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Name: Plantar Fasciitis 12 15 17
Fasciitis, Plantar 43 71


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:9600
MeSH 43 D036981
SNOMED-CT 67 202882003
ICD10 32 M72.2
UMLS 71 C0149756

Summaries for Plantar Fasciitis

MalaCards based summary : Plantar Fasciitis, also known as fasciitis, plantar, is related to heel spur and tendinitis, and has symptoms including metatarsalgia An important gene associated with Plantar Fasciitis is HECTD4 (HECT Domain E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase 4). The drugs Cimetidine and Imidacloprid have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include bone, testes and endothelial.

Wikipedia : 74 Plantar fasciitis is a disorder of the connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot. It results... more...

Related Diseases for Plantar Fasciitis

Diseases related to Plantar Fasciitis via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 heel spur 31.4 PES1 MRAP HECTD4
2 tendinitis 31.0 PES1 MRAP HECTD4
3 enthesopathy 30.5 MRAP HECTD4
4 periostitis 30.2 MRAP HECTD4
5 reflex sympathetic dystrophy 30.2 TAC1 HECTD4
6 exostosis 30.1 PES1 MRAP HECTD4
7 tarsal tunnel syndrome 29.9 PES1 HECTD4 CCNL1
8 somatoform disorder 29.8 TAC1 LAPTM4A HECTD4
9 peripheral nervous system disease 29.6 TAC1 PES1 MRAP HECTD4
10 epicondylitis 29.5 TAC1 PES1 LAPTM4A HECTD4 CHIC2
11 calcific tendinitis 29.4 PES1 HECTD4 DNAAF1 CHIC2
12 bursitis 29.2 TAC1 PES1 MRAP LAPTM4A HECTD4
13 fasciitis 11.4
14 rapidly involuting congenital hemangioma 10.7
15 body mass index quantitative trait locus 1 10.4
16 tendinopathy 10.4
17 achilles bursitis 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
18 de quervain disease 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
19 palmoplantar keratoderma, punctate type iii 10.3 MRAP HECTD4
20 osgood-schlatter's disease 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
21 peroneal nerve paralysis 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
22 plica syndrome 10.3 SHANK2 PES1
23 tendinosis 10.3
24 patellar tendinitis 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
25 synostoses, tarsal, carpal, and digital 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
26 olecranon bursitis 10.3 PES1 MRAP
27 tinea pedis 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
28 lumbosacral lipoma 10.3 PES1 HECTD4
29 cauda equina syndrome 10.3 MRAP HECTD4
30 ichthyosis, congenital, autosomal recessive 9 10.2 PES1 HECTD4
31 chondromalacia 10.2 PES1 MRAP
32 neuropathy 10.2
33 epididymo-orchitis 10.2 TRPC4AP MRAP
34 osteochondrosis 10.2 PES1 HECTD4
35 chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis 10.2 MRAP HECTD4
36 ischemic bone disease 10.2 PES1 HECTD4
37 chronic pain 10.2
38 spastic hemiplegia 10.2 SHANK2 PES1 HECTD4
39 kohler's disease 10.2 PES1 MRAP HECTD4
40 spastic diplegia 10.1 SHANK2 PES1 HECTD4
41 spastic cerebral palsy 10.1 SHANK2 PES1 HECTD4
42 tenosynovitis 10.1 PES1 MRAP HECTD4
43 facial neuralgia 10.1 TAC1 LAPTM4A
44 osteomyelitis 10.1
45 osteoarthritis 10.1
46 spasticity 10.1
47 mononeuropathy 10.1 TAC1 PES1 HECTD4
48 nerve compression syndrome 10.1 TAC1 PES1 HECTD4
49 sensory peripheral neuropathy 10.0 TAC1 PES1 HECTD4
50 pain agnosia 10.0 TAC1 HECTD4

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Drugs & Therapeutics for Plantar Fasciitis

Drugs for Plantar Fasciitis (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Cimetidine Approved, Investigational Phase 4 51481-61-9 2756
Imidacloprid Vet_approved Phase 4 105827-78-9 86418
3 Cholinergic Agents Phase 4
4 Neurotransmitter Agents Phase 4
5 incobotulinumtoxinA Phase 4
6 Gastrointestinal Agents Phase 4
7 Antineoplastic Agents, Hormonal Phase 4
8 Neuroprotective Agents Phase 4
9 Antiemetics Phase 4
10 Protective Agents Phase 4
Iodine Approved, Investigational Phase 2, Phase 3 7553-56-2 807
Povidone Approved Phase 2, Phase 3 9003-39-8
13 cadexomer iodine Phase 2, Phase 3
14 abobotulinumtoxinA Phase 2
15 Botulinum Toxins, Type A Phase 2
Acetylcholine Approved, Investigational Phase 1 51-84-3 187
Ropivacaine Approved Phase 1 84057-95-4 71273 175805
18 Botulinum Toxins Phase 1
19 Betamethasone acetate phosphate Phase 1
Celecoxib Approved, Investigational 169590-42-5 2662
Acetaminophen Approved 103-90-2 1983
Sulfamethazine Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved 57-68-1 5327
Methylprednisolone Approved, Vet_approved 83-43-2 6741
Methylprednisolone hemisuccinate Approved 2921-57-5
Prednisolone phosphate Approved, Vet_approved 302-25-0
Prednisolone Approved, Vet_approved 50-24-8 5755
27 Prednisolone acetate Approved, Vet_approved 52-21-1
Triamcinolone Approved, Vet_approved 124-94-7 31307
Dexamethasone acetate Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved 1177-87-3
Dexamethasone Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved 50-02-2 5743
Povidone-iodine Approved 25655-41-8
Ethanol Approved 64-17-5 702
Sodium citrate Approved, Investigational 68-04-2
Lidocaine Approved, Vet_approved 137-58-6 3676
Epinephrine Approved, Vet_approved 51-43-4 5816
Racepinephrine Approved 329-65-7 838
Betamethasone Approved, Vet_approved 378-44-9 9782
tannic acid Approved 1401-55-4
Benzocaine Approved, Investigational 94-09-7, 1994-09-7 2337
Vitamin A Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved 22737-96-8, 68-26-8, 11103-57-4 9904001 445354
Citric acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved 77-92-9 311
Eperisone Investigational 64840-90-0
43 Cortivazol Investigational 1110-40-3
Prednisolone hemisuccinate Experimental 2920-86-7
Cortisone Experimental 53-06-5 222786
46 Anti-Infective Agents
47 Carbon Fiber
48 Analgesics, Non-Narcotic
49 Parasympatholytics
50 Cyclooxygenase 2 Inhibitors

Interventional clinical trials:

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# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 A Post-marketing Surveillance to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Collagen Injection in Patients With Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT02539082 Phase 4 normal saline
2 Plantar Fasciitis: Pain Relief and Improvement of Foot Function With Prolotherapy Unknown status NCT01326351 Phase 4
3 Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis With Injection af Platelet-rich Plasma Into the Origin of the Plantar Fascia - a Prospective, Randomized and Double Blinded Study. Unknown status NCT01509274 Phase 4
4 Conservative Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis With Dorsiflexion Night Splints and Medial Arch Supports: a Prospective Randomized Study Completed NCT00222911 Phase 4
5 Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis With Xeomin: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blinded, Prospective Study Completed NCT01678001 Phase 4 Xeomin
6 Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Treated With Shock Wave Therapy: Do the External Appearance of the Device Influence Clinical Outcomes? A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Completed NCT02608723 Phase 4
7 Use of PRP to Treat Plantar Fasciitis, Blinded and Randomized as a Multi Center Study Completed NCT00758641 Phase 4 Corticosteroid Injection
8 Optimal Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial Using Physical Training, Glucocorticoid Injections or a Combination Thereof. Completed NCT01994759 Phase 4 Glucocorticosteroid injection
9 Plantar Fasciosis Treatment Using Coblation® Prospective, Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled Study Completed NCT00189592 Phase 4
10 Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Conventional Conservative Treatment for Plantar Fasciopathia With Endoscopic Surgery With Fascial Release. Completed NCT02448316 Phase 4 methylprednisolon;lidokaine
11 Shockwave Therapy of Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy. A Double-blind, Randomized Clinical Trial of Efficacy Completed NCT00958620 Phase 4
12 Clinical Effectiveness of Quiropodiatry and Orthesis on Heel and Plantar Pain: Randomized Control Trial Completed NCT00888394 Phase 4
13 A Prospective, Double-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial of Dehydrated Human Amniotic-Chorionic Membrane for Incisional Hernia Prophylaxis Recruiting NCT04417140 Phase 4
14 Dynamic and Static Splinting as a Treatment for Plantar Faciiopathy Terminated NCT01588730 Phase 4
15 "Clinical Evaluation of Placement of Radiofrequency-based Plasma Microdebridement in the Treatment Algorithm for Foot and Ankle Tendinosis and Plantar Fasciosis" Withdrawn NCT00420875 Phase 4
16 PSU Heel Cushion for Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis:A Randomized Controlled Trial Unknown status NCT01017406 Phase 3
17 The Effect of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)of Gastrosoleus Trigger Points in Patients With Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT01786057 Phase 2, Phase 3
18 Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Randomised, Multicentre Study on the Efficacy and Safety of a Single Injection of Botulinum Toxin A (200 Units Dysport®) in the Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Completed NCT00447876 Phase 2, Phase 3 Placebo
19 A Prospective, Single-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial of the Micronized dHACM Injection as Compared to the Saline Placebo Injection in the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis Completed NCT02427191 Phase 2, Phase 3 Saline Injection
20 Placebo Controlled Study to Investigate the Effectiveness and Safety of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Unsuccessful Conservatively Treated Subject Suffering From Painful Heel Syndrome Completed NCT00720694 Phase 3
21 Continuous Low Energy Pulsed Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Therapy for the Treatment of Plantar Fasciopathy Completed NCT01431066 Phase 3
22 A Clinical Trial of a Multi-Element Exercise Program for Plantar Fasciopathy in Workers Required to Stand for Prolonged Periods of Time Completed NCT01297686 Phase 2, Phase 3 Dexamethasone
23 Use of the dermaPACE™ (Pulsed Acoustic Cellular Expression) Device in Conjunction With Standard of Care in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Completed NCT00536744 Phase 3
24 A Phase 3, Prospective, Double-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial of the Micronized dHACM Injection As Compared To Saline Placebo Injection In The Treatment Of Plantar Fasciitis Recruiting NCT03414268 Phase 3 Saline Injection
25 Steroid Injections vs. Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Patients With Plantar Fasciitis: A Comparison of Clinical and Ultrasound Findings Withdrawn NCT01957631 Phase 2, Phase 3 Corticosteroid injection (Bupivacaine and Depo Medrol)
26 DermaGold Indicated for Use of Shockwave Treat of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Unknown status NCT00366132 Phase 2
27 A Phase 2, Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial of DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection for the Management of Plantar Fasciitis Completed NCT03137407 Phase 2
28 A Phase II, Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multi-center, Placebo-Controlled Trial of DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection for the Management of Plantar Fasciitis Active, not recruiting NCT03825315 Phase 2
29 A Phase II Clinical Trial Evaluating the Safety and Effect of abobotulinumtoxinA Injection in the Gastrocnemius Muscle to Improve Equinus and Associated Plantar Fasciitis Pain Not yet recruiting NCT03978234 Phase 2 AbobotulinumtoxinA 300 UNT
30 A Phase 2, Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial of DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection for the Management of Plantar Fasciitis Terminated NCT02973269 Phase 2
31 Therapeutic Effect of Botulinum Toxin A for the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. Completed NCT03054610 Phase 1 Betamethason Sodium Phosphate;Ropivacaine;Botulinum Toxins, Type A
32 Effect of Plantar Fasciitis Foot Insole Unknown status NCT01549678
33 A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial Comparing Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy With Platelet Rich Plasma Versus Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in a High Demand Cohort With Resistant Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT02668510 Normal saline
34 Sonoelastographic Changes After Low Energy Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) in Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT01981226
35 The Investigation of Biomechanical Mechanism of Different Foot Structures on Plantar Fasciitis and the Evaluation of Efficacy on Therapeutic Footwear Unknown status NCT01363375
36 Integrated 3D Surface Scanning System Combined With Soft Tissue and Skeleton Information: Customized Shoe-padding Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT03226288
37 A Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial to Investigate the Use of Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) for Patients With Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT01614223 Corticosteroid (celestone) injection
38 Efficacy of a Custom Temporary Foot Orthosis for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Unknown status NCT01882894
39 Efficacy of Dry Needling in Plantar Fasciitis Unknown status NCT02467465
40 A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Single Centre Trial to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Patients With Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain Unknown status NCT03337607 Celecoxib;Eperisone
41 A Prospective, Randomized, Blinded, Comparative Study of Amniotic Membrane Injectable in the Treatment of Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis Completed NCT01659827
42 Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: Double Blinded Randomized Control Study of the Efficacy of an Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Versus an Infiltration of Corticosteroids Completed NCT03857334 Injection of cortivazol : Altim®
43 Assessing the Benefits of the Use of a Tension Night Splint in Patients With Plantar Fasciitis, a Single-blinded Randomised Controlled Trial Completed NCT02546115
44 Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound for the Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Musculoskeletal Pain Reduction Completed NCT03254602
45 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Custom Foot Orthoses for the Treatment of Plantar Heel Pain Completed NCT00765843
46 An Evaluation of a Customized Insole to Provide Relief From Heel Pain Due to Plantar Fasciitis or General Heel Pain When Used in Footwear Over a Period of Four Weeks Completed NCT03507478
47 Plantar Fasciopathy Treated With Dynamic Splinting: A Randomized, Controlled, Cross-Over Study Completed NCT00650884
48 Short-term Effect of Dynamic Tape ® on Plantar Fascitis; a Pilot Study Completed NCT04022070
49 Ultrasound-guided Pulsed Radiofrequency Stimulation of the Tibial Nerve for Plantar Fasciitis Completed NCT02242513 Xylocaine
50 Dry Needling Versus Conventional Physical Therapy in Patients With Plantar Fasciitis: a Multi-center Randomized Clinical Trial Completed NCT02373618

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Anatomical Context for Plantar Fasciitis

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Plantar Fasciitis:

Bone, Testes, Endothelial, Bone Marrow, Whole Blood

Publications for Plantar Fasciitis

Articles related to Plantar Fasciitis:

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# Title Authors PMID Year
Therapeutic efficacy of platelet-rich plasma injection compared to corticosteroid injection in plantar fasciitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 61
32336895 2020
Evolutionary anatomy of the plantar aponeurosis in primates, including humans. 61
32103502 2020
The effect of high-intensity versus low-level laser therapy in the management of plantar fasciitis: randomized participant blind controlled trial. 61
32513018 2020
First application of focused low-energy extracorporeal shockwave therapy in a patient with severe hemophilia A and plantar fasciitis. 61
32533438 2020
Injection Techniques for Common Chronic Pain Conditions of the Foot: A Comprehensive Review. 61
32107725 2020
Nuclear Medicine for the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon. 61
32141327 2020
Platelet-Rich Plasma Versus Corticosteroids in the Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Prospective Comparative Studies. 61
32354511 2020
Plantar pressure distribution and spatiotemporal gait parameters after the radial shock wave therapy in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis. 61
32279933 2020
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy versus corticosteroid injection for chronic plantar fasciitis: A protocol of randomized controlled trial. 61
32384437 2020
Physical and psychological predictors on pain intensity in conscripts with plantar fasciitis. 61
30876701 2020
Evaluation of plantar fasciopathy shear wave elastography: a comparison between patients and healthy subjects. 61
32418168 2020
A Cadaveric Study of the Plantar Fascia for the In-Step Plantar Fasciotomy. 61
32409113 2020
Plantar fasciitis in physicians and nurses: a nationwide population-based study. 61
31548445 2020
Platelet-Rich Plasma Versus Corticosteroids for Plantar Fasciitis: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials. 61
32426407 2020
Three-Dimensional Ankle Exercise with Combined Isotonic Technique for an Obese Subject with Plantar Fasciitis: A Case Study. 61
32326179 2020
Effect of Dextrose Prolotherapy on Pain Intensity, Disability, and Plantar Fascia Thickness in Unilateral Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind Study. 61
31738283 2020
The Comparative Effectiveness of Autologous Blood-derived Products Versus Steroid Injections in Plantar Fasciitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. 61
32248639 2020
The Impact of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Dry Needling Combination on Pain and Functionality in the Patients Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. 61
32340838 2020
The effects of shockwave therapy on musculoskeletal conditions based on changes in imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysis with meta-regression. 61
32345281 2020
32269861 2020
Association of Clinical and Radiological Features in Various Repetitive Stress Injuries. 61
32431971 2020
Efficacy of Extracorporeal Pulse-Activated Therapy in the Management of Lower-Extremity Running-Related Injuries: Findings From a Large Case Cohort. 61
32340839 2020
Bilateral calcaneal insufficiency fractures due to chronic carbamazepine use for trigeminal neuralgia: A case report. 61
32246668 2020
A critical overview of the current myofascial pain literature - January 2020. 61
32507147 2020
Evaluation of the Association Between Plantar Fasciitis and Hallux Valgus. 61
31714797 2020
The Effect of Monophasic Pulsed Current with Stretching Exercise on the Heel Pain and Plantar Fascia Thickness in Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 61
32235475 2020
Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) for the Evaluation of Patients with Plantar Fasciitis. 61
31153782 2020
Proximal Medial Gastrocnemius Release Versus Open Plantar Fasciotomy for the Surgical Treatment in Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis. 61
31808359 2020
The Clinical Efficacy of Two Endoscopic Surgical Approaches for Intractable Plantar Fasciitis. 61
32130991 2020
Comparison Between Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Local Corticosteroid Injection for Plantar Fasciitis. 61
31744313 2020
Positive Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Pain in Plantar Fasciitis: Response. 61
32003635 2020
Positive Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Pain in Plantar Fasciitis: Letter to the Editor. 61
32003640 2020
Comparing the Role of Different Treatment Modalities for Plantar Fasciitis: A Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial. 61
32257015 2020
Modulation in the elastic properties of gastrocnemius muscle heads in individuals with plantar fasciitis and its relationship with pain. 61
32066869 2020
Sonoelastographic evaluation of plantar fascia after shock wave therapy for recalcitrant plantar fasciitis: A 12-month longitudinal follow-up study. 61
32054959 2020
Comparison of the therapeutic outcomes between open plantar fascia release and percutaneous radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of intractable plantar fasciitis. 61
32070392 2020
Clinical Outcomes of Percutaneous Plantar Fasciotomy Using Microdebrider Coblation Wand. 61
31595806 2020
Prospective Evaluation of Changes in Pain Levels, Quality of Life and Functionality After Low Dose Radiotherapy for Epicondylitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and Finger Osteoarthritis. 61
32509794 2020
Warfarin Dosages, PCOS, Varicose Veins, Gastroenteritis in Children, Plantar Fasciitis. 61
31894944 2020
Endoscopic fasciotomy for plantar fasciitis provides superior results when compared to a controlled non-operative treatment protocol: a randomized controlled trial. 61
32006073 2020
Effectiveness of shockwave therapy in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. 61
32095104 2020
Ultrasound-Guided Injection of High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid versus Corticosteroid in Management of Plantar Fasciitis: A 24-Week Randomized Clinical Trial. 61
32021400 2020
The Effect of Corticosteroid Local Injection Versus Platelet-Rich Plasma for the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis in Obese Patients: A Single-Blind, Randomized Clinical Trial. 61
31882151 2020
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis and gastrocnemius muscle: effectiveness of a combined treatment. 61
32191019 2020
In plantar fasciitis, corticosteroid injections and placebo do not differ for reducing pain at ≤ 12 weeks. 61
31958822 2020
Plantar Fasciitis in Diabetic Foot Patients: Risk Factors, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management. 61
32368120 2020
Effectiveness of a Double Air-Cushioned Shoe Compared with Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. 61
32337285 2020
[Comparison between extracorporeal shockwave therapy and radial pressure wave therapy in plantar fasciitis]. 61
32007177 2020
Outcomes of Ultrasound-Guided Gastrocnemius Injection With Botulinum Toxin for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis. 61
31587569 2020
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy versus other therapeutic methods for chronic plantar fasciitis. 61
30502222 2020

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