Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Categories: Skin diseases

Aliases & Classifications for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

MalaCards integrated aliases for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole:

Name: Pustulosis of Palm and Sole 12 15
Psoriasis 44 70
Pustular Psoriasis of the Palms and/or Soles 12
Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau 70
Generalized Pustular Psoriasis 70
Pustulosis of Palms and Soles 70
Palmoplantar Pustulosis 12
Acropustulosis 12


External Ids:

Disease Ontology 12 DOID:4398
MeSH 44 D011565
NCIt 50 C34888
SNOMED-CT 67 238610005
ICD10 32 L40.3
UMLS 70 C0030246 C0033860 C0343055 more

Summaries for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

MalaCards based summary : Pustulosis of Palm and Sole, also known as psoriasis, is related to pustulosis palmaris et plantaris and pustular psoriasis, and has symptoms including pruritus, exanthema and psoriasiform rash. An important gene associated with Pustulosis of Palm and Sole is CCR6 (C-C Motif Chemokine Receptor 6), and among its related pathways/superpathways are PEDF Induced Signaling and Innate Immune System. The drugs Metformin and Esomeprazole have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include skin, t cells and endothelial, and related phenotypes are hematopoietic system and immune system

Related Diseases for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Diseases related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 pustulosis palmaris et plantaris 32.3 TNF IL36RN CCR6 AP1S3
2 pustular psoriasis 32.3 TNF IL36RN AP1S3
3 impetigo herpetiformis 32.0 IL36RN IL1RL2 CARD14
4 geographic tongue 32.0 LPIN2 IL36RN IL1RL2
5 psoriasis 4 31.8 S100A7 CARD14
6 vitiligo-associated multiple autoimmune disease susceptibility 1 31.7 TNF IL17A CCR6
7 psoriasis 14, pustular 31.5 TNF PSTPIP1 IL36RN IL1RL2 IL17A CARD14
8 nail disease 31.0 TNF IL17A CCR6
9 lichen planus 30.9 TNF IL17A CXCL8
10 spondylitis 30.6 TNF IL17A CRP CCR6
11 acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis 30.6 IL36RN IL17A CXCL8
12 sapho syndrome 30.6 SIGLEC5 PSTPIP2 LPIN2 CXCL8
13 chickenpox 30.5 TNF CRP CCR6
14 enthesopathy 30.5 TNF CRP CCR6
15 leprosy 3 30.4 TNF IL17A CXCL8 CCR6
16 crohn's colitis 30.4 TNF CXCL8 CCR6
17 pharyngitis 30.4 TNF CXCL8 CRP
18 cellulitis 30.4 TNF CRP CCR6
19 sleep apnea 30.4 TNF CXCL8 CRP
20 cutaneous candidiasis 30.3 IL17A CCR6
21 acne 30.3 TNF PSTPIP1 IL1RN CXCL8
22 iridocyclitis 30.3 TNF IL17A CRP
23 synovitis 30.3 TNF IL1RN CXCL8 CRP
24 bone inflammation disease 30.3 TNF IL1RN IL17A CXCL8 CRP CCR6
25 oral candidiasis 30.3 IL17A CXCL8 CCR6
26 ankylosis 30.3 TNF IL17A CCR6
27 tenosynovitis 30.3 TNF CRP
28 syphilis 30.3 TNF IL17A CRP CCR6
29 mental depression 30.2 TNF CRP CCR6
30 sleep disorder 30.2 TNF CXCL8 CRP
31 dermatitis herpetiformis 30.2 TNF IL17A CXCL8
32 severe acute respiratory syndrome 30.2 TNF CXCL8 CRP
33 skin carcinoma 30.2 TNF S100A7 IL17A CXCL8 CCR6
34 blepharitis 30.2 TNF CXCL8 CCR6
35 exanthem 30.2 TNF CXCL8 CRP CCR6
36 allergic contact dermatitis 30.2 TNF IL1RN IL17A CXCL8 CCR6
37 systemic scleroderma 30.2 TNF IL17A CRP CCR6
38 alopecia areata 30.2 TNF IL1RN IL17A
39 thyroiditis 30.1 TNF IL17A CRP
40 multiple sclerosis 30.1 TNF IL1RN IL17A CXCL8 CCR6
41 spondyloarthropathy 1 30.1 TNF IL1RN IL17A CRP CCR6
42 uveitis 30.1 TNF IL17A CXCL8
43 parasitic helminthiasis infectious disease 30.0 TNF SIGLEC5 IL17A CCR6
44 kawasaki disease 30.0 TNF IL17A CRP
45 cholangitis 30.0 TNF CXCL8 CRP
46 nasopharyngitis 30.0 TNF IL17A CRP CCR6
47 pneumonia 30.0 TNF IL17A CXCL8 CRP
48 helicobacter pylori infection 30.0 TNF IL1RN CXCL8
49 chlamydia 30.0 TNF IL17A CXCL8 CRP
50 colitis 30.0 TNF IL1RN IL17A CXCL8 CCR6

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole:

Diseases related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

UMLS symptoms related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole:

pruritus; exanthema; psoriasiform rash

MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 hematopoietic system MP:0005397 9.9 CARD14 CCR6 IL17A IL17C IL1RL2 IL1RN
2 immune system MP:0005387 9.73 CARD14 CCR6 CRP IL17A IL17C IL1RL2
3 integument MP:0010771 9.23 CARD14 IL17A IL17C IL1RL2 IL1RN IL36RN

Drugs & Therapeutics for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Drugs for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
Metformin Approved Phase 4 657-24-9 4091 14219
Esomeprazole Approved, Investigational Phase 4 161973-10-0, 161796-78-7, 119141-88-7 4594 9568614
Desonide Approved, Investigational Phase 4 638-94-8 5311066
Guaifenesin Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 93-14-1 3516
Phenylpropanolamine Approved, Vet_approved, Withdrawn Phase 4 14838-15-4 26934
Sodium citrate Approved, Investigational Phase 4 68-04-2
Mannitol Approved, Investigational Phase 4 69-65-8 6251 453
Hydrocortisone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 50-23-7 5754
Hydrocortisone acetate Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 50-03-3
Levoleucovorin Approved, Investigational Phase 4 68538-85-2 149436
Desoximetasone Approved Phase 4 382-67-2 5311067
mometasone furoate Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 83919-23-7
Clocortolone Approved Phase 4 34097-16-0, 4828-27-7 5311052 5282493
Fluticasone Approved, Experimental Phase 4 90566-53-3 62924
Zinc Approved, Investigational Phase 4 7440-66-6 32051
Thalidomide Approved, Investigational, Withdrawn Phase 4 50-35-1 5426
Miconazole Approved, Investigational, Vet_approved Phase 4 22916-47-8 4189
Clotrimazole Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 23593-75-1 2812
Ustekinumab Approved, Investigational Phase 4 815610-63-0
Ixekizumab Approved, Investigational Phase 4 1143503-69-8
Vedolizumab Approved Phase 4 943609-66-3
Alefacept Approved, Investigational, Withdrawn Phase 4 222535-22-0
Adalimumab Approved, Experimental Phase 4 331731-18-1 16219006
Betamethasone Approved, Vet_approved Phase 4 378-44-9 9782
Methotrexate Approved Phase 4 1959-05-2, 59-05-2 126941
Capsaicin Approved Phase 4 404-86-4 1548943
Citric acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 77-92-9 311
Folic acid Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 59-30-3 6037
Glycine Approved, Nutraceutical, Vet_approved Phase 4 56-40-6 750
Calcitriol Approved, Nutraceutical Phase 4 32222-06-3 5280453 134070
Trichostatin A Experimental Phase 4 58880-19-6
32 Chlorpheniramine, phenylpropanolamine drug combination Phase 4
33 Citrate Phase 4
34 Anticoagulants Phase 4
35 diuretics Phase 4
36 Chelating Agents Phase 4
37 Hydrocortisone hemisuccinate Phase 4
38 Hydrocortisone 17-butyrate 21-propionate Phase 4
39 Vitamin B9 Phase 4
40 Folic Acid Antagonists Phase 4
41 Vitamin B Complex Phase 4
42 Folate Phase 4
43 Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Phase 4
44 Myeloma Proteins Phase 4
45 Paraproteins Phase 4
46 Immunoglobulin A Phase 4
47 Bronchodilator Agents Phase 4
48 Anti-Allergic Agents Phase 4
49 Tin Fluorides Phase 4
50 Hydrocortisone-17-butyrate Phase 4

Interventional clinical trials:

(show top 50) (show all 1488)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Evaluation of Lymphocytic Infiltrate, Dendritic Cells and Cytokines Expression in Psoriatic Lesion and Normal Skin Before and After Adalimumab Therapy Unknown status NCT01237262 Phase 4 Adalimumab, etanercept, infliximab
2 Home UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis: Effectiveness, Quality of Life and Cost-Effectiveness Unknown status NCT00150930 Phase 4
3 Weight Reduction Alone May Not be Sufficient to Maintain Disease Remission in Obese Patients With Psoriasis: a Randomized, Investigator-blinded Study Unknown status NCT01439425 Phase 4
4 Efficacy of Combined Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser and Topical Tazarotene in the Treatment of Psoriatic: Nail Disease a Single-blind, Intrapatient Left-to-right Controlled Study. Unknown status NCT03263624 Phase 4 Tazarotene Cream 0.1%
5 Phase IV Study on Efficacy and Safety of the Combination Treatment Acitretin and Efalizumab in Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Psoriasis Unknown status NCT00707070 Phase 4 efalizumab plus placebo;efalizumab plus acitretin
6 Multicenter Randomized Double Blind Controlled-study to Assess the Potential of Methotrexate Versus Placebo to Improve and Maintain Response to Anti TNF- Alpha Agents in Adult Patients With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Unknown status NCT02829424 Phase 4 Methotrexate;Methotrexate Placebo
7 The Difference of Circulating Endothelial-derived and Platelet-derived Microparticles in Patients With Psoriasis Successfully Treated With Stelara(Ustekinumab) Unknown status NCT02693470 Phase 4 Ustekinumab
8 Metformin for Treatment of Psoriasis Combined With Disorders of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study Unknown status NCT03629639 Phase 4 Metformin
9 The Influence of Adalimumab vs. Fumaric Acid Esters on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk Factors in the Therapy of Patients With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Vulgaris Unknown status NCT01088165 Phase 4 Adalimumab treatment arm;Fumaric acid esters treatment group
10 Improvement in the Quality of Life of Patients With Severe Plaque Psoriasis Treated With Systemic Methotrexate in Fixed Doses of 10mg or 25mg Orally Once Weekly: a Prospective, Randomized, Double-blind, Parallel Group Study. Unknown status NCT02248792 Phase 4 Methotrexate
11 A Phase4,Multicenter, Randomized,Double-blind,Double Dummy, Parallel Controlled Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Triptergium Wilfordii and Acitretin in Treatment of Chinese Patients With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Vulgaris Unknown status NCT01443338 Phase 4 Triptergium Wilfordii;Acitretin
12 Sensitivity and Specificity of QuantiFeron -TB Gold Test (QFT-G)in Comparison With Tuberculin Skin Test in Patients With Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Unknown status NCT01223976 Phase 4
13 A Phase 4 Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Study Evaluating the Effect of Apremilast on Pruritus and Quality of Life of Patients With Moderate-to-severe Scalp Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03553433 Phase 4 Apremilast 30mg;Placebo Oral Tablet
14 An Open Label Trial to Show That Subjects With Severe Plaque-Type Psoriasis Receiving Acitretin 25 mg/Day And Stabilized On A Photochemotherapy Regimen Who Are Experiencing Retinoid-Related Adverse Events, Benefit From A Reduction In Acitretin Dose to 17.5 mg/Day, While Maintaining Comparable Efficacy Along With Improved Tolerability Unknown status NCT01228409 Phase 4 Acitretin 17.5 mg/day
15 An Open-Label Study Evaluating Enstilar® (Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate) Foam, 0.005%/0.064% QD in Psoriasis Patients Being Treated With Etanercept or Adalimumab Unknown status NCT03827876 Phase 4 Enstilar 0.005%-0.064% Topical Foam
16 A Single Center Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Safety of Add on Enstilar® in Patients Using OTEZLA® for Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03587194 Phase 4 Otezla
17 Proton Pump Inhibitors Use in Patients With Psoriasis Unknown status NCT02624544 Phase 4 esomeprazole;desonide
18 Apremilast in Combination With Clobetasol Spray for the Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03453190 Phase 4
19 A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety Profile of Oral Versus Subcutaneous Route of Methotrexate Administration in Moderate to Severe Psoriasis Unknown status NCT03408756 Phase 4 methotrexate
20 A Double - Blind, Placebo Controlled Crossover Study to Evaluate The Efficacy and Tolerability of Stelara ™ (Ustekinumab) in The Treatment of Scalp Psoriasis Unknown status NCT01558310 Phase 4 Ustekinumab;Placebo
21 An Open-label Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Re-treatment for Patients With a History of Etanercept Use Unknown status NCT01132235 Phase 4
22 Studying the Effect of Methotrexate Alone Versus Methotrexate and Vitamin D on the Cardiovascular Risk of Psoriatic Patients Unknown status NCT03904680 Phase 4 Methotrexate;Vitamin D
23 Can an App Supporting Psoriasis Patients Improve Adherence to Topical Treatment? A Single-blind Randomized Controlled Trial Completed NCT02858713 Phase 4 Calcipotriene + Betamethasone Dipropionate
24 Can We Miss Pigmented Lesions in Psoriasis Patients? Completed NCT01053819 Phase 4 etanercept
25 Energy-restricted, n-3 Polysaturated Fatty Acids-rich Diet Improves the Clinical Response to Immuno-modulating Drugs in Obese Patients With Plaque-type Psoriasis: a Randomized Control Clinical Trial. Completed NCT01876875 Phase 4
26 A Preliminary, Open Label, Single-arm Study to Determine the Efficacy of Taclonex Topical Suspension as a Supplement to Non-biologic Systemic Therapy Completed NCT01761019 Phase 4 Taclonex Topical Suspension
27 Efficacy and Safety of Adalimumab in Patients With Psoriasis and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Completed NCT01181570 Phase 4 Adalimumab;Placebo
28 Safety and Efficacy of Etanercept in Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Who Have Shown an Unsatisfactory Response to Adalimumab or Infliximab Completed NCT00967538 Phase 4 etanercept 50 mg
29 An Open-Label Phase 4 Study in Adult Patients With Chronic Plaque Psoriasis to Evaluate the Immune Response to Pneumococcal Vaccine in Subjects Treated With Alefacept Completed NCT00493324 Phase 4 alefacept;polyvalent pneumococcal vaccine
30 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter Study to Explore Changes in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Modulation of Skin Inflammation After 12 Weeks of Treatment With Secukinumab, Compared to Placebo, and up to 52 Weeks of Treatment With Secukinumab in Adult Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT03055494 Phase 4
31 Enbrel® in Psoriatic Arthritis Completed NCT00111124 Phase 4 Enbrel®
32 A Multicenter, Open-Label, Pilot Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Safety of ENBREL(r) in Combination With Narrowband UVB Phototherapy for the Treatment of Psoriasis Completed NCT00110981 Phase 4 Etanerept;Etanercept
33 An Investigator-Initiated, Assessor Blinded, Randomized Study Comparing the Mechanism of Action of Adalimumab to Methotrexate in Subjects With Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Psoriasis. Completed NCT00932113 Phase 4 Methotrexate;Adalimumab (Humira)
34 An Open Label, Prospective Cohort Pilot Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Etanercept in the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis in Patients Who Have Not Had an Adequate Response to Adalimumab Completed NCT00833729 Phase 4 etanercept
35 Formulation and Clinical Evaluation of Ethosomal and Liposomal Preparations of Anthralin in Psoriasis Completed NCT03348462 Phase 4 ethosomal preparation of anthralin;liposomal preparation of anthralin
36 Pilot Study on the Effect of Adalimumab on Vascular Inflammation in Patients With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT00940862 Phase 4
37 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Effect of Secukinumab on Aortic Vascular Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Biomarkers After 12 Weeks of Treatment, Compared to Placebo, and up to 52 Weeks of Treatment With Secukinumab in Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque-type Psoriasis Completed NCT02690701 Phase 4 Secukinumab 300 mg
38 A Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled Study to Evaluate the Tolerability and Efficacy of Enstilar® (Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate) Foam in the Treatment of Chronic Plaque Psoriasis in Patients With Skin of Color Completed NCT03506477 Phase 4 Enstilar® foam;Vehicle foam
39 A Multicenter, Open-Label, Post Marketing Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy And Safety Of Ixekizumab in Patients With Generalized Pustular Psoriasis and Erythrodermic Psoriasis Completed NCT03942042 Phase 4 Ixekizumab
40 A Phase 4 Trial Comparing the Efficacy of Subcutaneous Injections of Brodalumab to Oral Administrations of Fumaric Acid Esters in Adults With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT03331835 Phase 4 Fumaric acid esters
41 An Extension Study of Brodalumab in Subjects With Plaque Psoriasis (Psoriasis Vulgaris, Psoriatic Arthritis), Pustular Psoriasis (Generalized) and Psoriatic Erythroderma Completed NCT04183881 Phase 4 Brodalumab 210mg SC
42 Randomised, Open-label Preliminary Study to Assess the Effects of 2 Regimens of Etanercept on Nail and Skin Symptoms in Patients With Nail Psoriasis and Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT00581100 Phase 4 etanercept
43 Evaluation of Nail Psoriasis Severity Index (NAPSI) and Modified Napsi in Patients With Nail Psoriasis Treated With Acitretin Completed NCT00723437 Phase 4 acitretin
44 A Single-Center, Open-Label Study to Assess Change in Psychosocial and Occupational Dimensions With Ustekinumab Treatment of Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis Evaluated With the Psychological General Well Being (PGWB), Work Productivity and Activity Impairment (WPAI), Psoriasis Quality of Life-12 Items (PQOL-12), and Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) Completed NCT01511315 Phase 4 Ustekinumab
45 Comparison of the Performance of Subjective or Objective Psoriasis Severity Assessment Tools for the Assessment of the Improvement of Psoriasis After Oral Cyclosporine A or Methotrexate Treatment Completed NCT02655705 Phase 4 Cyclosporine A;Methotrexate
46 A Study to Determine the Dermatological Safety and Sensitizing Potential of HAT1 Topical Products Using Cumulative Irritation, Phototoxicity, and Repeated Insult Patch Tests Completed NCT03406117 Phase 4 HAT1
47 Long-Term One Year Use of Alefacept (Amevive®) in Moderate to Severe Chronic Plaque Type Psoriasis Completed NCT00655564 Phase 4 Alefacept
48 A Multicentre, Open Label Phase IIIb/IV Study of Subcutaneously Administered Raptiva in the Treatment of Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Completed NCT00287118 Phase 4 Efalizumab
49 A Randomised, Double-Blind, Active-Controlled, Parallel, Multi-Center Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Daivobet® Ointment in Patients With Psoriasis Vulgaris Completed NCT00248456 Phase 4 Calcipotriol plus betamethasone dipropionate ointment
50 A Multicenter, Open-label, Randomized, Pilot-study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of the Combination of Etanercept (ETN) and Methotrexate and of Etanercept (ETN) Alone in Patients With Plaque Psoriasis Despite Methotrexate Therapy Completed NCT00161655 Phase 4 Etanercept;Methotrexate

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Inferred drug relations via UMLS 70 / NDF-RT 51 :

Aloe vera preparation
Betamethasone acetate
Betamethasone benzoate
betamethasone dipropionate
betamethasone sodium phosphate
Betamethasone valerate
Coal Tar
Coal tar extract
Coal tar pitch volatiles
Cod Liver Oil
Colloid sulfur
Fish Liver Oils
Fluocinolone Acetonide
Methotrexate Sodium
mycophenolate mofetil
mycophenolate mofetil hydrochloride
Salicylic Acid

Cochrane evidence based reviews: psoriasis

Genetic Tests for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Anatomical Context for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole:

Skin, T Cells, Endothelial, Neutrophil, Liver, Tongue, Myeloid

Publications for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Articles related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole:

(show top 50) (show all 30000)
# Title Authors PMID Year
Catalpol ameliorates psoriasis-like phenotypes via SIRT1 mediated suppression of NF-κB and MAPKs signaling pathways. 61
33323018 2021
Palmar psoriasis or missed BCC?-A case report. 61
33665300 2021
Role of the long non-coding RNA HOTAIR/miR-126 axis in an in vitro psoriasis model. 61
33747185 2021
Next-generation sequencing of the whole mitochondrial genome identifies novel and common variants in patients with psoriasis, type 2 diabetes mellitus and psoriasis with comorbid type 2 diabetes mellitus. 61
33728047 2021
Chronic Systemic Inflammatory Skin Disease as a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease. 61
33607473 2021
Studies on the anti-psoriasis effects and its mechanism of a dual JAK2/FLT3 inhibitor flonoltinib maleate. 61
33761599 2021
ZnO NPs delay the recovery of psoriasis-like skin lesions through promoting nuclear translocation of p-NFκB p65 and cysteine deficiency in keratinocytes. 61
33323305 2021
Dysregulation of the gut-brain-skin axis and key overlapping inflammatory and immune mechanisms of psoriasis and depression. 61
33540138 2021
Abietic acid ameliorates psoriasis-like inflammation and modulates gut microbiota in mice. 61
33607198 2021
Magnolol may contribute to barrier function improvement on imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like dermatitis animal model via the downregulation of interleukin-23. 61
33747183 2021
Hidradenitis suppurativa - The role of interleukin-17, the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and the link to a possible fungal aetiology. 61
33607406 2021
Tapinarof in the treatment of psoriasis: A review of the unique mechanism of action of a novel therapeutic aryl hydrocarbon receptor-modulating agent. 61
33157177 2021
Consensus terminology for preclinical phases of psoriatic arthritis for use in research studies: results from a Delphi consensus study. 61
33589818 2021
Clinicians' perspectives of shared care of psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis between rheumatology and dermatology: an interview study. 61
32935247 2021
Weighted gene co-expression network analysis identifies RHOH and TRAF1 as key candidate genes for psoriatic arthritis. 61
32959187 2021
The Effects of Apremilast Therapy on Deployability in Active Duty US Army Soldiers With Plaque Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. 61
33136692 2021
Cost-efficacy and pharmacoeconomics of scalp lesions of psoriatic patients in current Japanese health-care insurance system. 61
33811379 2021
Risk of tuberculosis reactivation with interleukin (IL)-17 and IL-23 inhibitors in psoriasis - time for a paradigm change. 61
32790003 2021
Unmet Medical Needs in the Treatment and Management of Generalized Pustular Psoriasis Flares: Evidence from a Survey of Corrona Registry Dermatologists. 61
33638115 2021
Novel IL36RN Mutation Identified in Pediatric-Onset Generalized Pustular Psoriasis Causes IL36 Antagonist Degradation. 61
33415665 2021
The Skin-Liver Axis Modulates the Psoriasiform Phenotype and Involves Leucine-Rich α-2 Glycoprotein. 61
33648938 2021
Understanding views of patients on biologics for psoriasis amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 61
33332687 2021
How does COVID-19 impact psoriasis practice, prescription patterns, and healthcare delivery for psoriasis patients? A cross-sectional survey study. 61
33811728 2021
Patients with bullous pemphigoid and comorbid psoriasis present with less blisters and lower serum levels of anti-BP180 autoantibodies. 61
33098720 2021
Topical Application of BMS-509744, a Selective Inhibitor of Interleukin-2-Inducible T Cell Kinase, Ameliorates Imiquimod-Induced Skin Inflammation in Mice. 61
33473072 2021
Cardiovascular Risk in Patients With Psoriasis: JACC Review Topic of the Week. 61
33795041 2021
Targeted Therapy for Pediatric Psoriasis. 61
33811318 2021
Interleukin-17 and Interleukin-23: A Narrative Review of Mechanisms of Action in Psoriasis and Associated Comorbidities. 61
33512665 2021
Fire needle therapy for blood stasis syndrome of plaque psoriasis: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis. 61
33787623 2021
miR-617 Promotes the Growth of IL-22-Stimulated Keratinocytes Through Regulating FOXO4 Expression. 61
33211221 2021
Skin-resident innate lymphoid cells converge on a pathogenic effector state. 61
33536623 2021
GRAPPA Trainee Symposium 2020: A Summary of Oral and Poster Presentations. 61
33795328 2021
Nail Psoriasis in Older Adults: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Topical Therapy. 61
33745632 2021
Management of Nail Psoriasis. 61
33745634 2021
Out-of-pocket expenditures in France to manage psoriasis in adult patients: results from an observational, cross-sectional, non-comparative, multicentre study. 61
33073410 2021
Prevalence and incidence of palmoplantar pustulosis in Sweden: a population-based register study. 61
33792911 2021
Pentacyclic triterpene compounds from loquat leaves reduce skin inflammation and epidermal hyperplasia in psoriasis via inhibiting the Th17 cells. 61
33540227 2021
The Association Between Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders and Psoriasis: a large-scale population-based case-control study. 61
33811325 2021
The attentive focus on T cell-mediated autoimmune pathogenesis of psoriasis, lichen planus and vitiligo. 61
33190330 2021
Differences in phototherapy among skin diseases and genders in real-life conditions - a retrospective analysis of the cumulative doses, numbers of sessions, side effects and costs in 561 patients. 61
33793982 2021
Is apremilast for psoriasis as effective and safe as reported in clinical trials? Five-year experience from a Greek tertiary hospital. 61
33811368 2021
Comparison of patients' diagnoses in a dermatology outpatient clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic period and pre-pandemic period. 61
33332694 2021
Association Between Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Stroke-Associated Pneumonia - An Epidemiological Study. 61
33482567 2021
Screening for cardiovascular comorbidity in United States outpatients with psoriasis, hidradenitis, and atopic dermatitis. 61
32393987 2021
Pruritus in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis: current treatments and new perspectives. 61
33460006 2021
De novo psoriasis in atopic dermatitis patients treated with dupilumab: a retrospective cohort. 61
33232538 2021
Radiation therapy in the adjuvant treatment of hyperkeratotic palmoplantar psoriasis: a case study. 61
33793073 2021
Insights into the pathogenesis of psoriatic arthritis from genetic studies. 61
33712923 2021
Nonischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Untreated Long-Term Psoriatic Arthritis: A Newly Recognized Association: A Case Report with Mini Review. 61
33795630 2021
Pustular psoriasis of pregnancy managed with labor induction. 61
33637333 2021

Variations for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Expression for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Search GEO for disease gene expression data for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole.

Pathways for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Pathways related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Super pathways Score Top Affiliating Genes
Show member pathways
Show member pathways
Show member pathways
4 11.71 TNF IL17A CXCL8
Show member pathways
11.69 TNF S100A7 IL17C IL17A CXCL8
6 11.65 TNF CXCL8 CARD14
7 11.58 TNF IL17A CXCL8
8 11.45 TNF IL17A CCR6
9 11.12 TNF IL1RN CXCL8
10 10.61 TNF CXCL8 CRP

GO Terms for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

Cellular components related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 extracellular region GO:0005576 9.56 TNF S100A7 IL36RN IL1RN IL17C IL17A
2 extracellular space GO:0005615 9.23 TNF S100A7 IL36RN IL1RN IL17C IL17A

Biological processes related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 innate immune response GO:0045087 9.73 S100A7 PSTPIP1 IL36RN IL1RL2 IL17A CRP
2 immune response GO:0006955 9.63 TNF IL36RN IL1RN IL17A CXCL8 CCR6
3 defense response to Gram-positive bacterium GO:0050830 9.61 TNF IL17A CRP
4 positive regulation of interleukin-6 production GO:0032755 9.58 TNF IL1RL2 IL17A
5 embryonic digestive tract development GO:0048566 9.48 TNF CXCL8
6 negative regulation of cytokine-mediated signaling pathway GO:0001960 9.46 IL36RN IL1RN
7 cytokine-mediated signaling pathway GO:0019221 9.43 TNF IL36RN IL1RN IL1RL2 IL17A CXCL8
8 interleukin-17-mediated signaling pathway GO:0097400 9.37 IL17C IL17A
9 negative regulation of lipid storage GO:0010888 9.32 TNF CRP
10 inflammatory response GO:0006954 9.28 TNF PSTPIP1 IL36RN IL1RN IL1RL2 IL17C

Molecular functions related to Pustulosis of Palm and Sole according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 interleukin-1 receptor binding GO:0005149 9.16 IL36RN IL1RN
2 cytokine activity GO:0005125 9.1 TNF IL36RN IL1RN IL17C IL17A CXCL8
3 interleukin-1 receptor antagonist activity GO:0005152 8.96 IL36RN IL1RN

Sources for Pustulosis of Palm and Sole

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