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Aliases & Classifications for Psoriasis

MalaCards integrated aliases for Psoriasis:

Name: Psoriasis 12 73 20 36 29 54 6 42 3 15 62 17 70 32


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:8893
KEGG 36 H01656
MeSH 44 D011565
NCIt 50 C3346
SNOMED-CT 67 156369008
ICD10 32 L40 L40.9
UMLS 70 C0033860

Summaries for Psoriasis

KEGG : 36 Psoriasis (PSORS) is a chronic, immune-mediated inflammatory skin disease, characterized by increased propagation of the epidermis with dilation of dermal capillaries. The major symptoms of psoriasis are itchy, scaly, and flaky skin, swelling, pain, and disfiguring skin lesions. Plaque psoriasis is the most common form. Other forms include flexural, guttate, nail, inverse psoriasis, erythroderma, and psoriatic arthritis. Nail psoriasis can accompany any form of psoriasis or occur of its own accord. It can occur in any age group, but psoriatic arthritis usually develops between the ages of 30-50 years. Various factors such as bacterial infection, genetic and environmental factors, and immune disorders play an important role in causing psoriasis. Psoriasis is associated with several comorbidities, including cardiovascular disease, lymphoma, and depression. Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease with genetic predisposition, but no distinct immunogen has been identified. The presence of cytokines, dendritic cells, and T lymphocytes in psoriatic lesions has prompted the development of biologic therapies. The diagnosis is usually clinical, based on the presence of typical erythematous scaly patches, papules, and plaques that are often pruritic and sometimes painful. Biopsy is rarely needed to confirm the diagnosis. First-line therapies for most patients are topical treatments such as topical corticosteroids and vitamin D analogs. For those with more severe or treatment-resistant disease, second- or third-line therapies include phototherapy, systemic therapies such as methotrexate, and more recently biologic therapies such as tumour necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors.

MalaCards based summary : Psoriasis is related to psoriasis 7 and psoriasis 5, and has symptoms including pruritus, exanthema and psoriasiform rash. An important gene associated with Psoriasis is MIR203A (MicroRNA 203a), and among its related pathways/superpathways is MicroRNAs in cancer. The drugs Metformin and Esomeprazole have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include skin, t cells and endothelial.

Disease Ontology : 12 A skin disease that is characterized by patches of thick red skin and silvery scales.

GARD : 20 Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes itchy or sore patches of thick, red skin with silvery scales. The skin on the elbows, knees, scalp, back, face, palms and feet is most often affected, but other parts of the body can be affected as well. A problem with the immune system causes psoriasis. In a process called cell turnover, skin cells that grow deep in the skin rise to the surface. Normally, this takes a month. In psoriasis, it happens in just days because the cells rise too fast. Although symptoms may come and go, for many, psoriasis is a lifelong condition. Infections, stress, dry skin and certain medications may make symptoms worse. Psoriasis usually occurs in adults. It sometimes runs in families. Treatments include creams, medications and light therapy.

MedlinePlus : 42 Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes itchy or sore patches of thick, red skin with silvery scales. You usually get the patches on your elbows, knees, scalp, back, face, palms and feet, but they can show up on other parts of your body. Some people who have psoriasis also get a form of arthritis called psoriatic arthritis. A problem with your immune system causes psoriasis. In a process called cell turnover, skin cells that grow deep in your skin rise to the surface. Normally, this takes a month. In psoriasis, it happens in just days because your cells rise too fast. Psoriasis can be hard to diagnose because it can look like other skin diseases. Your doctor might need to look at a small skin sample under a microscope. Psoriasis can last a long time, even a lifetime. Symptoms come and go. Things that make them worse include Infections Stress Dry skin Certain medicines Psoriasis usually occurs in adults. It sometimes runs in families. Treatments include creams, medicines, and light therapy. NIH: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

CDC : 3 Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disease that speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells.

PubMed Health : 62 About psoriasis: Psoriasis is a non-contagious inflammatory disease. The main symptoms are reddish, scaly patches of skin that may itch. It is a chronic condition that is typically associated with periods of more severe skin problems (flare-ups) followed by periods of milder skin problems or none at all. Various treatments can relieve the symptoms, but there is no cure for psoriasis. Its severity can vary quite a lot. In some people it is bothersome more than anything else, and they can cope with it quite well. Others feel that it has a major effect on their quality of life, since the treatment and skin care can take a long time. Many people are also unhappy about having visible reddened and scaly skin patches – especially if they are on exposed areas of their body. Sometimes the inflammation that is causing the psoriasis affects other parts of the body too, such as the joints or nails.

Wikipedia : 73 Psoriasis is a long-lasting, noncontagious autoimmune disease characterized by raised areas of abnormal... more...

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Diseases in the Psoriasis family:

Psoriasis 1 Psoriasis 3
Psoriasis 2 Psoriasis 4
Psoriasis 5 Psoriasis 6
Psoriasis 7 Psoriasis 9
Psoriasis 8 Psoriasis 10
Psoriasis 11 Psoriasis 12
Psoriasis 13 Psoriasis 15

Diseases related to Psoriasis via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 psoriasis 7 33.1 PSORS7 PSORS1C3
2 psoriasis 5 33.1 PSORS5 PSORS1C3
3 psoriasis 10 33.1 PSORS1C3 PSORS10
4 psoriasis 8 33.1 PSORS8 PSORS1C3
5 psoriasis 3 33.1 PSORS3 PSORS1C3
6 psoriasis 6 33.0 PSORS6 PSORS1C3
7 psoriasis 9 33.0 PSORS9 PSORS1C3
8 skin disease 32.4 MIR31 MIR21 MIR203A MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
9 non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 31.1 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR203A MIR17 MIR122
10 body mass index quantitative trait locus 11 30.8 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142 MIR122
11 immune deficiency disease 30.7 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A MIR142
12 lipoprotein quantitative trait locus 30.7 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
13 arteries, anomalies of 30.7 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A MIR142
14 disease by infectious agent 30.6 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142 MIR122
15 lymphoma, non-hodgkin, familial 30.6 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR142
16 bone inflammation disease 30.6 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
17 connective tissue disease 30.5 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
18 eye disease 30.4 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR142 MIR122
19 spinal disease 30.4 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
20 thyroid gland disease 30.3 MIR17 MIR146B MIR142
21 retinal vascular disease 30.3 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B
22 heart valve disease 30.3 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A
23 cardiovascular system disease 30.2 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
24 gastrointestinal system disease 30.2 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A
25 leukemia, chronic lymphocytic 30.2 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
26 peripheral nervous system disease 30.2 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142 MIR122
27 mouth disease 30.2 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17 MIR142
28 renal cell carcinoma, nonpapillary 30.1 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR142
29 leukemia, acute myeloid 30.1 MIR326 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A
30 lipid storage disease 30.1 MIR22 MIR21 MIR142 MIR122
31 pharynx cancer 30.0 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17 MIR142
32 rectum cancer 29.9 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17
33 intestinal disease 29.8 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A
34 oral squamous cell carcinoma 29.8 MIR31 MIR21 MIR203A MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
35 digeorge syndrome 29.8 MIR31 MIR22 MIR17 MIR142
36 primary biliary cholangitis 29.7 MIR326 MIR21 MIR17 MIR122
37 hematologic cancer 29.7 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A
38 immune system disease 29.6 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A
39 psoriasis 14, pustular 11.9
40 pustulosis of palm and sole 11.9
41 psoriatic arthritis 11.7
42 psoriasis 1 11.7
43 pustular psoriasis 11.7
44 psoriasis 13 11.6
45 guttate psoriasis 11.6
46 psoriasis 2 11.5
47 psoriasis 11 11.5
48 psoriasis 15, pustular 11.4
49 pustulosis palmaris et plantaris 11.4
50 psoriasis 4 11.4

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Diseases related to Psoriasis

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Psoriasis

UMLS symptoms related to Psoriasis:

pruritus; exanthema; psoriasiform rash

Drugs & Therapeutics for Psoriasis

PubMed Health treatment related to Psoriasis: 62

There are various treatment options for psoriasis: Basic therapy (skin care) : Care of the affected areas of skin using lipid -replenishing ointments, creams or lotions. This is done to keep the skin supple, protect it from injury and relieve itching . Some products also contain medications that are supposed to reduce shedding, such as urea or salicylic acid . Topical treatment : Products containing corticosteroids or vitamin D analogues are typically used in topical treatment (treatment applied to the skin from the outside). These are available in the form of creams, ointments lotions or foams. Light therapy : Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, involves exposing the plaques to ultraviolet light (UV light ). The UV light reduces inflammation in the skin , and also slows the production of cells . Sometimes medications called psoralens are used in combination with light therapy. Psoralens make the skin more sensitive to light. Light therapy is best suited for people who have moderate or severe psoriasis and in whom topical treatment alone wasn't effective enough. Medications that are taken orally or injected : These medicines are a treatment option for moderate or severe psoriasis. They inhibit the body's immune response. Methotrexate (MTX), fumaric acid esters, apremilast and biological drugs (biologics) are commonly used for this purpose. Basic moisturizing skin care is always recommended for psoriasis – during periods without any skin problems, too. There are also many herbal medicines for the treatment of psoriasis, including extracts of barberry (Mahonia aquifolium), birch bark or aloe vera. The effectiveness of these herbal medicines hasn't been tested in any good-quality studies, though. So it isn't known whether they can help. Some studies suggest that people with psoriasis who are overweight can improve the condition of their skin by losing a few pounds. It is sometimes claimed that a tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils ) can relieve psoriasis symptoms , but there hasn't been much research in this area. Tonsillectomy usually isn't recommended because the operation may cause complications such as infections, bleeding and changes to the person's voice . There are also no studies showing that having your tonsils out can cure or prevent psoriasis.

Drugs for Psoriasis (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

(show top 50) (show all 374)
# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Metformin Approved Phase 4 657-24-9 4091 14219
Esomeprazole Approved, Investigational Phase 4 161973-10-0, 161796-78-7, 119141-88-7 4594 9568614
Desonide Approved, Investigational Phase 4 638-94-8 5311066
Guaifenesin Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 93-14-1 3516
Phenylpropanolamine Approved, Vet_approved, Withdrawn Phase 4 14838-15-4 26934
Sodium citrate Approved, Investigational Phase 4 68-04-2
Mannitol Approved, Investigational Phase 4 69-65-8 6251 453
Hydrocortisone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 50-23-7 5754
Hydrocortisone acetate Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 50-03-3
Levoleucovorin Approved, Investigational Phase 4 68538-85-2 149436
Desoximetasone Approved Phase 4 382-67-2 5311067
mometasone furoate Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 83919-23-7
Clocortolone Approved Phase 4 34097-16-0, 4828-27-7 5311052 5282493
Fluticasone Approved, Experimental Phase 4 90566-53-3 62924
Zinc Approved, Investigational Phase 4 7440-66-6 32051
Thalidomide Approved, Investigational, Withdrawn Phase 4 50-35-1 5426
Miconazole Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 22916-47-8 4189
Clotrimazole Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 23593-75-1 2812
Ustekinumab Approved, Investigational Phase 4 815610-63-0
Ixekizumab Approved, Investigational Phase 4 1143503-69-8
Vedolizumab Approved Phase 4 943609-66-3
Alefacept Approved, Investigational, Withdrawn Phase 4 222535-22-0
Adalimumab Approved, Experimental Phase 4 331731-18-1 16219006
Betamethasone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 378-44-9 9782
Methotrexate Approved Phase 4 1959-05-2, 59-05-2 126941
Capsaicin Approved Phase 4 404-86-4 1548943
Citric acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 77-92-9 311
Folic acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 59-30-3 6037
Glycine Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 56-40-6 750
Calcitriol Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4 32222-06-3 5280453 134070
Trichostatin A Experimental Phase 4 58880-19-6
32 Chlorpheniramine, phenylpropanolamine drug combination Phase 4
33 Citrate Phase 4
34 Anticoagulants Phase 4
35 diuretics Phase 4
36 Chelating Agents Phase 4
37 Hydrocortisone hemisuccinate Phase 4
38 Hydrocortisone 17-butyrate 21-propionate Phase 4
39 Vitamin B9 Phase 4
40 Folic Acid Antagonists Phase 4
41 Vitamin B Complex Phase 4
42 Folate Phase 4
43 Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Phase 4
44 Myeloma Proteins Phase 4
45 Paraproteins Phase 4
46 Immunoglobulin A Phase 4
47 Bronchodilator Agents Phase 4
48 Anti-Allergic Agents Phase 4
49 Tin Fluorides Phase 4
50 Hydrocortisone-17-butyrate Phase 4

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 1488)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Evaluation of Lymphocytic Infiltrate, Dendritic Cells and Cytokines Expression in Psoriatic Lesion and Normal Skin Before and After Adalimumab Therapy Unknown status NCT01237262 Phase 4 Adalimumab, etanercept, infliximab
2 Home UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis: Effectiveness, Quality of Life and Cost-Effectiveness Unknown status NCT00150930 Phase 4
3 Weight Reduction Alone May Not be Sufficient to Maintain Disease Remission in Obese Patients With Psoriasis: a Randomized, Investigator-blinded Study Unknown status NCT01439425 Phase 4
4 Efficacy of Combined Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser and Topical Tazarotene in the Treatment of Psoriatic: Nail Disease a Single-blind, Intrapatient Left-to-right Controlled Study. Unknown status NCT03263624 Phase 4 Tazarotene Cream 0.1%
5 Phase IV Study on Efficacy and Safety of the Combination Treatment Acitretin and Efalizumab in Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Psoriasis Unknown status NCT00707070 Phase 4 efalizumab plus placebo;efalizumab plus acitretin
6 Multicenter Randomized Double Blind Controlled-study to Assess the Potential of Methotrexate Versus Placebo to Improve and Maintain Response to Anti TNF- Alpha Agents in Adult Patients With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Unknown status NCT02829424 Phase 4 Methotrexate;Methotrexate Placebo
7 The Difference of Circulating Endothelial-derived and Platelet-derived Microparticles in Patients With Psoriasis Successfully Treated With Stelara(Ustekinumab) Unknown status NCT02693470 Phase 4 Ustekinumab
8 Metformin for Treatment of Psoriasis Combined With Disorders of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study Unknown status NCT03629639 Phase 4 Metformin
9 The Influence of Adalimumab vs. Fumaric Acid Esters on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk Factors in the Therapy of Patients With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Vulgaris Unknown status NCT01088165 Phase 4 Adalimumab treatment arm;Fumaric acid esters treatment group
10 Improvement in the Quality of Life of Patients With Severe Plaque Psoriasis Treated With Systemic Methotrexate in Fixed Doses of 10mg or 25mg Orally Once Weekly: a Prospective, Randomized, Double-blind, Parallel Group Study. Unknown status NCT02248792 Phase 4 Methotrexate
11 A Phase4,Multicenter, Randomized,Double-blind,Double Dummy, Parallel Controlled Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Triptergium Wilfordii and Acitretin in Treatment of Chinese Patients With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Vulgaris Unknown status NCT01443338 Phase 4 Triptergium Wilfordii;Acitretin
12 Sensitivity and Specificity of QuantiFeron -TB Gold Test (QFT-G)in Comparison With Tuberculin Skin Test in Patients With Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Unknown status NCT01223976 Phase 4
13 A Phase 4 Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Study Evaluating the Effect of Apremilast on Pruritus and Quality of Life of Patients With Moderate-to-severe Scalp Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03553433 Phase 4 Apremilast 30mg;Placebo Oral Tablet
14 An Open Label Trial to Show That Subjects With Severe Plaque-Type Psoriasis Receiving Acitretin 25 mg/Day And Stabilized On A Photochemotherapy Regimen Who Are Experiencing Retinoid-Related Adverse Events, Benefit From A Reduction In Acitretin Dose to 17.5 mg/Day, While Maintaining Comparable Efficacy Along With Improved Tolerability Unknown status NCT01228409 Phase 4 Acitretin 17.5 mg/day
15 An Open-Label Study Evaluating Enstilar® (Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate) Foam, 0.005%/0.064% QD in Psoriasis Patients Being Treated With Etanercept or Adalimumab Unknown status NCT03827876 Phase 4 Enstilar 0.005%-0.064% Topical Foam
16 A Single Center Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Safety of Add on Enstilar® in Patients Using OTEZLA® for Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03587194 Phase 4 Otezla
17 Proton Pump Inhibitors Use in Patients With Psoriasis Unknown status NCT02624544 Phase 4 esomeprazole;desonide
18 Apremilast in Combination With Clobetasol Spray for the Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03453190 Phase 4
19 A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety Profile of Oral Versus Subcutaneous Route of Methotrexate Administration in Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03408756 Phase 4 methotrexate
20 A Double - Blind, Placebo Controlled Crossover Study to Evaluate The Efficacy and Tolerability of Stelara ™ (Ustekinumab) in The Treatment of Scalp Psoriasis Unknown status NCT01558310 Phase 4 Ustekinumab;Placebo
21 An Open-label Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Re-treatment for Patients With a History of Etanercept Use Unknown status NCT01132235 Phase 4
22 Studying the Effect of Methotrexate Alone Versus Methotrexate and Vitamin D on the Cardiovascular Risk of Psoriatic Patients Unknown status NCT03904680 Phase 4 Methotrexate;Vitamin D
23 Can an App Supporting Psoriasis Patients Improve Adherence to Topical Treatment? A Single-blind Randomized Controlled Trial Completed NCT02858713 Phase 4 Calcipotriene + Betamethasone Dipropionate
24 Can We Miss Pigmented Lesions in Psoriasis Patients? Completed NCT01053819 Phase 4 etanercept
25 Energy-restricted, n-3 Polysaturated Fatty Acids-rich Diet Improves the Clinical Response to Immuno-modulating Drugs in Obese Patients With Plaque-type Psoriasis: a Randomized Control Clinical Trial. Completed NCT01876875 Phase 4
26 A Preliminary, Open Label, Single-arm Study to Determine the Efficacy of Taclonex Topical Suspension as a Supplement to Non-biologic Systemic Therapy Completed NCT01761019 Phase 4 Taclonex Topical Suspension
27 Efficacy and Safety of Adalimumab in Patients With Psoriasis and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Completed NCT01181570 Phase 4 Adalimumab;Placebo
28 Safety and Efficacy of Etanercept in Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Who Have Shown an Unsatisfactory Response to Adalimumab or Infliximab Completed NCT00967538 Phase 4 etanercept 50 mg
29 An Open-Label Phase 4 Study in Adult Patients With Chronic Plaque Psoriasis to Evaluate the Immune Response to Pneumococcal Vaccine in Subjects Treated With Alefacept Completed NCT00493324 Phase 4 alefacept;polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine
30 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter Study to Explore Changes in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Modulation of Skin Inflammation After 12 Weeks of Treatment With Secukinumab, Compared to Placebo, and up to 52 Weeks of Treatment With Secukinumab in Adult Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT03055494 Phase 4
31 Enbrel® in Psoriatic Arthritis Completed NCT00111124 Phase 4 Enbrel®
32 A Multicenter, Open-Label, Pilot Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Safety of ENBREL(r) in Combination With Narrowband UVB Phototherapy for the Treatment of Psoriasis Completed NCT00110981 Phase 4 Etanerept;Etanercept
33 An Investigator-Initiated, Assessor Blinded, Randomized Study Comparing the Mechanism of Action of Adalimumab to Methotrexate in Subjects With Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Psoriasis. Completed NCT00932113 Phase 4 Methotrexate;Adalimumab (Humira)
34 An Open Label, Prospective Cohort Pilot Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Etanercept in the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis in Patients Who Have Not Had an Adequate Response to Adalimumab Completed NCT00833729 Phase 4 etanercept
35 Formulation and Clinical Evaluation of Ethosomal and Liposomal Preparations of Anthralin in Psoriasis Completed NCT03348462 Phase 4 ethosomal preparation of anthralin;liposomal preparation of anthralin
36 Pilot Study on the Effect of Adalimumab on Vascular Inflammation in Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT00940862 Phase 4
37 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Effect of Secukinumab on Aortic Vascular Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Biomarkers After 12 Weeks of Treatment, Compared to Placebo, and up to 52 Weeks of Treatment With Secukinumab in Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque-type Psoriasis Completed NCT02690701 Phase 4 Secukinumab 300 mg
38 A Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled Study to Evaluate the Tolerability and Efficacy of Enstilar® (Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate) Foam in the Treatment of Chronic Plaque Psoriasis in Patients With Skin of Color Completed NCT03506477 Phase 4 Enstilar® foam;Vehicle foam
39 A Phase 4 Trial Comparing the Efficacy of Subcutaneous Injections of Brodalumab to Oral Administrations of Fumaric Acid Esters in Adults With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT03331835 Phase 4 Fumaric acid esters
40 An Extension Study of Brodalumab in Subjects With Plaque Psoriasis (Psoriasis Vulgaris, Psoriatic Arthritis), Pustular Psoriasis (Generalized) and Psoriatic Erythroderma Completed NCT04183881 Phase 4 Brodalumab 210mg SC
41 A Multicenter, Open-Label, Post Marketing Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy And Safety Of Ixekizumab in Patients With Generalized Pustular Psoriasis and Erythrodermic Psoriasis Completed NCT03942042 Phase 4 Ixekizumab
42 Randomised, Open-label Preliminary Study to Assess the Effects of 2 Regimens of Etanercept on Nail and Skin Symptoms in Patients With Nail Psoriasis and Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT00581100 Phase 4 etanercept
43 Evaluation of Nail Psoriasis Severity Index (NAPSI) and Modified Napsi in Patients With Nail Psoriasis Treated With Acitretin Completed NCT00723437 Phase 4 acitretin
44 A Single-Center, Open-Label Study to Assess Change in Psychosocial and Occupational Dimensions With Ustekinumab Treatment of Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis Evaluated With the Psychological General Well Being (PGWB), Work Productivity and Activity Impairment (WPAI), Psoriasis Quality of Life-12 Items (PQOL-12), and Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) Completed NCT01511315 Phase 4 Ustekinumab
45 Comparison of the Performance of Subjective or Objective Psoriasis Severity Assessment Tools for the Assessment of the Improvement of Psoriasis After Oral Cyclosporine A or Methotrexate Treatment Completed NCT02655705 Phase 4 Cyclosporine A;Methotrexate
46 A Study to Determine the Dermatological Safety and Sensitizing Potential of HAT1 Topical Products Using Cumulative Irritation, Phototoxicity, and Repeated Insult Patch Tests Completed NCT03406117 Phase 4 HAT1
47 Long-Term One Year Use of Alefacept (Amevive®) in Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Type Psoriasis Completed NCT00655564 Phase 4 Alefacept
48 A Multicentre, Open Label Phase IIIb/IV Study of Subcutaneously Administered Raptiva in the Treatment of Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT00287118 Phase 4 Efalizumab
49 A Randomised, Double-Blind, Active-Controlled, Parallel, Multi-Center Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Daivobet® Ointment in Patients With Psoriasis Vulgaris Completed NCT00248456 Phase 4 Calcipotriol plus betamethasone dipropionate ointment
50 A Multicenter, Open-label, Randomized, Pilot-study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of the Combination of Etanercept (ETN) and Methotrexate and of Etanercept (ETN) Alone in Patients With Plaque Psoriasis Despite Methotrexate Therapy Completed NCT00161655 Phase 4 Etanercept;Methotrexate

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Inferred drug relations via UMLS 70 / NDF-RT 51 :

Aloe vera preparation
Betamethasone acetate
Betamethasone benzoate
betamethasone dipropionate
betamethasone sodium phosphate
Betamethasone valerate
Coal Tar
Coal tar extract
Coal tar pitch volatiles
Cod Liver Oil
Colloid sulfur
Fish Liver Oils
Fluocinolone Acetonide
Methotrexate Sodium
mycophenolate mofetil
mycophenolate mofetil hydrochloride
Salicylic Acid

Genetic Tests for Psoriasis

Genetic tests related to Psoriasis:

# Genetic test Affiliating Genes
1 Psoriasis 29

Anatomical Context for Psoriasis

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Psoriasis:

Skin, T Cells, Endothelial, Neutrophil, Liver, Tongue, Myeloid

Publications for Psoriasis

Articles related to Psoriasis:

(show top 50) (show all 30365)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Efficacy and safety of fire acupuncture for psoriasis vulgaris: A protocol of systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. 42 61
33761661 2021
Analysis of dermoscopic characteristic for the differential diagnosis of palmoplantar psoriasis and palmoplantar eczema. 42 61
33592839 2021
MicroRNAs: novel regulators involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis? 61 47
17622355 2007
Pack-year cigarette smoking affects the course of palmoplantar pustulosis. 42
33636060 2021
Gene therapy for psoriasis in the K14-VEGF transgenic mouse model by topical transdermal delivery of interleukin-4 using ultradeformable cationic liposome. 61 54
20527041 2010
Ruxolitinib, a selective JAK1 and JAK2 inhibitor for the treatment of myeloproliferative neoplasms and psoriasis. 54 61
20506062 2010
Molecular dissection of psoriasis: integrating genetics and biology. 54 61
19812592 2010
Enhanced expression and secretion of antimicrobial peptides in atopic dermatitis and after superficial skin injury. 54 61
20107483 2010
Regulation of the psoriatic chemokine CCL20 by E3 ligases Trim32 and Piasy in keratinocytes. 61 54
20054338 2010
Injury downregulates the expression of the human cathelicidin protein hCAP18/LL-37 in atopic dermatitis. 61 54
19645825 2010
Decrease in Mycobacterium tuberculosis specific immune responses in patients with untreated psoriasis living in a tuberculosis endemic area. 54 61
19609541 2010
Ustekinumab for the treatment of psoriasis: review of three multicenter clinical trials. 54 61
20502723 2010
The use of ustekinumab in autoimmune disease. 61 54
20218921 2010
Platelet activation in patients with psoriasis: increased plasma levels of platelet-derived microparticles and soluble P-selectin. 54 61
19962788 2010
Expression of chemokine receptor CXCR3 by lymphocytes and plasmacytoid dendritic cells in human psoriatic lesions. 61 54
19517126 2010
Cellular and molecular effects of pulsed dye laser and local narrow-band UVB therapy in psoriasis. 61 54
20333742 2010
Molecular diagnostics of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. 54 61
19818069 2010
Genetic variations associated with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis found by genome-wide association. 61 54
20415816 2010
[Production of interleukin-8 by circulating CLA+ T cells with skin tropism in patients with psoriasis and in healthy controls]. 61 54
20223157 2010
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha-converting enzyme as a potential mediator of the influence of smoking on the response to treatment with narrowband ultraviolet B in psoriasis patients. 54 61
20070837 2010
Sorafenib-associated remission of psoriasis in hypernephroma: case report. 54 61
20178713 2010
Apremilast, a cAMP phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor, demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity in vitro and in a model of psoriasis. 61 54
20050849 2010
Increased mast cell expression of PAR-2 in skin inflammatory diseases and release of IL-8 upon PAR-2 activation. 61 54
19889021 2010
Tumor necrosis factor alpha blockade exacerbates murine psoriasis-like disease by enhancing Th17 function and decreasing expansion of Treg cells. 61 54
20112373 2010
Wide-spectrum profile of inflammatory mediators in the plasma and scales of patients with psoriatic disease. 54 61
19879157 2010
Cost-effectiveness analysis of TNF-alpha blockers for the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis in the perspective of the Italian health-care system. 61 54
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Variations for Psoriasis

ClinVar genetic disease variations for Psoriasis:

# Gene Name Type Significance ClinVarId dbSNP ID Position
1 LPIN2 NM_014646.2(LPIN2):c.1159A>G (p.Lys387Glu) SNV Benign 97813 rs104895501 GRCh37: 18:2937699-2937699
GRCh38: 18:2937701-2937701

Copy number variations for Psoriasis from CNVD:

7 (show all 27)
# CNVD ID Chromosome Start End Type Gene Symbol CNVD Disease
1 107130 17 1225928 31649829 Copy number CCL3L3 Psoriasis
2 107139 17 1225928 31649843 Copy number CCL3L1 Psoriasis
3 107160 17 1242109 31665953 Copy number CCL4L2 Psoriasis
4 110229 17 31562580 31665959 Copy number CCL4L1 Psoriasis
5 209406 6 2614953 31491069 Copy number MICA Psoriasis
6 211355 6 32593131 32665540 Copy number HLA-DRB5 Psoriasis
7 212281 6 3674895 32665540 Copy number HLA-DRB1 Psoriasis
8 212427 6 3795995 32719407 Copy number HLA-DQA1 Psoriasis
9 212447 6 3813334 32742444 Copy number HLA-DQB1 Psoriasis
10 230703 8 1 12700000 Copy number Psoriasis
11 241415 8 6200000 12700000 Copy number Psoriasis
12 241416 8 6200000 12700000 Copy number DEFB103A Psoriasis
13 241417 8 6200000 12700000 Copy number DEFB104A Psoriasis
14 241418 8 6200000 12700000 Copy number DEFB4A Psoriasis
15 241438 8 6200000 12700000 Gain DEFB103A Psoriasis
16 241439 8 6200000 12700000 Gain DEFB104A Psoriasis
17 241440 8 6200000 12700000 Gain DEFB105A Psoriasis
18 241441 8 6200000 12700000 Gain DEFB106A Psoriasis
19 241442 8 6200000 12700000 Gain DEFB107A Psoriasis
20 241443 8 6200000 12700000 Gain DEFB4A Psoriasis
21 241446 8 6200000 12700000 Gain SPAG11B Psoriasis
22 241447 8 6200000 12700000 High copy numbers Psoriasis
23 241468 8 6200000 12700000 Copy number DEFB4A Psoriasis
24 242595 8 7292685 7758729 Large repeat SPAG11B Psoriasis
25 242629 8 7327435 7723985 Large repeat DEFB106A Psoriasis
26 242645 8 7332652 7718770 Large repeat DEFB105A Psoriasis
27 242649 8 7340777 7710648 Large repeat DEFB107A Psoriasis

Expression for Psoriasis

LifeMap Discovery
Genes differentially expressed in tissues of Psoriasis patients vs. healthy controls: 35 (show all 41)
# Gene Description Tissue Up/Dn Fold Change (log2) P value
1 S100A9 S100 calcium binding protein A9 Skin + 7.14 0.000
2 S100A7 S100 calcium binding protein A7 Skin + 7.06 0.000
3 S100A7A S100 calcium binding protein A7A Skin + 6.53 0.000
4 S100A8 S100 calcium binding protein A8 Skin + 6.48 0.000
5 SPRR2F small proline rich protein 2F Skin + 6.27 0.000
6 PI3 peptidase inhibitor 3 Skin + 6.19 0.000
7 KRT6C keratin 6C Skin + 5.98 0.000
8 SPRR2A small proline rich protein 2A Skin + 5.97 0.000
9 KRT6A keratin 6A Skin + 5.90 0.000
10 SPRR2B small proline rich protein 2B Skin + 5.41 0.000
11 KRT6B keratin 6B Skin + 5.39 0.000
12 SPRR2D small proline rich protein 2D Skin + 5.35 0.000
13 SERPINB3 serpin family B member 3 Skin + 5.23 0.000
14 GJB2 gap junction protein beta 2 Skin + 4.97 0.000
15 SPRR2C small proline rich protein 2C (pseudogene) Skin + 4.90 0.000
16 C10orf99 chromosome 10 open reading frame 99 Skin + 4.46 0.000
17 LCE3D late cornified envelope 3D Skin + 4.42 0.000
18 SPRR1A small proline rich protein 1A Skin + 4.34 0.000
19 LCE3A late cornified envelope 3A Skin + 4.34 0.000
20 AKR1B10 aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10 Skin + 4.33 0.000
21 SPRR1B small proline rich protein 1B Skin + 4.29 0.000
22 KRT16 keratin 16 Skin + 4.27 0.000
23 KYNU kynureninase Skin + 4.26 0.000
24 LCN2 lipocalin 2 Skin + 4.20 0.000
25 SPRR2G small proline rich protein 2G Skin + 4.12 0.000
26 LCE3E late cornified envelope 3E Skin + 4.12 0.000
27 SERPINB4 serpin family B member 4 Skin + 3.97 0.000
28 FABP5 fatty acid binding protein 5 Skin + 3.89 0.000
29 IFI27 interferon alpha inducible protein 27 Skin + 3.80 0.000
30 TCN1 transcobalamin 1 Skin + 3.73 0.000
31 FABP5P2 fatty acid binding protein 5 pseudogene 2 Skin + 3.72 0.000
32 KLK6 kallikrein related peptidase 6 Skin + 3.54 0.000
33 IL36G interleukin 36 gamma Skin + 3.50 0.000
34 DEFB103B defensin beta 103B Skin + 3.46 0.000
35 PAMR1 peptidase domain containing associated with muscle regeneration 1 Skin - 3.43 0.000
36 GJB6 gap junction protein beta 6 Skin + 3.38 0.000
37 SPRR2E small proline rich protein 2E Skin + 3.24 0.000
38 POSTN periostin Skin - 3.14 0.000
39 CD36 CD36 molecule Skin + 3.12 0.000
40 IGFL1 IGF like family member 1 Skin + 3.11 0.000
41 CACNA1H calcium voltage-gated channel subunit alpha1 H Skin - 3.11 0.000
Search GEO for disease gene expression data for Psoriasis.

Pathways for Psoriasis

Pathways related to Psoriasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Super pathways Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 11.66 MIR326 MIR31 MIR21 MIR203A MIR17 MIR146A

GO Terms for Psoriasis

Cellular components related to Psoriasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 extracellular space GO:0005615 9.56 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A
2 extracellular vesicle GO:1903561 8.92 MIR22 MIR21 MIR17 MIR122

Biological processes related to Psoriasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

(show all 14)
# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 negative regulation of inflammatory response GO:0050728 9.69 MIR31 MIR146A MIR142
2 cellular response to lipopolysaccharide GO:0071222 9.56 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146B MIR146A
3 positive regulation of cytokine production involved in inflammatory response GO:1900017 9.54 MIR21 MIR17
4 positive regulation of blood vessel endothelial cell proliferation involved in sprouting angiogenesis GO:1903589 9.52 MIR21 MIR146A
5 negative regulation of cell migration involved in sprouting angiogenesis GO:0090051 9.5 MIR22 MIR146B MIR146A
6 negative regulation of amyloid precursor protein biosynthetic process GO:0042985 9.49 MIR31 MIR17
7 positive regulation of cellular senescence GO:2000774 9.48 MIR22 MIR146A
8 negative regulation of leukocyte adhesion to vascular endothelial cell GO:1904995 9.46 MIR31 MIR146A
9 positive regulation of metalloendopeptidase activity GO:1904685 9.43 MIR21 MIR17
10 regulation of toll-like receptor signaling pathway GO:0034121 9.4 MIR146B MIR146A
11 negative regulation of vascular associated smooth muscle cell apoptotic process GO:1905460 9.37 MIR21 MIR17
12 negative regulation of endothelial cell proliferation GO:0001937 9.33 MIR22 MIR21 MIR146A
13 gene silencing by miRNA GO:0035195 9.32 MIR326 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR203A MIR17
14 miRNA mediated inhibition of translation GO:0035278 9.26 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A

Molecular functions related to Psoriasis according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 mRNA 3'-UTR binding GO:0003730 9.35 MIR31 MIR21 MIR17 MIR146A MIR142
2 mRNA binding involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing GO:1903231 9.23 MIR31 MIR22 MIR21 MIR203A MIR17 MIR146B

Sources for Psoriasis

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