dissolved hydrogen without altering rumen fermentation and methane emissions in goats. 61
30293542 2019
Active prokaryotic population dynamics exhibit high correlation to reactor performance during methane production from acid hydrolysates of Agave tequilana var. azul bagasse. 61
30803104 2019
Effects of monensin feeding on performance, nutrient utilisation and enteric methane production in growing buffalo heifers. 61
30617724 2019
Enhanced methane production from waste activated sludge by combining calcium peroxide with ultrasonic: Performance, mechanism, and implication. 61
30711751 2019
The effect of diet of the donor cows on in vitro measurements of methane production from wheat and corn incubated in various forage-to-grain ratios. 61
30609046 2019
Low pH treatment of starch industry effluent with bacteria from leaf debris for methane production. 61
30731023 2019
Effect of tree foliage supplementation of tropical grass diet on in vitro digestibility and fermentation, microbial biomass synthesis and enteric methane production in ruminants. 61
30554366 2019
Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of model organic wastes: Evaluation of biomethane production and multiple kinetic models analysis. 61
30776653 2019
Advanced estimation and mitigation strategies: a cumulative approach to enteric methane abatement from ruminants. 61
31333869 2019
Methane and Constipation-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Entwining Pillars of Emerging Neurogastroenterology. 61
31363445 2019
Evaluation of optimal model parameters for prediction of methane generation from selected U.S. landfills. 61
31203933 2019
Diversity and community of methanogens in the large intestine of finishing pigs. 61
31035941 2019
Impact of biochar-supported zerovalent iron nanocomposite on the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. 61
30758797 2019
Effects of tylosin, ciprofloxacin, and sulfadimidine on mcrA gene abundance and the methanogen community during anaerobic digestion of cattle manure. 61
30634152 2019
A mini-review on the metabolic pathways of food waste two-phase anaerobic digestion system. 61
30696377 2019
Abundance, rather than composition, of methane-cycling microbes mainly affects methane emissions from different vegetation soils in the Zoige alpine wetland. 61
30047238 2019
Comparison of leachate percolation and immersion using different inoculation strategies in thermophilic solid-state anaerobic digestion of pig urine and rice straw. 61
30638885 2019
Novel insight into high solid anaerobic digestion of swine manure after thermal treatment: Kinetics and microbial community properties. 61
30682669 2019
Sunlight-Fueled, Low-Temperature Ru-Catalyzed Conversion of CO2 and H2 to CH4 with a High Photon-to-Methane Efficiency. 61
31459835 2019
Electro-driven methanogenic microbial community diversity and variability in the electron abundant niche. 61
30669050 2019
Co-digestion of microalgae and primary sludge: Effect on biogas production and microcontaminants removal. 61
30743981 2019
Effects of long-term diet supplementation with Gliricidia sepium foliage mixed with Enterolobium cyclocarpum pods on enteric methane, apparent digestibility, and rumen microbial population in crossbred heifers1. 61
30785622 2019
Methanofervidicoccus abyssi gen. nov., sp. nov., a hydrogenotrophic methanogen, isolated from a hydrothermal vent chimney in the Mid-Cayman Spreading Center, the Caribbean Sea. 61
30843780 2019
Variability of food waste chemical composition: Impact of thermal pre-treatment on lignocellulosic matrix and anaerobic biodegradability. 61
30716691 2019
Fungal bioaugmentation of anaerobic digesters fed with lignocellulosic biomass: What to expect from anaerobic fungus Orpinomyces sp. 61
30654102 2019
Efficient biogas production from cattle manure in a plug flow reactor: A large scale long term study. 61
30709765 2019
Enhanced biogas production from anaerobic co-digestion of pig slurry and horse manure with mechanical pre-treatment. 61
29267133 2019
Influence of cationic polyacrilamide flocculant on high-solids' anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge under thermophilic conditions. 61
29237330 2019
Methane production and emissions in trees and forests. 61
30521089 2019
Exergy valorization of a water electrolyzer and CO2 hydrogenation tandem system for hydrogen and methane production. 61
31015548 2019
Co-pretreatment of wheat straw by potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide: Methane production, economics, and energy potential analysis. 61
30772729 2019
Enhancing blackwater methane production by enriching hydrogenotrophic methanogens through hydrogen supplementation. 61
30709767 2019
Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis and methane production from rubber wood waste using steam explosion. 61
30684808 2019
Microcapillary sampling of Baltic Sea copepod gut microbiomes indicates high variability among individuals and the potential for methane production. 61
30785612 2019
Effects of a novel auxiliary bio-electrochemical reactor on methane production from highly concentrated food waste in an anaerobic digestion reactor. 61
30594792 2019
Synergistic effect of activated carbon and encapsulated trace element additive on methane production from anaerobic digestion of food wastes - Enhanced operation stability and balanced trace nutrition. 61
30684723 2019
Methane Production of Fresh Sainfoin, with or without PEG, and Fresh Alfalfa at Different Stages of Maturity is Similar but the Fermentation End Products Vary. 61
31027381 2019
Modelling biofilm anaerobic reactor with effluent from hydrolytic/acidogenic reactor as substrate. 61
31169511 2019
Improved energy utilization efficiency via adding solar radiant heating mode for traditional bioreactor to dispose straw: Experimental and numerical evaluation. 61
31079744 2019
Assessing the effects of intra-granule precipitation in a full-scale industrial anaerobic digester. 61
31123232 2019
Long-term succession in a coal seam microbiome during in situ biostimulation of coalbed-methane generation. 61
30323265 2019
Response and mechanisms of the performance and fate of antibiotic resistance genes to nano-magnetite during anaerobic digestion of swine manure. 61
30528589 2019
[Enhancement for Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge Based on Microwave Pretreatment Combined with Zero Valent Iron]. 61
31087995 2019
Co-digestion of wastewater sludge: Choosing the optimal blend. 61
31109580 2019
ADM1 based mathematical model of trace element complexation in anaerobic digestion processes. 61
30640019 2019
Effect of dietary fat supplementation on methane emissions from dairy cows fed wheat or corn. 61
30660414 2019
Methane-Linked Mechanisms of Electron Uptake from Cathodes by Methanosarcina barkeri. 61
30862748 2019
Effects of Antidesma thwaitesianum Muell. Arg. pomace as a source of plant secondary compounds on digestibility, rumen environment, hematology, and milk production in dairy cows. 61
30575219 2019
Effects of free nitrous acid and nitrite on two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: A preliminary study. 61
30841381 2019
Microbial profiling during anaerobic digestion of cheese whey in reactors operated at different conditions. 61
30599281 2019
Enzymatic hydrolysis of floatable fatty wastes from dairy and meat food-processing industries and further anaerobic digestion. 61
31025978 2019
Streambed Organic Matter Controls on Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions from Streams. 61
30694050 2019
Effects of drought-stressed temperate forage legumes on the degradation and the rumen microbial community in vitro. 61
30672624 2019
Trace elements effect on hydrolytic stage towards biogas production of model lignocellulosic substrates. 61
30634124 2019
Sludge anaerobic digestion with high concentrations of tetracyclines and sulfonamides: Dynamics of microbial communities and change of antibiotic resistance genes. 61
30611086 2019
Co-digestion of organic and mineral wastes for enhanced biogas production: Reactor performance and evolution of microbial community and function. 61
31109531 2019
Impact of metal nanoparticles on biogas production from poultry litter. 61
30590206 2019
Anaerobic digestion performance of concentrated municipal sewage by forward osmosis membrane: Focus on the impact of salt and ammonia nitrogen. 61
30634163 2019
Bibliometric Analysis of Algal-Bacterial Symbiosis in Wastewater Treatment. 61
30917551 2019
Effects of different types of biochar on the anaerobic digestion of chicken manure. 61
30594835 2019
Comparison of liquid and dewatered digestate as inoculum for anaerobic digestion of organic solid wastes. 61
31109522 2019
Ensiling characteristics, in vitro rumen fermentation, microbial communities and aerobic stability of low-dry matter silages produced with sweet sorghum and alfalfa mixtures. 61
30298699 2019
Evaluation of the effects of biochar on diet digestibility and methane production from growing and finishing steers. 61
32704845 2019
Preservation of rumen fluid for the pretreatment of waste paper to improve methane production. 61
31109569 2019
Effects of ammonium and/or sulfide on methane production from acetate or propionate using biochemical methane potential tests. 61
30241903 2019
Ruminal methane production: Associated microorganisms and the potential of applying hydrogen-utilizing bacteria for mitigation. 61
30841400 2019
In vitro reduction of methane production by 3-nitro-1-propionic acid is dose-dependent1. 61
30649418 2019
Enhancing methane production using anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge with combined fruit waste and cheese whey. 61
30922275 2019
Polyvinyl Chloride Microplastics Affect Methane Production from the Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge through Leaching Toxic Bisphenol-A. 61
30758964 2019
Hot topic: Selecting cattle for low residual feed intake did not affect daily methane production but increased methane yield. 61
30639015 2019
Digestive physiology of captive capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris). 61
30623974 2019
Humic substances reduce ruminal methane production and increase the efficiency of microbial protein synthesis in vitro. 61
30298605 2019
Ammonia stress on a resilient mesophilic anaerobic inoculum: Methane production, microbial community, and putative metabolic pathways. 61
30579103 2019
Feasibility of dry anaerobic digestion of beer lees for methane production and biochar enhanced performance at mesophilic and thermophilic temperature. 61
30611088 2019
Increasing the concentration of linolenic acid in diets fed to Jersey cows in late lactation does not affect methane production. 61
30612804 2019
Reducing methane production with corn oil and calcium sulfate: Responses on whole-animal energy and nitrogen balance in dairy cattle. 61
30612805 2019
Impact of turning waste on performance and energy balance in thermophilic solid-state anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste. 61
31109517 2019
Response of Methanogenic Archaea from Siberian Permafrost and Non-permafrost Environments to Simulated Mars-like Desiccation and the Presence of Perchlorate. 61
30742498 2019
Solid-state anaerobic digestion of wheat straw: Impact of S/I ratio and pilot-scale fungal pretreatment. 61
30803602 2019
Unravelling the effects of blue light on aerobic methane emissions from canola. 61
30576928 2019
Novel microbial community composition and carbon biogeochemistry emerge over time following saltwater intrusion in wetlands. 61
30537235 2019
Biogas from microalgae: an overview emphasizing pretreatment methods and their energy return on investment (EROI). 61
30506454 2019
Anaerobic co-digestion of the aqueous phase from hydrothermally treated waste activated sludge with primary sewage sludge. A kinetic study. 61
30399549 2019
Effects of individual and combined zinc oxide nanoparticle, norfloxacin, and sulfamethazine contamination on sludge anaerobic digestion. 61
30469135 2019
Modeling the anaerobic co-digestion of solid waste: From batch to semi-continuous simulation. 61
30500761 2019
Increasing capacity of an anaerobic sludge digester through FNA pre-treatment of thickened waste activated sludge. 61
30472542 2019
Development of methanogens within cathodic biofilm in the single-chamber microbial electrolysis cell. 61
30551043 2019
Comparative analysis of methods and models for predicting biochemical methane potential of various organic substrates. 61
30308928 2019
Cryptic CH4 cycling in the sulfate-methane transition of marine sediments apparently mediated by ANME-1 archaea. 61
30194429 2019
Effects of commercial aldehydes from green leaf volatiles (green odour) on rumen microbial population and fermentation profile in an artificial rumen (Rusitec). 61
30396005 2019
Changes in the Rumen Microbiota of Cows in Response to Dietary Supplementation with Nitrate, Linseed, and Saponin Alone or in Combination. 61
30504215 2019
[Performance of Treating Straw and Animal Manure Mixture by an Integrated Process of Thermo-alkali-bi-enzyme Hydrolysis-anaerobic Digestion and Conditions of High Methane Yield]. 61
30628370 2019
Enhanced methane potential of rice straw with microwave assisted pretreatment and its kinetic analysis. 61
30472562 2019
Optimization of the co-digestion of sewage sludge, maize straw and cow manure: microbial responses and effect of fractional organic characteristics. 61
30787412 2019
Enrichment of peat yields novel methanogens: approaches for obtaining uncultured organisms in the age of rapid sequencing. 61
30649346 2019
In Situ Irradiated X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Investigation on a Direct Z-Scheme TiO2 /CdS Composite Film Photocatalyst. 61
30345599 2019
Production of lipid-containing algal-bacterial polyculture in wastewater and biomethanation of lipid extracted residues: Enhancing methane yield through hydrothermal pretreatment and relieving solvent toxicity through co-digestion. 61
30759577 2019
Deltaproteobacteria (Pelobacter) and Methanococcoides are responsible for choline-dependent methanogenesis in a coastal saltmarsh sediment. 61
30206424 2019
Starch and dextrose at 2 levels of rumen-degradable protein in iso-nitrogenous diets: Effects on lactation performance, ruminal measurements, methane emission, digestibility, and nitrogen balance of dairy cows. 61
30591340 2019
Isolation and characterization of a new Methanoculleus bourgensis strain KOR-2 from the rumen of Holstein steers. 61
30056662 2019
Effects of barium on the pathways of anaerobic digestion. 61
30500703 2019
Biomethane production from sugar beet pulp under cocultivation with Clostridium cellulovorans and methanogens. 61
30778890 2019
[Influence of Sludge Retention Time on the Performance and Stability of Mesophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste with Waste Activated Sludge]. 61
30628369 2019
Recovery of unstable digestion of vegetable waste by adding trace elements using the bicarbonate alkalinity to total alkalinity ratio as an early warning indicator. 61
30710246 2019
Effects of berry seed residues on ruminal fermentation, methane concentration, milk production, and fatty acid proportions in the rumen and milk of dairy cows. 61
30580953 2019
Optimizing the selection of organic waste for biomethanization. 61
29072111 2019
Altering the Gut Microbiome of Cattle: Considerations of Host-Microbiome Interactions for Persistent Microbiome Manipulation. 61
30033500 2019
Improved methane production and energy recovery of post-hydrothermal liquefaction waste water via integration of zeolite adsorption and anaerobic digestion. 61
30227293 2019
Effect of manganese oxide-modified biochar addition on methane production and heavy metal speciation during the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. 61
30528018 2019
Effect of organic loading rate on anaerobic digestion of pig manure: Methane production, mass flow, reactor scale and heating scenarios. 61
30390449 2019
Enhancing methane production of excess sludge and dewatered sludge with combined low frequency CaO-ultrasonic pretreatment. 61
30466020 2019
Effect of the macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis on methane production and rumen microbiome assemblage. 61
33499933 2019
Quorum sensing between Gram-negative bacteria responsible for methane production in a complex waste sewage sludge consortium. 61
30554390 2019
Environmental efficiency of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on methane production in dairy and beef cattle via a meta-analysis. 61
30535735 2019
Anaerobic treatment of deinking sludge: Methane production and organic matter degradation. 61
30803596 2019
The influence of copper levels on in vitro ruminal fermentation, bacterial growth and methane production. 61
30033574 2019
Differential effects of oilseed supplements on methane production and milk fatty acid concentrations in dairy cows. 61
29914588 2019
Effects of the inclusion of Moringa oleifera seed on rumen fermentation and methane production in a beef cattle diet using the rumen simulation technique (Rusitec). 61
29954468 2019
Long-term evaluation of methane production in a bio-electrochemical anaerobic digestion reactor according to the organic loading rate. 61
30469138 2019
Characteristics of ultra-fine bubble water and its trials on enhanced methane production from waste activated sludge. 61
30408645 2019
CO2 utilization via a novel anaerobic bioprocess configuration with simulated gas mixture and real stack gas samples. 61
29141502 2019
NanoFe3O4 as Solid Electron Shuttles to Accelerate Acetotrophic Methanogenesis by Methanosarcina barkeri. 61
30891017 2019
Estimation of methane gas by LandGEM model from Yasuj municipal solid waste landfill, Iran. 61
30906697 2019
Unravelling the influence of sulfate loading on enhancing anaerobic co-digestion of corn stover and bio-kerosene production wastewater. 61
30257789 2019
Coproduction of hydrogen and methane in a CSTR-IC two-stage anaerobic digestion system from molasses wastewater. 61
30865598 2019
Evaluating Strategies to Reduce Ruminal Protozoa and Their Impacts on Nutrient Utilization and Animal Performance in Ruminants - A Meta-Analysis. 61
31803167 2019
The use of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases in anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic materials. 61
31788026 2019
Acetotrophic Activity Facilitates Methanogenesis from LCFA at Low Temperatures: Screening from Mesophilic Inocula. 61
31191117 2019
Effects of thymol and carvacrol, alone or in combination, on fermentation and microbial diversity during in vitro culture of bovine rumen microbes. 61
30430903 2019
Evaluation of in vitro ruminal fermentation of ensiled fruit byproducts and their potential for feed use. 61
29879816 2019
Energy partitioning in cattle fed diets based on tropical forage with the inclusion of antibiotic additives. 61
31009472 2019
Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer Mediated by Graphene Oxide-Based Materials. 61
32010112 2019
Analysis of the behavior for operation parameters in the anaerobic digestion process with thermal pretreatment, using fuzzy logic. 61
30939984 2019
Rabbit manure as a potential inoculum for anaerobic digestion. 61
31057058 2019
Enhancement of performance and stability of anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge and kitchen waste by using bentonite. 61
31291286 2019
Identification of the Methanogenesis Inhibition Mechanism Using Comparative Analysis of Mathematical Models. 61