Disease Name Symbol Acronym
T Cell Deficiency TCL003
T Cell Immunodeficiency Primary TCL006
Tabatznik Syndrome TBT001
Tabes Dorsalis TBS001
Tacrolimus Dose Selection TCR004
Tactile Agnosia TCT002
Tactile Epilepsy TCT001
Taeniasis TNS007
Tafro Syndrome TFR002
Takayasu Arteritis TKY002
Takenouchi-Kosaki Syndrome TKN001
Talipes Equinovarus TLP001
Tall Cell Variant Papillary Carcinoma TLL001
Talonavicular Coalition TLN004
Talo-Patello-Scaphoid Osteolysis, Synovitis, and Short Fourth Metacarpals TLP002
Tamoxifen-Related Endometrial Lesion TMX001
Tang Hsi Ryu Syndrome TNG005
Tangier Disease TNG002
Tango2-Related Metabolic Encephalopathy and Arrhythmias TNG012
Tanycytic Ependymoma TNY001
Tapetoretinal Degeneration with Ataxia TPT004
Taqi Polymorphism TQP001
Tardbp-Related Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis TRD001
Tardive Dyskinesia TRD006
Tarlov Cysts TRL002
Tarp Syndrome TRP006
Tarsal Coalition TRS030
Tarsal Kink Syndrome TRS020
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome TRS001
Tarsal-Carpal Coalition Syndrome TRS002
Tatsumi Factor Deficiency TTS001
Tatton-Brown-Rahman Syndrome TTT001
Tau Syndrome TSY001
Taurodontism TRD003
Taurodontism, Microdontia, and Dens Invaginatus TRD004
Taylor's Syndrome TYL001
Tay-Sachs Disease TYS001
Tay-Sachs Disease, B Variant, Adult Form TYS006
Tay-Sachs Disease, B Variant, Infantile Form TYS004
Tay-Sachs Disease, B Variant, Juvenile Form TYS003
Tay-Sachs Disease, B1 Variant TYS005
T-B+ Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Due to Cd3delta/cd3epsilon/cd3zeta TBS005
Tbc1d24-Related Disorders TBC002
T-Box 24 TBX002
T-Cell Adult Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia TCL001
T-Cell Childhood Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia TCL018
T-Cell Childhood Lymphoblastic Lymphoma TCL019
T-Cell Immunodeficiency, Congenital Alopecia, and Nail Dystrophy TCL016
T-Cell Immunodeficiency, Recurrent Infections, and Autoimmunity with or Without Cardiac Malformations TCL021
T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia TCL002
T-Cell Leukemia TCL004
T-Cell Lymphoma 1a TCL008
T-Cell Lymphoma, Subcutaneous Panniculitis-Like TCL023
T-Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia TCL005
T-Cell Receptor-Alpha/beta Deficiency TCL022
T-Cell Subgroups, Non-Hla-Linked TCL020
T-Cell/histiocyte Rich Large B Cell Lymphoma TCL012
T-Complex Locus Tcp10b TCM001
Tear Protein, Anodal TRP025
Teebi Kaurah Syndrome TBK001
Teebi Naguib Al Awadi Syndrome TBN001
Teebi-Shaltout Syndrome TBS009
Teeth Hard Tissue Disease TTH005
Teeth Present at Birth TTH029
Teeth, Congenital Absence of, with Taurodontia and Sparse Hair TTH022
Teeth, Fused TTH031
Teeth, Noneruption of, with Maxillary Hypoplasia and Genu Valgum TTH023
Teeth, Odd Shapes of TTH028
Teeth, Supernumerary TTH030
Telangiectasia Macularis Eruptiva Perstans TLN012
Telangiectasia Macularis Eruptive Perstans TLN013
Telangiectasia, Hereditary Benign TLN007
Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic, Type 1 TLN006
Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic, Type 2 TLN011
Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic, Type 3 TLN009
Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic, Type 4 TLN010
Telangiectasia, Hereditary Hemorrhagic, Type 5 TLN008
Telangiectasis TLN003
Telangiectatic Glomangioma TLN001
Telangiectatic Osteogenic Sarcoma TLN002
Telecanthus TLC001
Telfer Sugar Jaeger Syndrome TLF001
Telogen Effluvium TLG001
Telomere Length, Mean Leukocyte TLM001
Temperature Sensitivity Complementation, Cell Cycle Specific, K12 TMP016
Temperature-Sensitive Af8 Complement TMP014
Temperature-Sensitive Lethal Mutation TMP009
Tempi Syndrome TMP008
Temple Syndrome TMP012
Temple-Baraitser Syndrome TMP011
Temporal Arteritis TMP003
Temporal Epilepsy, Familial TMP005
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy TMP001
Temporal Lobe Neoplasm TMP002
Temporomandibular Ankylosis TMP006
Temtamy Preaxial Brachydactyly Syndrome TMT002
Temtamy Syndrome TMT003
Tendinitis TND005
Tendinopathy TND004
Tendinosis TND006
Tendon Sheath Lipoma TND001
Tendons, Extensor, of Fingers, Anomalous Insertion of TND002
Tenorio Syndrome TNR001
Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor TNS001
Tenosynovitis TNS014
Tenosynovitis of Foot and Ankle TNS002
Tented Eyebrows TNT001
Teratocarcinoma TRT001
Teratoma TRT010
Teratoma of the Central Nervous System TRT014
Teratoma with Malignant Transformation TRT005
Teratoma, Ovarian TRT017
Teratoma, Pineal TRT021
Terminal Osseous Dysplasia TRM011
Terrien Marginal Degeneration TRR003
Tertiary Neurosyphilis TRT002
Tertiary Syphilis TRT003
Tessier Number 5 Facial Cleft TSS001
Tessier Number 6 Facial Cleft TSS003
Testes, Rudimentary TST045
Testicular Anomalies with or Without Congenital Heart Disease TST035
Testicular Brenner Tumor TST002
Testicular Cancer TST014
Testicular Cancer, Childhood TST022
Testicular Disease TST015
Testicular Fibroma TST012
Testicular Germ Cell Cancer TST026
Testicular Germ Cell Tumor TST021
Testicular Germ Cell Tumor 1 TST046
Testicular Germ Cell Tumor Non-Seminomatous TST041
Testicular Gonadoblastoma TST005
Testicular Granulosa Cell Tumor TST016
Testicular Infarct TST007
Testicular Leukemia TST003
Testicular Leydig Cell Tumor TST001
Testicular Lymphoma TST004
Testicular Malignant Germ Cell Cancer TST017
Testicular Microlithiasis TST025
Testicular Monophasic Choriocarcinoma TST006
Testicular Pure Germ Cell Tumor TST042
Testicular Regression Syndrome TST033
Testicular Seminoma TST043
Testicular Sex Cord-Stromal Benign Neoplasm TST047
Testicular Sex Cord-Stromal Neoplasm TST048
Testicular Spermatocytic Seminoma TST010
Testicular Thecoma TST013
Testicular Torsion TST044
Testicular Trophoblastic Tumor TST040
Testicular Yolk Sac Tumor TST018
Testis Polyembryoma TST008
Testis Refractory Cancer TST009
Testis Rhabdomyosarcoma TST011
Testis Sarcoma TST019
Testis Seminoma TST020
Testotoxicosis TST023
Tetanic Cataract TTN002
Tetanus TTN003
Tetanus Neonatorum TTN001
Tethered Cord Syndrome TTH021
Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome TTH004
Tetraamelia Multiple Malformations X-Linked TTR006
Tetra-Amelia Syndrome TTR016
Tetraamelia Syndrome 1 TTR028
Tetraamelia Syndrome 2 TTR029
Tetraamelia with Ectodermal Dysplasia and Lacrimal Duct Abnormalities TTR007
Tetraamelia with Pulmonary Hypoplasia TTR008
Tetraamelia-Multiple Malformations Syndrome TTR023
Tetrachlorophthalic Anhydride Allergic Asthma TTR030
Tetragametic Chimerism TTR018
Tetrahydrobiopterin Deficiency TTR005
Tetrahydrobiopterin-Responsive Hyperphenylalaninemia/phenylketonuria TTR020
Tetralogy of Fallot TTR001
Tetralogy of Fallot and Glaucoma TTR009
Tetralogy of Fallot Syndrome, Autosomal Recessive TTR026
Tetramelic Deficiencies, Ectodermal Dysplasia, Deformed Ears, and Other Abnormalities TTR024
Tetramelic Monodactyly TTR010
Tetraploidy TTR011
Tetrasomy 15q26 TTR027
Tetrasomy 18p TTR014
Tetrasomy 21 TTR021
Tetrasomy 5p TTR019
Tetrasomy 9p TTR012
Tetrasomy X TTR013
Tfr2-Related Hereditary Hemochromatosis TFR001
Thai Symphalangism Syndrome THS001
Thakker-Donnai Syndrome THK001
Thalamic Degeneration Symmetrical Infantile THL007
Thalamic Degeneration, Symmetric Infantile THL008
Thalamic Neoplasm THL002
Thalassemia THL005
Thalassemia, Beta+, Silent Allele THL019
Thalidomide Susceptibility THL020
Thanatophoric Dysplasia, Glasgow Variant THN012
Thanatophoric Dysplasia, Type I THN009
Thanatophoric Dysplasia, Type Ii THN010
Thauvin-Robinet-Faivre Syndrome THV001
Theca Steroid-Producing Cell Malignant Tumor of Ovary, Not Further Specified THC005
Theileriasis THL004
Thelaziasis THL003
Theodor Hertz Goodman Syndrome THD001
Theophylline Biotransformation THP006
Therapy Related Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome THR106
Thiamine Deficiency Disease THM026
Thiamine Metabolism Dysfunction Syndrome 2 THM010
Thiamine Metabolism Dysfunction Syndrome 4 THM014
Thiamine Metabolism Dysfunction Syndrome 5 THM013
Thiamine-Responsive Megaloblastic Anemia Syndrome THM002
Thickened Earlobes with Conductive Deafness from Incus-Stapes Abnormalities THC001
Thiemann Disease THM023
Thin Ribs-Tubular Bones-Dysmorphism Syndrome THN011
Thinking Seizures THN007
Thiopental Allergy THP007
Thiopurine S Methyltranferase Deficiency THP001
Thiopurines, Poor Metabolism of, 1 THP004
Thiopurines, Poor Metabolism of, 2 THP005
Thiourea Tasting THR113
Third Branchial Cleft Anomaly THR083
Third Cranial Nerve Disease THR010
Third Ventricle Chordoid Glioma THR002
Third-Degree Atrioventricular Block THR099
Thompson Baraitser Syndrome THM003
Thomsen's Myotonia THM009
Thoracic Benign Neoplasm THR011
Thoracic Celosomia THR028
Thoracic Dysostosis, Isolated THR114
Thoracic Dysplasia-Hydrocephalus Syndrome THR109
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome THR013
Thoracic Spinal Canal and Spinal Cord Meningioma THR008
Thoraco Abdominal Enteric Duplication THR030
Thoraco Limb Dysplasia Rivera Type THR031
Thoracoabdominal Syndrome THR017
Thoracolaryngopelvic Dysplasia THR032
Thoracolumbosacral Spina Bifida Aperta THR085
Thoracolumbosacral Spina Bifida Cystica THR084
Thoracomelic Dysplasia THR033
Thoracopelvic Dysostosis THR034
Three M Syndrome 1 THR117
Three M Syndrome 2 THR069
Three M Syndrome 3 THR096
Threoninemia THR118
Thrombasthenia THR035
Thrombocyte B THR115
Thrombocythemia 1 THR090
Thrombocythemia 2 THR087
Thrombocythemia 3 THR086
Thrombocythemia with Distal Limb Defects THR121
Thrombocythemia, X-Linked THR098
Thrombocytopenia THR014
Thrombocytopenia 1 THR071
Thrombocytopenia 2 THR037
Thrombocytopenia 3 THR111
Thrombocytopenia 4 THR048
Thrombocytopenia 5 THR102
Thrombocytopenia 6 THR110
Thrombocytopenia Cerebellar Hypoplasia Short Stature THR038
Thrombocytopenia Due to Platelet Alloimmunization THR001
Thrombocytopenia Robin Sequence THR039
Thrombocytopenia with Beta-Thalassemia, X-Linked THR051
Thrombocytopenia with Elevated Serum Iga and Renal Disease THR040
Thrombocytopenia, Anemia, and Myelofibrosis THR112
Thrombocytopenia, Cyclic THR116
Thrombocytopenia, Paris-Trousseau Type THR101
Thrombocytopenia, X-Linked, with or Without Dyserythropoietic Anemia THR097
Thrombocytopenia-Absent Radius Syndrome THR009
Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Autoimmune THR100
Thrombocytosis THR004
Thrombomodulin Anomalies, Familial THR043
Thrombophilia THR015
Thrombophilia Due to Activated Protein C Resistance THR082
Thrombophilia Due to Histidine-Rich Glycoprotein Deficiency THR120
Thrombophilia Due to Protein C Deficiency, Autosomal Dominant THR067
Thrombophilia Due to Protein C Deficiency, Autosomal Recessive THR068
Thrombophilia Due to Protein S Deficiency, Autosomal Dominant THR089
Thrombophilia Due to Protein S Deficiency, Autosomal Recessive THR088
Thrombophilia Due to Thrombin Defect THR092
Thrombophilia Due to Thrombomodulin Defect THR023
Thrombophilia, Familial, Due to Decreased Release of Tissue Plasminogen Activator THR119
Thrombophilia, X-Linked, Due to Factor Ix Defect THR055
Thrombophlebitis THR016
Thrombophlebitis Migrans THR007
Thrombosis THR024
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura THR005
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Acquired THR044
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Congenital THR045
Thumb Absent Short Stature Immune Deficiency THM004
Thumb Agenesis, Short Stature, and Immunodeficiency THM022
Thumb Deformity THM005
Thumb Deformity and Alopecia THM021
Thumb Deformity, Alopecia, Pigmentation Anomaly THM006
Thumb Stiff Brachydactyly Mental Retardation THM007
Thumb, Distal Hyperextensibility of THM024
Thumb, Hypoplastic, with Choroid Coloboma, Poorly Developed Antihelix, and Deafness THM020
Thumbs, Congenital Clasped THM025
Thumbs, Stiff, with Brachydactyly Type A1 and Developmental Delay THM019
Thunderclap Headache THN005
Thygeson Superficial Punctate Keratopathy THY120
Thymic Aplasia with Fetal Death THY113
Thymic Carcinoma THY022
Thymic Dysplasia THY003
Thymic Epithelial Tumor THY042
Thymic Neuroendocrine Carcinoma THY092
Thymic Neuroendocrine Tumor THY108
Thymic-Renal-Anal-Lung Dysplasia THY044
Thymoma THY023
Thymoma Type a THY085
Thymoma Type Ab THY087
Thymoma Type B THY086
Thymoma, Childhood THY045
Thymoma, Familial THY107
Thymus Adenocarcinoma THY024
Thymus Adenosquamous Carcinoma THY012
Thymus Basaloid Carcinoma THY011
Thymus Cancer THY025
Thymus Clear Cell Carcinoma THY018
Thymus Gland Disease THY026
Thymus Large Cell Carcinoma THY005
Thymus Lipoma THY007
Thymus Lymphoma THY006
Thymus Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma THY010
Thymus Sarcomatoid Carcinoma THY017
Thymus Small Cell Carcinoma THY008
Thymus Squamous Cell Carcinoma THY027
Thyrocalcitonin Secretion Disease THY002
Thyrocerebral-Retinal Syndrome THY046
Thyrocerebroretinal Syndrome THY105
Thyroglossal Duct Cyst, Familial THY106
Thyroid Angiosarcoma THY004
Thyroid Cancer THY028
Thyroid Cancer, Childhood THY050
Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 1 THY109
Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 2 THY102
Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 3 THY117
Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 4 THY100
Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 5 THY101
Thyroid Carcinoma, Familial Medullary THY111
Thyroid Carcinoma, Hurthle Cell THY096
Thyroid Carcinoma, Nonmedullary, with or Without Cell Oxyphilia THY116
Thyroid Carcinoma, Papillary, with Papillary Renal Neoplasia THY065
Thyroid Crisis THY001
Thyroid Dyshormonogenesis 1 THY071
Thyroid Dyshormonogenesis 2a THY061
Thyroid Dyshormonogenesis 3 THY056
Thyroid Dyshormonogenesis 4 THY063
Thyroid Dyshormonogenesis 5 THY062
Thyroid Dyshormonogenesis 6 THY110
Thyroid Ectopia THY098
Thyroid Gland Anaplastic Carcinoma THY121
Thyroid Gland Disease THY030
Thyroid Hormone Metabolism, Abnormal THY064
Thyroid Hormone Plasma Membrane Transport Defect THY053
Thyroid Hormone Resistance, Generalized, Autosomal Dominant THY112
Thyroid Hormone Resistance, Generalized, Autosomal Recessive THY114
Thyroid Hormone Resistance, Selective Pituitary THY069
Thyroid Hurthle Cell Adenoma THY016
Thyroid Hyalinizing Trabecular Adenoma THY020
Thyroid Lymphoma THY009
Thyroid Malformation THY021
Thyroid Sarcoma THY031
Thyroiditis THY032
Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Level Quantitative Trait Locus 1 THY118
Thyrotoxic Exophthalmos THY013
Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis THY054
Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis 1 THY084
Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis 2 THY083
Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis 3 THY119
Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone Deficiency THY039
Thyroxine-Binding Globulin Quantitative Trait Locus THY115
Tibia Absent Polydactyly Arachnoid Cyst TBB001
Tibia, Absence of, with Congenital Deafness TBB007
Tibia, Absence or Hypoplasia of, with Polydactyly, Retrocerebellar Arachnoid Cyst, and Other Anomalies TBB005
Tibia, Hypoplasia or Aplasia of, with Polydactyly TBH001
Tibiae Bowed Radial Anomalies Osteopenia Fracture TBB002
Tibial Adamantinoma TBL006
Tibial Aplasia Ectrodactyly Hydrocephalus TBL010
Tibial Aplasia-Ectrodactyly Syndrome TBL030
Tibial Collateral Ligament Bursitis TBL002
Tibial Hemimelia TBL008
Tibial Hemimelia Cleft Lip Palate TBL011
Tibial Muscular Dystrophy TBL009
Tibial Muscular Dystrophy, Tardive TBL022
Tibial Nerve Palsy TBL001
Tibial Neuropathy TBL007
Tibial Torsion, Bilateral Medial TBL028
Tibialis Tendinitis TBL004
Tibio-Fibular Synostosis TBF001
Tic Disorder TCD001
Tick Infestation TCK004
Tick Paralysis TCK002
Tick-Borne Encephalitis TCK001
Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever TCK003
Tièche-Jadassohn Nevus TCH005
Tietz Albinism-Deafness Syndrome TTZ003
Tiger Prawn Allergy TGR001
Tiglic Acidemia TGL001
Time Agnosia TMG001
Timothy Grass Allergy TMT006
Timothy Syndrome TMT001
Tinea Barbae TNB001
Tinea Capitis TNC002
Tinea Corporis TNC003
Tinea Cruris TNC001
Tinea Favosa TNF001
Tinea Imbricata TNM001
Tinea Manuum TNM002
Tinea Nigra TNN001
Tinea Pedis TNP001
Tinea Profunda TNP002
Tinea Unguium TNN002
Tissue-Specific Extinguisher 3 TSS005
Tk2-Related Mitochondrial Dna Depletion Syndrome, Myopathic Form TK2001
Tk2-Related Mitochondrial Dna Maintenance Defect, Myopathic Form TK2002
Tl Antigen TLN014
Tmem70 Defect TMM013
Tn Polyagglutination Syndrome TNP004
Tobacco Addiction TBC004
Todd's Paralysis TDD001
Toe Syndactyly, Telecanthus, and Anogenital and Renal Malformations TSY002
Toe, Fifth, Number of Phalanges in TFF001
Toe, Misshapen TMS001
Toe, Rotated Fifth TRT018
Toes, Relative Length of First and Second TSR001
Toes, Space Between First and Second TSS004
Togaviridae Disease TGV001
Tollner Horst Manzke Syndrome TLL002
Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome TLS001
Toluene 2,4-Diisocyanate Allergic Asthma TLN016
Toluene Meta-Diisocyanate Allergic Asthma TLN015
Tomato Allergy TMT007
Tongue Cancer TNG003
Tongue Curling, Folding, or Rolling TNG010
Tongue Disease TNG004
Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma TNG009
Tongue, Pigmented Fungiform Papillae of TNG011
Tonne-Kalscheuer Syndrome TNN015
Tonoki Syndrome TNK001
Tonsil Cancer TNS004
Tonsil Squamous Cell Carcinoma TNS013
Tonsillar Fossa Cancer TNS003
Tonsillar Pillar Cancer TNS006
Tonsillitis TNS005
Tooth Agenesis TTH002
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 1 TTH010
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 2 TTH011
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 3 TTH012
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 4 TTH013
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 5 TTH017
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 7 TTH026
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 8 TTH027
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 9 TTH025
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, X-Linked, 1 TTH014
Tooth Ankylosis TTH001
Tooth Disease TTH006
Tooth Erosion TTH007
Tooth Resorption TTH008
Tooth Size TTH032
Topographical Agnosia TPG001
Torch Syndrome TRC034
Torsade De Pointes, Short-Coupled Variant TRS022
Torsion Dystonia 17 TRS028
Torsion Dystonia 2 TRS025
Torsion Dystonia 4 TRS027
Torsion Dystonia with Onset in Infancy TRS005
Torticollis TRT019
Torticollis, Keloids, Cryptorchidism, and Renal Dysplasia TRT015
Torus Palatinus and Torus Mandibularis TRS031
Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return 1 TTL012
Total Circumpapillary Dystrophy of Choroid TTL003
Total Internal Ophthalmoplegia TTL001
Total Spina Bifida Aperta TTL009
Total Spina Bifida Cystica TTL008
Total Third-Nerve Palsy TTL002
Townes-Brocks Syndrome TWN003
Townes-Brocks Syndrome 1 TWN011
Townes-Brocks Syndrome 2 TWN010
Toxascariasis TXS001
Toxic Diffuse Goiter TXC004
Toxic Encephalopathy TXC002
Toxic Labyrinthitis TXC006
Toxic Maculopathy TXC009
Toxic Maculopathy Due to Antimalarial Drugs TXC018
Toxic Megacolon TXC001
Toxic Myocarditis TXC010
Toxic Oil Syndrome TXC020
Toxic Optic Neuropathy TXC008
Toxic Pneumonitis TXC007
Toxic Shock Syndrome TXC005
Toxicity or Absent Response to Clozapine TXC021
Toxicodendron Dermatitis TXC003
Toxin-Mediated Infectious Botulism TXN001
Toxocariasis TXC011
Toxoplasmosis TXP001
Tp63-Related Disorders TP6001
Trabecular Follicular Adenocarcinoma TRB001
Trabecular Myopathy TRB006
Trachea Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma TRC014
Trachea Carcinoma TRC024
Trachea Carcinoma in Situ TRC002
Trachea Leiomyoma TRC001
Trachea Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma TRC090
Trachea Sarcoma TRC019
Trachea Squamous Cell Carcinoma TRC017
Tracheal Agenesis TRC035
Tracheal Calcification TRC016
Tracheal Cancer TRC025
Tracheal Disease TRC026
Tracheal Lymphoma TRC018
Tracheal Stenosis TRC005
Tracheitis TRC020
Tracheobronchial Stenosis, Congenital TRC110
Tracheobronchomalacia TRC037
Tracheobronchomegaly TRC038
Tracheobronchopathia Osteoplastica TRC039
Tracheoesophageal Fistula TRC040
Tracheoesophageal Fistula Symphalangism TRC041
Tracheoesophageal Fistula with or Without Esophageal Atresia TRC109
Tracheomalacia TRC097
Tracheopathia Osteoplastica TRC115
Tracheophageal Fistula Hypospadias TRC042
Trachoma TRC008
Tranebjaerg Svejgaard Syndrome TRN026
Transaldolase Deficiency TRN021
Transcobalamin Deficiency TRN059
Transcobalamin I Deficiency TRN067
Transcobalamin Ii Deficiency TRN022
Transferrin Serum Level Quantitative Trait Locus 2 TRN072
Transient Arthritis TRN014
Transient Arthropathy TRN008
Transient Bullous Dermolysis of the Newborn TRN029
Transient Cerebral Ischemia TRN015
Transient Erythroblastopenia of Childhood TRN030
Transient Global Amnesia TRN012
Transient Hyperammonemia of the Newborn TRN052
Transient Hypogammaglobulinemia TRN016
Transient Hypogammaglobulinemia of Infancy TRN009
Transient Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus TRN032
Transient Neonatal Multiple Acyl-Coa Dehydrogenase Deficiency TRN050
Transient Neonatal Myasthenia Gravis TRN062
Transient Neonatal Neutropenia TRN017
Transient Neonatal Thrombocytopenia TRN013
Transient Pseudohypoaldosteronism TRN053
Transient Refractive Change TRN011
Transient Retinal Arterial Occlusion TRN010
Transient Tic Disorder TRN005
Transient Tyrosinemia of the Newborn TRN049
Transitional Cell Cancer of the Renal Pelvis and Ureter TRN058
Transitional Cell Carcinoma TRN018
Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Corpus Uteri TRN048
Transitional Meningioma TRN002
Transitional Papilloma TRN019
Transposition of the Great Arteries TRN044
Transposition of the Great Arteries, Dextro-Looped 1 TRN038
Transsexualism TRN007
Transsexuality TRN069
Transverse Colon Cancer TRN003
Transverse Limb Deficiency Hemangioma TRN033
Transverse Myelitis TRN034
Transverse Vaginal Septum TRN046
Transvestism TRN006
Traumatic Avascular Necrosis TRM018
Traumatic Brain Injury TRM010
Traumatic Glaucoma TRM002
Treacher Collins Syndrome 1 TRC072
Treacher Collins Syndrome 2 TRC073
Treacher Collins Syndrome 3 TRC071
Trehalase Deficiency TRH001
Tremor TRM003
Tremor of Intention, Ataxia, and Lipofuscinosis TRM023
Tremor, Hereditary Essential, 1 TRM024
Tremor, Hereditary Essential, 2 TRM020
Tremor, Hereditary Essential, 3 TRM016
Tremor, Hereditary Essential, 4 TRM017
Tremor, Hereditary Essential, 5 TRM022
Tremor, Hereditary Essential, and Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus TRM025
Tremor, Nystagmus, and Duodenal Ulcer TRM021
Trench Fever TRN004
Treponema Infection TRP010
Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle, Defect of TRC120
Trichilemmal Cyst 1 TRC069
Trichinosis TRC023
Tricho Odonto Onycho Dermal Syndrome TRC043
Tricho Odonto Onychodysplasia Syndactyly Dominant Type TRC044
Tricho Onychic Dysplasia TRC045
Tricho Onycho Hypohidrotic Dysplasia TRC046
Tricho Retino Dento Digital Syndrome TRC047
Trichodental Dysplasia TRC114
Trichodental Syndrome TRC048
Trichodentoosseous Syndrome TRC118
Tricho-Dento-Osseous Syndrome 1 TRC050
Trichodysplasia-Amelogenesis Imperfecta Syndrome TRC108
Trichodysplasia-Xeroderma TRC111
Trichoepithelioma, Multiple Familial, 1 TRC095
Trichoepithelioma, Multiple Familial, 2 TRC094
Trichoepitheliomas, Multiple Desmoplastic TRC119
Trichofolliculoma TRC052
Trichohepatoenteric Syndrome 1 TRC086
Trichohepatoenteric Syndrome 2 TRC078
Trichohepatoneurodevelopmental Syndrome TRC123
Trichomalacia TRC054
Trichomegaly TRC077
Trichomegaly with Intellectual Disability, Dwarfism and Pigmentary Degeneration of Retina TRC055
Trichomonas Tenax Trichomoniasis TRC122
Trichomonas Vaginalis Trichomoniasis TRC121
Trichomoniasis TRC003
Trichoodontoonychial Dysplasia TRC057
Trichoodontoonychial Dysplasia with Bone Deficiency TRC113
Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome TRC031
Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome Type 1 and 3 TRC104
Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome, Type I TRC092
Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome, Type Ii TRC091
Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome, Type Iii TRC093
Trichoscyphodysplasia TRC060
Trichosporonosis TRC006
Trichostasis Spinulosa TRC061
Trichostrongyloidiasis TRC027
Trichostrongylosis TRC013
Trichothiodystrophy 1, Photosensitive TRC102
Trichothiodystrophy 2, Photosensitive TRC099
Trichothiodystrophy 3, Photosensitive TRC100
Trichothiodystrophy 4, Nonphotosensitive TRC101
Trichothiodystrophy 5, Nonphotosensitive TRC103
Trichothiodystrophy 6, Nonphotosensitive TRC117
Trichotillomania TRC010
Trichuriasis TRC012
Tricuspid Atresia TRC062
Tricuspid Valve Agenesis TRC084
Tricuspid Valve Disease TRC087
Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency TRC022
Tricuspid Valve Prolapse TRC007
Tricuspid Valve Stenosis TRC021
Trigeminal Nerve Disease TRG003
Trigeminal Nerve Neoplasm TRG004
Trigeminal Neuralgia TRG002
Trigeminal Trophic Syndrome TRG017
Trigger Thumb TRG006
Triglyceride Storage Disease, Type I TRG020
Triglyceride Storage Disease, Type Ii TRG021
Trigonitis TRG001
Trigonobrachycephaly, Bulbous Bifid Nose, Micrognathia, and Abnormalities of the Hands and Feet TRG007
Trigonocephaly 1 TRG016
Trigonocephaly 2 TRG015
Trigonocephaly with Short Stature and Developmental Delay TRG019
Trigonocephaly-Broad Thumbs Syndrome TRG018
Trigonomacrocephaly Tibial Defect Polydactyly TRG010
Trihydroxycholestanoylcoa Oxidase Isolated Deficiency TRH002
Triiodothyronine Receptor Auxiliary Protein TRD008
Trimellitic Anhydride Allergic Asthma TRM027
Trimethoprim Allergy TRM026
Trimethylaminuria TRM004
Triopia TRP011
Trio-Related Intellectual Disability TRR002
Triosephosphate Isomerase Deficiency TRS021
Triphalangeal Thumb with Double Phalanges TRP026
Triphalangeal Thumb, Nonopposable TRP027
Triphalangeal Thumbs and Dislocation of Patella TRP023
Triphalangeal Thumbs with Brachyectrodactyly TRP024
Triple X Syndrome TRP009
Triple-Receptor Negative Breast Cancer TRP003
Triploidy TRP014
Trisomy 11 Mosaicism TRS008
Trisomy 12 Mosaicism TRS009
Trisomy 17 Mosaicism TRS010
Trisomy 18-Like Syndrome TRS033
Trisomy 1q TRS029
Trisomy 2 Mosaicism TRS011
Trisomy 22 TRS012
Trisomy 3 Mosaicism TRS013
Tristichiasis TRS032
Tritanopia TRT020
Trnt1 Deficiency TRN073
Trochlea of the Humerus, Aplasia of TRC112
Trochlear Dysplasia TRC064
Trochlear Nerve Disease TRC015
Trochlear Nerve Neoplasm TRC009
Trochleitis TRC088
Trombiculiasis TRM001
Trophoblastic Neoplasm TRP005
Tropical Calcific Pancreatitis TRP008
Tropical Endomyocardial Fibrosis TRP020
Tropical Spastic Paraparesis TRP002
Tropical Sprue TRP004
Trpv4-Associated Disorders TRP021
True Congenital Shoulder Dislocation TRC124
True Thymic Hyperplasia TRT022
True Unicornuate Uterus TRN045
Trueb Burg Bottani Syndrome TRB003
Trypanosomiasis TRY001
Trypanosomiasis, Human East-African TRY004
Trypanosomiasis, Human West-African TRY005
Trypsinogen Deficiency TRY003
Tryptophanuria with Dwarfism TRY006
Tsen54-Related Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia TSN003
Tsh Producing Pituitary Tumor TSH001
T-Substance Anomaly TSB001
Tsukahara Azuno Kajii Syndrome TSK001
Tubb4a-Related Leukodystrophy TBB006
Tuberculin Skin Test Reactivity Quantitative Trait Locus TBR027
Tuberculin Skin Test Reactivity, Absence of TBR017
Tuberculoid Leprosy TBR006
Tuberculous Empyema TBR009
Tuberculous Epididymitis TBR003
Tuberculous Meningitis TBR011
Tuberculous Oophoritis TBR005
Tuberculous Peritonitis TBR008
Tuberculous Pneumothorax TBR004
Tuberculous Salpingitis TBR002
Tuberculous Uveitis TBR012
Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma TBR007
Tuberous Sclerosis TBR001
Tuberous Sclerosis 1 TBR025
Tuberous Sclerosis 2 TBR026
Tubocurarine Allergy TBC005
Tubular Adenocarcinoma TBL003
Tubular Duplication of the Esophagus TBL020
Tubular Renal Disease-Cardiomyopathy Syndrome TBL024
Tubular Variant Testicular Seminoma TBL005
Tubulin, Beta TBL029
Tubulinopathies TBL023
Tubulinopathy-Associated Dysgyria TBL027
Tubulocystic Renal Cell Carcinoma TBL026
Tubulointerstitial Nephritis with Uveitis TBL025
Tucker Syndrome TCK005
Tufted Hair Folliculitis TFT002
Tuftsin Deficiency TFT004
Tukel Syndrome TKL001
Tularemia TLR001
Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis TMF001
Tumor of Cranial and Spinal Nerves TMR014
Tumor of Exocrine Pancreas TMR001
Tumor Predisposition Syndrome TMR010
Tumor Suppressor Gene on Chromosome 11 TMR016
Tumoral Calcinosis, Hyperphosphatemic, Familial, 1 TMR018
Tumoral Calcinosis, Hyperphosphatemic, Familial, 2 TMR019
Tumoral Calcinosis, Hyperphosphatemic, Familial, 3 TMR020
Tumoral Calcinosis, Normophosphatemic, Familial TMR017
Tune Deafness TND007
Tungiasis TNG001
Tunglang Savage Bellman Syndrome TNG006
Tunnel Subaortic Stenosis TNN014
Turner Syndrome TRN020
Turner Syndrome Due to Structural X Chromosome Anomalies TRN055
Turnpenny-Fry Syndrome TRN074
Twinning Due to Superfetation TWN012
Twinning, Dizygotic TWN007
Twinning, Monozygotic TWN013
Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome TWN001
Tylosis with Esophageal Cancer TYL002
Tympanic Membrane Disease TYM002
Tympanosclerosis TYM001
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 10 TYP027
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 11 TYP035
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 12 TYP036
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 13 TYP037
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 15 TYP038
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 17 TYP039
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 18 TYP040
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 2 TYP028
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 3 TYP029
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 4 TYP030
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 5 TYP031
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 6 TYP032
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 7 TYP033
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 8 TYP034
Type 1 Papillary Adenoma of the Kidney TYP005
Type 2 Papillary Adenoma of the Kidney TYP006
Type C Thymoma TYP010
Type I Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome TYP003
Type Ii Collagen Disorders TYP042
Type Ii Mixed Cryoglobulinemia TYP024
Typhoid Fever TYP007
Typhoidal Tularemia TYP004
Typical Congenital Nemaline Myopathy TYP026
Typical Urticaria Pigmentosa TYP022
Tyrosinemia TYR004
Tyrosinemia, Type I TYR012
Tyrosinemia, Type Ii TYR013
Tyrosinemia, Type Iii TYR011
Tyrosine-Oxidase Temporary Deficiency TYR006
Tyrosinosis TYR015
Tyshchenko Syndrome TYS007
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