Subjective Cognitive Decline

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Aliases & Classifications for Subjective Cognitive Decline

MalaCards integrated aliases for Subjective Cognitive Decline:

Name: Subjective Cognitive Decline 12


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Disease Ontology 12 DOID:0080831

Summaries for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Disease Ontology : 12 A cognitive disorder that is characterized by the presence of significant and persistent cognitive complaints.

MalaCards based summary : Subjective Cognitive Decline is related to mild cognitive impairment and dementia. An important gene associated with Subjective Cognitive Decline is APOE (Apolipoprotein E), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Alzheimers Disease and Reelin Pathway (Cajal-Retzius cells). The drugs tannic acid and Benzocaine have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include brain, cortex and temporal lobe, and related phenotype is taste/olfaction.

Related Diseases for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Diseases related to Subjective Cognitive Decline via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

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# Related Disease Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 mild cognitive impairment 31.0 MAPT BDNF APOE
2 dementia 30.5 MAPT BDNF APOE
3 vascular dementia 30.0 MAPT APOE
4 traumatic brain injury 30.0 BDNF APOE
5 posterior cortical atrophy 29.8 MAPT APOE
6 amyloidosis 29.8 MAPT APOE
7 supranuclear palsy, progressive, 1 29.7 MAPT APOE
8 sleep disorder 29.5 MAPT BDNF APOE
9 stroke, ischemic 29.3 MAPT BDNF APOE
10 disease of mental health 29.1 WWC1 MAPT BDNF APOE
11 alzheimer disease 10.8
12 aging 10.5
13 spastic paraplegia, intellectual disability, nystagmus, and obesity 10.4
14 anxiety 10.3
15 depression 10.2
16 body mass index quantitative trait locus 1 10.1
17 rapidly involuting congenital hemangioma 10.1
18 diabetes mellitus 10.1
19 47,xyy 10.1
20 type 2 diabetes mellitus 10.0
21 hypercholesterolemia, familial, 1 10.0
22 multiple system atrophy 1 10.0
23 migraine with or without aura 1 10.0
24 multinucleated neurons, anhydramnios, renal dysplasia, cerebellar hypoplasia, and hydranencephaly 10.0
25 spondylometaphyseal dysplasia, sedaghatian type 10.0
26 frontotemporal dementia 10.0
27 ataxia, combined cerebellar and peripheral, with hearing loss and diabetes mellitus 10.0
28 alexithymia 10.0
29 generalized anxiety disorder 10.0
30 vascular disease 10.0
31 dental caries 10.0
32 lipid metabolism disorder 10.0
33 cerebrovascular disease 10.0
34 periodontitis 10.0
35 cytokine deficiency 10.0
36 cerebral atrophy 10.0
37 headache 10.0
38 premature aging 10.0
39 multiple system atrophy, parkinsonian type 10.0
40 anterograde amnesia 10.0 BDNF APOE
41 cerebral artery occlusion 9.9 BDNF APOE
42 cervical dystonia 9.9 BDNF APOE
43 primary progressive multiple sclerosis 9.9 BDNF APOE
44 sleep apnea 9.9 BDNF APOE
45 post-traumatic stress disorder 9.9 BDNF APOE
46 alzheimer disease 10 9.9 MAPT APOE
47 gerstmann syndrome 9.9 MAPT APOE
48 simultanagnosia 9.9 MAPT APOE
49 visual agnosia 9.9 MAPT APOE
50 ideomotor apraxia 9.9 MAPT APOE

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Diseases related to Subjective Cognitive Decline

Symptoms & Phenotypes for Subjective Cognitive Decline

MGI Mouse Phenotypes related to Subjective Cognitive Decline:

# Description MGI Source Accession Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 taste/olfaction MP:0005394 8.8 APOE BDNF MAPT

Drugs & Therapeutics for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Drugs for Subjective Cognitive Decline (from DrugBank, HMDB, Dgidb, PharmGKB, IUPHAR, NovoSeek, BitterDB):

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# Name Status Phase Clinical Trials Cas Number PubChem Id
tannic acid Approved 1401-55-4
Benzocaine Approved, Investigational 1994-09-7, 94-09-7 2337
Nicotinamide Approved, Investigational 98-92-0 936
Mecamylamine Approved, Investigational Early Phase 1 60-40-2 4032
Niacin Approved, Investigational, Nutraceutical 59-67-6 938
Naringenin Experimental 480-41-1 439246
Epigallocatechin Experimental, Investigational 970-74-1 72277
Epigallocatechin gallate Investigational 989-51-5 65064
9 Tea
10 Protective Agents
11 Neuroprotective Agents
12 Antioxidants
13 Vitamins
14 Vitamin B Complex
15 Nicotinic Acids
16 Vitamin B3
17 Pharmaceutical Solutions
18 Ginkgo
19 Neurotransmitter Agents Early Phase 1
20 Cholinergic Agents Early Phase 1
21 Antihypertensive Agents Early Phase 1
22 Cholinergic Antagonists Early Phase 1

Interventional clinical trials:

(show all 30)
# Name Status NCT ID Phase Drugs
1 Effect of Polyamine-enriched Dietary Supplementation on Cognitive Function and Biomarkers in Elderly Individuals With Subjective Cognitive Decline Unknown status NCT03094546 Phase 2
2 Subjects With Subjective Cognitive Decline: 18F-Florbetaben Positron Emission Tomography Study Unknown status NCT03057938 Phase 2 18F-Florbetaben (FBB)
3 Effect of Polyamine-enriched Dietary Supplementation on Cognitive Function in Healthy Older Adults With Subjective Cognitive Decline Completed NCT02755246 Phase 2
4 Mixed-methods, Feasibility Randomized Control Trial of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) With Older Adults Living With Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD) and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): a Primary Care Context Unknown status NCT03867474
5 Neurotrack Virtual Cognitive Health Study Completed NCT02969460
6 Effects and Mechanisms of Cognitive Control Training Combined With Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) in Subjective Cognitive Decline. Completed NCT03236454
7 A Multicenter Randomized Superiority Study To Compare The Effects Of An 8-Weeks Mindfulness-based Intervention Versus Health Education Programme On Mental Health And Wellbeing In Individuals With Subjective Cognitive Decline Completed NCT03005652
8 The Effects of Music on Autonomic Nervous System and Anxiety in Healthy Elderly and Persons With Subjective Cognitive Decline Completed NCT04177160
9 Effects of Mixed Functional Foods Supplementation on Cognition and Neuroimaging Biomarkers in Adults With Subject Cognitive Decline Completed NCT04279418
10 Effects of Electroencephalogram-based Neurofeedback on Cognition in Adults With Subject Cognitive Decline Completed NCT04300933
11 Prediction of Cognitive Decline by Neuroimaging Techniques and the Application in Diagnosis and Treatment of Preclinical AD (Sino Longitudinal Study on Cognitive Decline, SILCODE) Recruiting NCT03370744
12 Clinical and Biological Effects of Citrus-phytochemicals in Subjective Cognitive Decline: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Recruiting NCT04744922
13 Impact of a Cognitive Intervention Enriched With Leisure Activities on Cognition, Daily Life Functioning and Brain Structure and Function in Persons With Subjective Cognitive Decline: The ENGAGE Program Recruiting NCT03271190
14 The Efficacy and Neural Mechanism of Acupuncture Treatment in Older Adults With Subjective Cognitive Decline: a Randomized Controlled Trial Recruiting NCT03444896
15 Effects of Cognitive Training and Brain Stimulation in Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease - Randomised, Sham Controlled, Interventional Study Recruiting NCT04265378
16 Effects of the Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Cognitive Training Based on Leisure Activities for the Elderly With Mild Cognitive Impairment and Subjective Cognitive Decline. Recruiting NCT04779671
17 Comparison of Subjective Cognitive Decline Between the German and Chinese and Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Radiogenomics Recruiting NCT04696315
18 Prevention of Cognitive Decline in ApoE4 Carriers With Subjective Cognitive Decline After EGCG and a Multimodal Intervention Recruiting NCT03978052
19 Modulation Effects of Baduanjin Exercise on Subjective Cognitive Decline Recruiting NCT04009382
20 A Crossover, Randomized Block Sequence, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial for Nicotinamide Riboside in Subjective Cognitive Decline and Mild Cognitive Impairment in Aging Recruiting NCT04078178
21 Efficacy of a Multicomponent Cognitive Intervention Program on the Cognitive and Daily Function in Adults With Subjective Cognitive Decline and Mild Cognitive Impairments: A Pilot Study Recruiting NCT04023032
22 Prevention of Cognitive Decline and Falls With Dalcroze Eurhythmics and a Simple Home Exercise Strength Program for Seniors With Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD) - MOVE for Your MIND Active, not recruiting NCT03384602
23 Preventing Cognitive and Functional Decline Among Seniors at Risk-Effects of Online Training Aimed at Increasing Participation in Everyday Life During a Pandemic. Active, not recruiting NCT04439500
24 Effects of Cognitive Strategy Training on Daily Function in People With Subjective Cognitive Decline Active, not recruiting NCT04330404
25 Preventing Cognitive and Functional Decline Among Seniors at Risk: A Community-Based Randomized Trial Active, not recruiting NCT03495037
26 Evaluation of the Modulation of Attention Explored in ERPs as a Marker of Early Cognitive Decline: Concept Validation on the Effect of Ginkgo Biloba Extracts. Randomized, Double-blind, Cross-over, Placebo-controlled Study Enrolling by invitation NCT04121728 Ginkgo biloba extract;Placebo
27 Cholinergic Mechanisms of Attention in Aging Not yet recruiting NCT04756232 Early Phase 1 Mecamylamine Challenge
28 Daily Engagement in Meaningful Activities Professional (DEMA-Pro) Intervention for Seniors With Subjective Cognitive Decline and Living at Home Not yet recruiting NCT04796415
29 Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle: Team 6 of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) Terminated NCT03056508
30 Feasibility and Efficacy of Dietary Interventions for Older Adults With Subjective Cognitive Decline Withdrawn NCT03585907

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Anatomical Context for Subjective Cognitive Decline

MalaCards organs/tissues related to Subjective Cognitive Decline:

Brain, Cortex, Temporal Lobe, Endothelial, Amygdala

Publications for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Articles related to Subjective Cognitive Decline:

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# Title Authors PMID Year
Functional cognitive disorder in subjective cognitive decline-A 10-year follow-up. 61
33166421 2021
Symptom and performance validation in patients with subjective cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment. 61
31267787 2021
Association of Subjective Cognitive Decline With Postoperative Complications Could Herald Dementia Risk. 61
33020004 2021
Altered mismatch response precedes gray matter atrophy in subjective cognitive decline. 61
33792049 2021
Accelerated long-term forgetting in individuals with subjective cognitive decline and amyloid-β positivity. 61
33792089 2021
Menopause and cognitive complaints: are ovarian hormones linked with subjective cognitive decline? 61
33719785 2021
Structural imaging outcomes in subjective cognitive decline: Community vs. clinical-based samples. 61
33340685 2021
Physical performance across the cognitive spectrum and between dementia subtypes in a population-based sample of older adults: The HUNT study. 61
33798998 2021
Alzheimer's disease pathology: pathways between central norepinephrine activity, memory, and neuropsychiatric symptoms. 61
31138892 2021
Social Networks and Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease Pathology in Cognitively Intact Older Adults: The CABLE Study. 61
33749650 2021
Acute phase markers in CSF reveal inflammatory changes in Alzheimer's disease that intersect with pathology, APOE ε4, sex and age. 61
32882319 2021
Dietary patterns are related to cognitive functioning in elderly enriched with individuals at increased risk for Alzheimer's disease. 61
32472387 2021
Cardiac-induced cerebral pulsatility, brain structure, and cognition in middle and older-aged adults. 61
33716158 2021
Blood Pressure and Risk of Cognitive Impairment: The Role of Vascular Disease in Neurodegeneration. 61
33803713 2021
Early detection of amyloid load using 18F-florbetaben PET. 61
33773598 2021
Retinal microvascular parameters are not significantly associated with mild cognitive impairment in the Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing. 61
33706706 2021
Misplacement of something inside the refrigerator is not a sign of dementia, but a probable symptom of attention deficit due to depression. 61
33654168 2021
Amyloid Positivity in Alzheimer/Subcortical-Vascular Spectrum. 61
33722997 2021
Serum alkaline phosphatase is elevated and inversely correlated with cognitive functions in subjective cognitive decline: results from the ReGAl 2.0 project. 61
32363431 2021
Minor hallucinations reflect early gray matter loss and predict subjective cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease. 61
33032389 2021
Efficacy of Smart Speaker-Based Metamemory Training in Older Adults: Case-Control Cohort Study. 61
33591276 2021
Impact of the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring profile on cognitive and imaging findings of cerebral small-vessel disease in older adults with cognitive complaints. 61
33589760 2021
Tau-related white-matter alterations along spatially selective pathways. 61
33189932 2021
The BDNFVal66Met SNP modulates the association between beta-amyloid and hippocampal disconnection in Alzheimer's disease. 61
30899092 2021
Cerebrospinal fluid N-224 tau helps discriminate Alzheimer's disease from subjective cognitive decline and other dementias. 61
33557920 2021
Association between methylation of BIN1 promoter in peripheral blood and preclinical Alzheimer's disease. 61
33531457 2021
The Influence of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease on Static and Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity in Subjects Along Alzheimer's Disease Continuum. 61
33198482 2021
Associations of Plasma Phospho-Tau217 Levels With Tau Positron Emission Tomography in Early Alzheimer Disease. 61
33165506 2021
Subjective cognitive impairment in patients with transformed migraine and the associated psychological and sleep disturbances. 61
33543444 2021
Subjective cognitive decline in diabetes: Associations with psychological, sleep, and diabetes-related factors. 61
33210386 2021
TDQ-30-A New Color Picture-Naming Test for the Diagnostic of Mild Anomia: Validation and Normative Data in Quebec French Adults and Elderly. 61
31792492 2021
Comparing different approaches for operationalizing subjective cognitive decline: impact on syndromic and biomarker profiles. 61
33623075 2021
Factors associated with subjective cognitive decline in dementia-free older adults-A population-based study. 61
33555636 2021
Perceived environmental pollution and subjective cognitive decline (SCD) or SCD-related functional difficulties among the general population. 61
33599928 2021
Network analysis of impulse dyscontrol in mild cognitive impairment and subjective cognitive decline. 61
33583464 2021
Distinct Profile Differences in Subjective Cognitive Decline in the General Public are Associated with Metacognition, Negative Affective Symptoms, Neuroticism, Stress, and Poor Quality of Life. 61
33646150 2021
Acceptance and Usability of Immersive Virtual Reality in Older Adults with Objective and Subjective Cognitive Decline. 61
33646164 2021
Informant report of practical judgment ability in a clinical sample of older adults with subjective cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia. 61
33618617 2021
[Community-informed connectomics of cortical intrinsic organization in subjective cognitive decline]. 61
33503722 2021
Optimizing Subjective Cognitive Decline to Detect Early Cognitive Dysfunction. 61
33646159 2021
Alterations in Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Individuals With Subjective Cognitive Decline. 61
33613274 2021
Mild Behavioral Impairment and Subjective Cognitive Decline Predict Cognitive and Functional Decline. 61
33554909 2021
Population measures of subjective cognitive decline: A means of advancing public health policy to address cognitive health. 61
33681450 2021
Olfactory Identification in Subjective Cognitive Decline: A Meta-Analysis. 61
33459721 2021
Basal Forebrain Atrophy Is Associated With Allocentric Navigation Deficits in Subjective Cognitive Decline. 61
33658916 2021
Ego- and allo-network disconnection underlying spatial disorientation in subjective cognitive decline. 61
33588131 2021
Microstructural and Cerebral Blood Flow Abnormalities in Subjective Cognitive Decline Plus: Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging and Three-Dimensional Arterial Spin Labeling Study. 61
33597860 2021
Slow Gait, Subjective Cognitive Decline and Motoric Cognitive RISK Syndrome: Prevalence and Associated Factors in Community Dwelling Older Adults. 61
33367462 2021
Efficacy of simultaneous aerobic exercise and cognitive training in subjective cognitive decline: study protocol for randomized controlled trial of the Exergames Study. 61
33407727 2021
Prediction of 7-year's conversion from subjective cognitive decline to mild cognitive impairment. 61
33030795 2021

Variations for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Expression for Subjective Cognitive Decline

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Pathways for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Pathways related to Subjective Cognitive Decline according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Super pathways Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 11.33 MAPT APOE
2 11.26 MAPT APOE
3 11.11 MAPT BDNF
4 10.28 MAPT APOE

GO Terms for Subjective Cognitive Decline

Cellular components related to Subjective Cognitive Decline according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 dendrite GO:0030425 8.8 MAPT BDNF APOE

Biological processes related to Subjective Cognitive Decline according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 negative regulation of neuron apoptotic process GO:0043524 9.32 BDNF APOE
2 neuron projection development GO:0031175 9.26 MAPT APOE
3 positive regulation of neuron projection development GO:0010976 9.16 BDNF APOE
4 memory GO:0007613 8.96 MAPT BDNF
5 synapse assembly GO:0007416 8.62 MAPT BDNF

Molecular functions related to Subjective Cognitive Decline according to GeneCards Suite gene sharing:

# Name GO ID Score Top Affiliating Genes
1 lipoprotein particle binding GO:0071813 8.62 MAPT APOE

Sources for Subjective Cognitive Decline

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11 DGIdb
17 EFO
18 ExPASy
19 FMA
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