Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome

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Name: Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome 24 52


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NIH Rare Diseases : 52 Nuclear gene -encoded Leigh syndrome is a progressive neurological disease . It usually first becomes apparent in infancy with developmental delay or regression. Rarely, the disease begins in adolescence or adulthood. Symptoms progress to include generalized weakness, lack of muscle tone, spasticity , movement disorders, cerebellar ataxia , and peripheral neuropathy . Other signs and symptoms may include an increase in the heart muscle size (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ); excessive body hair (hypertrichosis); anemia ; kidney or liver problems; and lung or heart failure. Nuclear gene-encoded Leigh syndrome (and Leigh-like syndrome, a term used for cases with similar features but that do not fulfill the diagnostic criteria for Leigh syndrome) may be caused by mutations in any of several genes and can be inherited in an autosomal recessive or X-linked manner. While treatment for some cases of Leigh-like syndrome may be available, management is generally supportive and focuses on the symptoms present.

MalaCards based summary : Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome is related to leigh syndrome and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. An important gene associated with Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome is BCS1L (BCS1 Homolog, Ubiquinol-Cytochrome C Reductase Complex Chaperone), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Respiratory electron transport, ATP synthesis by chemiosmotic coupling, and heat production by uncoupling proteins. and AMPK Enzyme Complex Pathway. Affiliated tissues include liver, heart and kidney.

GeneReviews: NBK320989

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 leigh syndrome 29.9 COX20 COX15 COX14 COX10 COA8 BCS1L
2 hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 28.3 COX20 COX15 COX14 COX10
3 mitochondrial complex iv deficiency 27.8 COX20 COX15 COX14 COX10 COA8
4 biotinidase deficiency 10.1
5 chorea, childhood-onset, with psychomotor retardation 10.1
6 coenzyme q10 deficiency disease 10.1
7 ptosis 10.1
8 choreatic disease 10.1
9 hypertrichosis 10.1
10 movement disease 10.1
11 dystonia 10.1
12 peripheral nervous system disease 10.1
13 basal ganglia disease 10.1
14 neuropathy 10.1
15 biotin-thiamine-responsive basal ganglia disease 10.1
16 hypotonia 10.1
17 spasticity 10.1
18 myoclonic epilepsy associated with ragged-red fibers 9.7 COX10 BCS1L
19 mitochondrial myopathy 9.6 COX15 COX10
20 dysphagia 9.6 COX15 COX10
21 cardiomyopathy, infantile hypertrophic 9.6 COX15 COX10
22 mitochondrial encephalomyopathy 9.6 COX10 BCS1L
23 fatal infantile cardioencephalomyopathy due to cytochrome c oxidase deficiency 9.5 COX15 COX10
24 neuropathy, ataxia, and retinitis pigmentosa 9.5 COX15 COX10
25 mitochondrial dna deletion syndromes 9.4 COX15 COX10 BCS1L
26 mitochondrial dna-associated leigh syndrome 9.4 COX15 COX10 BCS1L
27 mitochondrial dna-associated leigh syndrome and narp 9.4 COX15 COX10 BCS1L
28 mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes 9.3 COX15 COX10 BCS1L
29 leber optic atrophy 9.3 COX15 COX10 BCS1L
30 lactic acidosis 9.2 COX15 COX14 BCS1L
31 mitochondrial metabolism disease 8.9 COX15 COX14 COX10 BCS1L

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Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lung, Skeletal Muscle

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# Title Authors PMID Year
Leigh syndrome: neuropathology and pathogenesis. 24
25978847 2015
ECHS1 mutations cause combined respiratory chain deficiency resulting in Leigh syndrome. 24
25393721 2015
Mutation in the nuclear-encoded mitochondrial isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase IARS2 in patients with cataracts, growth hormone deficiency with short stature, partial sensorineural deafness, and peripheral neuropathy or with Leigh syndrome. 24
25130867 2014
ECHS1 mutations in Leigh disease: a new inborn error of metabolism affecting valine metabolism. 24
25125611 2014
Mitochondrial EFTs defects in juvenile-onset Leigh disease, ataxia, neuropathy, and optic atrophy. 24
25037205 2014
Use of whole-exome sequencing to determine the genetic basis of multiple mitochondrial respiratory chain complex deficiencies. 24
25058219 2014
Mutations in the lipoyltransferase LIPT1 gene cause a fatal disease associated with a specific lipoylation defect of the 2-ketoacid dehydrogenase complexes. 24
24256811 2014
Phenotypic spectrum of eleven patients and five novel MTFMT mutations identified by exome sequencing and candidate gene screening. 24
24461907 2014
A founder mutation in PET100 causes isolated complex IV deficiency in Lebanese individuals with Leigh syndrome. 24
24462369 2014
Variant non ketotic hyperglycinemia is caused by mutations in LIAS, BOLA3 and the novel gene GLRX5. 24
24334290 2014
Mutations in human lipoyltransferase gene LIPT1 cause a Leigh disease with secondary deficiency for pyruvate and alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase. 24
24341803 2013
HIBCH mutations can cause Leigh-like disease with combined deficiency of multiple mitochondrial respiratory chain enzymes and pyruvate dehydrogenase. 24
24299452 2013
Treatable Leigh-like encephalopathy presenting in adolescence. 24
24099834 2013
Anesthetic considerations in patients with mitochondrial defects. 24
23534340 2013
SURF1 deficiency: a multi-centre natural history study. 24
23829769 2013
NDUFA4 mutations underlie dysfunction of a cytochrome c oxidase subunit linked to human neurological disease. 24
23746447 2013
Exome sequencing reveals a novel Moroccan founder mutation in SLC19A3 as a new cause of early-childhood fatal Leigh syndrome. 24
23423671 2013
Leigh syndrome in a girl with a novel DLD mutation causing E3 deficiency. 24
23290025 2013
EPI-743 reverses the progression of the pediatric mitochondrial disease--genetically defined Leigh Syndrome. 24
23010433 2012
Mutation in PNPT1, which encodes a polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase, impairs RNA import into mitochondria and causes respiratory-chain deficiency. 24
23084291 2012
Leukoencephalopathy with accumulated succinate is indicative of SDHAF1 related complex II deficiency. 24
22995659 2012
Complex I deficiency: clinical features, biochemistry and molecular genetics. 24
22972949 2012
The spectrum of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficiency: clinical, biochemical and genetic features in 371 patients. 24
22896851 2012
Mutations in the phospholipid remodeling gene SERAC1 impair mitochondrial function and intracellular cholesterol trafficking and cause dystonia and deafness. 24
22683713 2012
Genomic analysis of mitochondrial diseases in a consanguineous population reveals novel candidate disease genes. 24
22499341 2012
Leigh syndrome caused by a novel m.4296G>A mutation in mitochondrial tRNA isoleucine. 24
21982779 2012
176th ENMC International Workshop: diagnosis and treatment of coenzyme Q₁₀ deficiency. 24
21723727 2012
Defective NDUFA9 as a novel cause of neonatally fatal complex I disease. 24
22114105 2012
Thiamine pyrophosphokinase deficiency in encephalopathic children with defects in the pyruvate oxidation pathway. 24
22152682 2011
Maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA disease in consanguineous families. 24
21712854 2011
Molecular characterization of 82 patients with pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficiency. Structural implications of novel amino acid substitutions in E1 protein. 24
21914562 2011
Respiratory chain complex I deficiency due to NDUFA12 mutations as a new cause of Leigh syndrome. 24
21617257 2011
Mutations in MTFMT underlie a human disorder of formylation causing impaired mitochondrial translation. 24
21907147 2011
LRPPRC mutations cause a phenotypically distinct form of Leigh syndrome with cytochrome c oxidase deficiency. 24
21266382 2011
Mutations in TTC19 cause mitochondrial complex III deficiency and neurological impairment in humans and flies. 24
21278747 2011
NDUFA10 mutations cause complex I deficiency in a patient with Leigh disease. 24
21150889 2011
FOXRED1, encoding an FAD-dependent oxidoreductase complex-I-specific molecular chaperone, is mutated in infantile-onset mitochondrial encephalopathy. 24
20858599 2010
High-throughput, pooled sequencing identifies mutations in NUBPL and FOXRED1 in human complex I deficiency. 24
20818383 2010
Defective complex I assembly due to C20orf7 mutations as a new cause of Leigh syndrome. 24
19542079 2010
Succinyl-CoA ligase deficiency: a mitochondrial hepatoencephalomyopathy. 24
20453710 2010
Mutations in C12orf65 in patients with encephalomyopathy and a mitochondrial translation defect. 24
20598281 2010
Severe X-linked mitochondrial encephalomyopathy associated with a mutation in apoptosis-inducing factor. 24
20362274 2010
A novel mutation in the SCO2 gene in a neonate with early-onset cardioencephalomyopathy. 24
20159436 2010
PDH E1β deficiency with novel mutations in two patients with Leigh syndrome. 24
19924563 2009
SLC25A19 mutation as a cause of neuropathy and bilateral striatal necrosis. 24
19798730 2009
Mutation in TACO1, encoding a translational activator of COX I, results in cytochrome c oxidase deficiency and late-onset Leigh syndrome. 24
19503089 2009
Analysis of mutant DNA polymerase gamma in patients with mitochondrial DNA depletion. 24
18828154 2009
Mutation of C20orf7 disrupts complex I assembly and causes lethal neonatal mitochondrial disease. 24
18940309 2008
A mitochondrial protein compendium elucidates complex I disease biology. 24
18614015 2008
Identification of new mutations in the ETHE1 gene in a cohort of 14 patients presenting with ethylmalonic encephalopathy. 24
18593870 2008

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GO Terms for Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome

Cellular components related to Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 mitochondrial membrane GO:0031966 9.43 COX15 COX14 COX10
2 mitochondrion GO:0005739 9.43 COX20 COX15 COX14 COX10 COA8 BCS1L
3 cytochrome complex GO:0070069 9.16 COX15 COX10
4 mitochondrial inner membrane GO:0005743 9.02 COX20 COX15 COX10 COA8 BCS1L

Biological processes related to Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 proton transmembrane transport GO:1902600 9.43 COX15 COX10
2 mitochondrion organization GO:0007005 9.4 COX10 BCS1L
3 heme biosynthetic process GO:0006783 9.37 COX15 COX10
4 mitochondrial electron transport, cytochrome c to oxygen GO:0006123 9.32 COX15 COX10
5 cellular respiration GO:0045333 9.26 COX15 COX10
6 respiratory chain complex IV assembly GO:0008535 9.16 COX15 COX10
7 heme a biosynthetic process GO:0006784 8.96 COX15 COX10
8 mitochondrial respiratory chain complex IV assembly GO:0033617 8.92 COX20 COX14 COA8 BCS1L

Molecular functions related to Nuclear Gene-Encoded Leigh Syndrome according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 cytochrome-c oxidase activity GO:0004129 8.62 COX15 COX10

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